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How I became friends with Tony Robbins (and you can, too!!!)


To be honest, I NEVER thought I’d become good friends with someone like Tony Robbins.

It seemed impossible…

How could someone like me — a simple entrepreneur with a sales funnel business — get direct access to someone who is bigger than life itself?

It still blows my mind! 🤯

But the really crazy thing is HOW I did it.

Check out this video to see the full story for yourself.

But the gist is…

I used a strategy I call “The Dream 100”.

In fact, I introduce this strategy in detail in my book, Traffic Secrets. It’s a proven method ANYONE can follow to “get in” with the movers and shakers in their specific niche or industry.


By building relationships!

Here’s the basic strategy I use to build meaningful connections with influencers in less than 60 days!

Days 1-14 - Identify and Engage with Your Dream 100

Start by identifying the key people in your Dream 100 and begin interacting with them. This could be the owners of relevant Facebook groups, the influencers themselves, or the writers/editors of popular blogs in your niche. Write down their contact details, follow their channels, and spend time genuinely engaging with their content. Your goal here is to start creating authentic connections. Create a spreadsheet and track your interactions.

Days 15-30 - Initiate Direct Contact (No Pitches)

With some familiarity established, reach out directly to your Dream 100, but avoid pitching anything at this stage. Instead, focus on asking meaningful questions, sharing short personal stories, or asking for advice. The goal is to further build rapport and establish an authentic relationship.

🚩Avoid Red Flags: Always send personalized messages instead of generic templates. Avoid sharing your full story too early on and do not ask for anything yet.

🚦Encourage Green Lights: Be consistent in your interactions so that they recognize your face and name. Praise their work and show that you've done your homework about their interests and passions.

Days 31-60 - Turn them into Fans

Now that a relationship has been built, it's time to introduce them to your products or services. Share your products with them for free and make them compelling offers. Spoil them. The goal is not to make a profit at this stage but to turn these influencers into huge fans of your business and its products.

Then what happens?

I think you’ll find (as I have!) that building relationships with influencers — and making that part of your daily routine — opens the door to so many opportunities that it’s mind-blowing!

This, BY FAR, has been the biggest source of traffic and leads in my businesses.

So save this email and start nurturing those relationships!

You won’t regret it. :)

- Russell Brunson

P.S. You can get a free copy of Traffic Secrets here (just pay S&H). In that book, I break down the Dream 100 method in a lot more detail!


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