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159 - He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear...

He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear...

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Episode Recap:

A scriptural lesson that applies directly to your business. On today’s episode Russell talks about dropping hints about cool things while describing other things, much like Jesus Christ while telling parables in the Bible. Here are some of the awesome things you will find in this episode:

-- Why many people miss some of the amazing hints Russell drops while telling everyone about cool things.

-- What it means to listen with different ears.

-- And how Russell finally figured out how to listen to the courses he was buying differently.

So listen here to find out you can get even more awesome information from Russell if you just listen a little differently.

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Best Quote:

And what we did when we started testing this, we found that the emails we sent out, this email made $3 grand, this one made $15 grand, this one made $18 grand, we see the different price for each one going out. We dug deeper and it’s like, oh wow, this email $12000 came from the thing we were selling in the email, but $3000 came from the links in the footer of my email.


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Good morning, good morning everybody. This is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I want to share with you guys something that is insanely cool and hopefully very applicable to you.

Alright everybody, I as you know talk a lot, probably way too much. But I’m always talking right. There’s videos and podcasts and Facebook lives and Funnel Fridays and Funnel Hacker TV and Marketing Secrets podcast and on, and all these things. And it’s interesting, when I’m talking I’m always sharing things, I’m always dropping ideas and thoughts and concepts and clues and hints. I remember yesterday I shared some stuff that I think was really, really profound, but I didn’t share it in a way of like, “Okay, let me teach you a lesson.” And I was like, “This is the lesson.” I didn’t say that, I just shared something really quickly.

Actually Todd and I were doing our Funnel State of the Union address that we do every Friday, kind of walking through the ups and downs, the pros the cons, all the stuff that’s happening from the development side. So people are understanding, you know, that we’ve got 50+ developers working around the clock to serve you guys. And most companies don’t tell you about that side, and I was like, I want to bring Todd, my cofounder on to share those things.

So he’s sharing them and while we were talking, we were talking about different features that were coming out, and we shared this one really cool thing, which is Clickfunnels now tracks the stats of all your emails. So you look at every single email and be like, “hey, this email made 14000 dollars.” And then you can dig deeper and be like, “what funnels do those things come from.”

And what we did when we started testing this, we found that the emails we sent out, this email made $3 grand, this one made $15 grand, this one made $18 grand, we see the different price for each one going out. We dug deeper and it’s like, oh wow, this email $12000 came from the thing we were selling in the email, but $3000 came from the links in the footer of my email.

I was telling people, I was like, “I was so shocked that I was able to see this. Oh my gosh, not only am I making money from the email, but the links in the footer were also making me money.” And then I went on to the next thing.

Most people heard that, and the only thing we heard was, “Oh cool, we can see the stats of how much money we made in our emails.” But there was this other lesson that was a second level deeper that was so much more powerful, that almost everyone who listened, didn’t hear it. So it was the second lesson.

The second lesson as I was speaking was, “Oh my gosh I found out these footer, links in my footer that are like, ‘hey you like stuff from Russell, here are links to my other products and services.” And just putting this block of links to my other products and services in the footer of my email, each email is making me 3-4 thousand dollars every time I send an email out.

That’s multiple millions of dollars a year, just from the footer links in my emails. I didn’t break it down and stop and tell people that was the thing. But those who are listening with their ears, they’re catching these things. So this morning as I’m getting ready, we’re about to head out and have the kids work because it’s a nice Saturday, the phrase came to my head, it said, “He who  has ears, let him hear.” And I started thinking about that.

Everyone’s listening to the same thing, but he who has ears let him hear. And I was like, that’s a scriptural phrase, I remember hearing that. So I went to, I have this app that you can search all the scriptures for things, so I just typed in “he who has ears, let him hear.” And in the new testament alone, the new testament alone that phrase is used 50 times. 50 times, and it’s usually if you look at it deeper. It’s usually Christ will tell a parable, or tell a story and before he does he says, “He who has ears, let him hear.” And then he tells the story.

And people are like, “Oh that story is really, really good.” And they move on. But what’s interesting is that in every parable there’s different levels of depth. It’s like, oh, here’s this story. Oh, I feel good. I heard this story. But then if you look deeper, “He who has ears let him hear.” Those who are listening with the right ears, they’re hearing a different message, or hearing a more important message, or hearing what Christ actually needed people to hear.

So for me, I’m thinking about that in context to this. It’s like, I’m always sharing things. A lot of you guys maybe saw the Funnel Hacker TV episode we did a little while ago about my trip to San Francisco and you’re like, “Oh it was fun, Russell had a good time. It was fun to see all the stuff.” But it’s like, man, there were 10 different deep, profound lessons that were shared in that thing that weren’t like, “Let me stop real quick guys, let me explain this lesson.”

But it was like, as I’m going through the video and we’re doing the vlog, we were talking and sharing things and there were all these other lessons that most people missed.

So I wanted to bring this up for a couple of reasons. I want you guys to start listening with different ears. Start listening with, what are all the hints and secrets and things that Russell’s dropping in every day conversation? They’re in the books, they’re in the podcasts, they’re in the videos. All the stuff we’re putting out, we’re not putting out just put out, right.

Sometimes we put out something and it’s like, “Why would Russell put that out?” And it’s like, those who are listening with the right ears are going to capture different things than those who are just scrolling through their news feed and seeing stuff.

So my moral for you today, is he who has ears, let him hear. What that means is as you’re seeing stuff and you’re listening to things you guys, listen for the secondary story. Listen to the secondary meaning of the thing that I’m not able to share all the time like, “here’s the cool ninja thing.” I’m just sharing, in the process of me telling stories and doing things, there’s all these things that are happening behind the scenes that most people are actually missing.

And I know that hit me up, I know the people that are listening because, for example, just certain people. Steven Larsen is one who listens with different ears and I’ll say something and he’ll, I know that he heard it because all the sudden three days later, I’ll say it in a podcast and like three days later I’ll get a message like, “Oh my gosh, you said this did you know that…..” I’m like, “Yep, he’s listening with the right ears.”

Brandon Poulin is the same way. I’ll say something and then Brandon will message me and be like, “Dude, blah, blah, blah.” Or Kaelin will hear it. The people who are having the most success are the ones who are listening with those ears.

I remember, another way I can kind of put this, first time I noticed it in myself was, I was buying everybody’s stuff for a long time, I was a buyer. I was buying thing after thing after thing. And I wasn’t getting a lot of value out of it until I started listening with different ears. I remember I started buying, but I started buying people’s things slower. I started studying not just what they were selling, but how they were selling it. No one’s telling you, “This is how I’m selling you.”

But I started listening with those ears, like “How did they get me so excited? Why was I so pumped to buy this product? Why was I anticipating? Why was I on the edge of my seat for days or weeks or months waiting to give this person money?” I’m listening with different ears now because I’m trying to figure out what were they doing? I got more value out of watching what they were doing a lot of times than the actual buying of the product where they’re teaching what they’re doing.

That’s the secret, listening with different ears, paying attention differently. Don’t just listen for the overarching storyline. What are the sub lessons that are happening? And as you start looking for those, you guys, I’m dropping them all the time. And I wish I could do a podcast up front for every single one explaining, “Hey guys, this is what this means exactly.” But I can’t. I’m just going thorugh and sharing as much as I can and those who have ears will hear. So for you, that’s the lesson and the moral, to start listening with different ears. Listen for the underlining messages because they’re there all the time, all around you.

Alright guys, I gotta go clean my room, or clean the outside. My daughter, Norah’s yelling at me on the intercom saying, “Dad, where are you?” So I gotta go. Appreciate you guys, have an amazing day. And we’ll talk to you guys soon.


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