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Ep 84 - Wanna See Me Build My New Webinar LIVE!!


On today’s episode Russell talks about why he is giving a way The Perfect Webinar Script for free, and how you can get your copy. He also talks about how he is going to be giving a presentation at an event this weekend, and why he’s doing it in a new way.

Here are some interesting things you will see in today’s episode:

  • ​Why Russell gives away The Perfect Webinar Script for free and why if you don’t have it yet, you’re crazy.
  • Why he changed his regular presentation for an upcoming event he’s speaking at.
  • And why it has taken him 11 hours just to do the first 3 slides of his presentation.

So watch now to see how his new presentation and to find out how you can get your hands on The Perfect Webinar Script for free!


What’s up everybody? I hope you guys are all doing really good. I just wanted to…I’m having so much fun right now, doing something and I just had a big breakthrough. Going crazy excited over here. I thought you know what, I’m going to bring everyone else in this thing, because this is really fun and exciting. How many of you guys are curious, what happens behind the scenes as we’re doing all this crazy, cool stuff? We’re trying to get better at filming behind the scenes. We’re actually talking about starting our own reality show, where you guys get to hang out and see more things behind the scenes.

In the thought of that, I thought I would just share with you guys what I’m working on right now. As some of you guys know, I’m going this weekend, I’m going on Friday, I’m speaking at a network marketing/affiliate marketing event in San Diego. So I’m going out there and at first I was going to give my normal funnel hacks presentation, but I thought you know what? I want to create something different and unique and exciting and cool just for the network marketing community because tons of them are using Clickfunnels, tons of them are having success, and some of them are confused. So I thought I’m going to make a new presentation I’ve never done before and just blow their minds on what is possible with network marketing, and it’s going to be amazing.

In fact, Vince Reed who just popped up on Facebook, it’s his event. I’m gonna be hanging out with Vince, it’s gonna be cool. I just wanted to show you guys that I actually practice what I preach. So how many of you guys who are listening right now have done a webinar using The Perfect Webinar Secrets Formula that we kind of created? I’m curious, how many of you guys have done that? If you done that before and you’re on Periscope give me some hearts, give me a double tap as fast as you can. Faster, faster, faster. Alright we got Nova said, “It’s amazing.” King at Jay said, “Yes.” Joseph said, “Yes.” Jeff over here on Facebook said, “Yes.” If you guys haven’t done it yet, you’re crazy.

I’m going to give you, this is a gift, my best product for free, because this is the evil ulterior motive. Everyone who has done The Perfect Webinar, has become rich. Not everyone, but everyone who follows it and follws it the right way. I know exactly where everyone screws up. But everyone who does it, they make money. You can’t not make money. So I’m going to give it to you guys for free. Because if you have it for free then you make more money and you have more money you can invest back into the stuff we’re trying to sell you. So that’s my game plan. So this is my free gift to you. Go to, and get it if you don’t have it. Follow that script to a tee, this is twelve years of standing on stage like an idiot to learn what works and what doesn’t work, and I just gave it to you guys as a gift. So got to to get it. I think its $4.99 shipping and handling. As soon as you pay that, you actually get the digital version as well. But get that, it’ll save you guys a ton of time and energy. And after you have that, you’ll make more money and then you can invest that money back into Clickfunnels and all the other cool stuff we’re doing.

So there’s my bribe. Now I just want to show you guys how I practice what I preach. The Perfect Webinar, is perfect. So I don’t deviate from it, because it’s perfect. So because of that, that’s what I’m doing. I’m using the Perfect Webinar Script. Yesterday we spent….and people always ask me, “How long does it take to build the webinar? What’s the process going to look like.” All those kinds of things. What’s interesting for me, we spent literally, over a broken up period of time, I had things happening between, but we spent about 8 hours yesterday coming up with the first slide. Just the title of the slide. So I’m going to flip Facebook around so you guys can see what the slide is real quick. Alright, it took a long time. So this is the headline we came up with. It’s called, The Funnel Hackers Method to Growing Your Affiliate Network Marketing Company without Using Replicated Junk Websites or Looking Like an Idiot. What do you guys think about that? Do you like that headline? If so give me some hearts on Periscope as fast as you can. I want to see them. And if you’re on Facebook, same thing, give me some love, show me what you think. The Periscope hearts are flying, cool.

So I want to talk about that headline for a reason, or for a little bit. IF you look at the Perfect Webinar Script where I talk a lot about that, it’s like, the headline is super important. Call it, the one thing. This is the one thing the webinar is all focused on and the goal is to cut out all the people that you don’t want, and attract all the people you do want. So this is kind of why. We call the funnel hackers method because in our community we’ve been talking about funnel hacking and I want to bring that concept and idea into the network marketing community, so that’s the first reason we called it the Funnel hackers method. The second thing is that, when I was talking to Vince about the event, I said, “These people, the resonate with….are they network marketers? How do they resonate?” He said, “50% consider themselves network marketers and 50% consider themselves affiliates.” So I was like, “cool. We’re going to use both of those so that the two groups who we’re talking to, we can get those guys both in. I was talking about, what’s the big benefit. Thinking about Clickfunnels and things like that. You can build these things without replicated websites, so that was the big thing. What do they want and what do they not want? You see my headline for high ticket secrets, how to sell really high expense things on the phone, that’s what they want, without personally ever having to pick up the phone, that’s what they don’t want. They’re afraid of the phone. What do they want and what do they not want?

They want awesome funnels without… that’s kind of the thought on they don’t want junky replicated websites, because that’s what most of them are dealing with. If you’re an affiliate or a network marketer you get crappy websites from the company. And the second thing about looking like an idiot. I did that for a couple of reasons. Idiot is a strong word, like it just grabs you. But second off, one of my favorite courses I’ve ever gone through, and they don’t sell it anymore, but they should it’s the best product they had. But digital marketer has a product called the Secret Selling System, by Perry Belcher. You guys should all blow up their support and say, “Sell me this.” Because it’s the best product they have, but they don’t sell it anywhere. But it’s Perry going for 3 days about his selling steps and one thing he talked about is one of the number one things you’re selling something is status. In people’s minds, I’m buying something because I want to increase my status. If you’re buying how to make money products, you’re doing it because you want to increase your status, if you’re buying clothes you wanna increase your status. And your fear that keeps you from buying a lot of times, is the fear of the decrease in status. You’re afraid, that if I buy this, I’m going to look like an idiot and my friends are going to make fun of me. The decrease in status keeps people from buying.

Or if someone tries something that doesn’t work, in their mind they lost status. So that’s a big thing. It’s like, status in people’s minds. So network marketing, I feel like, I actually talked to everyone here in my office. I was trying to figure out, who’s been a network marketer and who hasn’t, and why and all those kinds of things. And one of the biggest reasons people didn’t do it, is because they didn’t want to look like an idiot talking to their friends and family. So I wanted to play off that. Looking like an idiot is what decreases your status and keeps you from moving forward in a networking company, and a lot of companies by the way. So if I do that in a way where you don’t look like an idiot, it actually increases your status. So that’s some of the psychology in the headline.

Yes, that’s from Perry Belcher. Probably one of the top 2 or 3 best courses I’ve gone through ever and they don’t even sell it! I should message Perry and see if I can slice something from it, because it is amazing. There’s number one. Now, after I’ve got the one thing, and this is coming back to the Perfect Webinar Secrets. In The Perfect Webinar Secrets, if you go through it talks about the one thing it talks about is the three secrets. And the three secrets, a lot of people screw this up. If you screw up on your webinar, I guarantee a million percent, it’s because you screw up the 3 secrets, everyone does. They think I’m teaching secsrets and it’s not. IT’s all tied to belilef patterns. What are belief patterns people have in their minds that are false? And that’s what the secrets are, is taking their belief patterns, breaking it and rebuilding it. Anyway, get the course, it’s free. I go into a lot of detail about it. It’s the big secret, if you understand that piece of it, you’re not teaching content, you’re figuring out what their false belief patterns are, you break it and rebuild it. That’s the magic.

Alright, let me switch over here now to slide number two. The second thing we focused on were the 3 secrets. So I’m going to flip this around over here again. Flipping you guys around. Alright so here are the 3 secrets, that I covered. Secret number one, tell me if this is good, if this grabs you guys. Secret number one, the 3 lost funnels that have built 99% of all successful networking companies. How many of you guys are curious? What are the 3 Funnels? If you’re on Periscope give me some hearts over here as fast as you can. If you’re on Facebook, give me some thumbs up, or whatever you guys on Facebook do.

So that’s secret number one, secret number two is then how to plug any opportunity into these 3 funnels in less than 10 minutes. How many of you guys, that gets you fired up? And secret number 3, the one missing step that almost instantly turns each of these funnels viral. Oh man, how many of you guys are curious?

Alright, let me flip Facebook back around. So those are my 3 secrets, that I’m working on. They’re still a work in progress, but we spent the last probably hour and a half writing those out. So it takes a while. It takes a while to get the things running and in your head. So I just wanted to share with you guys behind the scenes of what works. Third slide we work on is the offer slide. The offer slide is what people are going to get if they invest in the webinar, so that’s the third slide I’m working on right now. From there we go fill in the blanks. So that’s kind of how it works.

Anyway, you guys like that? Was that fun to see behind the scenes? So if you did like that, go get The Perfect Webinar. You just need it, if you don’t have it, I can’t help you. It’ll solve all your problems. You’re one webinar away from becoming rich. So got to Get it, its $4.99 shipping and handling, we ship you out a physical copy of DVD, but you also immediately get the digital, so you can start studying it today. Immerse yourself in that. It will make you more money than anything else I could possibly give you, and you’re getting it for free because I know if you have it, you’ll make more money you can invest back in us. That’s number one.

Number two is start building out your slides, and number three start driving traffic and everything else. Anyway, that’s what I got for you guys today. Hope you enjoyed that. I gotta get back to my slides, because I’m giving my presentation in a day and a half and I’ve only got two of my slides done, but it’s going to be fun. The hardest slides are the first three. The one thing, the three secrets and then the offer slide, those take me the most time. I spent 8 hours yesterday trying to get the headline right. And then I probably spent another hour or so trying to get the offers, so probably 3 hours. So I’m in 11 hours just getting those three slides done. Now I have those, everything else flows really fast. So there you go.

Alright guys, I’m excited. I gotta get back to work, you guys do too. Have some fun, get for free and start writing your webinar. That’s it you guys. Peace everybody. Talk to you guys all again soon. If you had fun on Periscope give me some hearts. I wanna see them flying as fast as you can. Double tap, double tap. If you’re on Facebook give me some likes and some thumbs and some things like that. It helps my ego when I see you guys excited. You got 211 people on Facebook hanging out. That is super cool. So there you go. Alright guys, have an amazing day, and I’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye.


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