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Ep 80 - The SECRET To Change Your Funnel On The Fly


On today’s Marketing Quickies show Russell tells you how to get the Instant Survey Generator software to help you increase your conversion rates in your business.

Here are 3 cool things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • ​Why a typical sales funnel isn’t giving a good enough conversion rate.
  • Why putting in a simple survey can can increase your number of sales.
  • And how you can get the Instant Survey Generator now with an amazing deal.

So watch now to see how the Instant Survey Generator inside of Funnel University could help you make more money.


Welcome, welcome. Hey everybody who’s coming on Periscope. We’re going to get started here in about a minute. I wanted to say hi to you guys and gals and everybody. How are you all doing today?

Alright, so I wanted to talk to you guys about today. The title of my Periscope, if you’re here on Periscope, and Facebook Mentions over here, is all about our funnels. We’re sending tons of people on our funnels; the problem is you think that people are different. Do you think the things they need to buy are different than what gets you guys to buy. If you think things might be different, if you’re over here give me a double tap, I want to see some hearts on Periscope. If you’re on Facebook, I think there’s something on Facebook you guys can do right? Cool, so the way I’ve purchased through my funnels is different from how you purchase. We all have different ways that we interact and reasons why we bought. Some of us buy because there’s one piece that’s really excited; some of us buy because the sales pitch is good, or because how we’re sold. We all can be sold in different ways as well.

I’m curious how many of you guys love watching webinars? If you love getting on a webinar and that’s the way you typically purchase something. K we got some webinar people. Some of you guys like webinars. I like giving webinars, because we got a really good process for selling people on webinars. But I personally have never…I don’t think I’ve watched a webinar for 2 or 3 years. It’s hard right? How many of you guys like watching sales videos, you see a video and you actually watch the video and then you’re sold on a video? Some of you guys like that way. Some of you guys are like, “I will never watch a sales video, no matter what.”

How many of you guys like reading stuff. Like a long form sales letter, to read it. Some of us like reading. For me, the way to sale me something, if I can read something a long form sales letter I can read, that’s how you’re going to get me to purchase something. But everyone buys through different modalities. Some are webinars, some are tele-seminars, some buy through Periscope, some buy through phone calls. There’s different ways that we all buy. So that’s one thing to kind of think through. But also there’s different triggers that everybody has as well.

The problem with a typical sales funnel is that every single person is coming through the exact same sales funnel. Let’s say we send 1, 00 or 10,000 visitors a day through this funnel and we’re selling them one way over and over again, that’s a problem. Our message is going to bounce off. I remember when I first got started. One of my first, I have it here. One of my favorite books ever is called the 12 Month Millionaire. And the subtitle of it is “How to become a millionaire in the next 12 months, even if 98% of your prospects say no”. So you only have to have 2% of your people say yes to have an offer or funnel that’s actually going to be profitable and make you a millionaire. So I was like, “Man that’s cool. I only gotta get 2% of people say yes, 98% of people can hate me and say no, and I could still become rich.” But I started thinking, instead of 2% what if we got 4? What if instead of 4 we got 8, or instead of 8 we got 10?

Someone posted something inappropriate on Facebook and I don’t know how to comment. Thanks, I guess.

So the goal is if we can change how we sell to people, we could increase our conversions dramatically. The reason why if you get on the phone with somebody, I can be like, “Hey man, how’s it going?” and you’re like, “Things are going good.” And I’m like, “What’s your number one concern?” you’re like, “I’m concerned because Russell, you look like you’re 11 years old, that doesn’t really make sense for you to give me money.” “Oh no, I look like I’m 11, I’m actually 35 or 36 or whatever it is.” I can resolve your concern instantly because I know what your concern is. So on phone sales, if I had a 2% conversion of phone sales, I’m going to fire the dude, because that’s a horrible conversion rate. But on sales pages, we’re okay with that. And that’s because we have to make a sales message that will convert everybody and resolve all the concerns all at once and that’s kind of hard. So there is……….someone said, “Show us your birth certificate.” ………Yes, I do have copies of the 12 Month Millionaire, we got a whole bunch in a shipping warehouse somewhere. Anyway, that’s a question another day. Hit me up on Facebook about that.

Anyway, there’s the predicament that we’re in. So with Clickfunnels, you guys know one of the big things we’re working on is how do we make funnels smarter? So we have something coming out, hopefully the end of summer, called Smart Funnels where you’ll build and have your funnels dynamically generating things on the fly. But that’s not what I’m talking about today. I want to talk about something else. So what I’m going to talk about today with you guys is a way that today you can make yourselves funnel smarter. You can figure out who people are and then show them the sales funnel that’s actually going to sell them.

Does that sound like fun? Do you guys want to see that? If we’re going to do that, we’re going to do it on the whiteboard over here. So I’m going to do this. I’m going to flip around, hopefully you guys can see it all, see you guys. Wait, where we going. I gotta flip back around. Sorry we’re trying to figure this stuff out. So he’s going to follow me with Facebook. That is the right way, yeah. Or if you want to flip it, flip it this way. Sorry we’re still trying to figure this stuff out. So come on over here.

Todd is the one programming Smart Funnels. Smart Funnels are coming but until they are here, this is something you guys can do today that will dramatically change how much money you are making. So I’m going to erase the whiteboard so you guys don’t see all our secret meetings and plans over here. We’ve been working all week on Marcus Lemonis’ funnel. It’s a toilet paper funnel. We give away free toilet paper. You guys will see it soon if Marcus lets me show it. It’s pretty awesome.

Okay, let me do…do you wanna hold this side too? Alright. So this is what I wanted to show you guys and help you to understand. With all of us, here get closer. So for all of us, we gotta figure out, we have customers, traffic. So let’s say you’re buying ads on Facebook and you’re on Instagram and you’re on Twitter and you’re buying email solos and you’re doing Google. And you have traffic and people coming from a lot of different places. Traditionally you make your funnel here, and you take somebody through this process. And hopefully you did this right. You created a message that you can get 2 to 3% of people to buy, that’s pretty good.

But the problem is that 98% of people you offended them, or you didn’t sell to them right, or you didn’t hit their hot buttons or whatever so they leave and you lost them. So what we wanted to do, we wanted to create something in between here. Something that helps us figure out who these people actually are. If we know who they are, we can sell them based on who they actually are. Kind of cool. So what I’m going to do. I’m going to do this up and down, so it’ll look straight. So while you guys are thinking about in whatever your business is, think about who are your core customer segments right. So let’s say, in my business of Clickfunnels, we’ve got a lot of people buying Clickfunnels right. We’ve got people who are authors, or speakers, they buy Clickfunnels. So that’s one segment of my audience. So let’s write right here, authors and speakers. So who else buys Clickfunnels? I know that small businesses buy Clickfunnels, so I’ll make a whole little thing down here with small business owners. Who else buys Clickfunnes. I know that another person who buys Clickfunnels is network marketers. So I write Network Marketers right here. That says network marketers, if you can’t read my handwriting.

I’m going to say another one is …..dang, the top of my head I can’t think….something else. Here’s some other people that buy my stuff. So they’ve been broken down. The network marketer, I’m going to speak to him different than the author. I’m going to speak to him different than the chiropractor. I’m going to speak to him different than that dude right there. Everyone’s got a different way that they want to be sold that. But I don’t know if they all know when they first come into my funnel. So what happens is now we’re jamming the same message down everybody’s throat hoping everybody will buy. But I’m speaking to this author and talking about why it’s so good for his book, but this dude over here has never gotten a book, he’s never gonna have a book. This one over here is a chiropractor, why’s he talking about books. He wants to adjust some people and get more leads. So we got a way to create something that makes all this traffic coming into our funnels and figure out who they are, and then what we gotta do is create different sales funnels for each of these.

So we create a sales funnel for each of our core customer groups. Take them down here and we put them through something awesome. I’m sure you guys have heard about it before. It’s basically a quiz or a survey. And you ask survey questions to figure out who these guys are. So someone will come into a quiz, for example let’s say you come to my quiz, and the quiz might be something like, “Hey, we got this really cool tools. In fact we have a quiz funnel that says, “The death of a website. Websites are dead; if you’ve got a website you’re screwed. But the good news is there’s something new that’s come since websites, it’s called the funnel. You may be asking what’s a funnel, how does it work? A big part depends on what kind of company you have. Let me know if you’re an author, speaker, small business owner? Let me know who you are.” They tell you who they are and based on that you direct them to the different funnels. That’s a super basic one. We’ve got ones that are a lot more complex.

We have one in the weight loss market that comes in initially like, “What’s your favorite food? Ice cream, pizza, donuts, a bunch of things. So they click on that and they go to the next page and it asks them the next question. They go through three or four steps and eventually you figure out if they are a man or a women, are they someone who is overeating, under-eating. Whatever those things are, and then we can drop them into each of the different sales funnels based on who that person actually is. And now instead of getting 2% conversion by jamming everything into one sales message, its little quiz survey helps us filter out and show exactly where those people are with sales funnels built exactly engineered to sell to that person. So that’s kind of the overarching strategy.

A lot of you guys are saying, “Russell, this is cool. Can we do quiz funnels in Clickfunnels? That’ll be the most amazing thing in the world right?” well the problem is up until today we haven’t been able to do quiz funnels inside Clickfunnels. And the thing we have with Clickfunnels, one of the love/hate relationships is we’re trying to make it where Clickfunnels is so simple that anybody can use it. So because of that, it’s kind of like, Mac VS PC, right? Apple there’s some things you can’t do because it’s simple and easy and amazing. PC let’s you do everything, then you get viruses and all sorts of other things that happen with it. I probably just offended all the PC people in the world, but there you go. That’s what it is.

Same thing with Clickfunnels. We couldn’t think of a quick, easy for quiz software inside of Clickfunnels, so we created an outside app, an outside program that makes these survey funnels super easy to use and powerful and visually stunning. You create the survey funnels and copy a little piece of code, paste it in your Clickfunnels page and instantly any of your Clickfunnels funnels becomes a survey funnel.

Now how many of you guys want to use that software? It’s called Instant Survey Generator, and guess what? We actually gave it to a bunch of you guys for free already. Some of you guys probably don’t know it yet. So I’m curious how many of you guys got Funnel University this week when we started talking about it? Okay, you guys are going crazy over here. Those of you guys that got Funnel University, inside of Funnel University we have this software. It’s called again, Instant Survey Generator Software, it’s free for all you guys. You log in to Funnel University, you click on this button that logs you into the software app, and you can build as many of these survey funnels as you want.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s powerful. And as soon as you create them you copy the code and put it into your Clickfunnels page and instantly you can start taking traffic and pushing them to where they want to be. Is that exciting? If you don’t have your Funnel University membership yet, now is the time you guys. We are almost at the end. We are at about a week into our pre-launch, and we are more than half sold out of our memberships, which is cool. By the time we sell out, or at the end of this month, which is what? A little over a week, that’s when we’re shutting this down. So if you’re interested you can go to, and we have a free offer for you guys. Some of you guys have seen this before. When you go to now, it’s free and you get this book, The 3 Core Funnels that walks through the 3 funnels that make 90% of our companies’ income. I show you page by page, step by step, email sequences, everything. You get the book for free.

You get this really cool black card with 15 hours of videos on it and a bunch of other stuff. But on top of all this stuff you get for free, you also get a free 14 day trial to the Funnel University members area, which gives you access to the survey software, and 2 other software programs and a whole bunch of other amazing-ness. And it’s awesome. I want you guys to try it out, so I’m trying to bribe you guys into trying it out. It’s probably the best offer that we’ve put together. You get a bunch of free stuff, you get a free 14 day trial. You pay shipping and handling and we ship you out this entire kit of amazing stuff, and you get 14 days to play with this. Inside the members area you can download insane amounts of our split testing results, our funnel maps, a whole bunch of amazing things all in the members area. You get those today for free, logging in. And then in 14 days if you to decide you like the software, you like everything. If so, you pay the monthly fee, if not you cancel it and you still get all this stuff as a gift from me just for checking it all out, which is a pretty sweet offer.

So if you guys want that, go to to go check it out. So that’s it. I’m going to come back to the desk now and come hang out with you guys. I just wanted to kind of show that. Oh yeah, will you flip me back around so I can see it? Sorry. Alright, cool. So there you go guys. That’s what I kind wanted to share with you guys today. Just start thinking about your funnels that way. We’ve always been kind of stuck with funnels that are very rigid. We can’t change the process on the fly and like I said, Smart Funnels is coming soon to Clickfunnels. That’ll be a Clickfunnels feature you guys will get for free as a Clickfunnels member. And that’ll be cool because you’ll be able to build, change the up-sell sequence and the down-sell sequence on the fly based on who they are. But right now I want all you guys thinking more about how we use survey funnels in our marketing.

This is the quickest way to get your conversion rate from 2% to 6% or 8% or whatever those increases are, it’s all by making these little surveys that shift people around. It’s so powerful. I could show you case study after case study. We had someone in our inner circle, they had a webinar, and their webinar was converting great and all they did was made a little tiny survey funnel, they put it right in front of the webinar registration beam. Didn’t change anything else. The webinar was exactly the same; the registration page was even exactly the same. They didn’t change that. All they did is put a little survey funnel in front of it, people went through there and because of the increased engagement they had higher opt-in rates, more people showed up, more people actually bought.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff I’m still trying to understand behind the survey funnels. A lot of it doesn’t making any logical sense. I had no idea how this actually works, all I know is that it works. Because of that we do it. I want to make sure you guys are understanding that and using these tools. So what I want to recommend for you guys, I’m going to give you guys a homework assignment for the next 14 days and if you do this I guarantee you will see a huge increase on your conversions. Some of you guys will double your conversions based on this. So this is my homework assignment, my bribe. Whatever you want to call it. I want you to go to, get your free account, create this survey funnel and plug it in whatever funnel you are actively driving traffic to right now. And have them go through the survey before they hit your registration page or whatever that is, and just see by adding that one little step how much it increases how much money you make.

It’s ridiculous how stupid and easy it is, yet the increase in sales and money you make…..again, I wish I could profess the reason why you make more money this way, I got no idea, I just know it does and that’s all I care about. I told someone the other day, “I’ve got no ego, all I care about is what makes me the most money at the end of the day and for some reason this does.” So it works, so there you go. So that’s my assignment for you guys today. Go to, get your free account. I’m going to ship you out a whole bunch of free stuff you’ll love. You’ll love that part of it, but go inside the instant survey generator, go in there, create a survey funnel, test it out. there’s like a 30 minute video where I walk through the whole process, I show how it works. Watch that video. Make your first survey funnel, drive some traffic to it and see what happens. And prepare to be blown away. This is one of those little freebie gifts that you get for hanging out on Periscope and Facebook Mentions that the rest of the list and the rest of the world don’t understand.

“When will you receive the packet?” They ship them out each day, depends on where you’re at. Some people have already got them. Yeah, we ship internationally. Anyone, you will get that. Good question. Anyway, with that said you guys, that’s about all I got today. I’m working on a really cool funnel right now, that I’m crazy excited for. So I’m going to bounce out and go and do that and get back to work so I can have more fun. We will be using a lot of new survey funnels in the very near future. You guys have seen heads up right now, we’ve been doing in other markets, other things and other projects, but you guys will start seeing them more and more in the Clickfunnels community. Because I want you guys to start ….what we’re doing, to model what we’re doing. You will see it.

Somebody said “are we still using Shipzoom?” Yes, we use to mail all our physical products. Darren Kits said, “The bars wracking without me.” Anyway cool. Thanks you guys. What’s your assignment? Whoever remembers the assignment on Periscope give me a double tap. If you are on Facebook go over here and do whatever you do on Facebook, there’s something you can do. Do that thing. You guys know your assignment. I’m telling you, if you do this you will double how much money you make. That’s it. If you have clients, do it for them and you will double how much money you make. IT’s just one of those little simple things that don’t make any sense. You just do it and magically it works, and if you just do it, it’ll magically work. There you go guys. Appreciate you all. Have an amazing day, and I will talk to you again next time we have a chance to hang out. Bye everybody.


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