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Ep 85 - Behind The Scenes - The Rich Dad Episode


On today’s episode Russell shows some behind the scenes of filming a webinar in a hotel room. You can also see how he solved some problems they were having with echo and noise.

Here are some interesting things you will see in today’s episode:

  • ​Find out why there are mattresses against the window.
  • And see why the hotel room is hot and stuffy and stinky.

So watch now to see behind the scenes of how Russell is able to film a webinar when he only has two hours left in a hot and stinky hotel room.


How are you guys doing today? Oh man, so I wanted to say hi to everybody. I got some crazy stories for you all today, if you’re interested. You guys want some craziness? Good morning, we’re in a hotel room right now. I’ve got Brandon Fisher back here, wanna say what’s up?

Brandon: What’s up?

Russell: Everyone say hi to Brandon. Give him some hearts if you like his shirt. Back here we got Dave.

Dave: Oh yeah.

Russell: You’re probably wondering, Russell why are there a whole bunch of mattresses against the window and why are there pillows wrapping this thing right here? And I will answer those questions and so many more here in a little bit. I wanted to t tell you guys what we’re doing right now. Because I’m going to show you guys behind the scenes of behind the scenes.

We’ve had kind of a crazy thing. How many of you guys listen to my podcast? If you guys listen to my podcast give me some hearts, double tap as fast as you can, Marketing in Your Car. Alright we’ve got some faithful Marketing in Your Car fans. If not, seriously that’s one of the best things we do. Go to and subscribe and don’t ever miss an episode, they’re awesome. If you listen, recently I did an episode called, We’re Starting Our Own Reality TV show, and that’s kind of what’s happening. We’re documenting all the cool stuff we’re doing now. Because we do all these funny, weird things and we thought everyone would want to see behind the scenes of what’s actually happening. So we’re working on a couple of different episodes right now.

So I actually flew out yesterday, one of the episodes we’re….each episode of the show is us building out a different sales funnel. So next Monday and Tuesday we’re filming us building out the Biohacking Secrets sales funnel, which is really exciting. This weekend we were working on the sales funnels for Prove It! for network marketing stuff. Then right now we’re actually…..we’re filming 4 episodes at once. The whole figuring out what is what thing is kind of crazy. So right now, we’re in a hotel room, and we’ve locked the maids out, we put a sign on the door that says Do Not Disturb. You guys want to see.? So they know not to disturb us, because something bad, something cool’s about to happen. Privacy Please, don’t come bug us. Something’s happening in here. So that’s kind of what’s happening.

So right now, we’re doing a webinar this week with Robert Kiyosaki’s office of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which is really exciting. The problem is Robert Kiyosaki happens to be out of the country right now, and it’s the only day that we could all make this all happen, so we’re doing a whole bunch of magic stuff behind the scenes. Part of it is I gotta record a whole bunch of webinar, but the thing is I don’t have time because today’s Saturday, tomorrow’s Sunday. I gotta church and family Sunday, so I’m not doing it then. And then, what’s that?….Dave’s blind. Anyway, Monday and Tuesday we’re filming Biohacking Secrets, and Wednesday’s the webinar. So I gotta record this stuff. Today’s my only shot. And I’m about to fly back home. I haven’t shaved yet, I haven’t showered. It’s bad in here. The room is super hot and stuffy, but we’ve got this short window of two hours before they kick us out of this room, but we have to record part of this webinar. The problem is there’s a huge echo in the room. Everyone’s like, what’s the mattresses for?

So we ordered a roll away bed, and my bed and all this. So this is to get rid of the echo in the room. So we wrapped this whole monitor in pillows. Because if you guys have ever recorded in a room when there’s no carpet and everything bounces really loud and you get this horrible echo and reverb and all this stuff like that. So that’s what all this craziness is for, is to absorb all of that so there’s no echoing and balancing. So that’s kind of what’s happening behind the scenes here.

Then we had to turn the heat off, or the air conditioner off because it’s too loud and comes over on the speakers. The problem with that is it’s so hot in here right now and stuffy. And it stinks horribly bad. It’s just bad news blues all the war around. So that’s what’s happening. But we’re about to sit down and record the whole webinar here in a minute. Dave brought his iMac, he brought his razor desk so I can stand up. When I do webinars I stand and yell the whole time. Anyway, that’s what’s happening. So we just wanted to bring you guys in behind the scenes. If you guys like seeing this kind of stuff, let me know. Give me a double tap if you guys are interested in these kinds of things. It’s kind of fun to share it.

I don’t know. Somebody said, “Turn it on til we start.” That was the plan, we were going to start a minute ago but then we found out that we didn’t have the right license key to ScreenFlow on this computer, so we’re trying to buy that now. That’s why I was like, I’m just going to jump on and share with you guys behind the scenes what’s happening. So that’s what’s going on. You guys, appreciate you all. We’ll keep bringing you guys behind the scenes of behind the scenes so you can see what’s happening and hopefully you guys will like watching these episodes when they’re all live and ready to rock and roll. Excuse me, that’s what I got today you guys. Appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys all again later. Bye everybody.


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