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Ep 83 - Blue Keytones !! Call Me The Walter White Of Ketones


On today’s episode Russell opens up a brand new box of Ketones that taste like a Tootsie Roll Pop. He also points out that the key to selling your product again is re-packaging.

Here are some interesting things you will see in today’s episode:

  • ​Russell gives you a sneak peak at Ketones new flavor before you can even buy it.
  • And he tells why re=packaging an existing product is the key to selling it more.

So watch now to see what Russell thinks of this new flavor and how it relates to marketing.


What’s up everybody? I have a totally unrelated Periscope today that has nothing to do with marketing. I’m just excited and I wanted to share with somebody and I thought, who better than you guys. So what’s up everybody, how are you doing today? So I got something cool in the mail and I wanted to show it off to you guys because I’m so excited. As you probably already know, I’m a little bit addicted to Ketones. It’s something I’ve been doing for the last, over a year now. I have one every morning, one every night and today I got excited….actually, I posted this on Facebook a little while ago. I’m going to flip this around so you guys can see this.

Alright, this is on February 4, so February 4th someone sent me a gift, there’s my weird face, and this is what I was excited by. This is Blue Ketones. What? Blue Ketones. And the coolest thing about these Blue Ketones is guess what they taste like? If I click on this you’ll see what they taste like. They taste like Tootsie Roll Pops. How cool is that? So if you think that Tootsie Roll Pops are good imagine drinking Tootsie Roll Pops. So that was on February 4th, today, look at my calendar, we’re in May. May 9th today. So needless to say, it’s been a little while since I had some Blue Ketones. So I got here, Friday I took off, because I was playing Dad and Mom on Friday. So I was there with my kids and my wife took off. I was with my kids all weekend, so I didn’t get the mail that came in, and apparently on Friday guess what came in the mail. The first box ever of Blue Ketones. The box is purple, but when you drink these things, they’re actually blue and they taste like Tootsie Roll pops, and I’m just excited. So how many of you guys want to check it out with me real quick? I know there’s nothing with marketing, this is just cool.

There’s the blue pack and I’m going to try it out. In fact, I’m going to San Diego this weekend to talk to these guys, because this is the other product they have, their Ketone Cream, which we just helped them with the launch, the funnel that’s coming out which is kind of exciting. But the blue one is new, so I’m going to pull one out. This is the first one I’ve made, the first one I pulled out of the actual official box, so it’s Flavored Chocolate Swirl, they should just call it, Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops, because that’s what they actually are. You can’t buy these yet, so I apologize, I’m getting you excited. But you cannot buy these unfortunately. But they still taste good. So I’m gonna put them inside of my Clickfunnels water bottle, that way it’s clear and you guys can see that they’ll be Blue Ketones, and then we’ll try them out. Do you want to hold this real quick so I can….I need two hands to get my thing open.

Alright so there you go. I’m so excited. Oh I can already smell the Tootsie Roll Pops. Holy cow. I need my whole life to be drinking Tootsie Roll Pops from this point forward. You can see it all coming out. Put the top there. Alright and then you……Live on TV everything goes bad. Take it, mix it up, and we’ve got some Blue Ketones. Is it blue to you guys? Might be hard to see. There you go, and it should taste like Tootsie Pops. And holy cow it tastes like Tootsie Pops. So there you go guys. So that’s what I have for you today. It has nothing to do with anything. Actually, I’m going to tie a marketing lesson into this. Here comes the marketing lesson. Where you’re creating products, the core product they have is Ketones right, and the initial flavor they had when they came out was Orange Dream, which tastes like Orange Cream-cicle with is awesome. So most of you guys have products right? In fact, I saw this, I wonder if I could find it real quick. Matt Furey used to do this as well. Please say I can find it real quick.

Here’s my book shelf of books. Do you guys see, a couple books here? So Matt Furey, oh come on, I wonder if I could find this. Oh okay, here’s….. Actually Vince Palko, who’s on, was the one who did this, I hope I can find Vince….So Matt Furey came out with a book called Combat Abs for $50, no I think it was Combat Conditioning, which is part one of this. I think I have it here somewhere too. Anyway, he came out with part one, sold a whole bunch of them. And then he was like, I should sell some more, but people already bought the book, so how can I get people to buy my book again? So he had this really cool idea. And Vince, if you’re still on…Do you remember what the idea was? Because I know Vince was part of this. I’m not going to be able to find it right now. Anyway, so his idea was what if we take the same book, but we package it differently. Yes, Cartoon Conditioning. So Vince went and took all of the sketches from his book Combat Conditioning and sketched them all out and made Cartoon Conditioning, which I have somewhere here on my bookshelf. Then he went back to all those customers who bought the first one and said, how would you like the cartoon version? And people went crazy and bought the cartoon version. It was the exact same book, just one was cartoons and one was pictures.

Seriously I’m going to find it as soon as we’re done and it’s going to kill me. It doesn’t matter, now you guys at least know the concept. What they did with Ketones, they’re selling salt, it’s the same salt. That’s the big secret, right? So how do you sell more of the same thing? You change the flavor. So this one that beta hydroxybutyrate, that is the active ingredient inside this of that company. So you take the same thing and you mix it with something else and make it take different, it may taste like Tootsie Rolls and people will go crazy and want to buy that as well. So think about that in your business, re-packaging. You can re-package your flavors, re-packaging your courses. Re-packaging is the key. There you go I tied a marketing lesson to it. I hope that helps. Anyway, I’m ready to go finish off my Blue Ketones, have an amazing day, bye everybody.


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