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Ep 87 - How To Emotionally Destroy Your Opponents...


On this special episode you get to see Russell and his son, Dallin as he talks you through a wrestling match and tells how he relates it to his business.

Here are some interesting things you will see in today’s episode:

  • ​Find out what happens in wrestling that will give you a 90% chance of winning the match.
  • See why breaking someone during a match is so important.
  • And finally, find out how all this relates to Russell’s business.

So watch now to see Russell and Dallin in their home gym talking about wrestling and business.


What’s up everybody? I’m here will Dallin, what are you guys all doing today? Dallin say hi to everybody.

Dallin: Hi!

Russell: Don’t squish me, it’s tickling my ear. Oh man. So this is the story I wanted to tell you guys and it has a very, in fact, I just told this to my team the other day and one of them said, “Russell this is the first time I’ve ever been scared of you before.” So I’m going to walk you guys through what happens in a typical wrestling match because this has a lot to do with your business. In a typical wrestling match is 3 periods. In high school it’s 2 minutes, 2 minutes, 2 minutes. In college it’s 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 2 minutes. So the first period you go out there, you’re both on your feet, you shake hands, start kind of….do I stink? Don’t tell people I stink on TV.

Alright so, the first period you go out there and you’re kind of just feeling things out. You’re in there and you’re wrestling and you’re not over committing because you don’t know this guy, you’ve never wrestled him. You don’t know if he’s going to be trying to throw you. So you’re kind of feeling him out and feeling his movement and trying to move things around and you’re pushing on him, hitting their heads. Kind of trying to figure out exactly who they are and how they function and where your strengths are going to leverage their weaknesses. So that’s kind of the first period and ideally you are trying to get the first take down. Whoever gets the first take down, I think it’s like 90% of the time whoever gets the first take down of the match, wins.

So that’s one of the things, you want to be the one attacking because if you get the first take down your shot of winning just dramatically went up. So that’s kind of the first thing. He’s over here on the ropes. I’ll keep talking while he’s swinging so you guys can kind of see both things that are happening. Alright, so that’s the first period. Second period you go out there and typically somebody starts top, bottom or neutral, but that’s beside the point for you guys. Second period my job is to try to break the person. So I go out there and start wrestling him, and usually when you’re wrestling somebody they have firm stance and posture. So you’re in there, you’re beating on their head, you’re pushing them around, you’re snapping your shot, shooting.

My goal though, is to break that person. They’re super strong and I start shooting on them, the problem is their hips are strong, their chest is strong, their arms are strong, their neck is strong, everything is still strong. So what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to weaken their neck, I’m trying to weaken their back, I’m trying to weaken their legs, and I’m pushing and pulling and hitting. I’m trying to fatigue their body in all the different weak spots. We have weak spots in our neck, we have weak spots in our back, we have weak spots in our hip. So I’m finding their weak spots and trying to fatigue them by pulling and snapping and choking and all the things that I can do to weaken them. And then what happens, and it doesn’t happen every match, but what’ll typically happen if you’re doing that and you’re attacking them and you are leveraging their weaker spots, what’ll typically happen is you’ll feel someone, and you’ll feel them break.

What happens is you’re pushing and all the sudden their shoulders go from here to there. A slight little movement, but as soon as you feel that you know that you broke them. And when they’re broke, that’s when the 3rd period takes over, hopefully. Sometimes it’s the last minute or last 30 seconds. But as soon as you feel them break, and when people break they break mentally first and they break physically if you’re pushing, you’re pulling, you’re doing everything. I’m trying to break them mentally and physically. In a match when you’re going with somebody you can feel that. You can literally feel the breaking point when they break mentally, or physically or both. Usually they kind of coincide. And you feel that breakage point and as soon as you do it helps you to increase the pace and speed and pressure, because you’re like I broke him, it’s over now. And there’s this second wind that comes when……..Dallin just broke me, by the way.

There’s this second wind that comes when you break someone and they feel it, and you know it’s happened and you go and you attack and you attack and you attack. And that’s when you win a match. But it’s rare, I got to sit back up to talk. It’s rare that you win a match in the first period. And the second the goals….the first period you are figuring out your space. Figure out where you fit in the eco system. Number two you’re working on fatiguing them and trying to get to their breaking point. As soon as you break them you attack hard and fast.

I think that in our business, when we came out with Clickfunnels, we had a lot of competitors. So what did we do? We came out and felt the space, we tried to figure out where we fit in the eco system, and we were attacking and attacking because we wanted to get the first take down. Boom, we get the first take down, and now we’ve set the pace, we’ve set the motion of the match. Second period has been all about trying to break people. It’s been interesting, if you’ve been watching our market over the last two or three weeks, people are breaking, and we felt it. I felt it. I can’t share specifics, but the giants are breaking. And I can feel it. Which means now it’s time for me to turn up the pace and turn up the heat, and to win the match. So that’s what we’re doing over here. I hope you guys are doing it with your businesses as well.

But find out who your competitors are and start the process. So there you go. I’m excited. Someone said, “Nice pale skin.” Yeah, well. That’s what happens when you’re in your own gym all the time working out in your house. Just kidding. Alright guys, if you some value out of today’s Periscope, give me some love. Dallin wants some hearts. Dallin go like this with your fingers. Fast as you can, faster, faster, faster. Alright there. See how fast they’re coming dude?

Dallin: Yeah.

Russell: Alright so that’s what’s happening you guys. I appreciate you all, have an amazing day. A good Father’s day tomorrow. And start thinking about things in your life that you’ve done in the past.

Dallin: 700k hearts.

Russell: 700k hearts? Is that what we have?

Dallin: No, it says that right there.

Russell: Dang. We should get to a million hearts huh. Do you think we’ll get there?

Dallin: No.

Russell: We’ll get it. We’ll get to a million hearts. Anyway guys, appreciate you, have an amazing Father’s Day and think about things in your lives you’ve had success with and figure out how to liken that to your business, because it’s good for you. So Nate the Strategy guy said, “Love the Seinfeld video” Oh you’re picking up on what I’m dropping down. Alright guys, awesome. Okay, well that’s it you guys. Have an amazing day. Bye.


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