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How Eileen Made $1 Million In A Day…


I didn’t just create the Two Comma Club because I wanted to celebrate people’s awesome success…

…but ALSO because I wanted to show YOU what’s possible.

I didn’t want people to just see me being successful… but other people in the ClickFunnels ecosystem as well.

Because once you see people just like you make over a million dollars online, it opens your mind to what’s really possible!

Eileen Wilder is an example.

She’s made over $1 million in a single day… not once, but twice!

I talked to her about it and these were some of the coolest lessons she mentioned…

“Increasing my conviction” — That’s what she calls it when she raises her price. She started with a $297 offer. And she decided to just start raising the price to see what she could sell it for. She got up to $6k with the same exact offer and her clients loved it!

One-to-many selling — The biggest bottleneck in her business ended up being sales calls. They took a lot of time and were exhausting. So she decided to try selling one-to-many through a webinar… and she ended up hitting her first six-figure day!

Her $30k offer — Then she wanted to figure out how she could make a million dollars in a day. So she created a $30k offer… sold one-to-many… and surpassed her goal!

Her story is so cool.

And it’s super inspiring.

Check out my full interview with her here...

- Russell Brunson


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