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With Funnel Hacking LIVE coming in less than 30 days, plus all of the projects we finally get to reveal, and all of the traveling we’ve been doing as a family, some people are asking how I get so much done. So, here’s a few of my hacks to help me focus in a world that seems to demand more and more, plus a preview of my presentation at Funnel Hacking LIVE! (if you don’t have a ticket, don’t wait… go to - they’re going fast!)

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Those who pursue these callings with all their heart, might, mind, and soul are people that I call the driven. The driven are those who dream dreams and see visions. They are, as Alex Charfen once said, "The small percentage of the population who goes into the future, imagines a new reality, comes back to the present, and insists that it becomes real."


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Hey, good morning, everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to The Marketing Secrets Podcast. It's crazy. We are about 30 days away from Funnel Hacking Live. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where it becomes real. All year long I'm like, "Oh, we have 364 days to Funnel Hacking Live. Oh, we got 10 months to Funnel Hacking Live. Oh, we got six months," and then all of a sudden it's here. It's on us. So we are scrambling just getting all the things ready, the last minute things.

It's always stressful, because I think 25 or 30% of our tickets get sold in the last 20 days or something. We're always scared prior like, "Oh no, the event room's not going to be filled," and dah, dah, dah. Then sure enough, the very end, everyone starts signing up finally. We sold almost 150 tickets yesterday, which is great. Now it's just cranking up the speed and all the promotional stuff. I have to get back in promo mode while I'm in event creation mode and slide writing mode, plus all the other. It's a chaotic time, but it's fun.

My wife's leaving town for 10 days in the middle of it too. She's leaving the country to go to this yoga retreat, which I'm actually really excited for her to go on with her sister. It's going to be good. Anyway, the next 30 days is going to be intense. For me to be able to handle all that, I'm trying to structure my routine and keep very tight with it. Anyway, it's been fun. My routine, also my diet, because a lot of times what happens, I'll be leading into Funnel Hacking Live and everything gets so chaotic, I start eating like crazy. Then I gain 30 pounds. Then all the pictures of Funnel Hacking Live I'm overweight and the people make fun of me in the ad comments for the next year of my life.

Anyway, it's all sorts of chaos. I've also got to make sure that I'm losing weight, staying my weight targets, getting all my content done, making sure the projects are moving forward. It's crazy. It's like we're starting wrestling seasons. I'm doing three resting practices at night or three resting practice for the week with Bowen who's going to be senior this year's. He's wrestling. Anyway, it's just a lot of stuff, but I'm excited. Woke up this morning, came in and got some cool things done.

I want to share with you guys actually something that hopefully will be helpful for you, especially if you're a writer, a content creator. Because for me, we're doing all these things and people always ask me, "How do you get so much stuff done? What's the secret? What's the process?" So I'm going to share with you as one of my secrets, how I get so much stuff done, if you're cool with that. It's not a perfect process, so I'll state that, but it's working really, really well. If you think I got a lot of stuff done, this is one of the reasons why.

So a couple of things, number one is, I think I mentioned this on a podcast or something a little while ago, but I recently got rid of social on my core phone. So I bought a second phone, what I call my social phone. I leave that at the main office and it's got all the social apps there, and so I have a chance to go each day and look at social, but it's not in my pocket all the time. That's given me three or four hours a day back of my life. So there you go. For most of us, that alone will change your life. So I got rid of social off my core phone. That was really big.

Number two is that on my core phone, only thing I can really do is vox, send emails, record podcasts, or listen to podcasts. So that's the only thing that's really happening on this real phone. I say podcasts, also audiobooks. So it's given me a chance to listen to a lot more stuff. I literally finished the Fountainhead this weekend, which was awesome, and five or six other podcasts. I'm actually learning more. Because social, I don't learn. I just scroll, whereas podcasts and audiobooks, I feel like I'm improving myself. So it's taking those times. I used to waste on just dumb stuff and now I'm using it to improve myself, which is awesome. So there's one little hack.

The new hack that I did, and so this is cool. There's a company out there, it's called Freewrite, F-R-E-E-W-R-I-T-E. I just found out about them recently. This is cool if you're trying to create content or specifically trying to write. So question, how of you guys are writers or you've tried to write, and it's hard, right? You open Google Doc and you start writing. One of the problems is if you look at the way your brain works, we have our right brain and our left brain.

I'm probably going to mess it up. Right brain I believe is our creative side. Our left brain is like our analytical side. So one of the biggest problems you have when you're writing, you sit down a blank pad of paper and you start being creative and you start writing. As you're writing, you see typos, you see mistakes, and so you switch from this creative brain to an editing brain and you edit. Then you go back to creative and then back to editing back, back, back.

That flipping of the switch from creative to editing, creative to editing, right to left, right to left, right to left is what kills most writers. It's why we spend three hours and we write two paragraphs, is because we're so focused trying to edit. The best writers always talk about the secret is word count, getting down and just word count. I've heard people who've done all sorts of crazy things from taping paper over their monitors, they can't see what they're writing, to doing it blindfolded, to all sorts of stuff to keep themselves in the creative mind versus shifting back to the analytical editing mind.

So I've tried things like that in the past. The thing that when I write my books that works the best for me actually, is I try to stimulate all my senses. Because I have an ADD brain, so with ADD if you're trying to focus on one thing at a time, it's almost impossible. If you focus on a lot of things, it becomes a lot easier. So when I'm writing my books, for example, I get a standing desk, I get a treadmill desk. So I get on treadmill desk, I use, I listen to these binaural beats in my headphones, I'm walking, and I'm writing all the same time.

So by doing five things at once, it forces me to just write. I can't search, can't Google, I can't edit, I can't talk. I can't do anything. Because I'm walking on a treadmill desk while I'm writing, while my ears are listening to binaural beats while I'm doing everything, it's the way that shortcuts me and forces me to actually write. So that's one of my little hacks. Some guys may have seen me do that on YouTube or whatever, but that's been a big one for me.

This new one is cool. Okay, this tool's called Freewrite, and actually bought two of them. I bought one. It looks like a typewriter, is called the Hemingway. Then one's a free write travel companion, so it's like a smaller keyboard that you travel with. It's crazy. I was actually reading the company stuff. I think they said that initially when they did this, they didn't put a backspace in it, they didn't want you to be able to backspace, they just wanted you to be able to write.

So you sit down and you start typing. Like I said, it looks like a typewriter. It's a little tiny screen so you can see what you're typing, but you can't really edit. There's a backspace button, but that's it. You can scroll around if you need to, but it's a pain in the butt, so much so that you just wouldn't write. So you sit down and you start writing and the goal is just to write and be stuck in creative mode. You just write, write, write, write, write, write.

Then when you're done, there's a button, it says send. You click send and it sends it to your Google Drive, it emails it to you, it'll send it wherever you tell it to send to, and it stores it on folder. So it just is stored on your thing, so you can go back and add to it or change it or add more. When you're done, you click send, and boom, it shows up and you've got this thing. So I bought the Hemingway typewriters to have in my office here in my study office, and I bought a travel one so that if I do like it, when I start traveling, I can use this more often. Anyway, so far it's cool.

I don't know. There's this weird romance of having a typewriter and writing in it. That feeling writers Hemingway would done back in the day back when writing was an art form and not something that we have AI do for us. You know what I mean? So it was cool. So this weekend I got them here, so I got them all set up. I was like, "I'm going to write something." I didn't know what to write, so I didn't want to write chapter one and start writing a book. I was just like, "I just wanted to write, but I don't even know how to write or what to write."

So I just wrote basically a letter to myself about my thoughts. I guess this is what people do when they journal. I'm not a journaler, but I think this is maybe what they do when they journal. So I sat down and I wrote, and there's insane amounts of typos, I can't even tell you. I got done and I clicked send and emailed it to myself. It sent it to Google Docs. This morning I got into Google Docs. I looked at it. I was like, "This isn't that bad." It's not perfect, it's a lot of editing, but for my first shot, it was like... Anyway, it was really encouraging.

So I'm going to go and start doing this every day. I'm going to build in my morning routine. Every morning I come into the office and I study. I study my scriptures, I read some other books, and then from there I jump back online, I start working the rest of my day. I'm going to weave in 20 minutes, 30 minutes at the end of my study session where I'm just going to write. I don't don't know, I'm going to write about yet. It might be based on a book I'm working on, or it could be based on just a journal. I don't even know yet. Who knows?

This first one's done. It's cool. Do you want me to read to you? I'm proud of it. So again, it's not perfect, but it was me. Because I'm working on my Funnel Hacking Live presentation, which by the way, if you don't have your ticket yet, go to, but my intro presentation I'm really working on. In the last couple years, I usually talk about success. I talk about the hero's journey. I talk about drifter versus driven was my presentation last event. A couple of things I bounce between, but it's usually something based on personal development.

So I was trying to think, what do I want people to understand? What do I want to convey and how do I want to say it? So that was my thoughts that I was writing. This is just like what do I want to say in my intro presentation for Funnel Hacking Live? So again, this is half baked, me sitting down at a typewriter, 11 o'clock at night after I got set up. So just take it with a grain of salt. Anyway, I'm proud of what turned out, so I'm going to read it to you. This is probably the only place this will ever see the light of day. It'll be dust on my hard drive till 200 years from now and some kid buys my company and finds it and maybe shares it somewhere. Who knows? If someone becomes like me and does that. So anyway, here we go.

So is what I typed. I said My thoughts for my Secrets of Success presentation. I want to take people on a journey, their journey. In the Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell calls it they're called to adventure. I believe that this isn't just something that people do, but something they're actually called to do. I don't want it to sound vague, but I'm afraid that if I tell them who is giving them this calling, someone will think I'm crazy and ignore it. I probably would've ignored it the first time too.

It wasn't until I had been involved in creating my movement to liberate and educate entrepreneurs for several years before someone else pointed it out to me. I had always assumed that my mission and my spiritual beliefs were separate. I didn't believe that God cared about what I was actually doing as long as I was being a good person. It never had crossed my mind that he placed those desires in my heart, that he was the one who actually called me, and that my role is to be a good steward of the thoughts and impressions and ideas that he places inside my mind.

Those who pursue these callings with all their heart, might, mind, and soul are people that I call the driven. The driven are those who dream dreams and see visions. They are, as Alex Charfen once said, "The small percentage of the population who goes into the future, imagines a new reality, comes back to the present, and insists that it becomes real." The driven are those who have confidence to move forward because they keep their own promises they make to themselves. When they decide to do something, they cut off all other options and move forward with definiteness of purpose. When the resistance comes, they may struggle as all men do, but they decide to move forward in faith. Faith in the calling that they have, faith in the guide or the mentors they've chosen, and faith in themselves.

Those who feel the resistance and act in fear instead of faith, they're the ones who Napoleon Hill calls drifters. They're sent back to their ordinary world. They stop moving forward in the pursuit of their definite purpose. The resistance will pacify them and lull them away into carnal security. They've once again lied to themselves and lost the very confidence required to be successful.

All right, so there you go. There's my stream of thought on my typewriter on the Freewrite the very first time. So what do you think? Was it good? Was it bad? Any good for you in there? Anyway, I have this vision, this picture in my head of what I'm trying to convey and talk about. So that was my first time actually putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. So from here, I'll keep massaging. I'll probably write three or four more versions of this, and then from there I'll start working on my PowerPoint slides, which is exciting.

So anyway, I hope that helps somebody, as you are creating and writing. Go check out Freewrite. I don't get anything for recommending this. I should be an affiliate, because I think I've already sold the 12 today as I told everybody about how cool the experience is with these things. Hopefully, this is beneficial for somebody here. For those of you guys who don't have your tickets yet, come and hang out with us. I promise you it'll be worth it. The amount of time and effort, energy that me and my team put into this, amount of money we spend to put on a good show for you guys, I promise you, it'll be worth the ticket price. The price of admission will not be a waste of your time. You get everything you're hoping for and a whole bunch more when you get your tickets to Funnel Hacking Live right

All right, thanks everybody. I appreciate you all and hope you have a great day, and continue to pursue the thing that you've chosen to pursue with definiteness of purpose. Because you've been called to change somebody's life and you can do it, but only if you go all in. Quit dabbling, quit drifting, move forward in faith, and if you do that, you'll have a chance to change people's lives, which is what, as you will see, is the best part of this whole game. So thanks so much you guys, and we'll talk to you soon.


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