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Get Subscribers (& Customers!) For FREE!


What if I told you there was a way to get subscribers (AND customers) for free… using Facebook ads?

That would be awesome, right?

Well, there is.

And this is something we’ve done a LOT inside of my businesses — it allows us to run Facebook Ads and get new subscribers and customers for free.

It’s called the “self liquidating offer”!

Want to know how it works?

Here’s the gist!

Draw People in With a Crazy Offer — Instead of offering your main thing right at the beginning, we want the friction for people to enter their credit card information to be as low as possible. eBooks that cost $1 or $7 work really well (here’s an example!). Free+shipping-offers also work really great (see an example here!). You just want the price to be absurdly low for what you’re offering so people would be crazy not to buy.

THEN Share Your Core Offer — This is the main thing that you’re actually trying to sell. After people have given you their credit card information, now all they have to do is click a single button to add your core offer to their order. Because it’s so easy, the conversion rate here is much higher.

Don’t Forget An Order Bump! — To maximize revenue, also add an order bump to the checkout process. This is just a simple checkbox that offers the customer an additional product or service at an attractive price. Since the customer is already in the purchasing mindset, they're more likely to take advantage of this easy, one-click offer, adding a nice boost to your bottom line.

That’s the basics. This process converts really well… so well that the revenue you generate very well can cover all of your advertising costs!

But if you want ALL the juicy details, get my book, DotCom Secrets!

Talk soon!

Russell Brunson


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