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Ep 78 - Funnel Hacking LIVE Post Game Show And Cool Marcus Lemonis Story!


On this episode, Russell tells some cool stories of fun stuff that happened at Funnel Hacking Live. He also gets excited about the possibility of being on the TV show, The Profit.

Here are 3 fun things you’ll hear in this episode.

  • ​How a few presenters at Funnel Hacking Live were able to bring the audience to tears.
  • How despite being rich and famous, Marcus Lemonis is a totally cool and nice guy.
  • How Russell and Marcus Lemonis are working together with the possibility of being on Marcus’ show, The Profit.

So watch now to hear some fun stories from Funnel Hacking Live, and you might even hear the dates of next year’s event, which you won’t want to miss!


How’s it going everybody? So everybody over here on Facebook, how’s it going you guys? And Periscope, you guys always come faster on Periscope. Welcome, how you guys been? It’s been a little while. What’s up my friends? I missed you guys. How are you guys all doing? Have you had a fun week or two since we all talked and hung out? It’s been a little while. The trip was amazing; I’m going to tell you guys some cool stories about that, if you’re interested. How many of you guys are interested in hearing some stories?

It’s funny, those who were at the event, Garret White was joking about how he swears all the time and uses the F-bomb, and it made me laugh because I’m the opposite. I think I’ve sworn 3 times in my life, and that was probably 7th or 8th grade. The two opposite ends of the spectrum, which is kind of funny.

First off, I wanted to thank you guys so much for being at Funnel Hacks Live. So I wanted to tell you guys some updates, for those who weren’t there, those who were there. I’m going to tell you a couple cool things that I loved from the event and then I’m going to tell you guys a really cool story about Marcus Lemonis and how somebody might be getting one of their first funnels built this week, which is kind of exciting. So if you guys want to hear some story time, let me know. Lifelinks said it’s the best event he’s ever attended. Thank you.

So this is what I wanted to talk about. First off, as you guys know we had our second annual Funnel Hacking Live event in San Diego, and I feel like it was amazing. It was awesome. Last year we did our first event and we had about 600 people show up, this year we almost doubled that. We had just shy of 1200 people in the room. And it was crazy because it wasn’t just like, some events everyone’s out in the hallway, talking and hanging out and networking. There was networking that was happening, but our events are different. Someone told me, Traffic Conversions you sit in the hallway, but Funnel Hacking Live, you want to be in the room. Which is true, we try to put on an amazing show. It was really cool.

So I talked a lot about funnels we’re using, I showed Funnel Progression a lot. What Funnel do we start with and where do we go to and how do we move through things, and what’s the funnel Stacking process and how do we glue everything together, and how do we turn one funnel into multiple funnels and the whole process behind it? so it was awesome. I enjoyed that, that was fun.

Then we had a bunch of people come and showing off funnels. We had Liz Benney from New Zealand come and show her webinar funnel. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire room, she had everybody crying, it was amazing. Which was kind of cool. It was just cool hearing her story. When she first launched her first webinar funnel ever, I was coaching her through the whole process, she launched it and she had 160 people registered for her first webinar, and then she got up there to do the webinar, and then guess how many people showed up. Zero. Not one person showed up. And because of that she was very emotionally upset, obviously. I got a voxer from her afterwards with her yelling at me. What was cool was that, she wanted to remember that moment. So she picked up her phone and recorded herself in that moment when she did a webinar and zero people showed up. She was crying and she was emotional, and she shared that. It was scary for her and she was vulnerable, but she shared that video with entire audience and everyone was crying. Then she showed from there, the transformation. What happened after and how it changed her life. It was awesome. It was emotional for me, I loved it. It was really cool. So that was awesome for those that were there.

I bunch of other amazing speakers, we had Alex, who’s first time he’s ever being on stage before. He does local funnels. He actually does local gyms and he goes to a local gym and he spends a week and a half on Facebook, with two different funnel kinds and blows them up. He’s done it five times in a row now. He’ll go and rent a location, won’t have any gym equipment at all, he’ll set up these two funnels, he’ll go buy Facebook ads. And by the time the two weeks is done, he’ll have $50,000 cash in his pocket, he’ll take that to the weightlifting store, buy the equipment, fill up the actual gym, opens the doors, and he’s got a hundred clients, ready from day one who have all prepaid. It’s just crazy. Shared the whole funnels, shared everything, which was awesome. Adam T says, “Those speakers kept making me cry when I thought I was going to be tough.” It was on the door, and he was crying, it was amazing.

Ryan Stewman showed us his high ticket funnels. He got all these people to line up in line and bring up objection to him, and he closed person after person. Like thirty people in a row, closed them live on stage, it was the coolest thing. There’s so many cool stories. It got better and better, it was amazing.

Sean Stephenson came and spoke, it was amazing. One of my favorite lines from him, he talked about helicopter pilots who were going out, like coastguard, was going to try to save someone who’s drowning in the water. They go out and see a boat capsized and there are 30 people drowning in the water. And they come, and the helicopter will hold ten people, who do you save? Which is a good question. Who do you save? Who’s going to hear your message so you can save them? And he said, you know what happens, you look down at the water, the only people we can save are the people who are swimming towards us. It was so powerful for us to understand that with our businesses we’re trying to save the world, but you can’t. You can only help people who are swimming towards you. And as you help those people more people will look back and be like, wow those who are swimming towards the boat are getting saved and other people will be inspired and will come and swim to you as well. But it’s all about first serving and giving and helping those who are swimming towards you, saving them first and then you can save the rest. So many cool things.

So he was there, he blew everybody’s mind. Everybody was crying again. He sat in the whole first day, listening to my presentations taking notes. I thought he was really interested in what I was saying. He had me sit in the very front row for his presentation and he spent the first thirty minutes just making fun of me. Which was awesome, so that was fun. We had the Clickfunnels, all of our partners and cofounders get on stage. We spent two hours showing all the new features and tools and tricks coming out from Clickfunnels, which is awesome. Oh, Liz Benney’s on Facebook, what’s up Liz?

Where was I going? Oh, we showed a bunch of new features coming out, we actually gave new features to those that were live in the room, which was cool. So that was fun. I can’t remember what happened that day. It kept getting better and better. So many amazing speakers. Garrett White came, he got everyone going crazy and helped people understand how to find their voice. He showed videos of him 5 years ago and he was awkward and nervous in front of a camera and how he had evolved over a six year time period. He had heard the voice and the voice told him what to do in his head. He said I need to go and create and give and serve and he became who he needed to be. It was a big message for all of us, who are kind of in different stages in our business. Some guys are crushing it, some of us are brand new beginners, some of us are in the middle somehow. It was a good reminder of how this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Coming in and doing what you know is right, and helping and giving and serving. It’s not going to make you a million bucks tomorrow, but if you serve enough people over time, you’ll be amazed at what happens. So many good things, so many good lessons.

Kyle Cease, who’s an amazing comedian, he came and did a comedy show, but it was a comedy show with personal development wrapped into it. All these people came and they were like, this is going to be this funny thing, and then he came in and blew everyone’s mind with this transformational experience. It was awesome. So many cool thing, I wish you could have been there. If you missed it, do not miss next year. We already started planning next year, it’s going to be nuts. So many cool things.

But I wanted to tell you guys one cool story, because it’s the most exciting story for me. A lot of you guys knew that we had Marcus Lemonis coming to be our keynote speaker. How many of you guys think that The Profit, the show the Profit and Marcus Lemonis is amazing. If you are on Periscope give me a double tap, I want to see hearts going crazy. Check it out Facebook, look at these hearts? You guys are excited. Are you guys excited? If you are excited you should be sharing or commenting below. Because the more excited you are, the more excited we’re all going to be.

Okay, good job. Billy Murphy loves the show. Jaimion loves the show. Anyway, it’s going to be awesome. Yes, we have the exact day. The exact dates for next year’s Funnel Hacking Live, it’s going to be in Dallas, TX, February 21-23. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. It’s going to be amazing so don’t miss it, it’s going to be awesome. Alright so Profit is amazing. But he was going to come, and we’re stressing out. This dude cost us a lot of money to get him here. He’s a famous dude, and he’s rich and he’s going to be super high maintenance, so we’re all preparing and trying to be ready. So he shows up and he’s just super laid back and cool. We brought him in ahead of time, and we had a chance to sit down for thirty minutes before he was up, just talking and getting to know him, which was cool. So we started talking and check this out, I got some pictures, do you guys want to see it. It’s exciting, check this out. Here’s the picture, can you see this, of us sitting in the room right before the event, talking. There’s Marcus and me and a little computer down below, you guys can’t see the computer. Come over here, this is Marcus and my beautiful wife and me. But this is cool, this is in the room before, and we’re talking and he’s asking me some questions.

Let me flip it back around and keep talking about this. He started asking me questions. “What’s Clickfunnels, what’s the event about? I’m trying to understand.” So I’m explaining everything, we explain Clickfunnels. And he’s like, “How will this work for Camping World.” So I’m like, “Well this is the funnel you can use for Camping world.” And he’s like, How about this one? We’re like, just do this. How about sweat peas? You should do this. Well how about this? We started going through and soon he’s like, “What kind of business would a funnel not be good for?” and I’m like, “I don’t know man, it’ll work for any business.” He started getting exciting. “This is good. We need to get this on the show; this would be so cool to build funnels for people so they can understand.” So we’re like, “That would be really cool. That’d be the coolest thing in the world.” So he’s like give me a call after it’s done and we’ll talk about it.

So then he gets up on stage and he even said when he first got there, “I think that what all the Clickfunnels people are going to get something way different from what they expected.” So I was expecting him to come give a people, product, process talk. And what he did was, he covered that, but it was way different. It felt like a Tony Robbins event. If any of you have been to a Tony Robbins event before, if you have give me some hearts. If you want to go, give me some hearts, because I know you guys need to go if I you haven’t been yet.

So anyway, we go in this thing and he starts doing interventions with people and bringing people up and working with them live in front of the whole audience, and it was this really cool, like when Tony Robbins does his interventions, but it was Marcus doing business interventions focusing on People, product, process. Oh it was so cool. And it was emotional. He got very vulnerable, told stories about himself and really opened up and it helped people explain how business is about people and about the relationship we have with them. It was crazy. For any of you guys who missed that session, it was awesome.

We were not allowed to record that, unfortunately. So any of you guys who got recordings, we can’t share that. It was amazing. So he gets done, and goes way over time, he tells us, “I have to be out at 2:00” Oh sorry, before he got on stage, this is the other funny part. So we’re freaking out, we’ve gotta make sure everything is professional, so we have a back entrance, we have an elevator, we’ll bring you up to the elevator, we’ll pop you in the back room, that way you don’t have to see anybody you can just talk and then disappear.” He’s like, “Nah, it’s a Saturday. I want to meet everybody, let’s just go through the back.” We’re like, “Alright.”

So he just walks out like, hey everyone. Taking pictures, doing videos, just super cool. I’m like, “Don’t you know who you are? You should be way more high maintenance than this. You are awesome.” And he was just super cool, came to do pictures with people, hung out, we get him on stage, and his assistant is like, “We need to be done by this time.” So we’re kind of nervous. He totally goes over time, he’s just hanging out. There’s supposed to be a 45 minute window for pictures with our inner circle members, then that got chopped down from 45 minutes to 30 minutes because he talked over. So we’re stressing out, so we get him off stage, run all the people over, get him to do pictures with him, their doing pictures, and about 30 minutes later, I knew he had to be out at 2. So at 2 o’clock someone comes and says,” Marcus wants to talk to you.” So I run and sprint down there, and I start talking to him and he’s just super cool, taking videos of people. I’m like, “You need to go man.“ he’s like “No worries, I haven’t called my Uber yet.” I’m like, “You took an Uber? That’s awesome. That’s so cool. I assumed you had a private helicopter bring you in here. Or a private driver at least.” But he just called Uber and hung out. It was so cool.

Taking pictures and he starts asking me some questions about the event and other things, and it was just awesome. He gives me his cell phone number, “Here’s my cell phone number, I want to talk some more.” I’ve had people like that, do things like that. Here give me a call, and then you never hear from them again. So then 30 minutes later, he texts me “Hey man, I hope what I gave you guys was what you were hoping for. I hope I didn’t disappoint you guys.” Who does that? Dude, that was awesome. So I’m like, “Yeah man, that was amazing.” So the next day he’s like, “Okay I’ve been talking to my team.” He keeps actively texting me, which is the coolest thing in the world. He really wanted to do this whole funnel thing, he’s excited. Then yesterday we did a call with his whole team, and we’re building out funnels for five businesses right now to prove the model, which is so cool. It’s exciting. So there you go.

Michelle said, he was in people’s pictures, photo-bombing people’s pictures. Brent on my team who is like, kind of running a million things, running all over the place, his wife couldn’t come to the event, so Marcus took his phone and made a video and was like, “Hey Amber, I haven’t seen Brent in two days. He left the bar and has been gone ever since.” Sent that to her. Then Sherry who is our event coordinator, he grabbed her camera and did this testimonial about how amazing the event was and how he’s going to hire her and everyone should hire her. Every single person he touched, it was just this gift and service. Someone I aspire to be like, it was just one of the most amazing things ever. It was awesome.

My goal the next couple weeks, we’re going to try to do some funneling for the Profit, and make some noise, which would be exciting, and if we do a good job, maybe someday we’ll be on the show which would be exciting. If not, that’s cool too. We just want to try to give and serve and try to see if we can bring this whole funnel world to the rest of the world that doesn’t know about it yet.

Trey Lewellen, some of you guys know Trey one of our top Clickfunnels Members. I did an interview a little while ago and he talked about how, “I feel like we’re in a funnel bubble. Nobody even knows this thing is happening right now.” In fact, Trey was here on Tuesday at our office and we were sharing stories and he was showing their numbers, I wish I could brag about their numbers. They’re killing it. He’s like, “It’s all Clickfunnels, it’s all funnels. This funnel bubble we’re in is amazing. Nobody even knows about it outside of our little community.” And for you guys who are listening, who are Facebook right now, who are on Periscope right now, who are excited, you guys are part of it right now. You guys are part of this funnel bubble we’re in. It’s like nothing else I’ve seen before. I’m seeing companies and people and ideas going from fruition to explosion to millions of dollars faster than anything I’ve ever seen before in my life, and I’ve been doing this for twelve years now. So this is an exciting time.

I’ve heard people sometimes, they told me, “I wish I would have gotten into it when you were around, it would have been way easier.” I’m like, are you kidding me? I didn’t have anything we could even buy ads on. We had Google and they hated us. We didn’t have Facebook, I don’t even know how we bought ads. I can’t even remember twelve years ago, how we made money. Somehow we figured it out. But today it’s so much easier. And this funnel bubble you guys are all part of, we all get to be participants in right now, is crazy. It’s insane so I hope you are enjoying it, I hope you’re taking advantage of it, I hope you’re having fun with it because this is our time. It’s an exciting time, and there’s going to be a time in three years from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now, whenever that is, when the world catches on and they’re going to be talking about funnels and when they do, it’s kind of like the real estate world, someone told me one time, “The second you hear everyone talking about real estate means you missed it.” The opportunity is gone and you kind of missed your shot. Those who have tried it out, no one’s talking about it guys. This is our community, our little world. My goal is to explain it to the whole world, we’re getting it out there, but for now it’s pretty exciting.

That’s what I got you guys. I hope that was fun, I just wanted to tell some stories today, and hope you guys enjoyed that. I’m going to do one more thing and then we’re going to wrap. I’m going to sing you guys a song. I’m just kidding. I’m not really going to sing you a song. There’s no way that’s happening. We did have one of our speakers sing on stage, two of our speakers sing on stage though, which was awesome. So what I’m going to do is, I just wanted to show you guys a picture of Marcus, and I’m going to end it. If you guys like it just go crazy on Periscope, give me as many hearts as you can. If you’re on Facebook, either share it or like it and comment, Marcus is the man, or whatever. But I’m going to show you guys the picture and I want to see some hearts, some taps, some comments, and then I’ll end out this Periscope.

Appreciate you guys hanging out today. I’ll try to do these more often now that the event’s done and the stress is a little lower on my mind. Appreciate you guys and I will talk to you guys all again very soon.

There he is guys, The Profit, give him some hearts over on Periscope. If you think he’s awesome say, “The Profit is awesome” on Facebook. Someone said, I should have an outro video, I’ll sing my outro. Anyway, that is the beginning you guys of the rest of the world learning about funnels. It all began right there, this is the picture heard around the world. All right guys. I’m out, have an amazing day. I will talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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