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How do you offer auto-ship in a supplement funnel?


How to you offer auto-ship in a supplement funnel? At what point in the funnel does that pitch happen?

We sell an all natural super food protein blend called 180. We’ve been getting new leads with the free plus shipping offer and it is working fantastically. So my question to you is, on the one time offer upsell, our long term vision is to get these guys onto an auto=ship program so that they can better their health long term. But at what point in the funnel does that pitch happen? Immediately after, or do we wait until they sample it? What is your experience from the past? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Two things I would say, number one if you saw Drew Canoli, if you’ve seen the Organify funnel we helped him design. When we first designed it initially we just had one, three and four bottles. And guess what, nobody signed up for continuity because it wasn’t there. So if you look at their thing, it’s interesting. The way they priced it, the one, three and four, but then they also have, they basically have two buttons. This is one for $79 a bottle, or if you go on auto-ship it’s $59.99 a bottle, whatever it is. You’re making the pricing so that they’d be a moron to not do auto-ship and just have it there.

Same thing, Dave Asprey with Bulletproof, when you buy Bulletproof stuff, same thing. Save 50% if you go on subscription. Amazon does it now. I would just on the actual page have that as an option now. People are used to it, it’s happening more and more even in the main stream like Amazon and things like that. So I would have it there.

The second thing though, for those who didn’t get on continuity, then the next, somewhere else in the funnel, I wouldn’t wait too long, but probably long enough for them to get it and be consuming it, so maybe 30-45 days later. For those who didn’t get on continuity, then I would have a huge, really cool campaign that was basically a video of, I don’t even know. Like a funny video that explains the situation we’re in. Get a video of you in your house with an empty tub of protein, “Oh crap, it’s done. How else will I get protein? Eggs?” They’re cracking eggs, trying to drink those, puking and then trying to do it. Then finally, five or six funny situations that they’re probably in.

I’m a big supplement guy, I take like 800 a day. I know that feeling when you’re in the supplement cabinet, you open the bottle and it’s empty and you’re like, “Dangit, how am I going to get this vitamin D? I guess I’m going to have to go sun tanning.” Or whatever. Make a funny thing on it, and then send that video after 30 days, “Is this you yet? If not, go watch this video, this is what happens when your first thing runs out. Warning, this is what happens when your first bottle runs out.” And show that, show 4 or 5 funny things about what else they’d have to do to get that same thing that would have got if they had your product and then they’ll be like, “Ha, ha, ha.” People will laugh and connect with you and then they’re more likely. And then offer continuity right then, at that point. That’d be how I would do it.

So is that fun? Alright, am I allowed? We’re dropping the mic but we got the purple cushion now below. Here we go guys.


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