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Russell Brunson: Okay, so I'm going to kick us off officially. So everybody, welcome to the Drop the Mic Show. My name's Russell Brunson and this is the image of the Drop The Mic show, and this is pop quiz from last week. Who here remembers whose hand this is in the image? I wonder if anybody remembers. Does anyone here remember? Not Tony Robbins. This is Walter White's hand, right? All right. So there we go. So the way the Drop the Mic show works for those who don't know... Actually, I'm going to do this. If you go to, you can see this is how to follow my Instagram, which if you're here, you're already there. So you watch this video show you guys exactly how the game show works. My name is Russell Brunson, and I'm on a journey to help entrepreneurs get unstuck so that they can get back to changing the world.

In the past 10 years, I built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, like you. Sold hundreds of thousands of copies of my books, popularized the concept of sales funnels and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to quickly get their message out to the marketplace. If you've got questions, I've got answers. Here's how it works. Step number one, go to Instagram and create a video asking me your number one question. Step number two, tag me at, @RussellBrunson so that I can see your question. Step number three, use hashtag ask Russell anything. So my team is notified and then each week I'll pick the top 10 questions and answer them on Instagram live. After each question, I'll Drop the mic... But for the best question each week, we'll ship you out your own drop mic. Now make sure you follow me on Instagram to see if I answer your questions, live. Asking your questions so that you can get unstuck and get back to changing the world.

All right. So that's how the show works. So a bunch of you guys submitted questions and today our team here, they picked the top five questions that they thought were the coolest for us to answer. And then at the end of this, they're all going to vote on who wins the Drop Mic for this week. That's the game plan, anything else that we need to know for the show? All right. I hope you guys all play it. What that means is when this show's over right now, now you guys know instructions of how it works. Take a few minutes, ask a question and next week we could answer it live on the Drop the Mic show. All right. That's the game plan, you guys ready to play? Is everyone ready? All right. Okay. So whose question's first?

Speaker 2: Chris is our first question.

Russell: Chris is our first question. All right, Chris, we're going to actually watch your video. Now. I have not seen this yet. They told me that they wanted to surprise me with this video. I think they said there's nudity or something, so I'm little nervous, but we'll find out what Chris has got to say.

Okay. I have two things and I have something painful to get off my chest. Number one, 11 months ago, I didn't know sales funnels even existed.


Chris: And I had never sold anything online, but my family and I completely immersed ourselves in your content and it's been mind blowing. And the action we've been inspired to take has been life changing. Life changing to the tune of, this month will be our first month, 11 months later, that we met over 20k in a month. But that's gate number two, our biggest problem. We're already at max bandwidth and our goal is to hit 100k in a month. So we need a team, which leads me to my question, Russell, what are the most painful lessons that you have learned in order to build the amazing team that you have today? My name is Chris, the idea guy and I build Funnels…

Russell: Oh, man. Okay. That looked like it hurt. Thank you for asking your question. All right. So the question, basically, if we recap, it is how in the world did we build you guys? So this is part of our team here. As you guys know, what's our total team member now count, Brent?

Brent: Total, total?

Russell: Total, total. What do we got here?

Brent: 132.

Russell: Holy crap. We're the 132 people on our team. So this is a couple things that I've learned about building a team. Excuse me. An A player can get 3,200 times more done than a B player. So a lot of times we try to cheap out and get B players. They're like, oh, they're super cheap, but then they don't actually get anything done. We try to only recruit A players, so anyone who is here, it means that they're an A player, which is awesome. Literally, for you to replace an A player, you'd have to hire five to 10 people to get the equivalent of one really good person. So number one is, pay people really good and get good people, cause that's the number one biggest thing.

Number two biggest thing, I tell people in my inner circle all the time is, get people who are already like your customers to work for you, is a huge part of it. My guess is probably 80, 85% of our team, ClickFunnels members first, before they came and started working for us. And a couple reasons why, number one is if they're already buying yourself and they're part of your culture, part of your family, they know what you believe, your values and it's so much easier to bring someone like that in and bringing them into your team than it is to bring someone off of a local ad and try to convince them that you guys are awesome. We had someone we hired a little while ago and it was crazy. She's not here anymore. If you want to re quote what she said, when she left?

Brent: That we're horrible people.

Russell: There were horrible people because we tried sell things. You hire someone who is on your list, who's a customer already. They know you sell stuff and they probably bought yourself and think your stuff's awesome and then you don't have someone that's like, you're trying to sell stuff to people, you are evil. And we found later that sheer political parties also should have been a warning to us. So anyway, no offense to that. I should be careful, I'll be careful, I'm going to leave right there. I didn't go far enough for him to know exactly what it was. So that's two things. Number one, hire A players. Number two, email your list, email your customers. I bet your dream clients are on your list and they would do anything to work with you and for you and to be part of the mission and the cause that you are creating. That's number one. Is that good enough for me to Drop the mic?

Brent: That's awesome.

Russell: We're good? Here we go.

Brent: It broke.

Russell: I think I broke the drop mic. We have the thing, then there's concrete right underneath it. In my house.

Brent: There's one on my seat right there.

Russell: You bought a purple cushion?

Brent: Right there.

Russell: All right. Okay. That was question number one. All right. So question number two. Who is the question by? Do we know?

Brent: By Lacey?

Russell: Lacey's got number two question. All right. Should we hear what she's got to say?

Lacey Fowler: My name is Lacey Fowler and I am the CFO of Arachnoiditis Chronicles and Russell Brunson, I want to know how do I get a huge Facebook following like you?

Awesome. Okay. What's her name again?

Brent: Lacey.

Russell: Lacey. All right. So Lacey's question was Russell Brunson, how do you get a huge Facebook following like you? So this is the key and probably even a better case say to me is, if you watched funnel, if you watch the bio hacking secret story, Anthony came and we went through this whole process with Anthony. We made a whole film about it, so you can watch it. But when Anthony got started, I think his Facebook following had two people, his mom and me. And they're like, Hey, how do we grow? And right now, a year later he's got 60 something thousand people, it's completely grown. And a lot of people think there's some magic trick, but the real key is putting out really good content based ads that are self liquidating that are profitable. And then by people seeing your ads, they will then start following you.

For example, Anthony's like, we've never spent money to build his following, getting people to like, and things like that. I told Anthony, you need to do a Facebook live every single day. And there's a lot of reasons behind this, but one of the biggest ones is to help you find your voice and figure out, what do people actually respond to? He would do a Facebook live and we'd put $5, or so, in ads to them behind it and just see what would happen. People like it, do they not like it. If it started taking off and we'd say, cool, we put a little more money behind it. If it didn't, we'd just spend five or 10 bucks and then we'd end. And next day I said, Anthony do another one. And he did a video every single day, for how many months?

Joe: Long time.

Russell: For a long time, he's still doing it. I told him he's not allowed to stop till he's a billionaire. So he's doing Facebook lives every single day. And then we'd run ads to those. Not every time, in fact, it's not even the majority of the time, like I say, one in 10, maybe one in 20, you get the right message that hits people the right way, and it starts growing really, really fast. In fact, I remember when Anthony was starting his, I was like, make the weirdest videos possible, cause he is a bio hacking dude. So I'm like, do it with lights in your nose and lasers coming out of your ears and weird stuff like that. He was doing those and those never took off.

And then he this one, I think it's because he was lazy that day and it was how to bio hack your vegetables. It's him and he had vegetables in a pan. He put a stick of butter in it. And he's like, this is how you bio hack your vegetables. And it was the first one that took off. It ended up getting four or 500,000 views and shares and stuff like that. We started putting more money behind it cause it was working and it pushed him from the ad into a funnel. So he actually made money on the ads and we didn't lose money. But because also 400,000 people saw that he got 10,000 people to follow him. And then the next Facebook live bombed, the next one bombed, the next one bombed. Next one hit again and then we got another 10,000 people to follow him.

But it all came from us organically pushing content, those pushed people to a funnel. So for all of you guys, the whole an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Whatever that thing is. If you want to grow Facebook following, so your Facebook live a day and then spend five to 10 bucks pushing that Facebook live out there and the ones that take off, then put a lot of money behind it. But make sure you're profitable. It's not just a Facebook live for your health, it's pushing to a funnel. So Anthony's, what's the name of the fan page? The fan page.

Joe: Forward slash Anthony DiClementi.

Russell: So,, which is really hard. Just Google go to bio hack. Yeah. Anyway, find the bio hacking page and watch Anthony's videos and see it. And you'll see some got four or 500 views. Some have a million plus views and it's because of that consistency and all of them, there's a format. He introduces himself, asks people to share it. And then he does video training and then in the end he pushes to his book and it's a three to five minute video, every single day. There's the model, it's done. It's perfect. So just model it and use it for your business. If you do Facebook live every single day for a year, I will promise you, hopefully, if you do that, you should have anywhere from 50 to 100,000 fans within a year. If you're consistent with it, most of you won't be consistent with it. So do it. All right. And that's how we grow our fan page. So what are we at now, Joe? We're about a quarter million-ish?

Joe: Yeah. Quarter million 235,000.

Russell: 235,000. And this is another cool thing John sent me, how many?

Joe: 225.

Russell: What was the stat on how many people have watched Facebook lives in our account so far? It was cool.

Joe: For Facebook live, we've got 7.8 million views on our videos this year.

Russell: Yeah. Does it YouTube shows many hours that is of watch times? Is that showing Facebook?

Joe: Yeah. So, on Facebook.

Yeah. Does it show you that?

Yeah. It's that much watch time plus a little bit in minutes. Millions of minutes. That's what you're asking?

Russell: No, but each person that watches it. Anyway, save that for another show.

Joe: Huge!

Russell: When I do a video on Instagram and it shows me video sites and Facebook, same thing where you had 480 hours have been watched of this 12 second video. Anyway, I don't know the answer to that.

Joe: And those are real followers.

Russell: Yes. And we don't have fake followers. That was a long answer. A Facebook live a day will build your following. Any questions? No. You have to ask a question that the way everyone else says, so is that worth it? Can I drop the mic?

Brent: Yes.

Russell: We're dropping it? All right, we're dropping it! Okay. What do we got? Question number three. Who's at number three?

Speaker 7: Obisco?

Russell: Obisco? Is that his name?

Speaker 7: I don't know.

Russell: Obisco, you are up. All right, see what he's got to say.

Obisco: Okay Russell, final question for you. What is the best way to actually influence someone who is currently in a nine to five, maybe a family member or a friend that is a doubter, that actually works. And to actually get involved in it and what's the best way to help them on their journey so they actually become successful, so they can quit their job.

Russell: All right. Okay. Obisco's question was what's the best way to inspire someone who's got a nine to five job to quit and go on their own thing. Is that right?

Brent: Yeah.

Russell: Okay. Obisco, I don't know if you were at the funnel hacking live event, but most of us were there and Garrett White gave a presentation. In his presentation, he had everyone stand up and yelled us and chant it and everything. Do you guys remember, who here remembers?

Brent: I'm not a savior.

Russell: Number one, he said, I am not a savior. I'm not a savior. Number two. I'm a, what?

Brent: I'm a leader.

Russell: I'm a leader. Number three, was it number three? I'm a marketer. I need to rewatch the video.

Joe: That's a good thing.

Russell: That's pretty good. So step one or two, step number one is that I am not a savior. Step number two is that, I am a leader. What I would say is if you were trying to convince somebody to quit their nine to five job and leave, you're trying to save them from something. And my guess is they may not want to be saved. When I first got into this business, my first thing I tried to do, I started selling stuff and having success. And I was like, everyone needs to know this. I started bugging my mom and my dad and my friends and my brothers and my sisters and every person on planet earth that I knew. I was trying to shove this thing down their throat, cause I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. And what blew my mind is that most people didn't care. Maybe they're like, oh cool. But for me, I was so excited. And I think that's why I'm so passionate about teaching now because, some people do care, right? And they come to you.

If there's someone that's not naturally wanting to come to you, you don't need to be a savior. They're probably happy, they get security, they get significance, they all those things they want from their job, which is why they're there. The next thing is that, the second funnel hacking live. If you're not coming to funnel hacking live, you're insane. The second funnel hacking live, Sean Stevenson, our three foot giant spoke at it and Sean's amazing. And he told this really cool story. I'm going to totally slaughter and mess it up. Literally, put me and probably the entire audience in tears. He said that when there's a boat that cap sizes in the ocean and there's all these people there and they're drowning. He says the helicopter will come and will try to save people.

He said, how do they decide? There's 50 people in the water all drowning. Who do you save? And he asked the audience, who do you think? There's kids, there's moms, there's husbands, there's all these people, who do you save? He says, only people, you can save the ones that are swimming towards you. He said, those are ones that you save and you take out of the water. And what's interesting is a lot of times that we're out there, people are going away. We're trying to save them, trying to go after them.

You can't save the people that don't want to be saved. The people that are coming towards you, those are the people to try to save. And so for you, whatever your message is, go put your message out there to the world. Your people will hear your voice. They will come to you. And those are the people you can save. You can't get the other people. For you, I would say, if you're trying and trying to convince and persuade someone, that's not the right person. If they're coming to you saying, look, I want to be out here, what can I do? That's the person to help and to serve. That's my advice. So I hope that helps. Is that good? That works? All right. There you go!

Speaker 9: I think we need to give props out to Jerem Atkinson.

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 9: Jared Atkinson. I'm a marketer. I'm a closer, I'm a leader. Not a savior.

Russell: Cool. Thank you Jerem. Hopefully cool. That right, or else. Just kidding.

Speaker 9: Props for doing it.

Russell: Yeah. Thanks man. All right. So who is up next?

Brent: Jen.

Russell: Jen is up next. Here we go.

Hey, Russel it's Jen here and I have another question for your Drop the Mic show on Thursday. We answered the last one by finding some software after we did some research. So this question is for your book, any information on writing your book? I know it took you a very long time. I know your marketing strategies with your videos, you uploaded, but we would like some more information maybe about publishing. How to get that pretty book out without any words in it, to get people excited. Some process maybe that goes into actually developing the book, as opposed to writing or marketing. So, if you have any tips on that, that would be amazing. Thank you so much bye-bye.

Russell: All right. Not the writing of the book, but the...

Brent: The process of publishing it.

Russell: So the process of publishing.

Brent: And book it…

Russell: Okay. So the question is, the process of the book. So, a couple ways to do a book, as you probably know, sometimes you can get a publisher. Sometimes you can self-publish, there's a million different ways in between. The one question, how do we get the blank book? So those followed us, we were trying to launch the book and want to give all of our potential affiliates, a copy of the book, but we didn't have the book done yet. So we just went to Create Space, which I think it's free Amazon service. I don't know. And Create Space, lets you do books and print them and stuff like that, for free or close to free. So we just had a designer design the graphic or the image. Upload that to Create Space and then we put in a whole bunch of blank pages and then we were able to order them.

That's what we did went to upload on there, went to Create Space and ordered. A hundred or 200 of them have them shipped here and they started shipping them out. That's how we did that one. And as far as the publishing, it depends, you work with the publisher, they'll do a lot of those things for you. They'll take it, they've got teams of people, typically who do the formatting and design and things like that. So this book, we had a publisher, we give them the manuscript and they go through and they have an internal designer design all those kind of things and put it into the book and make all the formatting stuff work.

But these books right here, 108 Split Tests and Three Core Funnels. These ones we do all in house. These are all self-published. Same thing, we had a designer design this, I then wrote the book, had all the images. For me, they were in a word document and then we have someone on my team who's really good at In Design, which is a program, I assume. It's a software program. And then she took all the stuff in In Design and then designed the actual pages to put it like this. I don't know if you can do this style book in Create Space. I have no idea. If it's Create Space, you upload them and then they print them and ship them out. If not for these books, we found a book printer. Problem with the book printers typically have to order a whole bunch of books.

A couple other companies, one is 48 HR So it's 48 hour, but it's 4, 8, HR I know they can print this kind and I think you can order a dozen, or maybe 20, or 30 a time. They turn around at 48 hours, they get it back to you really, really quick. So there's a couple printers like that, but that's it. Some good designers and you can find good designers that can do books, stuff like that. It's called Upwork nowadays. Or is it changed?

Brent: Upwork.

Russell: Fiverr? No. Upwork, yeah. It used to be Odessa. So Upwork is good or, it's good too to find designers to do internal stuff. And then you just upload them to the printers and then they do the rest. That's the process. Is that good? Wait, where we at?

Brent: Yes.

Russell: You guys all good with that? Okay. Here we go.

Speaker 9: Snap.

Russell: Yeah, that was a good shot. All right. Do we have one more? How many more have we got?

Brent: Last one.

Russell: This is last one for the day! I'm going to go pass out. It's been a long day, I haven't shaved you yet. That's how long it's been. All right. Here we go. Okay, who's this? It's Chris?

Brent: Yeah. Chris as well.

Russell: All right, Chris, let's see what you got.

Kris: Hi Russel. So I'm launching a new program at my gym and I want know how I can use a funnel to get people to come to my pre-launch signup event.

Russell: Okay. So I'm going to repeat what he said to me. Sorry. I want to make sure I got it right. What do we got?

Brent: How can I use the funnel to get people to come to my pre-launch signup event at a gym.

Russell: So he's got a gym and wants to know how to use a funnel to get people to pre signup event at the gym. All right. So we happen to have a whole bunch of really good people inside of inner circle that are killing it. Alex Hormozi, Gym Launch Might be plural. Anyway, Google him. He is a hundred for a hundred percent launching gyms with the pre-launch model, the best in the world. That's first thing. I would go check out Alex. But basically the concept, doing a challenge, there's something weird about fitness industry, challenges work, do a challenge and do a funnel, inviting people to come to a challenge. That's what I would do and then I would go get Alex Hermozi as much money as he wanted to do the whole thing for me.

Honestly, if it was me, if I had a gym, that's totally what I would be doing, but that's the concept is, you set a prelaunch funnel for some kind of con. And you're trainers, so you know more than me, but when people decide to join gyms, it's usually at certain times of life, right? It's new years day they sign up, because it's new years resolution, right? Or it's, Hey, there's a wedding in three months, so now I got to lose a bunch of weight for my wedding. Or it's back to school, or it's swimsuit season, or it's whatever that date is. Right? So I'd be launching some type of challenge. Prior to that, to prepare people. Summer's coming up in two months, now it's time, come to the challenge sign up here. Get them to opt in and then bring them into your location and sign them up for the actual paid challenge, they can do it there at your gym.

That's what I would be doing is I'd be looking at the event. Step back, however it is, put together challenge and then run Facebook ads like crazy. Facebook for local gyms is killing it. So Alex is filling up all these people's gyms. Like I said, he has a hundred percent success rate in getting, I think an average, 150 clients in the door the first week. It's crazy. So it's Facebook ads to a challenge page, from the challenge page you do a call, text, whatever it is, get them in there and then sign them up. That's how the process works. Yeah. Hope that helps.

Joe: Drop that.

Russell: That Good? Drop it? Here we go!

All right. So we dropped the mic. So you guys got to consult each other and pick a winner. So while they're picking a winner to get the next drop mic, I just want to let you guys know about a couple things. Number one, is that we're trying to make this thing, we're doing this live once a week, which is fun. But then if you go to Drop the Mic, we're putting the archives of the show, the entire show, but also each show broken up into an individual question. So if you guys want to start going there, this database of questions will continue to grow. So go to Drop the Mic and you can search in there and it'll pull in all the questions that have been asked so far. We did 10 last week, five this week and one other.

So we got 11 questions now, by early next week, they'll be 16 and it'll continue to grow each week. So if you have any questions, you can go check out there to see if they've been answered so far. And we're going to keep building this database with tons of questions for you guys, because we want to help get you unstuck. So you can get back to changing the world. That's the game plan. All right. With that said, you guys, who do we pick to win the drop mic? This is it!

Oh! There you go. So Chris the idea guy, if you want to message me your address or whatever, and then we will ship you out a drop mic. Congratulations! For everyone else who's listening, we need questions for next week, so take a few minutes right now. Think about your number one question. If you could have a minute with me an elevator, what would you ask me? Go to Instagram and follow the process. If you're not sure how, go to Drop the Mic, watch the video that tell you how to do it and then go to Instagram and actually do it.

Go back to there real quick. This is the other page. If you guys scroll down below, you can see this is last week's show. And if you click on it, click on episode two, this is cool. This is the entire show, but if you scroll down, we also made each one, a little further, each individual questions there and you click on each one and you can get it. Actually, the video of just that question answer, plus if you go down below, it should be the transcripts as well. Anyway, our gift for you guys help make sure you get unstuck so you can continue changing the world. Thanks so much watching Drop the mic Show. Everybody appreciate you guys. We'll see you guys all soon.


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