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Ep 79 - Funnel U Is LIVE - Come Get My New Book And Course For FREE!!!


On this episode Russell talks about the launch of Funnel University. He lets you know all the cool stuff you get for free when you sign up at today.

Here are some cool things you’ll see in today’s special launch day episode:

  • ​Russell’s new book that you get when you sign up for Funnel University
  • See how the membership site works
  • And find out why you have to purchase soon, before it’s too late.

So watch now to find out how to sign up for Funnel University and see all the cool stuff you get for free. Don’t forget to be one of the first 3,000 to buy, or else you might miss out on this fantastic deal!


Alright, we’re going live everybody, here in a couple seconds. So what’s up everybody? So what we’re going to do is, I want to welcome you guys to Periscope/Facebook Mentions/wherever we’re at and watching this. We’re going to be talking about some really cool things. First thing we’re going to talk about is how to get a copy of my brand new book called Funnel Stacking for free. Now the Funnel Stacking book is exciting because it goes over the 3 core funnels we use in our business. We were doing an audit at the end of last year to find out where our money comes from. We found out that 98% of our income comes from 3 different sales funnels and how they work together. So this book goes through these 3 sales funnels. It shows the stats of every single page on the sales funnel, it shows the email sequence from funnel one to funnel two to funnel three. It’s awesome. So this is exciting.

Brent on our team read this book and he was like, “This is the best thing you’ve ever put out.” So do you want to see, “Russell what will my stats be on my landing page.” Well that’s what they should be. And then if you wanna see which of the email sequence, what’s the down-sell look like? This book goes through pretty much all of it. I’m excited. We’ll give you guys this for free, we’ll talk about here in a minute. But the reason why we are doing this is we today are launching something we’ve been working on a long time, it’s called Funnel University. I’m excited for it. I know we talked about it at the live event, we talked about it for of you guys who weren’t in San Diego with us, if you’ve listened to my podcasts, or my Periscopes, we talked about it. Today it’s all happening and that’s why I’m wearing my shirt today. It’s on like Donkey Kong. Today is the official launch day of Funnel University, which is why we’re so excited.

So what I wanted to do is, I wanted to show you guys everything that’s happening behind the scenes. We’re in launch mode here, everyone is going crazy. I wanted to show you guys what you’re going to get when you join Funnel University. First thing….actually come over here. I’m going to show you guys, we are shipping these out right now, today. This is Wynter and Natalie and they’re working. Wynter’s working on one of Marcus Lemonis’ funnels, which we are selling toilet paper. So he’s hard at work over there.

So back to what we are talking about today. So when you join Funnel University today, you guys are going to get in the mail, what is amazing. So I’m going to show you what you guys get in this gift, if you’re interested. And this is free, you cover the shipping and handling, we mail out this entire gift to you anywhere in the world. There’s a whole bunch of cool marketing things in here for you. When you open it up, the first thing you’ll get when you join Funnel University today is the book, the 3 core funnels, so that’s coming. The second thing you’ll get is called the Funnel University Black Card, can you guys all see this here. Show all the different cameras. So this is the black card. It looks like a credit card, but if you open it up, there’s this thing that’s a USB drive. You pop the USB drive out, flip it over, plug it into your computer. Inside this Funnel University black card is a whole bunch video course, the entire training course. We were going to do, back when I got started everyone would sell home study courses with 80 DVD’s and that’s why I have so many book shelves because everybody would ship boxes of courses. I found out recently that nobody has DVD players anymore, because these little guys don’t have disk drives. So instead of putting an entire home study course on this thing, because this is like 10-15 hours of video training on funnels, this is like opening a whole box of DVD’s you guys get it for free when you join Funnel University today. Plug it into your computer, download all the videos and boom you got the black card. Inside the Black Card training, there’s a bunch of sketches I used so these are the handouts that go with the black cards so you have all these as well, which is kind of cool.

Then my favorite part is you will get this month and then every month, you will get an issue of our new Funnel University newsletter, which is exciting. So here’s a couple of the back issues. Some of you guys who have been lifelong Dotcom Secrets Lab members have been getting these, so you’ve seen these. So issue number one, this is issue number one, this is issue number two and issue number three. The first three that have gone out, for some of our free members. So you guys each month will get an issue. What the Funnel University Newsletter is basically, I try to funnel hack one funnel every single day. How many of you guys are funnel hackers and you’re like me and you’re funnel hacking at least one funnel a day? If that’s you give me some hearts. You guys are funnel hacking at least one person a day. That’s amazing. I don’t actually do one a day, but that’s my goal. But every month I’m funnel hacking 20-30 people and trying to find out what’s working in different markets and what’s happening. So what I do at the end of the month I pick my two favorite funnels that I funnel hacked and boom, I write about them in this newsletter. So you get to actually see all the pages in their funnels, the psychology, the structure, what they did and why they did it. And then we sketch it out, each one, so you can kind of see in the cool sketch of each one, see that as a blueprint for what you’re going to do. So each month you get two. This month, well I’m not going to tell you. I’m not going to tell what the funnels are, but they’re exciting.

So each month you’ll get a newsletter with two of these inside of it, that’s just the beginning. There’s so much more. You guys want to see the rest of what you’re going to get. Everyone’s freaking out I can see on Periscope, they’re like, “Where do I get this package?” If you want this package, we don’t have a lot of them, so these are the ones we have. I think we got 5 or 6 of them here, so we pre-ordered a bunch of these, these take forever to print, because there’s an entire book going into it. Plus these things we had to import from Hong Kong or China, so I think in the warehouse we have 3,000 of these, so when they are gone, they are gone. But if you want to be one of the first 3,000 members……Who’s that right there? Northcot saying, “Send me one, please.” All you gotta do is cover shipping and handling. So I’m eating the cost, this cost me like 30 or 40 each package to send out. Guess what I’m eating this cost so you guys can have this stuff because it’s awesome.

Alright come back over here, we’re going to check out what else you get. Join Funnel University, get all that stuff. If you wanted to join, all you have to do is go to, and there’s a video, it’s about an hour long. It’s me going through 3 amazing things to increase your traffic and conversions. So I wanted to give value first, watch this video. I’m going to go through 3 core things. First thing I go through; I go through four of our top split tests that dramatically increased our sales. The second thing I show you guys a really cool way to actually, every one of the customers that come into your funnel, how to figure out who they are and sell to them based on who they are as opposed to just guessing. Next you’ll find out 3 funnels that actually matter and then all that kind of stuff. The video is worth its weight in gold, just watching that by itself. So if you go to you can watch that video and if you scroll back you can see everything that’s part of that offer. So again, it’s free plus shipping, this whole thing and then you join basically our membership, which is the newsletter each month, plus membership site.

So I wanted to show you guys the membership site. So this what will happen after you log in. See if you guys can see this. Alright. This is there you go, can you guys all see? This is the members area where you log in, you can see a whole bunch of cool stuff, you’ll see if you miss, some of you guys missed issue number one or issue number two and you’re freaking out. We have the back archives of the issues in here. So if you missed one month to month before, you can come in here log in, and the back archives of the newsletters are in there. So each of the funnels you’ll see, click right here and see there’s the two funnels we talk about, there’s videos of me explaining to you and then there’s shared funnel link So if you’re like “Sweet that funnels awesome, I want it.” You click a button, boom, it throws it into your Clickfunnels account. So every funnel we funnel hack for you guys, you also get this shared funnel link, which is awesome.

So immediately you get the first 3 months of the newsletter, the digital version newsletter, me explaining it and the shared funnel link, months 1, 2 and 3. So that’s kind of exciting. Then we got a whole bunch of scripts. The Perfect Webinar Training Script, Star story Solution, there’s a video explaining it plus the script. You get all our basically our sales script training, plus…is it okay if I over deliver you guys. Do you want more than this? If you guys want more, give me some hearts on Periscope, if you’re on Facebook, share this or like this or say, “Yes Russell, I want more.” Because I can stop here, I already have this stuff. But if you guys want it…….Ray said he already bought. Thank you! You didn’t even watch the video.

Come back here, I wanted to give you guys more stuff. So right here, this is called the Dotcom Secrets Lab Funnel Report. Last year we ran a print newsletter for about 8 months, showing off different sales funnels. So you can kind of see the download….you can download all of the old one’s here. This is the Dream 100 Lost Chapter, this is Funnel Catcher, Funnel Stack, video and locker funnel, perfect webinar and funnel, bridge page funnel. Anyway, digital versions are all in there. We ran split test of the report. A lot of you guys have probably read the 108 Proven Split tests book. How many of you thought that this book was amazing? Well the digital version, we’ve never offered this version before. The digital version is in the members area, plus we actually ran a newsletter just teaching split tests for 8 or 9 months. They have, I would say probably another 5 or 600 split tests that didn’t make the book, but they are all in here. So you get all the back archives as well so you can learn about all these other split tests that are amazing, so that’s kind of cool.

Funnel Hacker TV we did two episodes. So those funnels are in here in the shared funnel link. A bunch of other training a lot of it training that’s on the Funnel U card you get in the members area as well. So anyway, it keeps going. But wait, there’s more. Do you guys want more, because we just started. This is just the training part of Funnel University. Because what good is a university if you don’t have the tools you need to be successful. That’s why I hated traditional college. They don’t give you any of the tools you actually need to actually be successful. They teach you a bunch of crap that doesn’t work anymore. But not over here. We teach you the stuff that actually does work and then we give you the tools you need to implement it.

So over here, check this out. When you log in to Funnel University there’s a button over here that says Log into the Dotcom Secrets Lab Software Suite. You click on this, and hopefully it’ll auto log me in. It logged me in. and Here are three new software programs that are only available to Funnel University members. The first is our instant survey generator. Some of you guys have been begging me, “Russell I want to run surveys on my Clickfunnels pages. How do I do It? I don’t know how to do it. “This software makes the most amazing survey funnels on planet earth. You guys get that for free inside of Funnel University as well. This is our video image generator. If you ever wonder, “Russell, how in the world do you get your pictures in your emails with the play button on it?” This is how to do it. I drag an image off of my desktop, I push a button and it makes the play button on the video and instantly uploads it to Amazon and gives me the link that I put in my emails. It’ll save you hours a day, it’s amazing. And then a webinar chat afterwards makes your automated webinars actually interact so people can chat. And it will dramatically increase your conversions. This is also inside of it.

What more do you guys want? You don’t want more than that? Well I don’t got anything else. That’s kind of what’s happening in Funnel University, but I wanted you guys to know about it first, I’m not emailing my list yet. Nobody knows except for you guys on Facebook hanging out, or on Periscope, because we love you guys and we want you to have success with it. So this is basically it. When you join Funnel University, it’s free right now. You gotta pay shipping and handling, we’ll ship out that huge package. Should I grab the package again? So we will ship out this package of everything. I think shipping and handling is $19.95, because of how heavy it is and all the other stuff we gotta do. So pay shipping and handling and we ship this out to you. So you have 14 days now to go inside the members area here and watch the training. Download stuff, learn and absorb, get everything you want. You have a 14 day trail to all the software, you can create survey funnels, you can build webinars. You get everything for free for 14 days. And after 14 days then if you like being a member, then we’ll start billing a membership fee, if you don’t let us know and cancel and you can keep all this stuff as a gift because that’s how we roll.

But I promise you that after you start using it, you will be in love with it. Every single month you’ll get a newsletter in the mail, you’ll have access to the members area, you’ll have the software, it’s amazing. A couple of other things. This is not something you can sign up for today or tomorrow or 6 months from now or a year from now or whatever. We have a fine deadline. The deadline is one of two things. One is as soon as we sell 3,000 of these, they are gone and we’ll basically be shutting it down because that’s all we have. I think it takes us 6 weeks or so to reorder everything. So when 3,000 are sold, it’s shut down, so that could be today, tomorrow, maybe a week from now, two weeks from now. Right now we’ve got, I think almost 15,000 Clickfunnels members. So one out of five of you guys get it, then it’s closed down. So you’re competing against 5 of your friends to get this. If you’re the first one, good luck. Otherwise you might have lost it.

If and when we don’t sell out by then, the end of this month, April 30th will be the hard deadline. So 3,000 sold or the end of the month, then this is shutting down and we will just be serving our Funnel University members, because class will be in session at that point and we don’t want everyone just goofing off. So that’s kind of what’s happening in. There’s some urgency there’s some scarcity, but we want you guys to do this. So my goal, I’d love to sell 3,000 of these things just from this Periscope and from Mentions, but I don’t know. So this might be sold out today, but who knows how excited you guys get. But if you’re interested in joining Funnel University and trying it out. First step, go to there should be a link somewhere I don’t know. Sign up, we’ll ship you out this amazing gift and then you have all the software, the tools, everything. Play with it for 14 days, check it out.

The other thing is, right now at the end of the 14 days, the re-bills will start at $67 a month, this is a discount, when it goes live in the future, the monthly fees will be $197 a month, so you’re getting a 60 something percent discount. I’m not that good at math you guys. I’m good at funnels, that’s what really matters. Anyway, if you do delay, when we open it up…post this initial launch sale, it’ll be $200 a month will be the recurring fee if you’re a member. Right now you lock it in at $67 a month forever that means it won’t go up. So now’s the time you guys. So that’s what I got.

So if you guys are excited on Periscope, give me some taps as fast as you can. I want to see some hearts, see everyone flying. MB@24 just purchased. 2kennan says “Does this teach when we launch funnels?” Yes it does. WTHoover just bought, congratulations. I can’t see people on Facebook buying. If you’re buying let us know. I want to know. CoreLTW’s in. Legalswats got in. Helsefies is buying now. Gwloud just purchased. Grabbyapple just purchased. Mcrab’s buying it. Mbat24 said, “Just get it, think about it later.” Thank you. Juicecourse just bought. GCwow says, “Where to buy?” go there. Socialshawn just got it.

Alright, someone said, “Do we get a certificate or some sort of graduation?” I don’t know. Maybe we’ll ship you guys hats and we can all graduate together. I don’t know. It’ll be fun. Becky said, “I drank the kool-aid.” With a smiley face. Congratulations. That’s it you guys. This is something we’ve been so excited for. I think it’s amazing. Best offer we ever put out in the history of our company. Just go to, you get the gifts, you get the newsletter, you get the software, you get the members area, you get all this amazing stuff. We get to hang out together more often and you’re going to learn more about your funnels. I think that’s what I got for you guys.

Mbat24 said, “Russell B only puts out great stuff. “ Well thank you for that. I appreciate that. This is the best stuff we got, so I hope you guys love it. Join Funnel University, have some fun in there. Again, we just launched, there could be some beta whatever, but we’ll figure it out. Someone said, “Do I need to buy if I got DCS labs monthly?” No, if you’re a DCS labs monthly member you already have access to this. Just log in to the same spot and it will log you into Funnel U now. IT’s all in there now. Norah says, she loves this shirt. It’s launch day and it’s on like Donkey Kong, so that’s why I’m wearing this shirt. Someone said they love me. Suzanne says she loves me. Thanks Suzanne, I love you too. Thanks for being part of this.

Alright guys. That’s what I got. go get started. We got all this amazing stuff; you guys are going to love it. If you have any questions, let us know. And I’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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