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Ep 82 - Guess Who I Just Talked To!!! CRAZY!!!!


On today’s episode Russell recounts the crazy experience of trying to get ready for an interview with Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki and all the technical difficulties he had along the way.

Here are some interesting things you will see in today’s episode:

  • ​Russell goes through the drama of his computer freezing up multiple times, seconds before his scheduled interview.
  • How things not working out for Russell right away ended up being okay.
  • And have a chance to see the paparazzi wall Russell’s team was able to put together in record time.

So watch now to see the chaos Russell and his team experienced seconds before an important interview and how they pulled it off anyway.


Hey, hey everybody. What’s going on? I just wanted to jump on and say hi to everybody. We got Periscope over here, we got Facebook over here. How are you guys all doing today? Alright so here’s the back story. Later today there’s going to be an episode of Marketing in Your Car that’ll kind of explain what’s happening, but we are filming us filming stuff, if that makes sense. So if you look back here there’s Facebook Mentions, we got Brandon on the video. For you guys, there’s Brandon filming. And then we’re doing something crazy, crazy, crazy exciting here at Clickfunnels. Anyway, I don’t wanna spoil it, but go to subscribe to the podcast and later on today the episode will come where I’m kind of telling what’s happening behind the scenes, but it’s really cool.

So today, we were filming something and I had a chance to be interviewed, I guess he was interviewing….anyway I don’t know what it was, but it was amazing. Check out who it was, check this out. Robert Kiyosaki! Is that crazy? Anyway, he’s the guy who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, who is amazing. This book is what launched my entrepreneurial journey, so everything that is Clickfunnels started from this book. And today we had a chance to be interviewed and on a thing with him. How crazy is that? That is really, really exciting. So this is kind of the back story for what happened. How many of you guys wanna hear? It looks very professional and polished. But who here wants to hear the back story of what happened over the last 90 minutes to make this actually turn out amazing? If you’re interested give me some hearts, give me some taps over here on Periscope. Give me some likes or shares or whatever on Facebook. We seem all professional, but we’re totally not. I’m not wearing shoes right now, I never do. Oh, dropped the phone. You guys are so impressed with me right now.

Anyway, I wore a shirt with a collar so I looked very professional today. But this is what happened. Robert Kiyosaki, we were doing an interview with him today, supposed to be at 9:30 my time. Racing out the door, everything, we’re coming here and we show up and I try to turn my computer on and it’s not working, so I reboot my computer so it comes back on and then guess what happens? My keyboard won’t work, so I use a wired keyboard because I’ve had so many issues with wireless, so it’s wired in but for some reason it doesn’t work. So I’m trying, so I unplug it and I plug it in every single USB drive that I have hooked to my computer and none of them work. So we reboot the computer again and then finally it works so I come inside and I open up ScreenFlow to record this thing and ScreenFlow is not working and it freezes up my whole computer again. So we reboot my computer again and come back and the keyboard won’t work again. I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” and we’re like a minute before the interview is supposed to start, so I’m freaking out, trying to figure out how to record this thing and we jump on, we’re recording and then he’s not there, so we’re like, “cool.”

So we keep trying things out and nothing’s working. Then they message us saying, oh we messed up on time, we’re going to be an hour late. I’m like, “Oh thank heavens.” So during that hour we go reboot our computer, reinstall the operating system, reinstall ScreenFlow, all these kind of things. It’s taking like 30 minutes, we’re freaking out, finally it comes live again. We get which is where we’re recording the thing, and then his guy comes on and what happened then. It’s been such a rush, I can’t even remember what happened. So I said Robert’s not here yet. And they have, their back drop, look how cool it looks. They’ve got this whole paparazzi wall and it looks really cool. My background is a white wall, I’m like, “That’s lame, I wanna be cool.” So they said, “Okay, Robert will be here in 10 minutes. We’ll be back in 10 minutes.” We’re like, “Okay, quick.” So they go off the air and then we’re like, we gotta have a….let’s do a paparazzi wall, which this is from the Funnel Hacking Live event, and this is in the storage unit. So we went, like Melanie and Brandon and Steven all ran to go put this whole thing together, usually it takes like an hour to put the thing together, so we’re racing and putting the whole thing together. So we’re setting up, trying to get it all live. And we get it live just in time. And look, it’s too short, but on the monitor, we angled the monitor down so that you only see the paparazzi wall.

So we get the paparazzi wall in place with seconds to spare. And then they jump on and they’re like, “Okay, Robert’s in the office, come on in.” So we’re freaking out, ScreenFlow worked, thank heavens. We clicked record, did the whole interview and it was amazing. So there you go. That’s what just happened. Excuse me, when you guys see the interview, it’ll look very professional and everything, but man, it was not. It was all lipstick and rouge, where it’s just like, we had to do all these things to make it look good, but if you saw right behind the scenes….smoke and mirrors. Anyway, so if you’re wondering, if you’re like, “Man, we can’t do things as professional as Russell.” It’s all smoke and mirrors, I promise you guys, to make things look amazing. And we filmed the whole process, so check it out. Brandon’s back there, filming this whole thing. So you guys will have a chance to see behind the scenes of behind the scenes here in a little bit, but it was insane.

Oh, and by the way, as we start this whole thing, guess who’s outside mowing the freaking lawn. The lawn people come and they start mowing the lawn, right when we’re trying to film this thing, so we run out like, “Turn off the lawn mower!” Anyway, like I said, it turned out amazing. This is coming soon to a webinar near you. It’s really exciting, so I just wanted to share with you guys. It just happened, so we’re excited and thought you guys would enjoy it because we had a lot of fun. So that’s what I got for you guys. So if you want more behind the scenes stuff like this, here on Periscope give me some hearts, I wanna know. And if you guys on Facebook are interested. I know you can do things on Facebook, right? Is it hearts or likes? Give me some thumbs up if you guys like that. If not, let me know if you guys wanna see the professional, polished, what actually happens. But if you wanna see behind the scenes, let me know. I love the behind the scenes. The likes are going, the hearts are going faster over here as well. Alright guys, that’s what I got for you. We’ll let you know some more crazy stuff that is happening, anyway, ton’s of fun. Appreciate you all. Thanks for hanging out and I’ll talk to you guys again soon. Bye.


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