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Episode 4 – #AskRussellAnything


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Russell: Hey, everyone. What's up? Welcome to the Drop The Mic Show. We are here having some fun and we're going to start dropping some mics in a few minutes, but before we get all started and kicked off, I'll wait for you guys to show up. We got a lot of questions this morning to ask because we didn't have that many questions and I asked, and then we got too many questions. So we got tons. So thank you for all of those. So we had these guys pick the top 10 best, most exciting, most interesting, most universal questions, and that's what we'll be talking about today on The Drop The Mic show. So I'm excited for this, you guys. And we got people coming in. So where are you guys all calling in from? Message down below so I can see some of these things where you guys are coming in from.

It's fun. We got someone coming in from India. I wonder what time it is in India right now? We got people coming in from all over the place. Phoenix, Arizona. I'm doing amazing today, thank you for asking. I got the drop mic, what could be better? We got people calling from Ukraine. We got people calling in from America. It's funny, our Inner Circle now is two-thirds Australian for the most ... well, not all the way, but probably half of them are from overseas, which is really exciting. Florida, Orlando, Indiana, Philippines, Oklahoma, Lebanon. We got an international audience, which is exciting. Thank you, guys. Appreciate you being on and this party's about to get bigger. Dave's been working on a secret project. He thinks he's going to have 500,000 followers on Instagram, is it true?

Dave: Yes. This is true. 500,000 followers for Russell.

Russell: By when? Give me... someday, hopefully, maybe. When's it happening?

It has to happen before September 15th.

Russell: All right. That's a tall order. If that happens, I'm dropping two mics because that's insane. So right now we are at 20,000. So we're 10 Xing times two and a halfing. I'm not that good at math. So there we go. All right. So to kick off the Drop the Mic show, we're going to show the intro. So if you missed the past episodes, if you go to Drop the Mic Show ... why's it showing that? Anyway, if you go, you come here, we got the past episodes. But before we get started, I want to sure you guys intro video so you know how this game is played. And then we're going to jump into the 10 questions for today. Here we go.

Intro Video: My name is Russell Brunson and I'm on a journey to help entrepreneurs get unstuck, so that they can get back to changing the world. In the past 10 years, I've built a following of over a million entrepreneurs like you, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of my books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

If you've got questions, I've got answers. Here's how it works. Step number one, go to Instagram and create a video asking me your number one question. Step number two, tag me at @RussellBrunson so that I can see your question. Step number three, use #askRussellanything so my team is notified and then each week I'll pick the top 10 questions and answer them on Instagram live. After each question, I'll drop the mic, but for the best question each week, we'll ship you your own drop mic. Now make sure you follow me on Instagram to see if I answer your questions live. Ask me your questions so that you can get unstuck and get back to changing the world.

Russell: All right. So let's Drop the Mic Show and thank you guys for your questions this week. We going to have some fun. So we got 10 ... by the way, so you guys know, we're starting to wear all the same clothes. So if you notice I've got the same shirt on as all these guys here. Which is creepy, but, Fridays is our confusion off Fridays and Thursday are It's a cult Thursday? Way of life Thursday. So if you haven't seen these yet, those who were at Fun Hacking Live got these shirts. So if you weren't at Fun Hacking Live, you missed out.

Dave: You're not all in.

Russell: So it's a cult. No, wait, it's a way of life. All right.

Stephen: Don't look at Josh.

Russell: That guy over there didn't wear.

Speaker 4: Don't tell me about cult Thursday? Its cult Thursday?

Russell: Yes. Culture Thursdays. Culture. All right, okay, let's jump into this party so, all right. Who we got first? What's-

Stephen: Linda.

Is Linda's first?

Stephen: This is actually a cool question.

Russell: Wait, wait. Linda's going to tell us the question, right?

Stephen: Yes. Let's watch it.

Russell: All right. So here's Linda's question.

Linda: This is Linda from Sydney, Australia. I'm a naturopath that specializes in constipation. So yes, I help to unlock the intestinal block in society. And I do this through my constipation online program, as well as my natural tea, which isn't a laxative, doesn't cause dependency, and taste amazing and loads of people are getting great relief from it so far. So my question to you is, how do I make this more scalable online? You see the problem with working with constipated folk is that they're often embarrassed and ashamed to talk about it. So to get people to share the love and to spread the news about what I do is not easy. So I would love your help because I would love to help so many more people, banked up people, get their pipes working better. So we'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank-

Russell: All right. So that's Linda, right?

Stephen: Yes.

Russell: Okay. Linda. So first off, that's awesome. I love it. And you may be surprised, but I actually have a lot of experience in this realm. One of our Inner Circle members is a specialist in this. So that's kind of fun. And then I had a chance recently to work with the Harmon brothers who happened to do the Poo Pourri ad and also the Squatty Potty ad. And they had the same thing. People don't like to talk about poop, right?

And so it's a scary thing. And so if you notice, if you go to, first off, they're amazing. Watch all their videos, especially the one they're launching in a month and a half from now because it might be ours. But go and watch their stuff because for them to get people to share poop, it had to be like a funny and exciting, interesting thing, right? And sometimes we try to be too stuffy with our messages and because of that it's not shareable. Now we had those of you guys who were in the Fill Your Funnel training. We had Adam Lyons out here who is ... he does a lot of stuff actually. But what he was here for us with us is he was, he was basically teaching us how to make viral videos. And I asked him similar question. I'm like, "My videos, people watch them. They weren't getting shared." I'm like, "Why not?" And he said, "You have to think about the psychology people that are sharing stuff." Right? And for me, it's ... my problem is similar to you. It's a little different, but similar. The answer's the same for both mine and for yours. So with mine, he said, :Someone watches your videos. They don't want to share it because building a business is their thing and sharing it and then their friends are going to do it and it's not cool to them."

They want to do it. They want to keep that to themselves. So they don't share it. Adam's in the pickup chicks market. It's the same thing. You have a video, "How to Pick Up Chicks". People don't want to share that because then it's, okay. I'm desperate. I got to learn to pick up chicks. So he's like, "You have to look at it from a different angle." And so what Adam did is he made a video that was really cool. It was a video, how old was his son? Three years old, four years old? Three year old son who went ... and so he videotaped ... he taught his son like three or four pickup lines and took him and had him go pick up three or four girls and videotaped the whole thing and posted it online. And it was three year old pickup artists.

And the video ended up getting 20 million views on Facebook, hundreds of thousands in other places. And it grew because it was a different angle because people want to share that. So if I was making videos, and maybe I will be soon, showing kids making funnels or puppy dogs or I don't know something different, but it's something that's shareable that doesn't take away from themselves if they share it, right? If someone shares a funny Squatty Potty pooping commercial ... and, honestly, you need to have a budget and have a puppet and stuff like that. But something that people will share doesn't like necessarily reflect on them. So something interesting, funny, exciting that shareable, that's what I'd be looking to try to create. So I don't know the answer to that, but that's the ... that's what you got to start thinking through.

Exactly how would I do that? What would it be? It's something that'd be interesting people to share. They're not necessarily saying, "Oh, I have this problem. You guys should also look into it too," because you're right. That's uncomfortable for people to share. But if you can figure out a way to create videos and content that are interesting or intriguing that people want to share. And it's not so much telling on them that they're doing it, right? So that's what you got to start thinking through. So every business is going to be different but, hopefully, that works for yours. Is that?

Stephen: That's good.

Russell: Is that good? Can I drop the mic?

Stephen: Drop the mic.

Russell: I'm dropping the mic. We forgot our purple mattress today. So today is ClickFunnels blankets. So there you go. All right. That's question number one, question number two. Who do we got next? Question number two. We got Jarum Atkinson.

Jarum: Hey Russell. Jarum Atkinson, here. Hey, I just want to thank you so much for all the awesome content that you put out there in social media and in ClickFunnels. Thank you so much for all that you do. Quick question that I had for you is when you are doing a Funnel Hackathon, how do you get in state? How do you get in zone for that hackathon? Is it a nap beforehand so that you are ready to go for hours through the night? Caffeine, what's your drink of choice? What are all the things you do to get in the zone and in state for a really successful hackathon? Thanks so much, Russell. And I hope you'll show my question. Thanks.

Russell: All right. Jarum, thank you, man. Okay. So his question was how do you get into state to do hackathons? Because hackathons, typical, at least for us, it's all night binges of building funnels, which is really fun. So how you get in state? I did a podcast on this back when it was marketing your car between the marketing secrets and I scroll back through and there's an episode called NZT time. If you listen to that episode, it talks about this a little bit, but so NZT, if you guys ever watched the movie Limitless, one of the best movies of all time. So first off, watch that then after that. Then go and watch the TV series. I don't think ... they had one season and I think it got canceled.

Stephen: Netflix.

Russell: Is it on Netflix?

Stephen: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Russell: The first season?

Stephen: Yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Russell: Okay. This season Limitless, which is like my favorite show ever, and I personally want to fund it. Just make season two because it was so good. But in the TV series ... so basically, there's a guy who gets NZT, takes a pill, and he become the smartest man for like eight hours. And so what happens is the government gave him how much NZT he was allowed to have because they needed his brain. They didn't want him to become a junkie and like destroy his life on it. Right? So what happened is he would come in and he'd be the dumbest guy in the world and then they'd give him pill, for eight hours, he was amazing. So like he had this NZT time where he was amazing. So he waited, got everything ready, and then took the pill. So he had all that time just prepped for that, right?

So for me, it's the same thing. If we're doing a hackathon or if I just need to get focused to get a project done or whatever it is, I think about NZT time. So I come in and I don't necessarily take a nap ahead of time, but I do know like I need to physically change my state to be able to do that. So that might be music, right? So music changes state. So for me, my song is Seven Nations Army and I crank it up. You can ask these guys how often we listen to that song here.

Stephen: Every day.

Russell: So we crank up Seven Nations Army, which gets me into state. Gets the blood pumping. Plays Jump Around. We like whatever we get excited. Stephen will scream at the top of his lungs. Just like that, which get me excited. And then if you do ... I never drank caffeine until like two and a half years ago now. I like it. So right now I'm drinking Rhino Rush. It's really good. I like Keto OS the caffeine kind but something because it gives you good physical response. I'm trying to change my state so I can focus because if you just come in and you work and you do stuff, it's not the same, right? So I want to NZT time. So I'm trying to focus. If you want to ... it doesn't have to be caffeine, you could just drink water. You could drink Kool-Aid or you could ... whatever it is for you. Something just to alter your state so you know you're in a different environment, right? If you're always in the same environment, you get the same results. There's reasons why when I want to sell somebody some merch, I try to pull them to different environments. I take them to an event or I get them on a webinar or a phone call or it's ... we're shifting environments because a state control, right?

It's all about state control, how you control yourself. And so for me it's like, if I want to get in a zone knowing I'm going to pull eight, 10, 12, 24, 36, 48 hours without sleeping, I got to shift my state to be able to attack that and dominate it. And so that is what we do. So do I miss anything? It's it. It's exciting. So go back to marketing, subscribe on iTunes and then scroll back to the episode's called NZT time and listen to that one. And I kind of break through in a lot more detail exactly what I do and why I do it. And it's really fun. So there you go guys, here we go Jarum, we're going to drop the mic. All right. Question number three, who we got?

Stephen: We got Marcos.

Russell: All right, Marcos, you are up.

Marcos: What's up Russel. I've seen your stomp on it video, I've read your books, I've ClickFunnels. So I wanted to ask, because with all your success that you've had, what do you do for, what do you do mindset wise to prepare yourself condition yourself, to have success? Just because, recently I've been having a little difficulty getting clients from my digital agency to run, ads for them and whatnot. And I wanted to ask, just because you've reached this high level of success, I would like to know what you do. For me right now, I'm using affirmations, incantations, a lot of Tony Robbins, a lot of Jim Ro. So I would love to know what it is that you do. Thank you very much.

Russell: All right. Okay, Marco. So good questions. So how... This is like personal development day today, all right.

Stephen: He's watching right now.

Russell: Oh, he's watching, cool man. Okay. So the question is how do you get ourselves... How do we rephrase on there? Make sure I have it right. How do you get ourselves-

Stephen: Do you condition yourself to have a success mindset.

Russell: How do you condition yourself to have a success mindset, cool. So I know Tony Robbins is big incantations. I've never... Even when he taught me that I was like, okay. And I've never actually done that, at least not consistently. So for me, it's not so much that you know, for me, it's, I think the biggest thing for me is just I believe so much in what I'm doing that, I just get so excited. I wake up in the mornings and first off, this guy voxes me every morning and you want to hear what the voxer sounds like? Let's do it.

Dave: Yeah, baby it's Monday. Let's build some photos.

Russell: How do you not get straight after that? So find a friend and tell them to message you every single day and scream at you and just be like, yeah, it's Monday baby, it's Tuesday. Because that gets you excited. And then like for me, when I'm driving here, the office, I'm thinking like, okay, I think about the people that we're serving and for me, that's what fires me the most is just like, knowing what we're doing. Right? Like, and so for you to look at like, you're doing Facebook ads for clients and if you're not having success, my guess I may be wrong, because I've been through this depression and like maybe not eating depression, you may not call it that. But like I've been through the ups and downs and motivation. And like for me, the times that my motivation was down, it was a hundred percent tied to the fact that I wasn't in love with the clients I was serving.

If you've read the Dotcom Secrets book intro, we talk about the secret formula, which is like chapter number one. I think maybe two, hold on, the secret formula, there it is. Secret number one, on page 13. There we go. So the first thing I talk about is how when we'd built a company, a hundred employees and I woke up one day and I was sitting in bed, laying there and I was like, I hate this. I hate everything about it. I wish that I had a boss so that he could fire me for not showing up today, but I'm the boss. I had to go crap. And I was miserable because I had picked the wrong client and I was in this funk for like three or four years of, it was hard to wake up every single morning.

And if you had a Fun Hacking live, you heard me talk about my failure stories. But we were in the brink of bankruptcy and all these things. I wanted to walk away and I couldn't because of a lot of reasons that I couldn't. But it wasn't until we shifted who we were serving that things shifted for me. So my guess is, if you're doing Facebook ads for clients, I bet you hate your clients. You're probably not willing to say that, but I bet you aren't. I bet you're not fired up by the fact, yes, I got to work with so and so today and if you're not, what I would do is I would fire your clients. I'd be like, look, or maybe you can't fire me yet because they're feeding you. So I'd be like, okay, who is my dream client? Who would, I'd be so fired up in the morning, know that I could serve that person that you would just be like, you wake up screaming. I get to held that person today. And we are literally changing the world.

And when you shift it to that, at least for me that when I wake in the morning, I know that I get serve entrepreneurs who are passionate, who are excited, who are trying to change the world. There's reason why I wrote the book Expert Seekers. Why do you think I wrote this book? There's a lot of reason, but one of them is because I know the people that read that book are people actually want to hang out with. They're people who are trying to change the world. That's the definition of that person. So I wrote a book to attract my dream clients in because that's who I want to serve, who I want to work with.

So for you, it's like, if you're not happy with your clients, think what clients would you be happy with and then create the bait or the landing page or the opt-in or the content or whatever, to go and grab those people and bring them to you. Because if you're excited about your clients, everything else will fall into place. And all the in incantations and everything else like that are great. Don't stop doing those. But it's like when you have something that's pulling you, it's way easier than having something that you're trying to push to yourself. Because a lot of things you can push yourself, but man, if you get something that gives you so much passion and excitement, it pulls you and it's just like you're running. So that's what I'd say is my guess. And I don't know you yet personally, but change your dream client and it'll change everything else for you. So anyway, hope helps man. All right that good?

Stephen: Yeah.

Russell: And we drop the mic. All right, who's up next?

Stephen: Joe.

Oh, Joe's up? I love Joe. All right.

Dave: Someone said they want the blanket.

Russell: Someone wants the blanket-

Joe: Joe, here. Here's my question for you. I run a real estate agency and have a bunch of clients and have the same problem happening again and again. Leads come in, people enter name, email, phone number and they don't respond or when the agent calls them, which probably isn't always the greatest job on their part, but when the agent calls them, they get like, oh, I'm just kind of look around. Because they don't want to talk to a salesperson. So do you have any ideas besides email and retargeting and stuff like that? We're already doing all the normal follow up stuff. Any ideas on how to warm those leads up. So they'll either answer the phone or have the conversation. Appreciate your help, thanks. Hey Russell.

Russell: Okay, Joe, first off, you're awesome. Okay. Great question. And I'm going to totally steal this one from Alex Hermozi, who happens to be Inner Circle of the month, this year, once again or this month, he is amazing. So if you don't know Alex, yet you should. Everyone should just, even though he's teaching gyms how to launch, it's still worth buying all his stuff. So anyway, so what Alex, says to the gym owners and it's brilliant and like he's tested a bajillion things, but what was the best way for them, I mean, he literally comes into a gym and in like a week and a half, will give them 300 customers like that and he's done it over and he's a hundred percent success rate, done at like 40 times last three months, a hundred percent success rate, no failing at all.

And what's interesting what he does, number one thing is, when the lead comes in, you have this window and people think the window's like a day or a few hours and it's not. The window's like three to five minutes. And what he does, soon as the lead comes in, the first thing, second you get it he makes a video on his cell phone. Like, Hey, what's up Julie, just got your application for our weight loss challenge, I'm so excited to have you come in. Here, I'm at the gym, you're going to love it. Anyway, I want to shoot you a message real quick and say hi, and I'm going to call you a little, just really excited to talk to you. And then text the video off the phone to the person.

Person then gets a personalized video text and they're freaked out. I don't know what to do, no one's ever done this. I feel this form like three minutes ago and they just texted me a video about how excited they are. And then when you call them, they're like, Hey yeah. So you're that dude that this, that just video texted me. Like, imagine, just imagine what that would do as a client. So, and he has all this gym owners that every single one is just instantly, the second the app comes in, record a video, send it out as fast as you can. Personalize a video with their name, talking about them.

The second thing is just, when you get them phone, this is the problem with most salespeople, right? Same thing I talk about, if you walk into GNC, the first thing they come up, Hey, can I help you with anything? And you're like, duh, and it's awkward and weird. Most salespeople do the same thing. You pick up the phone. The first thing is like, Hey, so... And then going into a sales pitch, it's like and depends on how much time, how many leads you have. But if it was me, if I just text in the video, then my next thing I'm to do is I jumping on Facebook or LinkedIn and looking really quick to figure who they are.

And then I call them up. Be like, Hey, really quick, I hope you got my video. Awesome. Okay. I don't want to take a lot of ton of your time because I know you're busy, but I was actually, I was just doing some research before I called you, I saw on Facebook you got three kids and two of them play soccer, I love soccer. Oh this is so cool. And person's like, oh yeah, my kids do play soccer. That's kind of creepy or that's kind of cool, whatever. But now it's like you open a door and that's like, cool and I got your application and just... And then now it's just sliding right in. Same thing if I walked into GNC the first time and the person was like, Hey Russell, Hey, that's a cool shirt you have on, did you belong to a cult? I'm like, no, I own a cult.

And he's like, what, that's awesome. And then be like, so what as a cult, as a cult leader, like what kind of supplements would you like? And I'm like, oh, well my favorite supplement is I'm looking for protein. And then like the conversation goes really, really easy. Because, initially we always have our dukes up. We do want be salts, we're blocking it, so we have to penetrate through that as quick as humanly possible and the fastest way is, a video text message totally as a pattern to interrupt. And then number two is, coming to the call armed with some information so that you have something to talk about to break their pattern. Because nobody does that. Everyone goes the other way, so that's kind of it. Does that help?

Stephen: Amazing.

Russell: All right, there you go. Here we go, Joe. And that one is dedicated to Alex, because Alex, from Ozy because he's the one with that strategy I stole from. Thank you Alex. All right. Who's up next? We got Matt's up next? All right. The Macrade.

Matt: Hey Russell, Matt Crane, here. Got a question for you, but first, I love the Expert Secret. Everybody should have a copy. Go get it. Anyway, sorry. Back to my question. What's the number one mistake that you and your team find with those using ClickFunnels and how can you help them from making that mistake ever again? Drop the mic.

Russell: Awesome, man, I love it. All right. So I would say, there's a lot of mistakes people make. And we're trying, we actually have a new Funnel hacker cookbook coming out soon to a funnel near you to help make this process even easier. But that's besides the point for today. And I feel like part of it's my fault. So when we first came out, ClickFunnels, we talked about funnels, we wrote this book called Dotcom Secrets talking about funnels. And like everyone got good at funnel structure and everyone became funnel consultants. And they're like, they structure funnels like, okay, page one should be this page two... And they structurally build the right funnel and then they plug in the person's products and then they launch it and then it doesn't make any money. I had some message to me today and they're like, Hey so if you just let me know, what products in China, I need to buy, I'll plug into funnels, I make some money and then I'll invest in your coaching class and I was like, oh dear me.

So the biggest problem people make is it's not the funnel. The funnel is important, but that's like saying, it's like saying you have a retail store and there's a bunch of really cool banners strategically located that get somebody come in, go to the products you want and come to the front desk. That's cool, but if there's not like the message, that's the key. You have to understand the market. So if you want to be successful in this business or any business, you have to do your homework, you have to understand really, really, really, really well who your customer is, what they want, what their desires are, what keeps them up at night, what are their fears? And they have to understand how to communicate to those people.

That's why I wrote book number two, which you just talked about Expert Secrets. Because that's talking about communication and presenting and things like that and how to, how to structure your ideas in the right way and how to make an offer versus just selling a product and how to tell stories and all those kind of things. I tell people all the time that like Dotcom Secrets is like the science of how to build a funnel. And then Expert Secrets is the art. A lot of people struggle in this business because they're either really good at the science or they're really good at the art, okay. And the reality is you have to have both. It's not just, if it's just science, then anybody could plug in any product, any funnel they make money.

If it was just art, then anyone who's creative could make money. And it's not, there's the two pieces, the art and the science. And so I think the mistake you make is they're either really artsy or they're really scientific and they do one or the other and they fail because of that. It takes both. And so what I would say, is if you're like a nerdy, science person, partner with somebody, who's the expert who can do the art. If you're really artsy fartsy, find a funnel consultant to do the funnel part and it's understanding the art and the science that weave together is what makes this business work and what makes funnels work and what makes product sell.

And so that's a left brain, right brain thing. So a lot of times it's hard to do both. Some people got it, but if you don't have it, just realize my right brain and my left brain. I had one of my first mentors, Alex Mendozan, he told me, he said that, "In every business, there's two types of people, there's starters and there's finishers. You got to figure out who you are and then find the other person." I would say the same thing is true with this. You're either going to be really creative or you're going to be really analytical and so surround yourself with the other ones. A really good example of that, I'm a creative, I like creating stuff. Guess what stresses me out and scares me more than anything on planet earth, this thing called Excel. I hate it. Super bad. I hate numbers and metrics and, but you see this guy right here, his name is John-

John: What's up?

Russell: John, on a scale from one to 10, how much do you love Excel?

John: It's like 11. I go to sleep with it at night. Wait, that was awkward.

Russell: Really awkward. So John, loves Excel and numbers and metrics. So John, guess what he does for us, he runs all of our metrics and our numbers and ads and all that kind of stuff. I can't do that, I log into Facebook people that think like, Russell, you're really good at running Facebook ads. I'm like, do you honestly think I've ever logged into the ad platform? And the answer is yes. One time I clicked the button and it popped up and there are all these numbers and I was like, and I closed it. And I'm grateful for John, to do that for me. Because I'm the creative not the numbers. And so figuring that out and understand who you are and being okay with that. And then don't go try to like, okay, I'm going to learn Excel, because that doesn't work. This is Gary Vaynerchuk, right. Double down on your strengths, triple down on your strengths and find people who compliment for the other pieces. And that is what I would say. Is that good? All right, drop it. All right. We survived it. All right, what do we got next? Who's up next?

Stephen: Okay we've got-

Russell: Social penguin, is that his name?

Stephen: Social Smart Penguin.

Russell: Social Smart Penguin. All right, I recognize this guy.

Speaker 7: Hey Russell, just a quick question. I'm setting up a auto webinar for a client. Typically for the live webinar on a confirmation page, I have a call to action video that prompts them to go in to a free trial for a different product. Just wondering whether I keep that on the confirmation page or whether I stick with a video of they're not missing the webinar, the default ClickFunnels webinar video. Or can I keep both videos or should I just have a one call for action? Love your thought on it. Thanks.

Russell: All right. All right. Social Penguin, thank you for the question. And here is my answer. So we actually learned something interesting. So first off I want to preface this because I don't want someone saying like, Russel, said this and then you go and do that and you just mess up the whole thing. So rule number one, when you're doing webinars is you need to do the webinar live, over and over and over and over again until you master your message. I did the Funnel hacks webinar over 70 times live before we automated it. So do it live over and over and over and over and over and over again. After you have it live and then you want to go automated, in fact, I tell all of my circle members, after you have made a million dollars with it, then you have my permission to make it automated.

So there's there you go. Now you make it automated couple cool things that we've learned in the last like two weeks, which are insane, which we'll be updating some ClickFunnels based on it. So we used to do top of the hour webinars. So it's like at the top of the hour, the auto webinars would start. Actually, excuse me, step back, we used to do like pick a date and time like tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday and they pick a time and whatever. So we did that first and then we added in like watch yesterday's replay now and then found like 60% of the sales can people chose that option. So they're like, huh, all right, let's do something faster. So we did the top of the hour webinar. So the top of the hour, when it hit noon or one o'clock whatever, then it would start.

So that minute some were registered in the first like 45 minutes, they to wait 45 minutes for webinar. And so because of that we put a webinar, told people to go get a trial. But people came in three to five minutes before, it got them all confused because they're trying to get a trial and then the webinar's starting and it's just like, it just messes up everything. But then we test something else we're sitting at the top of the hour, we shifted the top of every 15 minutes. I don't have the numbers in front of me. Do you want to brag Stephen about ish?

Stephen: It's pretty amazing. The top of the 15 minutes did great. And then we got even more ambitious and we made it top of every 10 minutes and pretty much from even just 15 minutes to 10 minutes, it was like a two X increase in just show up rate alone, just showing up. And the sales in the back also going way up. And I think it's because most of the time when the webinars, right? If you got like 25% of people who actually show up after they register, you're just seriously decreasing that by saying like, look, don't worry, it's starting in just a few minutes. But huge-

Russell: All right. So registrations went up, show up rates showed up and... Everything, all ships rows with the tides. So what I would recommend is on an auto webinar is do every either 15 minutes, every 10 minutes, whatever that is and the way we're doing ours now, in fact, we are launching four of them today. We're in the process of getting one. Because I can't just do one. So four of our auto webinars, we're updating getting launch today, but basically it's every 10 minutes it starts. And after they register, then there's a video there that's like literally 10 minutes. And then it's basically preframe next thing like, this is going to be amazing, this is why it's going to amazing. And there's preframe to get them excited. Because if you read Cialdini's book recently called Pre-Suasion, if you haven't read, you should go read it, because it's a really good book.

It's about the pre-frame. The frame they go through before they get there. So there's a video there and the whole goal in that is they get them to register or get them, excuse me, they're already registered. Get them excited to get them to show up and pre-sell them to purchase the thing on the next page. So that's kind of the winner, winner chicken dinner. So live webinars, still put a thank you page where someone can go get a trial or SLO or whatever you want to do. SLO sends for self liquidating offer that way you can make up your ad cost. But if you're in auto webinar zone and you're trying to get them started just go straight to webinar. Don't derail them. The way we have ours actually is our SLO actually comes 40, 48, like 50 hours later. It's like a day and a half later where it's like, oh, by the way you watch the webinar, here's just really cool thing. So we delayed it there. That's how we done it. So hope that helped. Is that good, you guys? All right, we'll drop the mic.

Okay. All right. Up next. Oh, is a familiar face. Okay. Up next is Mark. What's up Mark?

Mark: Russell, Mark Lumier from the Inner Circle. Here's my question. I'm one of your hyper buyers. I'm probably in the top 10. I think I bought everything you've had and everything you recommended. I have List-grow from Dillard, and E5 Camp from Todd brown, and I just sign up for Software Secrets and I'm doing the Expert Secrets MasterClass. So my question is when you are a hyper buyer and you buy everything like you've done in the past, how do you get focused enough to accomplish anything? You're trying to do multiple things at multiple times. I know, I probably have to focus and do one thing, but you do many different things. So just would like you to try to answer that question and maybe that would give me some guidance. Thanks.

Russell: All right, Mark. I think, you know the answer to my question or to your question, but I'm going to answer it anyway for everybody else. Can we have the board last time, the seven to eight. Okay. All right, so first off, thank you Mark, for being a hyper buyer. I appreciate that. But what's more important to being a hyper buyer is being a hyper implementer. So the reason why I'm able to do a lot of stuff is because I implement and launch before I move on to the next thing. So I implement faster than probably any human being on planet earth. There are a couple people in Inner Circle that are pretty good to, but that's the thing. So buying everything and then learning everything doesn't do anything. So I'm going to walk you through, this is... We talked about this in last Inner Circle meeting, I don't think you were at. So this is good for everyone and for you, especially.

So basic you look through like, here's the progression of companies, from zero to million, million to 10, 10 to 100. So zero to a million, the first thing you're trying to figure out is this is the what and how. What are you selling and how are you selling it? Okay, and you know you figured that out, because as soon as you figure that out, going from zero to a million dollars is really, really simple. But prior to that, sometimes it takes people a month, six months, a year, five years, 10 years, like there's a bunch of stuff. Soon as you figure out, what is it that I'm selling? And what's the sales mechanism, so the what and how. What am I selling that people actually want? Not what I want to create and sell. What do people actually want? So what's the what? And then how am I actually selling? What's the process, what's the funnel, what's the way, the mechanism I'm going to use to sell it?

When you figure that out, as soon as you figure out exactly people want and how they want to get it, then it blows up and you get to a million bucks fast. If that expert sees, this is all about during that during the phase, number one, you're figuring out, out who you are as the leader, figure your cause, you figure your new opportunity, you're creating your opportunity... Oh, these both say stack, well, one should be switch, one should be stack. Your switch and your stack. So this is Expert Seekers, go back and read this book and it's going to helping you figure out the what and the how.

Figure that out, then it jumps over here and jumps over here. So the next phase, I'm not go deep in this. This phase we focus on acquisition, ascension, monetization funnels and then phase number three, we talk about scaling traffic. Okay. All right, so for you got to realize, where am I in this business right now? And this comes back to being a hyper buyer. I sell a lot of stuff because I have people that are all different phases of this doesn't mean you should buy well, you should. But for most people you shouldn't, I am just kidding. You don't have to buy everything, you have to look like, where am I in my business? Somethings Russell, creates, are for people here to get them to figure out what in the how and how to sell. So we have programs, products, books, things that are all focused on this.

Okay. And so if that's the phase, you're in your business, trying to figure out what in the how, trying to get something that makes it a million bucks quickly, buy products and services that help facilitate that and then implement them like crazy. Don't start focusing on these things and these things, because you haven't figured that piece out first. So for me, when I make an investment decision, I'm looking at, okay, where am I in my business? Does this thing that's coming across my desk, is this the next logical step for me to take? If it is then I jump in, if it's not, then I say, okay, this is not for me right now. Maybe in the future, this makes lot of sense, but not today. Today, this is the phase that I'm in, in my business.

And so it's looking at things like that. And then again, a big piece of it is understanding that and then becoming not a hyper buyer, but a hyper implementer. So you get the thing, just stop and then implement it and don't do anything else like blinders on until that thing's implemented and launch. And when it's launched it's like, cool. So if you Mark, what I would say, based on all the stuff you just bought, the only thing I would be doing if I was you is Expert six's MasterClass. Other thing I would do, I go back to a year and a half ago when you're in Boise and I did do a webinar live. I would watch that recording that video. And I would just copy that because I already gave you your webinar. I already did it for you. And then it's all you need. I would just do nothing except for that.

And just focus on one thing. And then launch a webinar get it working, then after that works, then guess what? E5, is a great product. E5 fits in this phase of the thing right here. Software Secret fits probably in this phase, maybe in this phase, probably more so in this phase for you, for what you're actually doing. And so look at those things and put them in chronological order, what makes sense? Don't just try to like brain dump and learn everything. Because then you just get a headache and you get overwhelmed, all that kind of stuff. Figure out where you are and is this thing can help you get the next step in your journey. If it is jump in, if not blinders put it away, don't worry about it right now. So is that good?

Stephen: Yeah, that was real good.

Russell: All right, there you go. Mark, if I have to get you, I'm going to kick you if you're doing two things when you show up next Inner Circle meeting, you are allowed to do one. And should be launching that webinar that I already did for you a year and a half ago. So there you go. Love you Mark. All right, dropping the mic. All right. All right. Who up next we've got? Who's this, official Trent Evans.

Stephen: Trenton.

Russell: Trenton Evans?

Stephen: Trenton, yeah.

Russell: All right. So we see what Trenton's got.

Trent: Hey Russell, Trenton Evans here. My question is about running in my brand new agency while giving back to nonprofits. I know you're very passionate as am I, about my church and my relationship with the Lord and I give back to causes associated with that. So my question is, how do you balance that in your own life and in your business? Being able to give back to those causes while at the same time, being able to efficiently run your business and in my situation, my practice. What kind of pitfall would you recommend looking out for any suggestions on how to manage it best? That type of thing. Thanks.

Russell: Cool. Awesome. Trenton, awesome questions. So couple things because you're right. A lot of times people get into business and they hear stories like the Tom shoe dude who gives a pair of shoes for everyone they make and they're romantic about that, which is cool. But then on top of that, it's actually like they romance how cool it is. They think like, oh, I'm going to do this thing, it's going to be a marketing hook and we're going to get people to buy and all that kind of stuff. And like, I don't know about you, but that just feels dirty to me. I'm not saying Toms is, but a lot of people do. They're like, hey, and by the way, I'm going to give money to charity, that way it's going to go viral. Like, that's kind of dirty.

So a couple things. First off, what I say is, "The most important way to serve through money things like that is, I believe in what we call tithe. A tithe is 10th, 10%. So it's 10% of anything that I make, not gross, because I don't even make 10% of the gross of the company. But at the end of the day, I take home money and then 10% and I tithe that and that's secret. I don't share that people what I'm doing with that. It's given to things and it's... I'm a big believer, if you talk about a cause that you're giving to, that's your reward, I'm a big believer in that.

So 10% of what I make disappears and it goes to what I believe. And I never talk about that. It's just gone and that's a big thing. Number two, I talk about a tithe on your personal time. I try to put in a tenth of my time into personal projects, not so much money, but like my time into things where I'm helping serve causes that I believe in. Because money's one thing, but time is different. So that's another thing. Number three, if you do decide to do something part of your company, like for example, World Teacher Aid, at all the Fun Hacking live events. We raise money for World Teacher Aid. I'm going to be going to Kenya for my third time in October with, I think 10 or nine or 10 of our Funnel hackers, which is really, really exciting. And so we figured out a way to tie that into the business where every time someone builds a funnel that goes live, we give a dollar to World Teacher Aid and then our events raise money.

So we, I think we've raised, I don't half a million dollars or so for World Teacher Aid build a bunch of schools. And I talk about that, but I also realize that like, because I'm talking about like, that's my blessing. Like I don't think the Lord's going to give you any more blessings for that because I'm talking about it. So I know that. So like that's just kind of my personal beliefs on the topic, but I'm also not really against using it from marketing angle, but it's also it's not like I am, I don't know, I don't feel comfortable or clean using that as a marketing angle, but it's something we do. And we talk about it because it's a cool thing that inspires people and it gets other people to want to give and want to serve and it's an inspiration thing so I think a lot of times like that's why tying something that into your business is good because it helps your company, your culture, your people to go into something. But also don't do it at the risk of hurting your business.

I was listening, it was a shark tank episode, probably last year, I can't remember who it was. But someone came and they pitched this thing where it was again a charity thing. And everyone was all excited and I can't remember if it was Cuba no, it was Lori, think it was Lori... Anyway, I can't remember who it was. One of the sharks basically came back and said, "Look in your business, you need to be as greedy as humanly possible, so you can get all the money out and then you can be as charitable as you want with the money you make. But if you're tying into the business, businesses go under because they're taking money off the top to give to charities, things like that and business is business. If the owner's not paid, the business doesn't work, the whole thing collapses. You have to be greedy, selfish, capitalists in your business, but then when you get the money out, then you can be charitable on that side." And I kind of believe in that.

So anyway, hope that kind of helps. That's my beliefs and my thoughts and hope that kind of helps you out. All right, that good?

Stephen: Yeah.

Russell: All right, let's drop the mic. Okay. I hope my phone battery doesn't die on this. All right, let's go into the next, what question number are we on?

Stephen: This is nine.

Russell: All right, question number nine. Coming from-

Chriss Green: Hey Russell, Chris green here. Got a question for you, when you're creating content, how do you decide when to create recorded content and how do you decide when you want to use live content, like on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube? Let me know man, thanks. Love ClickFunnels.

Russell: All right. Interesting questions. So when do you do recorded content versus live content? And I don't know if I know the answer to that. The real reason is more so not... My strategy, this is going to be live, this is going to be not live. My strategy is first off, I'm picking the channels I want to be in. I want to be active in Instagram, which is why we're doing this show. This is our show to serve the people on Instagram. I have other ones in Facebook, other things. But a lot of it is completely honest, you guys okay if we're all completely here? Okay, it's kind of like taking a big load of crap and then you throw it against the wall and then you look at it and you see what sticks on the wall and what falls off.

And some stuff sticks and some stuff falls off and stuff that sticks, you grab more of that crap and you throw more of it on the wall. That's kind of it. So we do all sorts of stuff. So we do Facebook live, we do recorded videos, we do meme videos, we do this, we do that and we're just throwing crap on the walks, because I don't know what's going to work. I don't know what Zuckerberg going to reward me for on Facebook versus Larry and Serge over on YouTube. I don't know what they're going to reward. So we just throw a bunch of crap out there and you see what sticks, what works gets traction and what does and what doesn't. What does, you do more of that, what doesn't we do less of that. And so that's kind of it.

And sometimes a lot of things works. Sometimes nothing works and you don't know... In fact that's why I tell everybody in my Inner Circle and two comical coaching, all of our stuff, like Expert Secrets, first thing you should do is we have Facebook live every single day. And the reason why is because you don't know what's going to stick. Okay. When Anthony Clemente, Biohacking Secrets launched, we used to do a Facebook live every single day and did one, day one and day two and day three and day four and nobody cared, nobody listened. But after, I think this 10th or 11th Facebook live was the one that hit and got like four or 500,000 views, blew up his fan page. They did the next one, bombed, bomb, bomb bomb and the next one blew up. And you don't know. And so it's just like, throw a bunch of crap against the wall and see what sticks. And stuff that sticks, do more of that. I wish there was a more clean, pretty answer, but that's my answer. I hope that helps. All right. We're going to drop the mic. Woo. Okay. My battery's down to 20%. So we're going to go, last question before this dies. All right, question number 10 is-

Stephen: Natasha.

Russell: Natasha.

Natasha: Hi Russell, my name's Natasha, and my question is, how do I target people on social media and make a funnel so that people can buy products from my store? I sell things from home decor to clothing items, and the difficulty comes in when purchasing through a funnel because I am using a white labeling service. What is the best way to go about doing this?

Russell: Great. Give me the hard ones. Just kidding. Okay. So Natasha's question was she has a store and a whole bunch of stuff, but she's doing it through white label service. So someone else drop shipping, I'm guessing is kind of the answer. So what I'd say, the biggest problem with that kind of a business is your margins are small, because you're drop shipping somebody else, which is okay. In fact, I talk about this with a lot of people, like Flex Watches, when we worked with them on the profit, we talked about this. We talked about it in other places. A lot of times E-commerce stores are awesome, but the problem with E-commerce stores, it's hard to profitably drive traffic into them. So I would do, is I would look at, okay, what is, excuse me, something that I can get that my dream client, that the person is going to buy, all the rest of the stuff in my E-commerce store, in the future. What's something I can create that would get them excited and get them to raise their hand.

And I would create a separate funnel, outside of this whole store. I would try to buy stuff from China or create info products or some kind of thing. You can have that's a front end funnel. I believe every E-commerce store should have a front end funnel. In fact, Shopify, I'm not sure if yours is a Shopify store, but Shopify has an article on the site that says, "Every single Shopify store should have a front end funnel." So you have a front end funnel. With the goal of the front end funnel is to be able to be profitable through paid ads. So you create a front end funnel and so for this, I don't know exactly that'd be yoga leggins, maybe you find like a special kind of yoga leggings and you go buy them direct so you have profit margin in there. You create a funnel that just has that.

And then you go and you sell that and people buy that thing. And then what happens is they buy, they purchase to become a customer. They join list. And now you can say, hey, thanks for buying our sweet yoga leggings deal. By the way, this is part of our store, click over here and then send them to the store where they can go shop around and find all the other stuff. It's just like, if you look at the real world, putting quotation marks, because the real world's becoming fake and the fake world's becoming real, but in the real world, you get a coupon in the newspaper that's like, hey, come to the grocery store, we got Fred Meyer here, and giving hot dogs two for the price of one.

You're like hot dogs, I want to cook hot dogs for kids tonight. So you go there because there's this front end funnel that brings you in. You go in the store and you're like, where are the hot dogs? Where are the hot dogs? And you run and you find the hot dogs and then you look around and you're like, oh, there's buns, there's ketchup, there's mustard, there's barbecue sauce, there's all this other stuff. And you walk around and you find other thing. And you walk in the store trying to get two for one hot dogs and you leave spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well, that's a real big party, maybe a thousand-

Stephen: Good, hot dog party.

Russell: It's going to be a big party. That's how it works. And the same thing works in real world. I'm on Facebook, strolling around, I want to see a super good funnel, offered, deal, whatever that is. So they're going to see it, they're going to buy that thing and now you've got them as a customer, now you can introduce them to your actual store. But sending someone from an ad to a store, very few people can make that profitable. So don't try. Build a front end funnel, bring people in profitably and then send your store on the back end. That's what I'd recommend. And I hope it helps. Is that good?

Stephen: Oh yeah.

Russell: All right, there we go.

Stephen: Boom.

Russell: We've dropped the mic. Okay. So of our 10 questions, so as you guys know the way we play this game is at the, whoever's got the best question we ship them out a drop mic. So did you guys vote?

Dave: Yeah.

Russell: All right. So we have a vote. Who's got the answer? Is everyone in agreement.

Stephen: Pull it up.

Russell: The winner of this is. Boom, Matt. Congratulations. So Matt, just won a drop mic what's the method to get it? Does he DM me? I am still learning DMs. There's an other tab I found about recently where there's thousand messages I've never even seen. So if the past winners DM me and I didn't get it, I'm going to just see if we can find that. So DM me man, and we will send you out your drop mic. Shoot me your address, we'll send it out. I almost lost my voice. Also, if you enjoy the show, every Thursday, we're going to try to do at the same time. Hopefully-ish, that's the game plan. And then, also if you want to see back episodes, go to, we have all the back archives there. You can watch the entire episode or have broken down question by question into individual videos with the transcripts, you can find the questions to other questions that people have been asking, which is kind of cool.

In fact, here it is right here. I'm going to pause that real quick. And right here, you can see here's the different episodes in the past. If you click on, I click on this right here. It's got the full episode right here. If you scroll down, these are all the questions that were asked. You can click on one of the questions and then there's the actual video response plus the transcript. You scroll down the whole transcript of it as well. So that way, if you guys, if you have questions, maybe someone's already asked them. So go to and you can hang out over there, that's where the party's happening. And that's all I got you guys. So thanks so much for hanging out with us today. Appreciate you guys all. Tell them about the show, make sure you show up next week. If you have questions for me, go and submit them now so you don't forget and we'll go from there. Thanks to everybody. And we'll talk to you guys soon.

Stephen: Woo. Drop the mic.


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