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Ep 81 - - Do You Want More!!


On today’s episode Russell talks about an idea he has for a reality TV show and he gets feedback from his Periscope audience on what they would like to see. He explains some of his own ideas about the behind the scenes process which would be really interesting for others to see.

Here are 3 cool things to watch for in this episode:

  • ​Russell asks his Periscope audience for ideas on what they would like to see on the show, like how Russell delegates, how to hack products, how to hack ads, etc.
  • He also talks about some of his own ideas and why they would be cool.
  • And he talks about having Funnel Hacking Parties to get more people to watch.

So watch now to find out more about Russell’s big reality TV idea, and why you should get excited about it.


How’s it going everybody. I’m trying to figure out, it’s been a while since we did a Periscope. So I just wanted to welcome all you guys real quick. I need your feedback. I told you guys that here on Periscope you guys feel like my friends, my family so I need you guys to give me some feedback. So how many of you guys have watched any of the episodes on I’m curious. I’m going to flip around so you guys can see this, in case you haven’t been there yet. This is I know most of you guys probably have a funnel hacker shirt right? Go to funnelhacker, click there, see that? I can’t make it focus. Anyway, you guys should go there. You guys should check it out and I only did 2 episodes. Episode number one I did during the book launch last year, so it talks about the whole book launch funnel. It’s a good video, how long is this thing? 30 minutes. I walk you step by step through the whole funnel. You see all the pages in the funnel and how it all works and you see it all sketched out.

And up here this is Trey Lewellen walking through one of his funnels then he walked….this one is…how long is this one? 42 minutes long and he walks through his whole funnel, how it all works, shows you all the pages. It was awesome. How many of you guys have seen these episodes and you like them? If you like them give me some taps as fast as you can go. Life on Autosales sales says, “Episode two is his favorite ever.”

Alright, how many of you guys liked those? I’m curious. If you like them give me some hearts and let me know if you liked them. We gotta do more. So the reason why we stopped doing them, is we had this office setup, where I had this cool setup with the camera above me and beside me, and the white board where we mapped them all out, and it was really, really cool and then we moved offices. And in our new office we never got the new setup set up, so we stopped making them. It was kind of hard at that point. We’ve been talking about it though, because people liked them. You guys liked them, right? So we talked about how it was really fun, the problem was we had them setup to keep doing them the same way, so we’ve been kind of playing with the idea of doing another funnel hacker tv, but doing it in a way that’s even cooler. Like more epic, more amazing. So I’m curious, if we were to keep doing these episodes and make it where it’s more high production value, there’s a lot of cool stuff happening behind the scenes you need to see, what would you guys want to see in them? What would be the coolest thing for you to be able to see, “Russell I want to see this!” Is it behind the scenes you wanna see? Is it you wanna see the funnels? Is it you wanna see me doing stupid things? What would be the coolest things you guys want? Because I wanna create what you actually want, I don’t want to create something you guys are like, “This is stupid.” But if I create it and you’re like, “This is amazing.” That’d be amazing.

How to go to new markets, integrations, funnels, real funnels. “Yes” someone said, “yes.” So you want me to show you funnels integrations? Like how to do the integrations or show you guys crazy cool funnels, us making amazing funnels? The ads we run for funnels, that’d be cool. Perfect podcast. Somebody that can funnel hack. That’s cool. There’s things I could show you guys so you could go funnel hack it. Something besides health and supplements, okay you guys want to see other markets, not health and supplements. Beginner stuff for beginners. Affiliate marketing funnels, that’d be kind of fun. Amazing funnel stats and conversions. Okay so showing stats, showing the stats on the ad cost, opt-in rates, conversions, how much money we actually make, that’d be cool. Product hacking, how to hack products. High converting funnels. Screw up behind the scenes clips. Seeing me doing stupid things. Amazing funnels taught us the whole system. Ad hacking. Brick and mortar stuff would be cool. Facebook ad hacking, bloopers. You guys all just wanna see me do stupid things huh? Amazon funnels, that’d be kind of cool. How to reach people who are still sleeping and don’t understand that their thought create a reality. So how to create something that actually jars them out of existence and get them excited. How to write ad copy, that’s kind of cool. Some of you guys want to see firework war. How many of you guys have seen firework war before? Check us out. If you go, we made a documentary last year, if you go to this will give you something stupid to watch of Russell. I spelled it wrong. Anyway, go to and check it out.

Okay, there you can see. Amazon. Okay, cool. So we are working on something really cool. We actually started filming the first episode today. So I’m going to kind of give you guys the ideas of what we’re thinking and I want to get your feedback. So what we’re thinking about doing is making this more like an actual tv show, not just like a Skype interview, or just like me sketching out a funnel, but actually seeing the whole process. How many of you guys would like to see behind the scenes of the whole process? How we pick the market, how we get people here, how we build it, how we capture the videos, how we do all the behind the scenes stuff. All the crazy stuff we do to actually build the funnel, get it live and test it, and the ads. Everyone’s saying “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” Everyone’s souped and nuts. Cool.

That’s kind of what we’re thinking. Making it….maybe it’s because I’ve been watching The Profit a lot, or it’s from watching HGTV, that’s my wife’s favorite show, and we’re watching all these reality tv show. What if we did something like that? What if each week we focused on a really cool funnel and showed the whole thing, behind the scenes? The build out the launch the roll out, the ups and the downs. The offers that don’t convert, because that happens a lot, and the offers that are amazing. Someone said they wanna see how I delegate. What pieces I’m doing vs other people and who in the office is working and who’s goofing off. That’d be cool, don’t you guys think? Ooohh how to fix a broken funnel, that’s actually a really fun one. That’s an idea I love. Over the shoulder. So if we did that, you guys would watch it right? But you wouldn’t just……so watching is one thing, but would you share? Would you pass it on?

I don’t want to build it for 500 people to see and then it kind of ends. I wanna make sure that if we do this amazingly, that it grows and it’s like, we can share it with the whole community. I want the whole community to experience this stuff. I don’t want it to be just like….for me, the more people to understand this stuff, if you watch episode 2 of right now, Trey talked about, we’re in the funnel bubble right now. We’re in the funnel bubble and nobody understands where we’re at. In ten years from now everyone will be talking about funnels, but today it’s just us. Nobody knows what’s happening. I had a friend who is a huge real estate investor and right before the big crash, I was in this mastermind group and there were 18 of us and 10 of the 18 were real estate guru’s and then the next year none of them re-upped because none of them could pay for it anymore. I remember them talking about it, they said. “Everyone’s talking about real estate. As soon as everyone’s talking about real estate, you kind of missed it. You missed the wave because it already passed.” And I feel like, that’s how it is right now with the funnel bubble. We’re in this funnel bubble today. You guys are one of the few that actually understand. We have this chance to capitalize on this thing that’s just insanely amazing and most people don’t even know that it’s passing them by. By the time they all get it, by the time funnel….they’re on the news like “So and so’s funnel on” that point it’ll….the bubble will be gone, it’ll still work, but we’re in this funnel bubble right now where we can do crazy things.

So we wanna make….my goal is to let everyone know about this stuff, I wanna get it out there. Suzanne says that’s why she’s taken the certified partner training. Yeah, it’s an opportunity second to none ever and it’s not going away, it’s growing fast.

Mike says, “The funnel catcher was awesome, I’m glad I purchased.” Thank you. Thank you, that was a fun one to put together. So that’s kind of the game plan. So with that said, we did kind of start filming episode number one today and there’s a big process behind it and there’s lots going into it. I’m hoping it turns out cool, but I wanted to make sure you guys were in on that and if we do create this thing, you guys will help us push it out and share it with the world. Because that’s the goal is to show you guys everything. To open up the hood and be like, this is what’s happening down below. Check it all out, you guys can see everything. That’d be cool. Someone said, “I’d share it in my mastermind group.” That’d be cool. You know what’d be really cool to do? What if we created something……maybe this is part of the certified program, maybe we could tie it to that. But if we did meet-ups around the country. Kind of like, this is going to be so embarrassing, I can’t believe I’m admitting this. So I apologize in advance if you lose respect for me. So my favorite show, just kidding, the worst show on tv. A really good show is called the Bachelor. How many of you guys have seen the Bachelor or the Bachelorette? If you like those shows give me some hearts, give me a double tap. I wanna see.

Alright so, not that I ever watch that show, but let’s just say for example I was to watch that show and you see that on Bachelor night, people have Bachelor parties all over the country and they have all their friends get together and they watch the show together. They pick sides and stuff. If we were to do this the right way, would you guys all be in on that and have funnel hacker parties, where when we’re releasing an episode, everyone is doing a funnel hacker party. You’re inviting your friends, your business owners, your family members, your mastermind groups, everyone. As we launch each episode, it becomes like a Bachelor party. It becomes a Funnel hacker party where we all go crazy. And let’s say we’re doing one for supplements, yeah, we’ll call them mini hack-a-thons. Wouldn’t that be fun? Let’s say we’re selling a product and you guys can mass buy the product at the same time, so it makes our funnel stats look awesome. Just kidding. That’s what they totally do on Shark Tank. It would be so funny.

Okay, so that’s the game plan. Our goal is to make it entertaining and exciting and fun enough that even if your friends don’t even know what a funnel is, they’ll show up and by the time we’re done they will be on fire. That’s the goal, we want to inspire and educate and motivate and give you guys the blueprint, the plans, everything you need to blow it up. That’s the goal. At least that’s what we’re setting out there, but I know there’s a lot of work on our side to make it amazing. But it’s going to be, I think it’s going to be cool. If you guys have other ideas along the way, please hit me up on Facebook, in the Facebook group, let me know. But we are going to try to make something amazing and hopefully we’ll succeed in it, but regardless we are going to have a lot of fun trying. And hopefully bring a ton of value for you guys, for our community. And that is kind of the overarching game plan.

So that’s what I got for today you guys. Look forward to an internet near you where we have episode one that will be really, really cool. So that’s all I got for you guys, appreciate you all. If you haven’t been hanging out in the Facebook group, please come. If you go to we are all hanging out. It’s like 14 or 15,000 people there talking about funnels. So please come hang out with us. If you haven’t joined Funnel University yet, you are insane. We’ve almost sold out of the free gifts, go to Get your free gift, get engaged, get involved there. That’s what I got for you guys. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day. Go funnel hack someone, have some fun and we’ll talk to you guys soon. You guys rock, yes you do. You guys are the best. Thanks for hanging out. We’ll talk to you guys all soon. Bye everybody.


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