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So here in the prospecting part, you're spending 80% of the money only in 20% of the results. Because the majority of people don't buy in the very first time they see your ad. Right. But they engage with it. They pay attention and then you move them over here. And then this is where you spend 20% of the money, but you get 80% of the results.


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Hey, it looks like we are live. What's up, everybody? Welcome back to Traffic Secrets Show. While I'm waiting for everybody to come in, what do you guys think about my new shirt? It says, "Secrets for Sale by Copywriters," so there you go for all of my internet marketing copywriting friends who are writing stuff. This shirt is for you. Anyway, it fits since we're talking more about secrets today as we're going deeper into traffic secrets. We've been doing this for the last little while, having so much fun with it. I hope you guys are enjoying as well. Also, as of today, we finally put all these episodes on a podcast. So if you go to the iTunes directory and search Traffic Secrets, there's an official Traffic Secrets podcast that has all of the past episodes of the show that all on there right now, so you can go back and start binge listening to them if you missed any of them in the past. Because right now we are diving into page 142, so we are almost halfway through this book so far in these podcast episodes, which has been really fun.

Talking about sharing stories and things like that, so I hope you guys are enjoying it so far. If you are, please let me know down below. Because if not, I can just take a break and not do these. This is for you, not for me. All right. You guys love it. Someone said “Can I get the podcast on Spotify?” Yeah. Spotify takes longer to approve. We did posts everywhere, but iTunes got live yesterday or last night, so it is officially live, so you can start diving into there. And if you do like it, please rate and review it, go in there and like it. Put some stars, rate and review it if you like it because something cool is going to be happening.

I'm going to be picking in the next week somebody who reviews the Traffic Seekers podcast and sending them out a huge box set, not just a box set, a signed box set where I will sign each and every one of the books and the box up here with shiny silver marker. I did it once for someone before and it's kind of cool, so if you want a signed copy of the box set, there is only one in existence right now. This will be the second one. The secret is right now you got to go to iTunes or to Apple podcast. I don't know what they call them nowadays. Go find the Traffic Secrets podcast, go subscribe, go listen to a bunch of episodes, and then write and leave a review, and you get a chance at winning the signed box set, which will be cool. So, someone said how do we get the audiobook?

Well, thank you for asking. Actually, if you owe right now, and pre-order the book, which these books ship May 5th, the order form bump is the audio book, which is available right now. You can start listening to it tonight. In fact, hundreds of you guys have already listened to the book, and so hopefully you enjoyed it, and if you haven't yet, now is the time while we're sitting in quarantine time, studying and learning, and all sorts of stuff like that. So, that's the game plan right now. So, good morning guys I'm excited. All right. Are you guys ready for this? So again, if you don't have the book yet we're in pre-order. Now is the time go to and go get your copy of the book, and like I said the order form bumps the audio book, which you need right now.

And then the upsell is the entire box set. I'm telling you has the secrets of the funnel already and the audio books of all the books and the box set and stuff like that. It's all there. Just go, hang out, go have some fun over there you guys. How do I get the box? Go to traffic, get your book. And then you'll be made a special offer for the box set as well. Anyway. So that's the game plan. All right. You guys ready for this? Should we dive into the traffic seekers book then? All right. We are moving into secret number nine, which is filling your funnel with paid ads, buying your way in.

It's been interesting as I started doing these, the circus talking about traffic secrets. It's funny because there's some people who are like, I do not want to buy paid ads. Like how do I get free traffic? I just want free traffic and me all the free traffic strategies. And there are a whole bunch of traffic strategies for free traffic, right? And there's another group, like I don't want to publish a show Russell. I don't want to be Russell Brunson or Gary V, I don't want to publish anything I just want to buy ads. And for them, don't worry. We talked about paid ads as well. You can just buy ads as well. The reality though is the people that are most successful are people who do them both.

And so that's really a key, having a very holistic traffic because if you're paid ads get shut down and you have nothing else, you're screwed. If your organic stuff gets shut down and you got no paid ads, you're screwed. So I probably shouldn't have said that word. I apologize in advance. That's as dirty as my language will ever get. I promise you that. But it's understanding, it's understanding that the mixture of both is what builds a solid foundation for you and for you're business in your company. So I'm a big believer in focusing on both. And so, yeah, that's why we do it. Someone's asking when will book be on audible? I think in a month from now, I don't know. I think the same time the book, like probably May 5th when the book publishes, I think they put on audible.

So I decided in my contract with the publisher, I was like, I want to make sure that people can get the audio book early so they can start geeking out. And so that's why it's available as the order form up. Anyway. So today we're going to be diving this, so far we've been going through all these episodes. We've talked a lot about who's your dream customer? Where are they congregating? What's the hook, the story and the offer you can use to grab their attention and pull them into your funnels. After you have them in your funnels, how do you turn them into traffic that you own? And then from there, what do the follow up funnels look like? And then how do you infiltrate your dream 100? How do you use your own publishing platform so you can get in good with your dream 100, so you can makes it easier to work your way in.

Right? And then we jumped into section number two, which is called the fill your funnel framework, which is like, I showed you as the framework for how to go into any network and dominate it and get all the traffic and the leads from it. And then we talked about yesterday traffic that you earn, right. We talked about social networks and like how to go in there and have network. And it all that kind of stuff. And today we're transitioning out to paid ads. So now full disclosure on this, I don't buy the paid ads, my company, one of my genius friends and business partners, John Parks does. And John, when we were launching ClickFunnels, we were trying to divvy responsibility. Because there was like five of us and we're like, okay, Todd, we know Todd's program. Russell's going to do the marketing nerdy stuff and Brent, do you want to be in charge of support?

And John, do you want to learn paid ads? And he is like, all right, I'll learn paid ads. And so he raised his hand and then he dived in and started figuring out. And, because of that, we spend about a million dollars a month on paid ads in all sorts of platforms and networks. It's not just Instagram or Facebook or YouTube or Google, it's all over the place. And so when I was writing this book, I was like, I don't want to be the one that writes the paid ads section because I don't know it that well on. So I asked John if he'd help me with it. And he did. And it was really cool because we're trying to figure out... We could go and write a whole chapter, a whole book on how to have paid ads this platform and this platform and this platform.

But again, it shifts and it changes so often. And so I was like talking to John, I'm like, we need to figure out, what's the overarching strategy that's true today, tomorrow and will be true forever. If we can help people understand that core strategy, then they can go apply it to any market. And so that's really what we did. And he spent a ton of time writing this chapter. Me and him went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until we got it. And we figured out how to explain it in a way that'll help everybody. So again, inside the book chapter secret number nine, it'll goes in much more detail than I'll go in here.

But I want to share these things with you just to get the wheels in your head spinning so you can understand it. Okay. To begin with, he starts by asking what is my advertising budget? And I think it's a question a lot of people ask like, "Well Russell, like what should my budget be? Like, you spend a million dollars in ads. It's not fair. Like you have a million dollars, a million dollar ad budget." And I'm like, no, no, no, you don't understand. If you've been following this process, you understand that we don't spend money unless it's profitable immediately. Point of sale break even, right. So the million dollars a month that we spend, we make that million dollars a month from the front end funnels. Right. We talked about front end funnels earlier back here. And if you geek out on the new version of secrets book, we talk a lot about front end funnels and how to use them, how to be, how to make it so that you make all your profit up front before you send people up your value ladder.

So it's getting a little deep into marketing doctrine here, but. When you have a funnel that converts, you don't have an advertising budget. If you had a funnel that you put a dollar in advertising in, you get a dollar 50 back out, what is your budget? It's unlimited. You just dump in more dollars because you get a dollar 50 back. Right. So you just keep doing it. And so like, that's the understand is like when you do these things, right, you don't have an advertising budget. I think a lot of people mistake that because they're like... Because I think the big brands who don't care about return on investment, they're just trying to get exposure and things like that. They just, they've got a million dollar a month ad budget and they just blow it and they don't even track it or notice what's happening.

But for me and you, for small entrepreneurs who this money's coming out of our own pocket, our own wallets, we have to be smarter. We have to be, we have to think differently. Right. And so for us we create profitable front end funnels where every dollar spent in ads breaks even, and we make the money back immediately. Right? That's the big secret. That's the big aha. And so I wanted you guys to understand that. All right. So then what John wanted to, is he wanted to explain to people the difference between prospecting ads and retargeting ads. Okay. So prospecting ads is the ad where you're going out there into the world, into the ether and you're trying to grab people and get their attention. Right. You're throwing hooks out there to get their attention, to see if they're interested in what you have to do. Right.

Those are called prospecting ads. And then after someone has seen a prospecting ad and engaged with it in somehow they watched the video, they clicked on the link. They did something. Then you move them from a prospecting ad into a retargeting ad. Okay. So prospecting is you're going after cold people, the cold unwashed masses. I can't say that. Right. We were going out there and I'm trying to like, it's like, I'm going to the food court in the mall and I'm just screaming, trying to get people's attention. And whoever looks at me and pays attention for a minute, it's like, okay, that person's actually interested. And I'm talking about now I'm going to move them from this cold prospecting pool into a warm retargeting pool. Because now they're warmer. So if you look at the doodle, that's going to be on page 145 in the book here, you'll see that.

It's interesting. The prospecting ad, the cold traffic we spend 80% of our money is in prospecting. 80% of the spend comes there, but then only 20% of the results come from those people. So it's kind of frustrating at first. When you first start buying ads, it's like, this sucks. I'm not, it's not profitable at first. Right? Cause you're spending money to get people's attention to find out who may be interested. Right. So that's what's happening over here is you're fishing in this pond right here and you're trying to get people to be interested. And it's expensive and it's not very profitable. So at first advertising, paid ads, kind of suck because you're losing money at first. Right. But then the people who are interested that raise their hand and you pull them into these buckets over here. And now over here, you only spend 20% of the money but you get 80% of the results.

Okay. So here in the prospecting smart, you're spending 80% of the money only in 20% of the results. Because the majority of people don't buy in the very first time they see your ad. Right. But they engage with it. They pay attention and then you move them over here. And then this is where you spend 20% of the money, but you get 80% of the results. And so when you traditionally start a paid adword campaign in any network, whether it be Facebook, Google, YouTube, any of them, it's more expensive front because you're trying to figure out who's actually interested. And then after you've got these people to raise their hands and they move over here into these buckets, then over here is where now it's cheaper because you have a smaller group that you're marketing to the people who already engaged.

They've warmed up, they've interested and I market to them differently. Okay. So that's kind of difference here. You have this prospecting pool here, and you see in my image of there's hooks and we're throwing tons of hooks. Hook after hook, after hook, after hook and I throw them in and trying to figure things out, right? When we launch this traffic secrets book and try to send people to traffic to get their free copy, we have hundreds of different ads. Tons of them out there, all our different hooks that are throwing out, trying to people's attention, different ways. Right? And so that's what's happening over here. But then after someone raises their hand, like right now, right now we've got 155 of you guys who are live on Instagram. We've got 204 who are live on Facebook. So you guys have engaged. Ah, I got you.

I got you to pay attention for a second. Right. And over the next 48 hours, we'll drive paid ad to these videos to see who we can get to pay attention. To get engaged with it. Right. And we may end up in the next 24 to 48 hours with 20 or 30,000 people who have engaged with this video right now. Right. Which means they push play. They watch for a little bit. Maybe they watch for a minute. Maybe they watch for 30 minutes, like who knows how long, but they're engaged and they're paying attention for a little bit. Right? So after you've engaged, then you drop over here into my retargeting buckets. If you look at these, the three buckets we have. We have the engage bucket, right? That means you engage with the ad. We kind of hung out for a little bit. And here we got the land, which means you clicked, you landed on my landing page.

You may have opted in things like that. And then you move over here to the third bucket, which is own. Like now I own you, you bought something for me, your traffic that I own. Right? So these are the buckets here. So what happened is I'll throw these ads out here, I try to get someone's attention. They fall in here into this first bucket here. Right? So this first bucket is called engaged means you engaged me. So for three to five days, when you're in this engaged bucket, I'm going to be spending more money to target you. Because you already watched the video means you're hot. It means you paid attention to me. So I'm going to be having specific ads to try to get you to move from here now to the next bucket. Right? I'm trying to move you and send you across these little buckets here.

So for three to five days, I'll spend a bunch of money. And if you don't respond again, you don't move, you don't act and nothing happens. Then you get dumped back into the pool over here and then I'll try to recapture your attention later. Okay? But if I do in three to five days that I'm targeting you and I'm showing you messaging at, if you engage, then you click on ad and you come to my landing page, you opt in and then boom, I move you to this bucket, right? So there's different ads happening in all three of these different buckets, right? These are my ads trying to get you moved to here. After you come in here, you opt it in or whatever. Now I have a whole different ad campaign. That goal is to get you now to come over here and to buy. And after you buy, then I have an ad campaign that's getting you to send to the next funnel, right?

So what's interesting, if you look at this, these three buckets here, the ads that come in here, we go and we craft it and ad campaign where it's like day one shown this ad, day two show them this ad, day three, day four, day five, after day five. After five days, they haven't responded then dumping back over here. Okay. So what's interesting if you look at how we set these campaigns, in fact, this is very true. If you listen to, in dot com secrets I talk a lot about this. I'll talk about it a little bit in the follow up funnel section here, but we have two kind of email campaigns, right? We've got our soap opera sequences, and then our daily signed, filled emails.

So soap opera sequence, we write once, right? It's a story it's who knows? Three to five emails. They're taking somebody through a story. It's pulling them through a journey and through messaging that's I need them to have part one part, two part, three part, four part, part five. Right? And so these are very similar. It's like you create the retargeting campaign once it's like a Seinfeld or a soap opera sequence where when they come in, everyone comes in this bucks and get the message one and they message two. And they move through the sequence and then hopefully move them to here and to here. But these messages you write once and you never touch them again. Right? Unless they don't work, then you can tweak them and convert them. But these are in here once and you don't really touch them again.

Okay. Now the hooks, this is where you're always creating your creative. Okay. You're creating new ads all the time. You are an ad creation machine. You should be getting your phone and doing ads of you on the trampoline with your product. You should ads of you running down the street, ads of you at different locations. For example, one of our best selling ads to this day, it's crazy for the expert secrets book. We were in Amsterdam and we walked by hotel and in the lobby hotel, there's this big green rhino and John who's with me at times, he's like, Hey, come stand by the rhino. I'm like, okay. He's like, hold the book. He's like tell people to buy the book. So there's a video of me standing next to this big green rhino. I'm like, Hey, this is Russell, there's a big green rhino. You should buy a copy in my book.

That was a hook we threw out there. That for some reason has converted amazing well for like years. John asked me, he's like, can you go buy a big green rhino and put it in your backyard. He's like that ad did amazing. But that's just one hook. So over here you throw out tons of hooks. You're making ads, making videos, making different creative, you're putting in tons of stuff, trying to grab people's attention. Right. But after you get them, then they come over here and it's like, now these ones are very set up and structured where they follow the same follow up funnel. The same sequencing. So these parts don't change after you set them up once. Okay. And so, like I said, strategically, when you're building, you build out these right here, you build out the soap opera sequence in each of these different buckets here.

And then you come back here. Now it's like, now throw as many hooks as we can. Let's have fun. It's be creative. It's what can we do to get people's attention and bring them in and pull them in so we can get them over here. Okay. And so that's how this ad, this paid ad game works. And it works the same way on basically any network. So this is how we do on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube. It's the same thing, right? So this strategy, you have to understand if you understand the strategy is how it works. It's 80% of money's going to be prospecting, and throwing tons of different hook people's attention. And after I get them to engage and then boom, they move one of my engage bucket and retargeting, right? And again, there's retargeting on Facebook. And in fact they all call them different names, there's retargeting, there's remarketing, there's...

But the concept's the same, they've had different names for it. But the principal's the same. As you get some, raise your hand. What's your prospecting ads? You spend 80% of your money only get 20% of the results. Then as soon as I'm engages, they move over into your retargeting buckets. And then over the retargeting buckets is where you only, you spend 20% of the money, but you get 80% of the results. And we're taking people through follow, like certain sequences of retargeting messages. Right? So we'll see this ad day one. Then the next day we'll see the ad. And then the next day, this ad, it's all moving them and pushing them towards where we need them to go. Okay. All right. And then as we move here, step number one, this is where we talk about you need to have lots of different hooks.

I think I tell the story about Dean. Yeah. So Dean Graziosi, he wrote the forward for this book. When he was selling his book, a millionaire blueprint, or a Millionaire Mindset, and I was selling Expert Secrets and we were on this competition, see who could sell more books. And I'm embarrassed to say that Dean was thrashing me. He was selling four times more books than me. And I'm like, we're pushing really hard. How are you selling more books than me? And I remember I asked him and he didn't know either. Like we don't really know. I was like, how about I fly down to Arizona and we spend a day and we kind of cross consult each other. I'll consult you on like my funnel stuff. You consult me on your ads and we'll see if we can figure out how to help each other.

So we flow down there, flew down there to Arizona and we're hanging out and trying to figure out what he's doing that I'm not doing and what I'm doing and he's not doing. And we're going back and forth. And it took us a while. And then as John was looking at their ads account, he's like, wait a minute. He's like, how many ads do you have? And it was funny. I started talking to Dean and I'm like, Dean, how many ads do you make? And he was like, oh, we make, I don't know, a couple ads a day. I was like a couple ads a day. I thought I was doing like a couple ads a month. He's like, no, yeah, a couple ads a day. He's like, it's funny. Because Dean's background, he was in infomercials. And he was like, when I was in infomercial, we make one infomercial and it would last about 18 months, total it's fatigued and it would die.

And he's like, so I got really good making one perfect infomercial. He's like online, we found it's different. He's like ads fatigue fast. And so he is like, and I have no idea what ads going to work. So he's like, I'll pump out two or three a day. And I post my team and they'll run and run and they'll have one that hits and then it'll run for a while and then it fatigues and dies. And then I need another one, another one. So what he does is he carries around his phone and everywhere he is going, he's finding a weird spot. Like, Hey, I'm here at my kid's soccer game. And by the way, the reason I'm here not working is because I got a millionaire mindset. You need to buy the book and whatever. And just doing little ads like that to grab people's attention everywhere he's going.

And so that was something big that I learned, the reason why he's selling more ads on me because he had more creative than me. More ads he was putting out there. And so that's the same thing back here when you guys are looking at this prospecting pool. It's all about putting out tons of different creative, tons of different ads. So step number one, this process is create lots of prospecting ads to hook your dream customers. And then targeting for prospecting ads. John's goes deep to that. I'm not going to explain it because I don't explain it as well as he does. But if you look at my little Ben diagram here, it's like, you don't just target Tony Robbins audience, you don't just target business owners. You don't just target women, for example. You look at the cross section of all three, right?

So like who are the Tony Robbins fans who are interested in business, right? Are the Tony Robbins fans interested in health? Or you figure out where the cross section is, and then in there is your sweet spot, that's where you're spending the money to target those people. That's how you decrease your costs as well. So you target prospecting ads, user retargeting campaigns. And then this book he shows some actual examples. I love, I don't know, I hope you guys love this. We show tons of examples in the books. You get idea of what it actually looks like. Like if we spent $2,000, how many people should we get from that? And then from each step in the process and like how many people for that should engage with the ad, how many go in the opt in, how many buy and what happens along the way as you look at people going through this funnel, right?

The funnel, if you'll get a funnel, it's always like at the top there's a bunch of people in the every step in the funnel, it drops less and less people down to the bottom. Right? And so what we're doing is we're taking that funnel tipping on the side and showing, okay, step number one here's the ad. And then here's how it goes, move. And then here's the retargeting, the people dump with these buckets and how we move them through. And so when you get to this book, when you get to the book and you go to page 152, you'll see that diagram and how people move through the process and stats the numbers each step, each phase in the process. Which is cool. Ah, so many cool things. So anyway, that's the overarching strategy that you need to understand how paid ads.

And like I said, that concept, that strategy now it lays on top of any of the other ads or the platforms you're working on. So Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, it works the same in all those. So anyway, that's how it all works. And that's secret number 19 or sorry, secret number nine in the Traffic Secrets book. So there's 20 secrets in this book. That secret number nine is going deeper into how to run paid ads. And so for any of you guys who love the paid ads, it's time to go get your copy of the book. Again, we're pre-order right now it's a traffic and then I want you to get your copy and we'll ship it out May 5th, these all start shipping. And then, but if you want the audiobook, you can go geek out and listen the audio book today, because it is ready and it's waiting for you.

So just go, but you got to get its the order form bump the book is free. It's I think $9.95 shipping and handling in the US and a little bit more in that international. And then the order form bump is like, would you like the audio book? You click, yes, it's a little extra money, but then you can start listing the audiobook today. You can dump all these secrets into your brain and they'll be there for you to be able to know and to use. And start leveraging your business. So anyway, I hope you guys are having a good day today. And I think now is again the most in important time to really start focusing on yourself, on your businesses and preparing yourself. Because this little economic, I don't know, hiccup, bump thing that's happening right now. Those who are holding on and preparing and doing their best to gather the customers and getting support during this time when the quarantines are lifting, things like that, they'll be the ones that are there ready to serve.

And so now's not the time to sleep. It's not the time to take your foot off the gas. Now is the time to actually put your foot on the gas. Traffic right now, ad cost have dropped down dramatically in almost every market I've heard of. Outside of some of the like survival and things like that where they're all killed it right now. But for most markets ad costs have dropped dramatically, now is the best time to start playing this game and getting into it. So anyway, I appreciate you guys. Thanks for hanging out with me today and we'll be back tomorrow. Tomorrow we're going to be going into Instagram. What? This will be so much fun. So that's game plan tomorrow. Appreciate you guys. Thanks for everything. And if you got anything, any value of this, please call me down below. Please share the video.

And don't forget. We just launched the traffic seekers podcast, which has all of these different episodes in there. And if you go to traffic or we go to iTunes right now, it's just in the iTunes directory. We'll get it all the other ones eventually, but takes a while to get them all approved. But right now, as last night, it's live iTunes. You go to iTunes, to the Apple podcast, whatever on your phone. You can go search traffic seekers. That'll pop up. You see an image looks just like this, subscribe to it. And then what I would love you guys to do, I'm going to bribe you, but I want you to listen to it. And if you been on any of these calls you heard, them, it's all the recordings from these trainings we're doing right now. Right now. What's in right now, but go listen to it and then rate and review it.

And what I'm going to doing is I'm going to be picking somebody who rate it and reviewed it this week. And I'm going to be sending them out a huge signed copy of the box set. I will sign all the books and also the top of it here in silver marker looks really cool. And I'll ship you guys out to one lucky person who goes and rates and review. And I don't care if your reviews like one star, like, ah, Russell talks too fast. I don't like him. That's all right. You can still win. If you don't like me, I get it. But if you do like me, I'd really appreciate it. If you go and write and review, that'd mean the world to me. So is the time you guys, go get, subscribe to the podcast over, go to iTunes, search for traffic secrets and you'll find it. It is in there. All right. Thanks everybody. Appreciate you all. And we'll talk to you guys all soon. Bye everybody.


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