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125 - Funnels And Your Legacy

Funnels And Your Legacy

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Episode Recap:

How each funnel you create can leave a legacy that will live beyond yourself… On this episode Russell does a Facebook live where he talks about the recent launch of the OUR funnel. He gives an update on how it’s doing so far and then talks about the seasons of success, and what you might experience. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode:

--  Why after you make money and have an impact, leaving a legacy should be your next goal.

-- How having a legacy can help with depression.

-- And find out how the ripple effect can mean that you helped save more children’s lives by sharing OUR’s message.

So listen here to find out how you can help save children’s lives, and how you too can leave a legacy that will live beyond you.

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And all the sudden I lost the joy of that. I was just like, “Dang, it’s not even fun to create and sell something, because the reward is not that exciting.” I was like, “What is it?” and about that time, this is funny, is when the Expert Secret book launched, which is a little over a year ago now, I can’t believe it was a year ago. And what’s interesting is when that book launched, and I remember because the Dotcom Secrets book launched two years prior to that. But when the book launched again the little sales thing was like, “Ding.” A little ding of sales, but what was interesting, that was different from the book, there was this impact that lasts.


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Hey, hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Tonight I have a really special episode I want to share with you guys. I actually was just in my backyard about to turn off the lights and I decided to do a Facebook Live and it turned out really cool and I wanted to share it with you guys. In the Facebook Live we talked about a bunch of really cool things.

We talked about the transition from trying to make money to having an impact and changing people’s lives, over to actually building a legacy and how you can literally build a legacy to live beyond you, beyond your life here on this earth even, through funnels. And I kind of showed an example of the OUR funnel and the goal and mission behind that.

I shared a bunch of other really cool things that I think you’ll like as well. So without any further ado, we’re going to queue up the intro music, when we come back, we’re going to be in my backyard and we’re going to hang out during a Facebook Live, talk to you guys here in a second.

Hey, hey, what’s up everybody? It’s late night I’m going to wait a few minutes to get some people to jump on here and hang out with me. I am excited, it’s a beautiful night. I’m kind of getting eaten by mosquitoes, not going to lie, hopefully I survive it.

I had a really cool week this week. A lot of you guys saw parts of the coolness, and I want to share probably my biggest lesson I think is applicable to all you guys out there. And I want to share it as a friend or a brother or someone who is similar to you. How do I say this correctly? Not someone who’s further down the path, maybe in some things, but not everything. I know that I struggle and there’s a lot things that people are way ahead of me, but I feel like in this whole business and selling thing, I’m a ways down the road from some people. So I’m looking back and there’s something cool I want to share with you guys. Are you guys cool with that?

First off, I want to make sure you can all hear me, I’m talking through my headphones which sometimes work, sometimes don’t. If you guys can hear me give me some hearts or some taps or say hi or something like that. Looks like you guys can hear me, sweet.

Okay, I’m going to share a message with you guys, it’s interesting. I’ve been doing this entrepreneur game now for like 15+ years, and it’s interesting, all of you guys are at different phases. I remember the different phases. I remember my motivation and things like that, and I remember when I first, my initial motivation was, “I gotta make money. I’m in so much trouble, I need to make money.” How many of you guys has that been your motivation? If it is give me some hearts and some taps and some smiley faces.

So that was my first motivation, so I started learning the stuff and started to become obsessed and started learning the game and how you create offers and how you sell stuff and how you create things to sell and all these fun things. So that was kind of the first thing and then eventually I started working and I started, I shifted from that to, “Okay, I’m selling stuff, now I want significance.” I think that happens to a lot of people. We want significance, “See how great I am.” So I became Russell who wanted to be onstage, which that Russell was really annoying. Some of you guys may remember him, I don’t like him very much.

But that was my driving force, I want to be onstage and have people see who I was and hear, that was a season of my life, and I eventually realized that that’s kind of dumb and lame and you kind of get over that really quick.

And then it was a point where I was like, I wanna, I got lonely, to be honest. I was like, “I want to create jobs and be around people and have this connection with a whole bunch of people.” So that was the next phase, so it’s hiring people and building a team and building a connection and all the sudden all these people around me cared about the thing that I cared about and it was really, really fun there. And that, those who have built a team, there’s ups and downs. I went from 100 employees down to 10 employees, and anyway, that’s a story for another night. Not tonight.

But that was the thing for a while, and then later it was like, it really started shifting for me to the art of this whole game right. I spent probably 5 or 6 years where I was obsessed with the art. So those who remember me during that point, we were creating funnels, we were creating Neuracel, our neuropathy supplement, we were creating businesses in fitness and weight loss and couponing, and cold sores, and pornography addiction, just a whole bunch of different businesses. And it was the creative part, that was what drove me, it was the creation of it, which still drives me today. I still love that part.

I’m getting eaten by mosquitoes, someone’s noticing that. So that was the next phase for me that I was kind of going through. And then after that, about that time we developed Clickfunnels and we launched that, and at first it was like, I want to make money, and that was this thing. And I kind of went back through all these different phases again, money and then prestige and it’s funny. And then Clickfunnels grew and it grew bigger, and it grew and it just it’s grown to a point that’s beyond what I would have ever dreamt it would be. And it’s so crazy, I still feel like we’re just getting started, which is exciting.

But what’s interesting about a little over a year ago I had this realization, this is what I want to share with you guys today because is really the key. So I had this realization that, because we’d launched a product or something and Clickfunnels at that point, back then it was making, I don’t know, $100-150 thousand dollars a day, it was kind of a consistent thing. So every morning I get a message from stripe where it’s like, “Bling, bling.” How much money you make.

So over the years, as that number gets bigger and bigger, it’s so exciting. I think it was the point where we made, I think it was like $150 thousand dollars a day, it was probably like a year, year and a half ago. And we created this huge campaign and created this product and all these things and we launched it and it was like, the next day there was a big ping and then it went back to like, “Ping, ping.” The same thing. I was like, “Dang, we did all that work.” And it was like bloop, a little blip in the income thing.

So what’s interesting, at least for me, as my income grew to the point where it’s just, the revenues were so high inside Clickfunnels, it’s like I would create these things and put them out there and the income impact was so small that it didn’t even matter. It’s like, we do a big launch and it spikes it for one day and it’s back down to normal.

And all the sudden I lost the joy of that. I was just like, “Dang, it’s not even fun to create and sell something, because the reward is not that exciting.” I was like, “What is it?” and about that time, this is funny, is when the Expert Secret book launched, which is a little over a year ago now, I can’t believe it was a year ago. And what’s interesting is when that book launched, and I remember because the Dotcom Secrets book launched two years prior to that. But when the book launched again the little sales thing was like, “Ding.” A little ding of sales, but what was interesting, that was different from the book, there was this impact that lasts.

The Dotcom Secrets book, still to this day, we sell tons every single day. There’s this impact, I don’t know, with the creation of a book from me, I’m not selling you guys on books, that’s not my purpose of this message. Well, maybe it is. I think everybody should be writing a book. I think you become more interesting as a human being if you’re like, “I’m writing a book about blah.” Even if it’s going to take you thirty years to write, I don’t care.  But just knowing you’re moving towards something and as you’re learning stuff, you’re creating something you can give to somebody after you pass on, that’s a really powerful legacy building thing. So I love books, but again, that’s a story for another day.

But what I realized, the book, selling the book, it had a little ding in sales, but its like the money part didn’t matter, but then the legacy of it was huge. So many people read the Dotcom Secrets book and had this thing, the impact was amazing. Then the Expert Secrets book comes and the impact from that lasted so much longer. And that was the next phase.

And I am actually starting book number three next Thursday. But anyway, that’s not what I’m talking about either, but I’m so excited. So book number three, if you guys are excited about book number three give me some hearts and let me know.

Okay, but this is what I want to talk about. So a lot of you guys watched over the last week what we launched. We launched Operation Underground Railroad, Operation Toussaint, the online DVD. Some of you guys know the back story, we showed it at Funnel Hacking Live and did over a million dollars in sales, not sales but donations. We raised a million dollars for Operation Underground Railroad, which is enough to save 400 children from sex slavery, which is an amazing thing. Some of you guys saw the videos, I was bawling my eyes out, which was awesome.

So that went out there and then it was off, it had a little spike and we changed the world and then it kind of stopped right afterwards, and I had this pull of “You need to get it out there, you need to get it out there.” but I’m like, “I don’t know how to get it out there.” So I’m praying and trying to figure it out, how do you get it out there? How do you make this thing….We spent the time, the energy, all the money on this thing that raised a million dollars and saved 400 kids, but how do we create something that’s going to last beyond me, beyond the event? A million dollars is awesome but that money goes away and then it’s like, what?

So this week we spent a ton of time and created this funnel. And the funnel, hopefully you guys have gone through, if not go to We’re still testing a bunch of stuff on it, but it’s really cool. So you go there and there’s a 48 hour ticket for you to watch the Operation Toussaint DVD. So you go in there and you got 48 hours to watch it, and then when that expires, there’s 5 other DVD’s in the series, which I hope you guys watch those. Some of those are better than even the original one. Anyway, they’re amazing. You’ll cry, you’ll see Tim Ballard and his wife actually fly to Haiti and pick up their children, which is cool because she’d never actually been to Haiti, or actually physically touch them, and you see them get picked up, you see them at the airport coming home, you see them be introduced to the kids, you will bawl your eyes out. It’s worth watching.

But we did that, and if you look at it, and I don’t have the stats off the top of my head, but in the last, I think it’s been 2 ½ …I think we’re on day 3, 2 ½ - 3 days since that went live, and if you look at that a couple of cool things. So what happened is, we built this funnel and there’s traffic going into it, but it’s also like a viral loop, so people are sharing it. So it keeps growing, keeps growing. I’m saying right now, I’m putting $10,000  a month into ads, just to drive into the funnel, I’ve got a bunch of other people that are co-opting with me. So if you want to be a part of that, we’re all just putting in x amount of dollars a month into an advertising fund and we’re just putting money out there to drive traffic into the funnel because it’s going to keep the message out there.

My goal is to shine these kind of lights. When these lights are off, the cock roaches can run around. But we shine a light like this on them, they gotta hide. And that’s what I’m doing. We’re making as much noise as humanly possible to try to fix this problem the best we can.

So what’s cool about it, we’re 3 days in and I think so far, I don’t have the exact stats, but over 60 thousand dollars have been raised, cash in hand, but I think 350 ish or around there, people have signed up for monthly recurring donations to OUR. What’s crazy is 40% of all of their emissions right now are funded by people who are paying 10, 20, 30 dollars a month. So 300 people, it’s like the equivalent of the recurring donation people staying for a year, it’s like half a million dollars in cash. And we’re 3 days in. Most people only see maybe one or two of the documentaries, they haven’t seen there are 5 and there’s a whole campaign behind it.

My goal from now to the next 12 months from the documentary launching is to raise 10 million dollars for OUR, which would save 4000 children from sex slavery, which is exciting. But the best thing is this funnel is done, it’s live, I don’t have to do anything else except tell people about it and share it, and inspire people. I’m going to drive traffic, I’m going to spend my money, I’m going to put it in the back of all my funnels, I’m going to hopefully get all of you guys to commit to putting it in the back of all your funnels. I want all of you guys to make this a part of your mission, all we do is we just share it. There’s nothing complicated or tricky, we just share it and we share it.

And what’s amazing is in a year from now hopefully we have 10 million dollars. You know 5 years from now 20, 30, 40 million. 10 years from now, 30 years from now, when I’m dead this funnel will continue to produce money to save children from this horrible thing. When I die it’s going to keep running. And then when my kids die it will keep running. This asset, this tool, this thing we created will live on forever, beyond me, beyond my time here on this planet. That’s what’s amazing, that’s the legacy that you guys are able to create with funnels.

I know that everyone’s in a different spot. Some of you guys are at a spot where I was at in the beginning where you’re like, “I just gotta make money, Russell. Someday I’m in on the legacy thing, right now I just gotta make some money.” I totally get it. Don’t stress out. You gotta get yourself out of financial stress before you’re able to go and help other people, I totally understand that. In fact, I believe one of my biggest missions on this earth is to help entrepreneurs take that pressure and that stress off of their backs, because when an entrepreneur has the pressure and stress taken off their back they can actually go out there and create and give and serve, they do, which is why you guys are such amazing human beings.

So my goal is to take that pressure off and give you the tools and training, the systems, the motivation, the inspiration, whatever I gotta give you to take pressure off of your back so that you can go out there and you can actually serve the way you do, you will. And that’s what’s amazing.

So if you’re in that spot where you’re like, “I gotta get the pressure off.” That’s cool, do that first. I understand, nothing wrong with that. But know that your goal isn’t just to make money. You’ll find out so quickly that money does not bring happiness.  It’s cool, you can buy cool stuff, but it’s hollow if that makes sense. And when you get to that space that’s hollow, a lot of people go into depression, I have friends who are suicidal, there’s a lot of things that happen there. And when it’s like, when you get the money and find out that doesn’t bring happiness, it’s like what’s the next step?

The next step is you gotta shift the focus to external, like how do we serve other people? And that’s what’s going to light you guys up, I promise. You’ll see it, you’ll feel it, you’ll experience it and you’ll be like, “Man, this is so much better than…” raising $60,000 in the last 2 days for OUR, raising a million dollars at the event, some of you guys heard the stories. A month before the event we did 3 million dollars at Grant Cardone’s event, at our event we did $12 million in sales for our coaching program. We’re like, “Yeah, that’s awesome.” And we celebrated, then we get to work to serve these audiences, right. But the million dollars to OUR, way more meaningful, way more fulfilling, way more exciting.

So this funnel we’ve created now is a legacy thing. I want you guys thinking about that. What’s the legacy that you can create? You’re not just creating funnels to make money, that’s the first step, but then longer term it’s like, how you get the impact. That’s when you start creating stuff that will actually serve people and change their lives. So you go from money, to impact, to legacy. And legacy, that’s the last step in this thing.

I can’t wait for you guys to see the Funnel Hacking Live sales video when it comes out. I got the first draft and it’s insane, but what’s cool is at the very end of the sales video, Dan Usher, who is one of our video guys, he was behind the scenes when I was talking to Tony Robbins and he captured this moment, it’s like I don’t know, 5 or 10 seconds long where Tony Robbins said, and I’ll say it wrong, you guys will see it when you see the video. But he basically said, “It’s really cool Russell, what you’re doing.” And Tony’s a big, I think he’s the biggest donor of OUR, but he said, “What you’re doing now is so powerful because you’re giving, which is teaching your entire audience to give.” And he’s like, “That’s why this is so exciting.” And it’s cool.

So for you guys, that’s my motivation, that’s exciting. We’re going to create this funnel and we’re going to change a lot of children’s lives, and I’m hoping you guys see that and either push people to our funnel, or do your own funnel, but just know these skills you’re creating, at first it’ll make you money, then it’s going to help you make an impact, then the longest term is a legacy.

So think about that, how do I create a funnel that when I’m dead will continue to change this world. That’s amazing, an amazing thought to think through. So for me the OUR one is the first one, and there will be more, I’m trying to pick the battles, the things that I want to have a huge disruptive impact on.

It’s funny, there’s, for the Mormon’s who are out there, there’s a quote by Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was our first prophet, and he said this one time, “Satan considered him a disturber and an annoyer.” And it’s kind of fun, I look at myself, like the OUR thing, I’m trying to become a disturber and an annoyer of evil things on this planet. So OUR is the first thing where it’s like, how do we shine a light on this and become a disturber and an annoyer of the adversary of these evil people that are trying to do this to children?

And that’s my thing, I want to be a disturber and an annoyer of bad things, so we can save these amazing people. So that for me, that phrase becoming a disturber and an annoyer is, it gets me pumped up. I hope you guys think about that as well, how can you become a disturber and an annoyer? Pick the charities, pick the things, pick whatever you want to have an impact. If it’s OUR, awesome. If it’s something else, that’s awesome. Pick something though, where you can do so much good and you can become a disturber and an annoyer of the evil things, the bad things. It gets me excited.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that because I’m walking out here, I’m turning the lights off, about to go to bed and just reflecting as I’m walking out here on the week and the OUR film and this thing is just going to continue to generate money. I messaged Tim Ballard tonight and I said, I kind of told him basic stats, “$60,000, we got 350 people that are on recurring right now, my goal is to keep putting fuel into this thing and it’s going to continue to fund your missions for the rest of your life and beyond, and it can do that.” And that’s what’s so exciting.

So there you go you guys, there’s the legacy for myself. For you guys, I want you to think about that for yourself. Again, first it’s like getting yourself to a spot where you can serve, then it’s figuring out how you can have the biggest impact, and then it’s like, how do you create your legacy. That’s where I’m focusing right now and it’s so much fun. And I want to pull you all up there, I want to get you to that point. Just know that that’s the seasons, that’s what you’re going to be going through in this thing.

And the faster you can get to that, the better. Anyway, I appreciate you all. Thanks for listening, crazy we got a hundred people out here, this time of night jumping on to listen to me talk, it still blows my mind that this technology and these kind of things exist. It’s amazing. So I appreciate all of you guys. If you haven’t watched the documentary, go to If you have any social media presence, which I know you do because you’re sitting on here right now on Facebook, just go to, grab that link and go post it on your facebook profile, social media, or instagram. Just share it. It doesn’t take anything, it doesn’t cost anything, but you can have an impact.

It’s funny, this is a side story that’s going to have a really cool point though. There was a company I was part of a few years back, some of you guys may remember, it’s called Rippln, and it was this network marketing thing we were trying to build. We launched this thing and it’s crazy, it got 1.5 million people to sign up in 6 weeks.  We did the marketing side right, the problem is the product never came about and we wasted 6 months of my life and made zero, not zero, I made negative lots of dollars.

But I learned something cool. So the whole concept of Rippln was what’s your ripple effect look like? You drop a stone in a pond and there’s this ripple effect. What does our ripple effect look like? So we wanted to be able to track that. So that’s what Rippln was, you signed up and then you shared it and you were able to see it. I shared it with ten people and they shared it with ten and they shared it with ten. And you saw this ripple effect.

And what was fascinating is that some of the people that had the biggest ripple effect, they did not have a big social media profile or presence or anything, but they shared it with four or five people, and then one of their four or five people shared it with somebody who was an influencer, and that person got 300,000 people to join that person’s ripple.

And it always blew my mind, the people who had the biggest ripples were never the people that had the biggest audience, it was always these people who just shared it with five or six people, they were consistently sharing it, and when they did that, there was somebody that they got to that was two or three ripples deep that hit and it blew up.

So for some of you guys who are like, “Russell, I don’t have a following. I can’t share this, I don’t know anybody.” You don’t understand, in your ripple effect, the people you are able to touch, it is not far. If you share it with 5 people or 10 people or 20 people and you get them to watch the documentary, I promise those people will have an impact and they’re going to go and they’re going to share it and show to 5, 10, 15, 20 people and it will go like that and there’s going to be someone you hit inside of your network, someone you don’t even know, you don’t even know they exist, but it’s your brother’s cousin that’s going to come watch it and all the sudden, boom, it’s going to explode.

And when you look back at that trail, and obviously we’re not going to be able to see that, we’re not tracking that kind of ripple effect, but God will know and you’ll know that man, because you shared it with 10 people, or 20 people, or 30 people there were 20, 30, 50, 100 kids saved.

I don’t know about you, but I believe in a heaven and I believe someday I’m going to be with my Heavenly Father, and I believe that there’s going to be, we’re going to be there together and I believe that there’s going to be kids up there that said, “Hey, you don’t know the impact you had on my life. Because of this thing that you did, I was able to be rescued, to be saved, to actually live a great life while I was there on earth.”

I don’t care what your beliefs are, but that’s mine. And I know that I want to be up there in heaven with those little kids celebrating and I want, I’m going to be so grateful and so thankful for them, and I’m sure they’ll be thankful for me as well. And the same thing for you.

So just realize that, that’s the impact, that’s the kind of thing, that’s the legacy that’s possible because of what we’re doing here you guys. And funnels, you can create a funnel and put it out there, and if you execute correctly it can fuel something forever. And it’s exciting.

Anyway, I hope that helps. I hope it gets you guys excited and gives you kind of a path to look forward to. But just know that you guys can do this now, that you can share, that you can start jumping on some of this legacy stuff today and it’ll be cool.

I’m getting literally eaten alive. I think I probably got 40 mosquito bites, but that was a sacrifice I made for you guys because I love you and because you’re hanging out with me at this time of night. Anyway, that’s it you guys. I appreciate you all. Again,, go watch it, share it, have a party at your house. Invite people over and be like, “Okay guys, you gotta watch this video” and bring them over to your house. The biggest thing is bring them to your house and make them go opt-in to the funnel, that way they’ll get all the emails and sequences will help them spread it as well.  But just get them in there, it’ll be awesome.

Alright guys, appreciate you all. If you jumped on and missed the beginning, there is some context, sometimes you go on Facebook Lives and you catch the last 2 minutes, you’re like “What in the world are they talking about?” So I’m going to end, feel free to go back to my page and start at the very beginning, watch it, there was a point and I think it was awesome. Alright, appreciate you all, thanks so much for hanging out tonight. Have a great job and great time and we’ll see you guys soon. Bye everybody.


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