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What's up everybody? Guess what? This is my second ever Instagram live, and I have a question for everybody, but I'm going to wait for some of you guys show up because I think that Instagram deletes these instantly. So if I just start talking... All right. Now a couple of you guys, all right. Now we've got some people showing up.

First off, thanks for showing up guys. All right, so this is my second Instagram live ever. The first one I think was in the wrestling room showing you guys some cool stuff. And we're brainstorming an idea that I think would be really, really fun and I kind of want to do on Instagram, but I need your guys' help to help see what would be the best way to do it. So while we're waiting for everyone to show up, though, I don't know if you guys noticed, I'm wearing an Iron Man shirt today. And check out the thing on the back. This is kind of cool. This thing right here glows in the dark. Can you guys see that, actually? Anyway, so I think it's...

I think it's pretty cool. So if you want to see my calendar. There's my calendar. Yeah, everyone's always like, why don't you use Google calendar or something? I'm like, because you can't see it very easy. This I can see my whole life. So there you go. All right. So my question for you guys, we're publishing content in different platforms. I'm trying to make each platform super unique, right? Which by the way, hopefully you guys are listening not just watching, understanding why I'm talking about it, why I'm doing it. What's up Caleb? All right. So I've been watching a lot of entrepreneurs and it seems like most people are good at one channel, but they suck at going a lot of channels. And the few that are really good at it, Gary V I think is probably the best at it, is because he knows how to tell the story differently in each channel that fits the platform.

And so right now we have our YouTube show, which is, hopefully you guys have been watching that. We have another episode coming live today, which is awesome. In fact, Caleb's episode is coming up soon, Caleb. Yeah. And then we've got, which is the podcast, which is dominating iTunes. Then we've got, which is the blog, which is so far not dominating anything, but long term, hopefully will be an SEO dominator. Facebook we do a lot of stuff. But for Instagram I'm like, I want to do an Instagram thing. So what's the cool thing. So we had this idea recently and so this was the idea. The idea was what if we did a show, Q and A show, we call it the Drop the Mic show. So you guys ask a question, then I just answer and then I get to drop the mic. Wouldn't that be fun?

And so the thought was you guys would basically go and in Instagram you could make a video, a minute long video, and ask me any question you want, tag me, and then each week I take all the best questions and I answer them and then we drop the mic for each one and that'd be the Drop the Mic show, which is kind of cool, right? But I'm trying to figure out how to do it. So I'm doing Instagram live right now. Do you guys know when I'm done, I think this video disappears forever, right? Is there a way to save it or is it just gone, gone, gone? Does anybody know? Anyway if any of you guys know, that would be interesting because that's ideally at the end of it, that's what we would do. We'd record them all on Instagram live like this and have it saved somewhere we could put on the Drop the Mic show, Drop the Mic show, which would be really cool. So yeah, hashtag drop the mic. Yes. I love that you guys.

All right. Caitlin said it's gone so it's gone, gone. I guess I could use my magic little video camera right here and videotape me, videotaping me and be like, la la la la, which would be kind of fun. But then how do I drop the mic when I got in this hand, I got the camera, this hand, I got the camera and then I'm like, let me drop the mic real quick. That could be kind of awkward, huh? Huh?

Anyway... But conceptually, if we did the Drop the Mic show, it's just Q and A once a week, where I just go through all the coolest questions you guys have and go deep and say, yeah, Caleb said you need a new mic every time. We get 30 mics. We'll get a blue mic, a pink mic for when I'm answering the ladies questions, a green mic for the tree huggers. How many people can I offend really quick? Just kidding.

Dave Woodward: You can actually send out the drop the mic to the best question.

Russell: Oh yeah. The best question, someone could get a drop mic.

Dave: Yeah. That would be cool.

Russell: Oh that would be really, really cool.

Dave: Yeah.

Russell: Oh. How many of you guys would compete for your own drop mic. This mic was made for dropping. It's actually like a professional drop mic, it drops, that's what it does. John bought it for me as a gift. The greatest gift of all time.

John Parkes: Who doesn't need a drop mic.

Russell: It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Dave: A professional one, not just a regular one. A professional one.

Russell: Anyway, so that's the thought, Caitlin's clapping. Caitlin, where are you traveling at right now? It's so fun watching you all over the country. Anyway, okay, so that's my thought. We're going to try to figure this thing out. There's got to be way to record Instagram videos. Hmm. Anyway, we'll figure it out. Or maybe we should figure out something else. So all right guys, well, that's all I got. I just wanted to come hang out with you guys and drop the idea.

John: Drop the idea. Oh.

Russell: The Drop the Mic show. Anyway. We'll see if it catches on or not. But if it is, it'd be really fun to answer all you guys' questions. So all right, that's all I got. Actually, hold on. I got to document this thing because I document everything now. So this will be for Funnel Hacker tv show, which is...

Dave: Funnel Hacker tv show of the Drop the Mic show…

Russell: All right. So we are right now live on Instagram because we're thinking about launching a new show called the Drop the Mic show on Instagram, but we can't figure out how to make it work. So I'm asking Instagram peeps if they would actually watch the Drop the Mic show and if they'd ask me questions to make it really, really fun. So we got people to do it. Caleb's the man. Anyway, so look at this. It's a video inside of a video. So we're talking about maybe I can record on this camera here like this. So I'm going to actually do it as if we were doing it. So somebody asked me a question.

We're going to do a Drop the Mic. We're going to do our first ever live question right now. So give me a question and then we're going to try the Drop the Mic show. Now I'm going to see if I do it with both hands. The question's if I can hold this camera and the phone and drop the mic and answer this. Okay? So give me a question. I need one good question. Marketing, hopefully, related. Don't give me a question about your relationship. I guess you could. I got some relationship advice.


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