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95 - Funnel Hacking Live Recap - Day 4 of 4

95 - Funnel Hacking Live Recap - Day 4 of 4

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Episode Recap:

Today’s topic was “how to change the world” On this episode Russell recaps the fourth and final day of Funnel Hacking Live. Here are some of the awesome things that happened on day four:

-- Brian Bowman speaks about acting with a sense of urgency.

-- What happened that caused Russell to realize that next year there will have to be security at the event.

-- How Myron was able to close even more people into Two Comma Club X

-- And how Garret White and Tony Robins rounded out the day.

So listen here to find out all the awesome details that happened during the final day of Funnel Hacking Live 2018.

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Best Quote:

He grabs the mic and starts talking and I’m like, “I just handed someone who came onstage a hot mic. What in the world?” and the guy starts talking and talking and in my head I’m like, “What in the world? They let him onstage, there must be a reason why we let him onstage.” But he’s telling this story and I have no idea what he’s talking about it. It was weird.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to day number four of Funnel Hacking Live. This is the last recap episode to share with you guys the last day of Funnel Hacking Live.

So far I’ve covered in the last three episodes, number one we talked about Impact and Income, number two was One Funnel Away, number three was Two Comma Club and today I’m going to talk about Changing the World.

Alright everybody, so excited to have you guys here for this episode. So I’m going to walk you through the last day. The last day, it was a special day. It was really, really cool. The day started with Brian Bowman, and if you guys don’t know Brian yet, he’s an amazing human being, one of my favorite people on planet earth.

But he came up and told his story. The title of his presentation was taking action with a sense of urgency. He talked about his wife, who was struggling with Lyme Disease and showed videos of her and then talked about what he’s done to try to overcome that and how if you want anything good in life, you have to act with a sense of urgency. You can’t just like, “Um, we’re going to get to that eventually.” It was an emotional presentation, it was amazing. And I’m just grateful for Brian for sharing a personal struggle and story to help inspire other people to act with a sense of urgency. It was so good. So thank you Brian, for that.

So after Brian spoke, then I got back on stage and there was a bunch of people asking questions about the Two Comma Club X offer, so I answered some of the frequently asked questions there. When that was done, then I did a presentation called Breaking The Chains of False Belief. I actually brought back Myron Golden on stage to do that, because Myron is a master storyteller and closer and I basically told people initially, I said, “Okay, how many of you guys have already signed up for Two Comma Club X?”

We had, I think at the time 400 and something people had signed up. I had them raise their hand and said, “For all you guys who’ve already signed up, Myron’s going to come up and show you some of the best closing techniques I’ve ever seen, ever. It’s going to be really fun. How many have not signed up yet?” And everyone else sheepishly, “Uhh..” I’m like, “Okay for those of you guys who haven’t signed up yet, I’m going to have Myron help me get you off the ledge. These closing techniques are intended to help close you, get you to sign up for the program because I know it’s what you need to take your business and your life to the next level.”

So Myron came up and basically, he’s the man. He came up and I asked him some questions. I knew four stories that he had that are amazing stories. I kind of set him up, I said, “Okay Myron, tell us the first story about the preeple, sheeple, people…. That one.” So he goes on and tells this thing, it’s a ten minute story that’s just amazing and gets people to realize, “Wow, that’s the shift I need to make.”

And then I said, “Okay, tell the eagle story.” And he told that one, and he told all four of these stories that were amazing. He’s so amazing, I could listen to him all day long and never get tired. At the end I came back up and said, “Thanks so much for doing that.” We all gave him a round of applause and Myron left the stage and I kind of did one last push, “Look guys, this is the deal. This is not about me. This is about you and you need to….” Kind of did my last close to get people to sign up during the break “because we have a thirty minute break and when we come back Garret White’s going to be onstage and when he gets off the stage it’s closed down and you can’t sign up anymore, so now is the time to go back.”

And then the funniest thing is, I played a Voxer clip from Brandon and Kaelin, they’d messaged me the night before, so I had a hand held mic, so they’re listening to my hand held mic, playing my thing over the speaker so everyone could hear the voxer. It was just really cool to have Brandon and Kaelin kind of tell their story about what happened three years ago since they first came and where they’re at today, it was awesome.

Then as I get done I’m talking and talking and all the sudden I see somebody coming from the back of the stage. I was like, oh it’s one of the stagehands that needs the mic, because I had a mic on my ear. So I turn around and hand this person the mic and as I’m handing it to him I realize that is not one of the stage people, he’s got one of our shirts on and everything.

He grabs the mic and starts talking and I’m like, “I just handed someone who came onstage a hot mic. What in the world?” and the guy starts talking and talking and in my head I’m like, “What in the world? They let him onstage, there must be a reason why we let him onstage.” But he’s telling this story and I have no idea what he’s talking about it. It was weird.

Then all the sudden I see Dave coming running up from the back and I’m like, “Oh no, this guy’s not supposed to be onstage and I handed him a hot mic in the middle of my close.” So Dave came up and took the mic from him and took him off stage, and it totally threw me off guard. I was just like, it ruined my momentum.

I was like, “That was not planned. Alright guys, we’re taking a break, go sign up.” And I walked off, and I was just like, what in the world just happened?

So first off, never do that an event. There’s no way to faster offend people and make the promoter upset than you coming onstage and taking the hot mic from them. Second off, now we’re going to have to have security guards at Funnel Hacking Live to keep people, anyway, it’s just not cool. That was not cool. If you are the one who did that, that was not cool. Don’t ever do that again, that’s not cool.

Second off, it totally caught me off guard, but luckily didn’t close the momentum. And then we broke and went off stage and during that period of time I think 250 or 300 people signed up for the coaching program. So Myron’s magic pushed over another almost $3 million in sales in 30 minutes. It was cool and gave us the ability to now serve all these, so many amazing people. I’m excited for that.

So that was kind of how that ended, then we came back from the break and Garret White came onstage and it’s funny, I never know what’s going to happen with Garret and I’m always nervous and I warn people, “He’s going to swear a lot, so if you’re offended please leave.” Anyway, I get backstage and I get back there and he’s getting dressed up and he’s got this Phantom of the Opera mask on and a hoodie and another hoodie.

I’m like, “Hey man, what are you doing?” He’s like, “Do you trust me?” I’m like, “I think so…” and he’s like, “I promise it will be good.” I’m like, “Okay, whatever.” So he came out and gave his presentation that was intense. My wife is sitting next to me holding my arm, scared to death during his initial thing, initial pattern interrupt.

But it was powerful. He went through and gave this whole presentation showing how to show up in the morning, how to get yourself in state in the morning, how to hold a point system, a scoring system, stuff he shares with his warriors as part of Warrior Week. It was really, really cool. So that presentation was awesome.

When he got done everyone went to lunch. We had a special lunch with all of the Two Comma Club X people, we had to kind of finish up the signing process, and it was crazy. That room was so full. We were not planning on that many people that fast. But it’s an amazing initial army of people for us to work with.

My goal for next year, I think we could honestly have 500 people get onstage and get a Two Comma Club award, and this program is the goal of that. To get everyone into the Two Comma Club, and I’m so excited for it.

When we came back from lunch, Tony Robins was there. Tony Robins came onstage, did his thing for about 4 hours, maybe 4 ½. Tony is Tony, it was amazing as always, people were jumping around going crazy. Then when that was done Todd and I got back onstage and kind of wrapped up the event and went backstage and the rest has been a blur. I don’t even remember.

Oh yeah, we got pictures with Tony real quick and went out to eat with the team and I passed out and slept. The next morning we slept most the day and I didn’t wake up til like 11 the next day, I was so tired. And then my kids flew in that night.

Monday, Tuesday were Disney, Disney. Wednesday we had a day off. Thursday, Friday Universal, Universal. Then Saturday jump in a plane and flying home. Now I’m here. So it’s been a crazy…I still haven’t recovered yet. I’m still super tired as you can probably tell, but it was an amazing thing.

For me, I don’t know about you guys, I love marketing, I love sales, I love this whole entrepreneurship. I love what we do. I really feel like this event for me was an opportunity for me to bring my herd of people together and to serve them at the highest level that I know possible. And we did that. It was, I don’t think anyone who was there wouldn’t have felt that. We served as high as we possibly could and it was amazing.

But it was also cool because all the things, all the techniques and tactics, and strategies and things that we’ve learned about and studied for years, for over a decade for me. We had a chance to use all those things in a practical application. We used it to raise over a million dollars for Operation Underground Railroad to save hundreds of kids from sex trafficking.

We used it in a way to launch a funnel with OUR to be able to help thousands of kids more on top of that. We used it in a way to get people into coaching. We used in a way to break false belief patterns. We used it in a way to reward people in our community. We used it in a way to build our cult-ture. All these things we talk about and teach about. The things in my books, things that I think are the coolest things. It was the practical application of all of them.

Even if you came and you didn’t listen to a word the speakers said, but just watched the process, it was orchestrated perfectly. We could write a book just about the process, in fact, maybe we will someday. Who knows? But it was really, really cool.

There were so many things that were happening and I hope that everyone who was there experienced it and enjoyed it and left a different person. This is not an event that we do just to make money, it’s not an event we do just to, I don’t know, to show how cool we are. It’s an event that we do to literally change people lives. I think of the 3000 people in the room, those that were paying attention, it happened at different levels.

It was special, I appreciate everyone who came to it and was part of it. Next year’s event, I don’t have all the finalized dates and times, but we’re planning an even more fun show with a group about the same size. So it’s not going to be bigger, so if you want to come next year, when we open up tickets you should get them because Clickfunnels will double in size from last year to this year, but the event size will be about the same.

So it’s going to be a fight, it’s going to be a lot harder to get into the event, which is okay. That’s how it should be. We’re going to be there serving those who make the effort. We were doing the math and it’s like, 5% of our Clickfunnels members were there in the room. So 95% missed it. They missed the most life changing experience they could have had.

So for you, listening to this, I don’t want you to miss it next year. It was crazy to do that, and it did that, and we’ll do it again next year, if you take that leap of faith and take that next step forward.

Anyway, I hope you guys learn from this, I hope you enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see you guys at next year’s Funnel Hacking Live, and with that said, I’m going to go and get something to eat, I’m a little hungry, a little tired. And then get back to work because we got one year to double our membership base, add more features, make the software stronger, give you guys more information and training and systems education to help you get better so this time next year we can help change your world once again.

Thank you so much for everything, appreciate you and we’ll talk to you soon.


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