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Harnessing your ADHD, “time traveling” to your success, Joe Rogan’s podcast, and more!



We just finished up a special meeting I do with my inner circle. It’s called “Decade in a Day”.

Six amazing entrepreneurs attended and I got to do one-on-one consulting with them. We do four of these events throughout the year and it’s always so much fun. Here’s a clip.

One of the things that always amazes me is just how much we’re able to accomplish in a single day.

(Which is why it’s called “decade in a day” haha)

Maybe the biggest reason people say they can’t accomplish something is because they don’t have enough time.

But it’s not time that actually stops you… It’s energy. It’s ideas. It’s strategy. It’s belief in yourself.

The one thing we all get the same amount of is time.

The difference with successful entrepreneurs isn’t that they have more time, it’s how they use that time. And they’re able to accomplish in a single day what most people accomplish in a decade.

So how do you “time travel” your way to success?

By reading. By becoming obsessed. By spending time with people smarter than you, who’ve already achieved what you’re trying to achieve.

Get creative. Create your own mastermind group if you can’t afford to join one. Watch YouTube videos. Buy books. There are so many affordable, easy ways to “spend time” with people smarter than yourself.

You can accomplish so much more than you think you can… it’s insane.

But it’s not about having more time… it’s about using your time in ways that propel you forward.

- Russell Brunson



A lot of people are afraid to publish content online because of the response they might get.

Maybe people won’t like it. Maybe they will get mad. Maybe they will think it’s dumb.

But what if you just hit publish… and didn’t look at the metrics?

This is what Joe Rogan did for 5 years. It wasn’t until he was on stage once in Chicago and he asked an audience of 3,700 people, “How many people here listen to the podcast?” and the audience went crazy, that he realized just how big of a podcast he actually had.

Before that he’d never looked at the numbers — he just did it because he loved it… for years.

Check out the clip — and Russell’s reaction to it — here.

So here’s a question.

What would happen if you started publishing your podcast, your shorts, your blog posts, your emails — whatever — not to hit certain metrics… but just because you loved it?

And you did that not for days, weeks, or months… but for years.

Would it even be possible to NOT succeed?



Have trouble paying attention in school?

So did Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Walt Disney — all three of which had ADHD.

In fact, one recent study found that people with ADHD are more likely to become entrepreneurs. It’s their superpower.

Cameron Herold, the former COO of 1-800-Got-Junk, said in an interview, “What they call disorders are actually our superpowers. The fact that I have ADHD ... I can see what's going on around me without getting bogged down by the details.”

People with ADHD are more creative, have super high energy, are great at multitasking, and fantastic problem solvers.

Of course, there are challenges, too… So how do you harness your entrepreneurial ADHD to stay focused?

Russell just made a video about it on YouTube (search for “ADD Russell Brunson”). Here are his hacks!

1. Set a Deadline

Gail Vaz-Oxlade said, “A goal without a deadline is just a dream.” The first thing you need to do is set a deadline. Put it on the calendar. And don’t allow yourself to change that deadline.

2. Set Milestone Deadlines

Then reverse-engineer your goal into milestone deadlines. For example, if you want to run 25 miles in 3 months, how far do you need to run this week? Next week? One month from now? Outline your path to success with milestones and deadlines.

3. Allow For Healthy Distractions

The common advice given to people with ADHD is to just not have any distractions… but that’s actually not helpful. Allow yourself to have a few healthy distractions. Maybe listening to music, playing with a fidget spinner, or walking while you work. This actually helps people with ADHD stay focused.

4. Document Your Progress Publicly

It’s way easier to achieve your goals when you document your progress publicly. Partly because it makes it more fun; you’re taking people on this journey with you. And partly because it helps hold you accountable. So don’t try to achieve your goals in isolation. Tell people what you’re doing and keep them updated. Russell is currently doing this on Instagram as he’s writing his next book.

5. Celebrate The Journey

The basic function of your mind is the same as a dogs. If they do something good, and they get a treat, then they want to repeat that action. It’s risk-and-reward. If you want to keep achieving, then you need to reward yourself when you hit your milestones. Go out to dinner, watch a movie, do something crazy. Get good at rewarding yourself when you do what you said you would do (regardless of the results).

Check out the full video on YouTube from Russell — just search for “ADD Russell Brunson”.

​That’s a wrap for this week’s newsletter.

Remember, you’re just one funnel away...

- The ‘Marketing Secrets’ Team


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