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93 - Funnel Hacking Live Recap - Day 2 of 4

93 - Funnel Hacking Live Recap - Day 2 of 4

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Episode Recap:

Day 2 at Funnel Hacking Live focused on how you’re just one funnel away… On today’s episode Russell recaps day number two of Funnel Hacking Live, which contained amazing things about funnels like:

-- Several different kinds of funnels such as, Free Plus Shipping Funnels, Documentary Funnels, Webinar Funnels, Relationships Funnels, etc.

-- Russell goes into a little detail about his Funnel Audibles presentation, as well as a few other people’s presentations.

-- And Find out how much money Clickfunnels was able to donate to World Teacher Aide from all live funnels.

So listen here to find out about all the stuff you may have missed during day two of Funnel Hacking Live.

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Best Quote:

Kaelin talked about building her culture, Natalie talked about vulnerability. Then I did my Conversation Domination presentation, which was showing you how to get your dream clients addictively binge watching you on every platform that you live on. Warning this aggressive approach is only for people who truly believe in their message. That was a kind of fun one.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I’m going to be covering day number two of the Funnel Hacking Live event.

Hey everyone, so first off, I totally failed you all. I was planning on recording all these while I was at Disney with my kids and my family while it was still top of mind. The problem was that Disney with my kids and my family was insane. We did Disney, day one we went to Magic Kingdom and then day two we did Animal Kingdom, which were both awesome.

We also paid for one of those guides that lets you in the front of every line, which was really, really nice. Not going to lie. Then we took a day off, but that day was super, even more hard. We had sick kids, and sun and fever and I got sunburned, it was awesome. Then the next two days we went to the Harry Potter land, did that and it was amazing. Then the next day we flew out and now we’re here.

So I’m a little behind but I still want to go through the last three days of Funnel Hacking Live because it was such an amazing experience. So the last episode I talked about day number one, which was we kicked off Funnel Hacking Live and talked about going from 0 to a million, a million to ten and ten to 100.

Kaelin talked about building her culture, Natalie talked about vulnerability. Then I did my Conversation Domination presentation, which was showing you how to get your dream clients addictively binge watching you on every platform that you live on. Warning this aggressive approach is only for people who truly believe in their message. That was a kind of fun one.

Then we did the Operation Underground Railroad where we raised over a million dollars, I think I told you guys that last episode. If not, spoiler alert, we raised over a million dollars for Operation Underground Railroad, we showed the documentary and it was amazing. So that was day number one.

I remember going to bed that night at about midnight. I had been crying all night and it was so emotional and intense and amazing and I was like, how are we supposed to go on for day number two? But the show must go on.

So day number two started. Devon did what he always does and brings energy into the room, which was awesome. Then we started with actually, World Teacher Aide, and usually World Teacher Aide we do a big fundraiser for them, but unfortunately we weren’t able to this year because we were doing the project with Operation Underground Railroad, but inside Clickfunnels, a lot of people know this, every time you have a funnel that goes live, which means it gets at least 100 visitors, we donate a dollar towards World Teacher Aide. And we save that up for the entire year and we don’t tell Stu and Amy, we keep it top secret and then at Funnel Hacking Live we give them a big check for that.

So this year’s check was $133,000, is that the right number? Over $133,000, so they came on stage, talked about World Teacher Aide. They showed a really cool video about it and we gave them this huge check, which was really cool. And what’s fun is that Stu then took the check, he had to fly home that night, through the airport, through baggage claim, and videoed him taking the check home, which was really, really funny. It was a big ol’ huge check. So that was amazing.

After that I did a presentation called Funnel Audibles. I think of all my presentations at this event, that was the one with people I think resonated the most. I was really proud of it. It took us, about six of us 3 ½ - 4 days to gather all the data to be able to show that and create a presentation and everything. I think it gave people hope. Oh my gosh, this is not that hard. I could actually do this.

I’m sure someday we’ll make a front end product or a video or a book, I don’t know, something because I think it was that powerful and important. But it was really cool. I saw people taking notes like crazy, taking pictures of everything, gasping. It was really cool. I was proud of it.

So the title was, “Funnel Audibles: how to nail it so you can scale it.” I basically talked about how most of my funnels when we first launch them don’t have success. They kind of flopped. I showed a bunch of them like, this is the numbers. And most people, they create the first funnel and then they launch it and it doesn’t make money and they’re like, “Oh, this funnel thing is a scam. Russell is a scam.”

And the reality is, no. It’s all legit. You just have to understand it. You have to make audibles. What was cool, my dad was actually in the room, the first Funnel Hacking Live he came to. So I actually had him come up on stage and I shared a story about when I started wrestling my junior year my plan was to win the state championship. My very first match I wrestled this kid named Nick Fresquez, and he had taken 2nd place the year before and he beat me pretty good.

I remember I was devastated. I wanted to pout and tell people that wrestling was a scam and the whole thing was…you know what I mean? But my dad filmed the match and my dad was smart enough that that night he’d watch the match over and over and over again and the next morning I woke up and he’s like, “Okay, here’s what we gotta do.” I’m like, “No dad. I’m sad, I’m depressed, I don’t want to.” And he’s like, “No, we have to learn how to beat him.”

So we started practicing the moves and how to counter the moves he did against me and all sorts of stuff. And we did that every single day for four months until the state tournament. At the state tournament I actually ended up wrestling Nick Fresquez in the finals. And what’s crazy is I actually ended up beating him with the same move he beat me with. And it was kind of crazy, cool.

So I told that story with my dad, which was really cool and then he sat back down. Then I talked about funnels the same way. Most of our funnels don’t work amazing the very first time out the gate. You put them out the gate and then it’s like, you drive traffic to it, you see where all the numbers lie and then you make the audibles, the tweaks, the changes. We walk through what we did and why we did, and the psychology of what we’re looking for in each page. It was really cool.

I showed the difference between trip wire funnels versus webinar funnels versus high ticket funnels, the tweaks and the changes that we have based on those, which was really cool. Then I actually had James P. Friel come on stage and he was talking about, he had a funnel called Rose Club for Men that he launched and it completely bombed, it was like negative in the hole. And then he messaged me and I told him to make a couple of tweaks, he made the tweaks and then it blew up and he showed the stats and numbers. It was really, really cool to see. It was these little, tiny tweaks and changes.

So that was one of my favorite presentations. I really enjoyed that one, it was awesome. Then after that I had the time to take a break which is nice. I sat in the back green room and I had a chance to watch a whole bunch of our inner circle members share their types of funnels. The first is Dean Holland, he talked about the Ultimate Funnel, which are his free plus shipping funnels.

Dean and I have had a fun thing, he’s been in my inner circle now for a couple of years and it’s funny because I’ll do something and he’ll be like, he’ll vox me and be like, “Russell, wait, I just saw that thing you did.” I’m like, “Yeah.” “Whoa, that’s awesome.” And then he’ll do it and try to one up me and be like, “Well, I’m going to try this.” And he does something else and I’ll see it and be like, “Dude, Dean you did that.” And he’s like, “I know.” We go back and forth to keep one upping each other.

So his business, his model is pretty simple. He’s got free plus shipping, upsells, and then a thank you page webinar. And that’s kind of similar to what we’re doing nowadays and it’s really cool going back and forth. It’s so simple, so easy. So he showed his ultimate funnel and it was awesome. The way he does his free plus shipping funnels are amazing.

Next was Nick Daughterty, I always say his name wrong. Nick Daughterty, did I say that right? Daughterty, boom I got it. Anyway, maybe not. Sorry Nick, I apologize. The gh is silent, anyway, it’s confusing. Anyway, he used to work for a company called The Truth About Cancer and they’ve done a whole bunch of huge documentary funnels. They did a 20 million dollar one on Truth About Cancer, they did The Truth About Vaccines, they did The Truth About Pet Vaccines and a bunch of other ones.

So he came and talked about documentary funnels, which was really, really cool, especially since I’m building a documentary funnel right now for Operation Underground Railroad. So it was cool to see that. In fact, if you guys are Funnel University members, I recently funnel hacked the Truth About Cancer funnel, it’s one of the newsletters there. So you can go and see behind the scenes.

But he talked about the strategy and how they did it and the psychology and how it worked and why it worked and it was really cool to see the behind the scenes of that. Nick did an amazing job there.

After that Jason Fladlien got up and talked about three different webinar funnels that he uses. Evergreen one, NDA ones, Live ones, it was really cool to kind of hear different ways to do webinars that he’s done, which brought to my attention,  he talked about he does an NDA webinar where you have to sign an NDA then you can get on the webinar. It’s a big deal and it causes this intrigue.

It reminded me, back in the day with Rippln we did this really cool thing where, it was really cool. To join Rippln you had to sign an NDA to be able to get in and it was a big NDA thing, which was really, really cool. So we got half a million members to join Rippln through this NDA process and it kind of re-sparked my mind about that and got me excited. In fact, you may be seeing a secret NDA thing coming out in the near future, maybe. So that’s exciting.

Then we had lunch, after lunch Rachel Peterson came on stage, Rachel’s amazing, she’s like 9 months pregnant. It’s funny, I asked her to speak and at the next inner circle meeting I saw her and she was pregnant, and I was like, oh that’s exciting. Then I was like, “Wait a minute, when’s your due date?” and she’s like, “I’m speaking on your stage, I’m not going to tell you my due date.” So I didn’t know when it was, obviously it was close. But she was up there on stage and she killed it. I think she brought doctors in the audience, just in case she had a baby while she was onstage.

Right before I met her, the very first time she went on stage, I gave her a hug and she’s like, “I hope my water breaks on stage.” I was like, “That is the coolest thing ever.” So Rachel got on stage and she talked about the hidden funnel, the relationship funnel, how you build these relationships with your audience. Her story is amazing.

Two or three years ago she wrote a blog post about her tiny wedding ring. It was about how she was making money now and a bunch of people asked her when she was going to upgrade her ring and she’s like, “I’m not. This symbolizes my love and my husband and my family.” And it went crazy viral and had like 70 million reads before she got picked up by the Today Show and all these other things. It was just crazy.

And then her whole thing, she had this huge flood of insane traffic and it’s like what do you do with all this? And it’s this huge transition to a relationship funnel, bringing them into this relationship with you. That’s the magic and the power and her presentation was awesome.

After that, my man who was the most nervous about speaking at Funnel Hacking Live was Dave Lindenbaum. Dave’s amazing, he had this intro-rap that he spent two or three months writing that intro’d him getting on stage. He came out and his energy is so high and he did an amazing job talking about redemption funnels. So what’s a redemption funnel, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, the concept behind it is brilliant. The first time I heard him talk about this I was like, “Dude, your brain thinks in a way that’s different from anyone else I’ve ever met.”

So redemption funnel is basically using sites like Groupon and there’s a lot of other ones, but Groupon is a good example. You sell something on Groupon or find other people who are selling things on Groupon and then you give them your product as a bonus. So he sells Kombucha kits, I never say it right. So he’ll go and either sell Kombucha kits through Groupon, or he’ll find other people selling similar things and he’ll give them on their thank you page after the buy a Groupon offer, “hey get a free Kombucha kit.” Which was basically a free plus shipping offer.

So people who already bought something on Groupon then come to redeem their free offer, which is a free plus shipping funnel and it brings people into the funnel. And it’s insane because basically you’re getting the top buyers to come and redeem your free plus shipping. But they come because that’s what they bought. The free plus shipping is how they’re redeeming it. Anyway, it was brilliant and insanely good. Dave is a genius. He makes me nervous, with a microphone in his hand. Did he stick to his time? He was a little over, but he did good. We were very nervous about him sticking to his time, but he did awesome.

After that Alison Prince got on the stage. Alison didn’t know what Clickfunnels or Funnel Hacking was a year ago. She came all in and she made the Two Comma Club before we got there, and she did it by building an amazing case study first and she did an amazing job telling her story. She is insanely cool. She is in the process now of selling off all her ecommerce businesses because she’s having so much fun teaching people how to do ecommerce stuff.

She’s got three or four multimillion dollar ecommerce businesses, but she’s enjoying this part of the process even more. I tell people all the time, ecommerce is awesome, but the info side is so much more rewarding, I think. So she’s doing a lot more coaching now, which is cool. She’s killing it. She had a goal to hit Two Comma Club, before she got on stage, and somehow magically she did it, she crushed it.

So Alison was amazing. After that Myron Golden got on stage, and if you haven’t heard Myron speak you should just go and search him on YouTube and listen to his Facebook. I could listen to Myron speak for days and never get tired of him, he’s amazing. So he got up and talked about four levels of value, which were so cool. I’m so grateful he shared that.

Then after Myron got off stage, then James Barber, who is the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, came and sang, which was cool. Not only did he sing, which was amazing, during his singing we had a couple who actually came up on stage, James actually brought the girl up, sat her on the stage and sang to her. Soon to be fiancé, she came on stage and he had her close her eyes, “I’m going to sing to you and I want you to imagine this whole thing.” So she had her eyes closed and while we were doing that, her boyfriend came up on stage, stood behind him, and then when he got done, he turned her around and her boyfriend was there and dropped to a knee and proposed, which was so cool. She said yes luckily for all of us, we were nervous. But she said yes which was cool. That was awesome.

Then after that Todd, Ryan and I got on stage and did our Multi-Dimensional Marketing presentation, which was all the new Actionetics MD, which stands for Actionetics Multi-Dimensional, the new features in Actionetics. We showed it all and people went crazy and it was really, really cool. So we showed that off.

You guys will hear more about that soon. I’m not going to go deep into that, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for those who will find out about it here in the future, but for everyone at the event, they got to unlock a whole bunch of cool features and things that they’re all playing with right now.

After that, we had Roundtable. So we had, how many Roundtable’s did we have? 48 Two Comma Club members sitting at a table, each at their own table and you could come ask them any questions you want. I had people tell me they would have paid $10,000 alone just for the Roundtable session. Because they’re like, I can talk to this guy and this guy.

And it was cool because the coaches who were doing it were like, “I’m really good at this, but if you need traffic you should talk to this guy.” And they’d run to that Roundtable. “Hey that was good, but you should talk to this guy for this part.” And they were running around and everyone got a ton of value. So that was awesome.

And that was day number two. Isn’t that crazy? We’re two days in and it’s like we’ve done more in two days than most events do in the entire event. It was amazing. So that’s kind of what day number two was.

So day number one the theme was Impact and Income. Day number two the theme was One Funnel Away. So I talked about the Funnel Audibles, we  had people share a whole bunch of different types of funnels from free plus shipping funnels, documentary funnels, webinar funnels, relationship funnels, redemption funnels, what to do before the funnel begins, the four levels of value, then the multi-dimensional follow up funnels. So it was all about funnel strategy, it was all day number two and it was amazing.

So the next podcast I will talk about day number three, which was called the Two Comma Club, how to get into the Two Comma Club, how to go from 0 to a million dollars before this time next year. So I’ll talk about that during tomorrow’s podcast. Thanks you guys for listening. Appreciate you all, and we’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.


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