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90 - Funnel Hack Everything... Not Just Their Funnel

90 - Funnel Hack Everything... Not Just Their Funnel

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Episode Recap:

Do your homework, funnel hack everything, and Russell’s new motivation. On this episode Russell talks about listening to a podcast and finding out what company he now wants to compete against. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear on today’s episode:

-- Find out what company Russell discovered that he now gets to compete against.

-- Find out what part of the company Russell wants to hack, because it’s not actually funnels.

-- And find out all the ways that you should be hacking other businesses so that you know the ins and out of the market you are in.

So listen here to hear what company Russell wants to compete with next, and how he will funnel hack them.

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Best Quote:

But it gave me someone to start chasing towards again, which is fun. It’s been a while. All our other competitors, we blew past them and then it’s just like, huh. What do you do when the competition is gone? For me it’s tough. Not that I want to compete directly, or whatever. I think most of you guys know I’m pretty competitive at this point.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are doing amazing today. We are a week away today, 7 days from today the event will be live. So I’m actually heading into the office right now, because it’s kind of late, which you can see if you’re on camera, because I’ve got a lot of slides still to do. I have yet to finish any presentation. I’ve gotten close on a couple. But there’s still so much work that goes into this. Anyway, it’s really, really fun.

But I wanted to just message you guys today because this morning as I was getting ready I was listening to a podcast, I listen to a lot of podcasts, but the one I was listening to today was Nathan Latka’s The Top, and he was interviewing the CEO of Hubspot, which was kind of cool. Hubspot, for those who don’t know, is kind of one of our competitors, only not directly.

I was telling Clint this morning, he’s my CFO/my wife’s cousin. So he stayed over last night, he travels in to work from the office one or two days a week and then goes back to where he lives normally. But he was here last night, so this morning I was telling him about Hubspot a little bit and I was like, “They’re kind of like the yin to our yang.”

They’re all about putting out good content and people will come to you and hopefully by your stuff someday, maybe. And we’re like, “build a funnel and drive traffic to them.” But their suite of tools is kind of similar. They’ve got landing page software, they’ve got CRM, they’ve got all these kind of things.

So anyway, really, really cool interview that they were doing, but it was fun because I don’t know, for me it’s, maybe it’s just the competitive part of me, but they started sharing their stats and their numbers and what they were doing and it just got me excited. I’m like, “Okay cool, they’re doing almost a million dollars a day, we’re at, I don’t know, about a quarter of that right now. So I was like, okay.

But we have more customers, we’ve got about, almost double as many customers as they do, but they do it based on…anyway, it was interesting because what they were showing and what they are doing is almost identical to one of the big shifts and big changes that we are going to be launching at Funnel Hacking Live, which was cool because it was like, “Oh sweet, we’re on the right path, doing the right things.”

But it gave me someone to start chasing towards again, which is fun. It’s been a while. All our other competitors, we blew past them and then it’s just like, huh. What do you do when the competition is gone? For me it’s tough. Not that I want to compete directly, or whatever. I think most of you guys know I’m pretty competitive at this point.

But it’s just like, I need to have someone I’m running towards or else it’s tough for me to have that energy and excitement of like…so now it’s like, Hubspot, this is their numbers, their stats, this is where they’re at, now we know. Now we’ve got a shot. Now we’ve got a place to aspire and ascend to and to run towards. So it just pumped me up this morning.

So for you guys, I don’t know. I know we have people listening to this from all different levels of business from, a lot of startups, all the way to people that are making tens of millions of dollars. So what I would recommend is, and this goes back to Funnel Hacking 101 right, find someone to model. That’s not just talking about their landing pages, or their offers or whatever. It’s really understanding who in the marketplace, who’s there? Who’s leading the way? Who’s proven this model before you? How do you funnel hack them?

Hubspot, I may be excited to go funnel hack how they do their pricing strategy, they talked a little bit about that. I’m like, okay cool. That’s their pricing strategy, this is how they do this and this is how they do this. And so it’s like, it gets me all excited to run towards that now. It gives me motivation knowing it’s possible, knowing that it’s doable, knowing somebody’s done it before. It’s like sweet, 400 miles it’s been broken, now I know where to run, how to run, in the direction.

And they’ve left clues, I know they left clues. It’s funny, we started kind of funnel hacking Sales Force as well last year. We listened to all Sales Force books, went to Sales Force event, and really understanding them a lot better and their path and their journey has given us a lot of momentum, which has been really, really cool.

But now I’m like, sweet. Now I got Hubspot. I’m going to read the dudes, he’s written 3 or 4 books, I’m going to go read the books and start studying him and start geeking out and start funnel hacking the business, not the funnel, their funnel sucks. Their landing pages are so bad. I honestly have no idea how they have any customers. I shouldn’t say that in public, but they are really bad.

Hubspot CEO I can’t remember your name, you are awesome, but if you want me to help you fix your funnels, let me know. But that’s not what they’re good at, but what they are good at is different than what I’m good at. So I’m like, sweet I’ve got someone to model, someone to look at, someone to chase, someone to aspire towards.

I’m pumped and I’m excited and I’m going to start studying and geeking out and funnel hacking and I will know more about him and his company than anybody else on earth here, within the next two or three months, which is kind of cool.

Which brings me to the moral of today’s story. The moral of today’s story is you need to do your dang homework. It’s funny, I have people all the time who come to me like, “Hey Russell, I’m launching this kind of business.” I’m like, “Cool.” And it’s funny because I’m kind of obsessed and in most markets I know the key players. I’m like, “Do you know so and so?” They’re like, “No?” I’m like, “Do you know so and so?” “No.” “Have you ever heard of so and so?” “No.” I’m like, “Dude, how is it I know more about your market than you do? This is not a good thing. You need to become obsessed with it.”

If you’re in a market or you’re going into a market, you need to know. Who are the players? Who are the guru’s? What are the events? What are the things that you need to go to? Go to the live events, go meet the people, go buy the people’s products. Become obsessed and do your homework because you’re trying to compete in a market you don’t even know about. Its not very smart.

But if you know, you’re like, “Okay cool. Here’s the players, here’s where people are at, here’s the good old boys club, here’s the events that are happening, here’s the hierarchy of things, here’s the people at the top, people in the middle, people at the bottom.” All of that stuff is out there, you just gotta go and look for it. And it’s worth finding.

So funnel hacking isn’t just landing pages, it’s not just traffic sources, it’s everything. It’s all the pieces, all put together. I hope that helps you guys. That’s all I got. I’m going to go in there and get some slides done and get prepared for Funnel Hacking Live. I hope you guys are preparing yourselves as well, this event is going to change some of your lives and I’m excited for it. Alright guys, I’ll talk soon. Bye.


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