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(FHL) Recap of Funnel Hacking Live 2022 "Day 4"


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Today Russell is going through all the amazing speakers and highlights from Funnel Hacking Live "Day 4"!

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Everyone liked different speakers for different things, but the overarching feeling as a whole was the best speaker from a speaking standpoint was Ed. His presentation was amazing. He had people crying and laughing, and it was really special.


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What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Seekers podcast. Today we're talking about day number four, the last day of Funnel Hacking Live, to give those who were not there a glimpse of what happened, and those who were there, to remember, to remind you about the lessons hopefully you learned. And on top of that, to give you guys behind the scenes sneak peek of what was happening in my world while we were doing Funnel Hacking Live. So hopefully you enjoy this episode.

All right, so it began day number four. If you remember, day number three I made the pitch for the certification slash Two Comma Club X coaching program. And what happens traditionally is that night all the emotional buyers buy, right? They go and they buy. And one of the things that we started doing is that somebody, after they buy, is they have a chance to come on stage and get pictures with me and Todd. As a way to take that picture, put it on your wall, and that way you see it every single day to remind you, this is my goal, this is my future, it's what I'm working towards, right?

And so all the emotional buyers buy that day 'cause they want to get in pictures, they want to get in line. And we spend like three hours that night taking pictures for everybody. It takes forever, wears me out. But it's also amazing. And so day number four, at the beginning, the first half of the day, the goal obviously is to continue the event, but at the same time it's to get people who are the logical and the emotional buy... Or sorry, the emotional buyers have bought, the logical and the people who have fear to take the step. And so that's what's happening.

So the way the day begins, the very first thing is I get on stage and this session's called, my team tells me, and this is basically if one person had a question, it means probably a hundred of you did. My team told me these are the questions you guys kept asking. So we get those questions from the back room, from everyone who's on the fence trying to buy or not buy. And so I address them. So here, here's the top six questions people have.

So I go and I address those to everybody. And it's basically to kind of knock down these fears that people have of buying, helping them to just get that out of their mind. Like, "Okay, I can buy because my big concern, Russell addressed it from stage, I'm ready to go." So the sesh starts, my team tells me that there's 8 questions or 10, whatever, however many it is, questions are coming out. And if one person has them, there's probably a hundred of you. So I'm going to go through these really, really quickly. Just make sure you get those questions answered. Then we'll jump in the training. You guys good with that? They say yes, and boom, we do that.

So, that happens first. After I spoke then Marie Forleo, if I said that correctly, Marie Forleo came and spoke. First time I had chance to meet Marie, I was introduced to her during last year's Funnel Hacking Live and then invited her to speak this year, and she came out. And she was someone I was pleasantly surprised with. I don't know if we were going to connect or jell, and after I was like, "She was so cool on so many levels." So everyone's who wondering, is Marie cool?

She's amazing. I really enjoyed her. She was awesome. Her presentation was cool. About time management, which is something that all entrepreneurs need, but we hardly ever talk about. So it was super powerful from that standpoint as well. And she crushed it on stage. She was awesome. I can't say enough good things about her. So Marie came and just did such a great job.

After Marie then Ed Mylett came. And Ed, it was the first time I had the chance to meet Ed. Ed came out and Ed's probably one of the best speakers I've ever seen. In fact, afterwards... Everyone liked different speakers for different things, but the overarching feeling as a whole was the best speaker from a speaking standpoint was Ed. His presentation was amazing. He had people crying and laughing, and it was really special. If you had a chance to be in the room during that session, it was something that moved everybody, which was just... I mean, I'm grateful for him for coming and doing that, obviously.

And then after he got done, then it came back and this was my slot to do what's called a re-pitch. So the re-pitch is where you kind of give people the last, like, "This is your last chance, go slam now or don't. But this is, it ends at this time. We have to turn in our numbers for how many people are coming to eat at lunch." And so this is the re-pitch. And so for the re-pitch, this comes back to day number three. So I told you guys during my day three recap about this, but when me and Myron were on stage talking, I drew a picture of a brain. I talked about emotion, logic, subconscious mind and clothes.

I said, "This is where we're at right now." I was like, "Last night, all the emotional buyers bought." So I redrew the brain, and I redrew those straight things. I said, "Right here, all the emotional people bought." And I was like, "Right now we sold..." I can't remember what it was, 400 and whatever people had signed up that night, right?

I said, "Statistically speaking, it means there's 222 of you guys who are still in the audience waiting to be sold either emotionally or logically from right here. Or you have fear that's holding you back. And so right now you're just waiting for me to make a logical argument on why you should buy, and give you some urgency and scarcity to make the fear thing go away. So that's my plan for the next 20 minutes." So I told everyone ahead of time, this is what I'm doing. And then I made the logical argument, which was like... Anyway, I'm really proud of it. I did my logical argument. I was like, "Cool. So how many of you logical people understand?"

I'm like, "Okay, you can step and go buy now. And the rest of you guys, you're waiting for urgency and scarcity. So this is what we're going to do. Right now, we're going to take a 30 minute break. There's going to be a countdown clock. When the clock hits zero, your time is up. You cannot buy at that point. Clock hits zero, time's up. We have to turn in the numbers to the backstage, see how many people are coming to our new member luncheon. So you got 30 minutes. So for everyone who's fear-based and you're looking for urgency and scarcity, there you go. There's your logical, urgent scarcity. 222 of you guys, I'm waiting for guys in the back of the room. We're taking a 30 minute break. We'll see you guys then." Boom, we closed it down, and it just went crazy. People were sprinting to the back and we signed up even more than I had imagined from the re-pitch. So the re-pitch did really, really well. We had the 30 minute break.

And the break came back, then Garrett J. White stepped on stage. And as you know, if you know, you have no idea what's going to happen with Garrett. So I was nervous and excited and scared, all the things wrapped into one. And he gave an amazing presentation. He spoke, his wife came out and spoke. It was powerful. And one of the most powerful things at the end, which I was not expecting, which put me into an emotional wreck, was he had me and my wife, and Todd and his wife come on stage. And they had Dave Woodward, who's one of my best friends and our business partner, who right now is fighting cancer and chemo. And he was trying to get to Funnel Hacking Live but wasn't able to. So he had his boys come up on stage with an iPad. And on the iPad was Facebook Live with Dave and Carrie.

And again, I was just not expecting that, or ready for that. And he had us all come on stage. He talked to us all as a whole, had everyone in the audience speak to us and thank us for what we've done. And then he turned us around and they opened up the big LED wall. And there are these huge, these three huge, not paintings, like artwork made of records, it always seems of Collette and I, Todd and Ashley, and then Dave and Carrie, and presented us these gifts to us as from the community. Like, "Here's these amazing art pieces we made for you."

And man, it was emotional. Emotional seeing the art pieces, emotional being up on stage with my wife, emotional having everyone in the audience thanking us. And then looking over and seeing my buddy Dave, who would've done anything to be there, not able to be there, but see his face and him smiling and see him and Carrie. And anyway, it was a special, emotional, hard, amazing moment. And that's kind of where Funnel Hacking Live wrapped for lunch break. Which was good 'cause I had a chance to go back and bawl my eyes out. But we broke for lunch and it was amazing. And everyone went to the lunch rooms.

I had a chance to go in there to lunchroom and just welcome everybody to the new 2CCX coaching program and get excited, tell them about the future and what's going to be happening, and kind have that conversation with all of them in there, which was really, really cool. And then after lunch, well actually, so during lunch I was talking to everyone else and this voice came over the loudspeaker, and it was Marcus Lemonis and he had borrowed one of the worker's shirts. He came out, he had a tray full of eclairs.

He's like, "Russell, Russell, they wouldn't let me in the room. I need to come say hi to you." And Marcus, someone just comes in, I have some video footage of it. It's like the funniest thing in the world. But he came in and kind of was messing with me a little bit, which was fun.

And then after that, I finished my presentation to everybody and went backstage to hang out with him. And he was just, Marcus is so cool. He was running back in the back of the event room, selling t-shirts with the guys. He was doing other things. He was running around, meeting people, taking pictures. He's really fun at an event. And anyway, I had just a lot of fun reconnecting with him, and talking with him, and asking him questions. And that was a really special moment as well.

And then he came on stage and it was interesting. His presentation style is so fascinating and different and cool. He came on stage and all the speakers, like the thing comes up, the smoke billows out, and all things crazy, and the frame it came up and there's no smoke. And so I'm like, "Oh no, something's broken." And he had this rack with a bunch of coats on. And he brings this rack of coats out and he's like, "I didn't want any smoke. Kind of my thing." And then he starts dressing, starts putting his coat on and his pants on and starts telling stories about the layers we wear and how we hide things.

And he brought people from the audience up on stage, and it was just a really cool, magical, interesting presentation. You had people crying and laughing. And then he brought me and Todd on stage, he did a magic trick with us. And then we had to do Q&A, I got to ask a bunch of questions, and he answered them. And man, it was powerful. I still need to decompress that whole session. There's some just powerful insights and things he said to me, things he said to the audience that I think were... Anyway, they were magical, that I want to bring out, I think in separate podcast episodes and just go deeper on some of those things because it was amazing. And he spent an hour, an hour and a half on stage sharing with everybody and it was such a cool way to wrap the event.

And then when Marcus got done and he left stage, then I had a few more minutes. So Todd and I were on stage and we had everybody... This is something we started three Funnel Hacking Lives ago, and it's powerful. I had everyone write a letter to themselves basically saying, "These are the commitments I made to myself, and a year from now, that's what I want to be. This is what it's going to look like." And everyone wrote a letter themselves. And then we have everyone fold it up and we put it in an envelope, they seal it, they write their own home address on it and they hand them in. And then six months from now, we'll mail it out to everybody and they'll have a chance to read the letters themselves, which is super powerful.

And then also at the same time, in that envelope, we have an order form for Funnel Hacking Live next year. And we have people re-up there. And in fact, we sold over a thousand tickets just from that exercise alone. So if you're doing live events, one of the most powerful things you can do is have people write letters themselves and they make a commitment. You're going to be back here next year, go get your tickets, don't put this off. Make the commitment now while you're in the moment, knowing you need to be here.

And that was kind of how Funnel Hacking Live wrapped. And I remember this year was so weird because we got done... And last year, Tony Robbins will speak for three hours, went for six. By the time we got done, it was like eight o'clock at night. Everyone was tired, and stressful, and people had left on flights. But as we ended that day, the whole room was completely filled. There's 5000 people still sitting there. I remember I didn't want to walk off the stage. I was like, "Man, we'd kill ourselves to get 5000 people in a room. They're here, why would we leave?"

And it was just this feeling where it was the hardest time for me to get off stage. I didn't want to leave, I wanted to do another session, or how else can I give or serve, what else can I do? But knowing it had to come to an end and sat there for way too long, just looking over and waving everybody. And we had a chance to walk off stage. And that was it. That was a wrap for Funnel Hacking Live, which is such an amazing experience. For everyone who was there, thank you so much for giving us the ability and the chance to serve you. For those who are coming next year, I cannot wait. I promise you.

This year was good. Next year will be, I don't know how to make it better, but every year we raise the bar. So we're going to keep making it better and keep raising the bar for you guys. Because this is a place where you as an entrepreneur have a chance to find your home, to find your people, to find people that understand you, who think like you, have visions and dreams and goals like you. And then it also is a place that gives you the frameworks and the tactics and the things you need to actually achieve it.

I had a friend afterwards who came back and he was like, "Yeah, I went to a GaryVee event and it was amazing, but there's no tangibles, right? They get people excited, and they tell people to post a lot on Facebook and Instagram and stuff. But there's no tangibles. Funnel Hacking Live," he's like, "I leave with a plan and a mission and an understanding." And it's not just, "Oh, go do, post things or whatever." But it's like this is why, and this is the reason. Who I'm called to serve, and how I'm going to serve them, and the things I'm going to do to be able to have the impact that I really want to have. And so yeah, Funnel Hacking Live is special because of that. And hopefully all of you have a chance to come and experience it one time in your life.

One last thing I forgot about on the last podcast episode, there's one more piece. So for those who are curious about how we sell things, there's one more piece I forgot. So right before Jamie Kern Lima spoke, there's a luncheon. So everyone who's ever won a Two Comma Club award, we invite to this luncheon. It gets on day three, before I do the big pitch for Two Comma Club X, before Jamie spoke. So it was right before lunch.

And so we have them all come to a luncheon and their luncheon is we make a really soft pitch to Inner Circle. I said, "You know, you made it, you've made, won a Two Comma Club award. Congratulations, that was the first step and you should be proud of yourselves. And our next goal is to get you to Two Comma Club X and Two Comma Club C and keep moving you through. And the way we do that is not in a coaching program, it's in a mastermind group, it's called Inner Circle." And we make a very soft pitch for Inner Circle.

And from that presentation we were able to get a hundred people to join Inner Circle at $50,000 a piece. We have 20 people who joined the category Kings at 150,000 and I think 14, 15 people anyway. No, sorry, 18 people that joined Atlas at $250,000. So it's a fun one 'cause it's not like, "Russell doing a hard pitch." It's just kind of like, "This is next step, and if you want to meet, these are the peers, these are the people who'll be working with you next year. It's going to be so much fun." And so that happened as well. So I know people have asked, "When does Inner Circle happen?" And so for any of you guys, when you win your first Two Comma Club award, you'll be invited to that luncheon. That's how you get Inner Circle. You have to win a Two Comma Club award to even be invited into the room where it all happens.

So anyway, that's behind the scenes of Funnel Hacking Live. Hope it was beneficial. I know it's kind of a weird podcast series because it's like, "What am I going to learn? Am I learning things? Just talking about what happened?" But hopefully it gives you a couple glimpses. Again, a reminder for those who were there, excitement and hopefully I try to drop some key pieces and takeaways for those who weren't there.

And then hopefully just for you guys, you know, you see front of stage and see the external. But hopefully it shows you behind the scenes a little bit, about what is happening for me and how I'm experiencing Funnel Hacking Live, 'cause it's a little different, obviously. Hopefully you got some value from the series. Again, I appreciate you guys so much. Thanks for listening to this podcast. Thanks for listening to any of the episodes for that matter.

But specifically this episode as well. If you got value from any of this, please share it with other people. And on top of that, please make sure you get your ticket for next year's Funnel Hacking Live. Yeah, it's going to be amazing, I promise you that. Something that'll change your life forever, but you got to take that step. So that's it, thanks you guys so much for being part of this. Thank you for the community. Thank for everyone who was at Funnel Hacking Live this year. We had the greatest time ever serving you and I cannot wait to see you guys next year. Thanks so much. We'll see you soon. Bye everybody.


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