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Ep 86 - Mirror Mirror On The Wall... Whose The Most Expensive Marketer Of Them All!!


On today’s Friday night episode Russell is at the Hack-a-thon with the Clickfunnels partners and shares how he found out his name is really expensive. He also mentions fighting about the future of Clickfunnels.

Here are some interesting things you will see in today’s episode:

  • ​How expensive Russell’s name is and if his name is more expensive than Tony Robbins.
  • See where other marketers fall on the list.
  • And hear about the fight the Clickfunnels partners had over the future of Clickfunnels.

So watch now to find out just how expensive Russell’s name is right now.


What’s up everybody? Welcome to Clickfunnels land. How are you guys all doing tonight? The hearts are already flying. Are you guys wondering why we’re all still at the office working on something for you guys? It is Friday night. How sad. I’m here in a room with a bunch of guys on date night. Can you guys all say hi? We’re all funnel hacking, our wives are not here, we’re super lame. But there you go.

Alright, so I wanted to share something kind of exciting for you. So John is over here doing Facebook stuff and they’re talking about how expensive it is to bid on different marketers’ names. And John’s like, “It sucks because Russell’s name is really expensive.” So I’m like, “How expensive am I? What am I actually worth? I’m really interested to find out.” So he has this thing where he did all this crazy analytics and merging to figure out how much I am worth vs everybody else. So we have a list of who is the most expensive marketer on the planet to bid on their name as of right now.

So can you guys guess who it is? Actually let’s go through the list. Let’s go through this, I just want social proof. Liz Benney wants to know where she’s at in it. This is totally for my ego and it means nothing else other than it’s a pure ego play. And I want all you guys to be like, “Well you know, Russell Brunson is the most expensive keyword in our market to bid on.” Alright so Armand is number 176. Kevin Nations is 177. Ty Lopez, you know who Ty Lopez is, he’s on Youtube. I got books too! Guess what Ty Lopez you are number 178, sucker.

Alright, who else we got? Amy Porterfield, you’re one 183. Jonathon Budd, my friend, you are number 188. The keyword “internet marketers” is 189. Liz says, “I know I’m bidding on you too, it’s expensive.” Alright, who else do we got? Mike Dillard, you are 193. Ali Brown you’re 191. Matt Morris you’re 195. Mike Filsaime you’re 200. John Ashcroft you’re 202. Ryan Diess you’re 203 my man. What’s happening? You gotta up your street cred. Frank Kern you’re 208. Joel Comm you’re 209. Mark Anastasi 211. Eben Pagan 213. Preston Ely 215. Anik Singal 220. Brian Finalis 221….

Okay so, what’s the cost right now for me?

John: Russell Brunson average cost per thousand impressions is $26.18.

Russell: $26.18. That’s crazy. I think, I have no idea to be honest. But it sounds pretty cool. And then I said, “Well what about the personal development guru’s? How much did it cost to bid on Tony’s name?

John: Oh Tony Robbins is $10.

Russell: Tony Robbins is $10. Way cheaper than me, I’m just leaving it out there. Take it however you want to take it. Run with it however you want. Write blog posts about it. Whatever you guys want to do, you should be running your own periscopes telling people about it. Anyway, I’m a dork. I’m tired. We’ve been here all day and all night for a long time. How about Seth Godin? I’m meeting Seth Godin. Come on. He didn’t even make the list. John’s looking.

Anyway, I’m going to get a t-shirt that says…..oh how about Gary Vaynerchuk. I’m thrashing Gary and Seth. Thrashing. They’re so cheap, take them to McDonalds. Me? Steak dinner every, sushi and steak, that’s all you got. Brandon Broussard, am I beating Brandon?

John: Oh, he’s hard to find. I didn’t get the data on him.

Russell: We don’t have good data on Brandon, but I guarantee I beat him. Come on now. Come on. Simon says, “It’s because nobody can spell Gary Vaynerchuk’s last name.” Alright guys, well that…I beat Ty Lopez, we already said that one. I beat Joe Polish.

Anyway, this is what we do during our hack-a-thon’s, in case you guys were wondering. It’s all vanity steps. It actually means nothing other than it was kind of funny. Alright guys. Oh Grant Cardone, that’s a good one. Am I beating Grant? Come on Cardone. He’s not even on the list I bet. He didn’t make the list that we ran, the marketing list.

Alright guys, best marketing…alright guys, I gotta get back to work. We are about to launch, not about to launch. We made a pivotal choice today for the future of all Clickfunnels members. It started as a heated debate. Ryan was cursing me out, Todd and Dylan were throwing stuff at my head, it was a huge fight. But the coolest thing is that the entire conversation, just was kind of cool. I was looking back afterwards and I was like, the coolest thing about this is first off, we have so much respect for each other, it doesn’t ever turn bad because it’s like, I may wanna kill you for 5 seconds, but I respect you so much you’re probably right too. That’s one cool thing. The second thing is the conversation always came back not to my pride, or anyone’s pride here, it was all what’s going to be best for the customer. That’s all that actually really matters. And it’s cool, I think we…Do you guys agree? We figured out what’s best for the customers? Do you guys see it, it’s right there on the board, so that’s what it is. Did you see it? Take notes, that’s what’s happening. It’s going to be amazing. Don’t share that with Lee Pages, or Infusionsoft or anybody else.

Anyway, it’s kind of fun. We actually have almost all the dev team and the marketing team is flying out to Boise next week and we’re doing hack-a-thon’s all week and making all this stuff turn into a reality. These guys are the geniuses that make it all happen, right here. There’s Ryan, there’s Todd, there’s Dylan. We are the guys that all get to talk about it and sell it all the time. That’s what’s happening here you guys. Go back and have fun with your spouses, your wives. While we’re here with a bunch of guys working to make your businesses more amazing. Appreciate you guys all. Have an awesome night. Bye everybody.


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