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How To Make Money Selling Beats Online

Gabe Schillinger, the founder of Legion Beats, was tired of making no money doing what he loved. After 10 years of producing music and working with a ton of big artists, he still couldn't afford to move out of his dad's house.

The Best Way To Sell Martial Arts Online

Tony Giannini, the founder of Dojo Hero, needed to find a way to take his martial arts business online in order to be home more. After investing thousands of dollars and months of time working with different web developers, he almost gave up.

How To Build A $40 Million Dollar Ecommerce Store

Colin Wayne, the founder of Redline Steel, needed to find a way to scale his steel home decor e-commerce store without worrying about bottlenecks or production limitations. After almost going bankrupt due to high demand and low production numbers, he knew there had to be a better way to scale sell his products.

This Woman Helped Over 85,000 Students Get Into College

Neha Gupta, the founder of College Shortcuts, was tired of only being able to work with students who lived in her area. After years of helping students get accepted into college she knew there had to be a better way.

How To Make $1 Million As A VFX Artist

Allan McKay, the founder of Live Action VFX, was tired of working 100+ hour weeks, month after month trying to keep up with the unrealistic demand that Hollywood asked of him.

How To Make Over $1 Million Dollars As A Personal Trainer Online Using ClickFunnels

Brandon Carter is a fitness trainer who was tired of being limited to only training 8 people a day in a gym. But before calling it quits, he discovered a new way to help more people after switching to online coaching through funnels and now helps thousands of people around the world and other personal trainers to help even more people. This is his Funnel Story.

This Guy Made Over 7 Figures Selling Photo Booths Online

Josh Pather, founder of Photo Booth International struggled with keeping up with the demand for his photo booth rentals.

This Photographer Made $125,000 Selling His Own Photographs

Craig Guignon, founder of Nashville On Your Wall wanted to help other photographers replicate his success, but didn't know how to reach them.

How To Make Money With iPhone Apps Without Apple Taking All Your Profits

Carla White, is the first woman to create and iPhone app and the founder of the Gratitude Journal.

How This Author Sells 6,000 Books Every Month From His Garage

Mark Brown, the founder of Zen Pig, was tired of not being able to get his message out to more people. 4 years after writing Zen Pig, he was still working odd jobs to pay his bills.