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How I sold my iPhone for $500,000


Do you find people just aren’t interested in your offers?

Then you need to ask yourself this.

“Am I packaging things in the right way to make my offer irresistible?”

It’s funny, I was speaking at a live event a couple years back and people kind of looked confused when I said this.

I realized I needed to demonstrate how quick fixing an offer can be.

So I auctioned off my phone for $600 to the room and… no one raised their hand.

But literally two minutes later I had 6 people on stage ready to buy for $500,000 each.

Here’s how I did it.

The problem most entrepreneurs have is that their product is a commodity.

That’s not good enough.

You have to make someone believe that your product is special and worth more than what anyone else can offer.

Here’s how I ‘packaged’ my $600 iPhone to make it worth $500,000:

  • I offered the room $800,000 worth of marketing courses, ebooks and audiobooks stored in my phone’s memory
  • I offered the room super rare marketing materials dating back hundreds of years and I had to dig through eBay, Amazon, bookstores and archives to find them
  • I offered the room Tony Robbins’ phone number, and Richard Branson’s, and a whole bunch of other top entrepreneurs’ and influencers’ numbers who you can call any time
  • I offered the room my entire email address book
  • I offered the room access to millions of my followers on all my social media platforms

I auctioned my phone off again for $600 and everyone’s hand went up.

Then I offered $1,000 then $10,000 and $20,000… all the way up to $500,000 and SIX PEOPLE had their hands still raised!

I told them to come up on stage ready to write me a check for $500,000 and then asked one of them: “Why are you ready to pay me?”

“Because based on what you just said, that’s a really good deal.”

But here’s the key.

All I had done was changed the words I was using to package the offer.

This is literally what we do during brainstorm meetings at ClickFunnels when we have a product we want to sell and haven’t figured out the offer irresistible yet.

Here’s a couple things we consider.


Put a 💵 price on the value of the contents

Can you put a price on the contents of your offer? If you invested in yourself to get the knowledge you’re now offering, how much was that?

I aim to charge 10% of the true value of my offer to make that offer irresistible.

Explain why your offer is rare, unique or 🧐 impossible-to-find

Can you get your buyer to believe the offer is nothing like what the competition is selling?

This heightens the perceived value and makes your offer irresistible.

Describe how your buyer’s life will change 😍 for the better

Can you walk your buyer through amazing scenes of what their life could be like… if only they bought your offer today?

This creates huge excitement and once they’ve had a taste, the offer becomes irresistible.

List out all the tools 🧰 they’re getting and what they’ll achieve with them

Can you make your buyer fully believe that getting these incredible results is not just possible, but easy with the tools you’re giving them?

Don’t just create excitement… explain why your tools are the bridge to getting there.


I know what you might be thinking.

“It’s easy for Russell, but I don’t have Tony Robbins’ phone number to offer…”

I’ve been doing this entrepreneur thing for decades and for a lot of that time I had to create irresistible offers from nothing.

Remember: it’s how you package your offer that makes it irresistible, it’s not the offer itself.

Still feel you’ve got more to learn about irresistible offers?

You can watch the YouTube video of the event here.

Talk soon,

Russell Brunson

P.S. Once you’ve got your irresistible offer nailed down all you need is traffic to your sales funnels. Find 30+ ways to do this in my book Traffic Secrets which you can get here for free (plus S&H).
I auctioned my phone off again for $600 and everyone’s hand went up.


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