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(FHL) Recap of Funnel Hacking Live 2022 'Day 3'

(FHL) Recap of Funnel Hacking Live 2022 "Day 3"

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Today Russell is going through all the amazing speakers and highlights from Funnel Hacking Live "Day 3"!

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A lot of times we have these moments in our life that we define things, before I was married, after I was married, before I moved out to my parents' house, after, before my first kid, after, before Funnel Hacking LIVE, after. It really is that powerful. 


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today's episode, we are talking about Funnel Hacking LIVE. Yes, we're still talking about it because it's like a ripple effect, just like you throw a rock into the middle of the ocean, and this ripple effect starts happening.

There were 5,000 of you who were in the room, and that was the rock hitting. Now, I'm watching the ripple effect happen. I'm watching people's businesses grow. I'm watching people finding their messaging, finally after all these years figure out how to deliver their message in a way that gets people to actually buy, how to do the right things, how to get the right funnels.

All those things are happening, and so I don't want that ripple to end. I want to keep the energy going and also to inspire you guys who don't have your tickets yet for next year. Do not miss this. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will change your life forever. I've had people tell me before that there was their life before Funnel Hacking LIVE and life after Funnel Hacking LIVE.

A lot of times we have these moments in our life that we define things, before I was married, after I was married, before I moved out to my parents' house, after, before my first kid, after, before Funnel Hacking LIVE, after. It really is that powerful. Yeah, if you've been to other events, it's not like that. I just want you to understand that. It's hard to explain until you experience it.

You can experience it a little part when you go to and watch the videos and stuff. You can experience it a little bit. Hopefully, these podcasts help to draw out a little bit of it. But until you're there in the room where it happens, it's hard to really illustrate it. Anyway, so that's my goal, is try to give you guys some insights of what's happening, and why, and make it amazing.

Day number three, which is technically day number four because day number zero was the Dan Kennedy day, but day number three, yeah, that's the day we're on, was amazing. God, it was so cool.

So the day led out with Brendan Burchard. So Brendan's been a friend for... man, since we were both getting started about the same time. I met him at Armand Morin's Big Seminar. He'd just read his book, Life's Golden Ticket, and I was like, "I want to write a book someday." And that's where we met in the hallway talking back then, and we've followed each other for years, and connected, and reconnected, and fell away, and reconnected back and forth.

Anyway, this is his second time at Funnel Hacking LIVE. First time at Funnel Hacking LIVE, he came four or five years or maybe three years ago. He did one presentation on his seven-day live launch. Then he also did a presentation, which was his High Performance Habits. This year I was like, "What else do you have?" And he was like, "I have a really cool presentation," he wanted to give and help people with their psychology.

One of the biggest things that we find in this business, but obviously in anything, is it's less about the tactics and the skillset and more about the belief and mindset. And so Brendan wanted to come and share some stuff to help unlock everyone in their mind so they could be able to actually take these things we're giving and use them.

Actually, this weekend, I was here at the office. There was a big fight this weekend. In our event room, we play the UFC fights, and we had tacos. Everyone hung out, and one of my friends was in the room looking at all the Two Comma Club boards, and he was just like, "Man, this is so cool." I was like, "The only difference between you and them is they believe they can do it." That's it. It's belief.

I've told you before, my job at Click Funnels, I'm the head cheerleader to get all y'all to believe this is actually possible because it is and that you can actually do it because you can. That's really what Brendan came and helped unlock that for people, which is really, really powerful.

After Brendan spoke, we had one of our Funnel Hacking LIVE, one of our people from our community, Bill Allen, who's in my... He was in Category Kings last year. In my coaching program, I have Inner Circle, I got Category Kings, then I've got Atlas. Bill joined Category Kings last year and spent a year with us, which was so awesome. This year, he upgraded to the Atlas group.

Bill's someone who goes deep on stuff. I told you guys in earlier episodes, I love having people speak on stage. You take something that I kind of introduced to our community, but then they go deep on a piece of it. And so I've talked about value ladder before. I've talked about hero's journey. Bill took these two principles and weaved them together.

I remember one day getting a Voxer from him. He's like, "Russell, have you ever thought about this?" He was showing me how each tier of the value ladder... If you construct it correctly, each tier is a little mini hero's journey, right? Someone comes to you because they're leaving their ordinary world. They go through this journey. They're trying to achieve something. They achieve it, and after they achieve it, then that's the end of that tier of the value ladder. Then you move them up to the next tier, and there's a whole new journey.

He's like, "When I figured that out in my business..." He started showing me how he architected each tier of the value ladder to actually have the entire hero's journey, take them on that journey, and then identifying what is the transformation they're trying to have, what are the achievement they're trying to have at this phase, and figuring this out, and reverse-engineering each tier of the value ladder. The funnels, and the events, everything associated with that tier of the value ladder all tied back to the hero's journey.

I'm sitting here as he's Voxing me freaking out as you can imagine like, "Oh, you took this and this, and you squished them together and did this amazing thing that I'd never even seen before. It's so powerful." I think Bill might have actually been the first person I asked to speak. I was like, "Dude, you got to talk about that at Funnel Hacking LIVE." He's like, "What?" I'm like, "That's amazing."

And so he spoke on that, and it was so cool to see someone in our community and somebody who's been killing himself. It's funny because he has an event called Flip Hacking LIVE, also FHL that the person he had bought his business from had modeled after ours. He does it right after ours, and so it's kind of fun because he comes and watches Funnel Hacking LIVE and then three weeks later does Flip Hacking LIVE. He just models it when we're doing all the things.

It's just really cool, this nugget of thing that he brought to me and to the community that's just like, "Oh, how cool is that." As you're building your value ladder, each tier... tying the hero's journey into it and figuring out all the pieces. When you do that correctly, man, that's what gets people to ascend because they just achieved and transformed in a way in that tier of the value ladder and had the success. Now, they're looking for the next hero's journey to go on. If the next tier of the value ladder matches the next journey that they're going to want, then their natural ascension's going to happen. It was just super cool and super powerful.

After Bill spoke, then we started going through different tiers of the value ladder. If you notice, typically on day three of the event, I like talking about value ladder stuff to begin with, and then I go through different tiers of the value ladder.

So Perry Belcher came, and Perry started talking about low-ticket funnels but using premium. So instead of just having a book funnel, attaching a premium to it, so attaching a t-shirt or a mug or something like that or taking a digital thing and attaching like he did with his credit card knife, right? Attaching premiums to offers increase conversion, and value, and scalability. It was really, really cool.

The only downside is that I was doing an event or I was doing a presentation later that day, and in that, I was showing an example of the Sports Illustrated... Perry calls it a premium. I call it a myth key, but they're similar things, right? He showed the infomercial from 1986 or 1983, whatever it was. I had in my slides the exact same one as I was working that presentation.

Leon, who does my slides, was sitting there. All of a sudden. we're watching Perry on the TV in the side as we're working on slides. He's like, "Wait. That's the video that you're showing." I'm like, "He stole my video." So we literally both had the same example video in both of them because it's such a powerful thing. So I had to take it out of mine because Perry spoke before me. Man, Perry's brilliant. I love his stories. I love his storytelling, but also just this principle of attaching premiums to any of your offers. It's crazy.

I see this all the time at Funnel Hacking LIVE where we sell a $25,000 coaching program, and then I'll give away a sweatshirt when the people sign up. That sweatshirt's the thing that pushes them over the edge, right? Just those little premiums, how do you create them and craft them in a way that gets people to move? And so that's what Perry talked about, which is cool.

They moved up the value ladder. Anthony Morrison then came in and talked about webinars for the next presentation, which is the middle tier of the value ladder, understanding and mastering webinar presentations, which was awesome from Anthony. Then after that, then we went up one more tier up the value ladder, which is Joe and Eileen, who talking about high-ticket selling, virtual events to sell high-ticket products, so those kind of funnels.

Again, during that morning session, we went from low-ticket products and premiums, moving up the value ladder to webinars, up the value ladder to high-ticket virtual live events. Again, if you took the lessons from Bill's presentation earlier, how do you wrap the hero's journey in all three of those steps is the secret. I mean, that morning before lunch of day number three alone, I could write a book on that topic. In fact, it's kind of like the DotCom Secrets book, but it went even deeper on some of these core principles.

Oh, man. Anyway, it was amazing. For those who were there, you know. Those who were not there, hopefully... We don't have replays yet, but in the future if we open replays or something, make sure you take advantage of it because those nuggets from day number three alone were powerful. So hopefully, I gave you some stuff you could use from that.

Then after that, we had lunch. After lunch, we had Jamie Kern Lima come, and Jamie's someone who's been a friend now for the last couple years. She built a company called IT Cosmetics and sold it to L'Oreal for over a billion dollars, became L'Oreal's first female CEO, which is amazing. She's just such a cool person. She came in on her own dime, and came, and spoke at our event, which is awesome, just to give, and serve, and to give back.

She came and told her story, and her story's crazy. It was not like, "Oh, it was all sunshine and roses. I had success." It was brutal and so much work. She showed the story of what she did and what she had to go through, and overcome, and persevere to create this business and this brand. I think it gave everyone very tangible, powerful things they could be thinking about and gave everyone this motivation of just like, "Man, if she could do it through all those odds and adversity, I could do it as well." Her presentation was amazing. That's from Jamie.

After Jamie spoke, then it was my turn. This is where I had a chance to do my... At Funnel Hacking LIVE, as you guys know, I sell one thing every single year, and it's our coaching program. So I had the right presentation, but it was weird because this year, we opened a certification program, and we had Two Comma Club X, which was the new version of it that we were launching.

It was tough because some people, I knew certification was the right thing. Some people, I knew Two Comma Club X was the right thing. But I've seen people who pitch two things at once, and it never works. If you try to make two offers, it bombs. I was like, "Man, if we bomb, we're like $4 million in the event before it even starts. If we bomb, it could be really detrimental to the company."

So I'm trying to figure out how do we strategize this? And so I came up with an idea. For those who already saw... I came out after Jamie. I was like, "I have two presentations. One's about how to become a Certified Funnel Builder." And I talked about the benefits of that. I'm like, "The other one's this thing called the Linchpin." I talked about benefits there. I'm like, "Which one do you guys want?" I had people vote like, "Funnel Builder. Linchpin." Everyone's going crazy. I was like, "Ah. All right. who here wants me to just do both?" They all went crazy like, "Ah." So I'm like, "Okay, I'm going to do both."

The first 40 minutes, I did the certification presentation, which helped people see the opportunity of being a Certified Funnel Builder. Then I transitioned over and did my next 45 minutes on showing the Linchpin and showing the opportunities inside the Linchpin framework. So I showed them both. I'm like, "Who here wants this and this?" And started going back and forth. I transitioned into the pitch.

It was crazy. People told me, "I didn't even know if it was pitching..." Anyway, it was the Perfect Webinar, but very stealthy version of the Perfect Webinar. Then I transitioned to the sale. The way I did the sale was basically I was like, "Hey, if you buy Two Comma Club X, you're going to get both. So the first thing you get is the Funnel Builder." And that gave me the ability to speak through everything they get as a Funnel Builder. Then I went through all the elements they get at Two Comma Club X. I went through the entire presentation at the end. Then we sold out for $25,000.

Then I had one down-sell, which is if you don't want everything, you just want to be certified, we do have that opportunity for $10,000 as well. Hand out order forms and then I finished the pitch. It crushed. It was the highest sales we've had so far at a Funnel Hacking LIVE event, which is exciting.

One of the biggest things that I realized from this presentation... so if I give you one thing... The last couple years as I do the Two Comma Club X pitch, it's tough because it's like one of the hardest things I have inside of what I do is that there's a lot of different funnels. There's this funnel, this, and this. And so in years past, I've tried to like, "Okay, we're going to teach you guys all these core funnels." It's hard because it's like how do you train in all these different funnels, right? It's hard to do fulfillment on that.

Last year, it was like, "Okay, let's break it down into two. There's e-comm or expert. These are two markets. So we partnered with Alison Prince, and she talked e-comm. I talked the expert stuff. That worked good, but it's still people wanted to do both, and they jumped back and forth.

Even this idea of expert, I'm like, "Okay, we're going to do challenge funnel first." Then people are, "I don't want to do challenge. I want to do webinar." I'm like, "Okay. Well, we'll do challenge funnel then webinar." "But I want to do high ticket." It's like, "Ah." It was just so hard. Anyway, it was funny.

Every year, it's been... A hard thing is I'm giving people options. This year, the biggest takeaway is I cannot give people options. Have you guys seen Mandalorian where it's like, "This is the way?" I was like, "What is the way?" And it was interesting. About this time is when we discovered a framework, which is called the Linchpin.

And it's the reason why Click Funnels went from zero to a $100 million was because of the thing called Linchpin, but yet it was so simple. It's like it's very simple, but it's also very powerful. It was because it was so simple, I almost discounted it. We forgot about it. Next five or six years of Click Funnels, we didn't talk about it, we didn't do it, we didn't focus on it. It was like I missed the mark on my own framework that built this.

I'd re-remembered it, and we'd applied it to the Dan Kennedy business we bought, and it's blowing up Kennedy's business right now. Then we are reapplying to ClickFunnels. In fact, the 2.0 launch, which just barely finished by the way, when I'm recording this, we used the Linchpin model flawlessly. It's insane. The numbers are insane. I can't even share with you right now. I'll do a podcast sharing that, but it was crazy.

And so when we did the Two CX pitch, I didn't tell people about we could do this, this or this. I was like, "This is the way. It's the Linchpin. This is the only thing I'm doing in my business, the only thing you should be doing, the only thing anybody should be doing. This is the thing." By giving people just the very clear, distinct, "This is the way, that is, I think, what increased sales more than anything else.

Where it wasn't like, "Should I do this? Should I do this? Ah." It's like, "No, people want to be led." Jay Abraham, he said, "People are silently begging to be led." They're not looking for me to give them options. They're looking for me to give them the way. So what is the way? Well, for me, it's the Linchpin. That's all we're doing at all of our companies. I'm no longer giving people like, "This is the way. Follow us or don't. If you're following us, this is the way. This is the way we're doing it."

For you if you're pitching high ticket, understanding that is the secret. This is the way. What is your way? That's the only thing you can be talking about and sharing. That was powerful.

Again, sales were awesome. Then we had dinner. After dinner, I was so tired, but we launched the Bootstrapped Awards, which I was nervous about this. I'm like, "Is it going to be good? Is it not going to be?" I was... all the nerves around it. Bootstrapped is something that I'm excited for, the future of it, but it's an award for the Bootstrapped Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

I got up on stage and told my story about how I competed for Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and I lost to a guy who had $2 billion in funding and no profits. I was like, "I don't want to lose to somebody who's cheating, right? It's like steroids at a bodybuilding competition. Sure, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks amazing, but he's all steroided up. I want a natural bodybuilding contest for the rest of us."

And so that's what the Bootstrapped Award is, is to become the biggest entrepreneur event or entrepreneur award in the world for companies who bootstrapped. This is the very first one. And so it was cool. We'd done a whole contest this whole year. We had eight finalists. Each finalist had a chance to give a quick six-minute presentation on what they do. And then the audience all voted and picked a winner. That was kind of it.

So it was cool hearing all different presentations, having the audience vote, and then picking our winner, and giving them the huge award, which is a 25, 30-pound, 40-pound... It's huge, the Bootstrapped of the Year. We had eight winners in different categories and then one who was the Bootstrapped Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which is Daniel Rosen and Keenan, who are in my... They're Category Kings and in Atlas now sharing their business.

It was cool afterwards that Daniel had a chance to give, I think, a 30-minute presentation showing their whole entire business. It was awesome. They took literally ClickFunnels and Funnel Hacking Movement, and they modeled that in the credit repair industry. It was just really fun to see how they did that.

That was our first-ever Bootstrapped Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which is something that now that is out there, you guys should just compete for next year because it's fun, it's exciting, and we're going to do it even bigger and better for next year. That is the Bootstrapped Entrepreneur of the Year Award. That's how we ended out day number three, which was amazing.

Anyway, there you go, you guys, three days plus the bonus day at Funnel Hacking LIVE. We got one more day. I'll do one more episode talking about day number four, which is how we wrapped the entire day, the repitch, a whole bunch of other cool things. I hope you guys love it. That's it. Thank you guys so much, and I'll see you on the next episode.


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