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Ep. 100 - Breaking Records And Changing The Game With Kaeline Poulin!


It’s the 100th episode of Funnel Hacker TV and Kaeline Poulin is on and totally changing the game! But First, Dave and Myles visit the blue turf at Boise State University to dole out a Guinness Book Of World Records plaque to head football coach, Bryan Harsin, and Athletic Director, Curt Apsey, for breaking the record for largest bubble soccer game played.

Next, it’s all quiet on the Click Funnels front as the team prepares for a webinar, but this webinar day is a little different. Russell is busy prepping Kaelin Poulin from Lady Boss to lead the webinar as he starts to create new attractive characters for the Click Funnels brand. Kaelin obviously crushes the webinar pitch and Russell is now officially retired from Click Funnels…but not really.

Finally, as the 100th episode winds down Dave reveals the new 2CCX box that will go out to 2CCX coaches and members.


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