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113 - How One Presentation Can Change Everything

How One Presentation Can Change Everything

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Episode Recap:

The quickest path to launch your entire expert business fast. On today’s podcast Russell talks about how easy it would be to get started by making a presentation and changing your life. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-- Find out the three easy steps it would take to get started and begin making money overnight.

-- Find out why if Russell were to start from scratch he would use this method.

-- And hear a few examples of front end products, and upsells that would be easy to do.

So listen here to find out how easy it could be to get started on a mini business overnight.

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Best Quote:

I think, in fact, I’m going to challenge all of you guys to do this. Oh, I’m throwing out a challenge. I was just thinking, if I was to start from scratch right now, and I don’t know why, actually I do know why this is in my head, two days ago I did a podcast about really quickly just finding two people to partner with to do other hard aspects of your business, and you just do the third one.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I am coming to you from inside of my wrestling room and I want to talk about something that I think will get a lot of you guys started very, very quickly.

So I’m supposed to have wrestling practice this morning, but I woke up super early the day before so I was super tired last night and passed out before I could text the guy that comes and wrestles with me, to let him know that we were going to wrestle. So I woke up this morning and there was a text from him late at night saying, “We wrestling?” and then, yeah he was already, he stayed up late last night and then slept in this morning.

So I’m in the wrestling room right now just to lift by myself. And usually I’m in here with people so it’s kind of weird. This is my little sanctuary. For those who haven’t watched our YouTube at all, you know that my house is kind of like my compound. We made this place kind of crazy, so I have my own wrestling room, and we have a bunch of other crazy things. But this is like my sanctuary. As a wrestler I always wanted something like this and it’s just the coolest thing in the world, this external garage in my backyard.

So I’m out here right now just sitting on the wrestling mats. I just got done working out and was just thinking about something that, I think, in fact, I’m going to challenge all of you guys to do this. Oh, I’m throwing out a challenge. I was just thinking, if I was to start from scratch right now, and I don’t know why, actually I do know why this is in my head, two days ago I did a podcast about really quickly just finding two people to partner with to do other hard aspects of your business, and you just do the third one.

Anyway, I think the reason I’m working on a project right now that will be going live in two months, that’s very focused towards beginners. If you were to start over from scratch what would you do? So that thought, and that question has been going through my head a lot which is probably why these ideas keep coming up, so hopefully some of you guys benefit from them. But I was thinking about this. So at Funnel Hacking Live earlier this year, I did six presentations. For each presentation I had to figure out a hook and a story, and then teach a concept that was interesting.

So if you look at my presentations, my very first presentation was how to go from zero to a million, a million to ten, and ten to a hundred. So that was my first presentation. Then the second presentation I gave was all about, what was the second presentation? The second one was funnel audibles. No excuse me, the second one was conversation domination. How to dominate the conversation so that when somebody pulls up their phone to look at Facebook, instagram, youtube, pinterest, whatever they look at, you dominate that conversation. You’re everywhere. So conversation domination.

Number three was funnel audibles. Number four was the twelve month millionaire, number five, I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I had six. So for each of those, it was a presentation and I tried to figure out a sexy hook on each one. Why would this be interesting to people? Why is it not the same thing you see on Instagram or Facebook a million times? We log onto Facebook and everyone’s like, “My three week master class on how to run Facebook ads.” It’s just like, everyone’s thing is the same.

So how do you figure out a hook that’s truly unique in marketplaces that are flooded? And most marketplaces worth being in are flooded. So for me, it’s just trying to figure out that hook. I spent a couple of months before the event, trying to figure out these different hooks, what would be the most intriguing, exciting. I would think of an idea and go run it by Dave and a couple other people in the office, “Hey, what do you think about this?” and they’d be, “Oh that’s cool.” And I’d be like, “Crap, that was wrong.” But if they were like, “Holy crap, I want to hear that presentation.” Then I’m like, “Alright, cool. That’s the right title.”

So it was just me kind of organically doing that right. So for you, whatever market you’re in, that’s the first thing I’d do. Pretend like you’re going to be speaking at Funnel Hacking Live or whatever, let’s say you’re in fitness, maybe it’s paleo hacks or like whatever the big event is, maybe you’re giving a Ted talk or something. But envision yourself, “I’m going to be onstage giving a presentation of a topic.” And you have to make this the sexiest, most unique, most intriguing, interesting thing. You need a good title and a good hook.

Conversation Domination, that’s a good title. And the hook was, basically the hook was like TV back in 1963 was three channels, ABC, NBC, and CBS. So people like Tony Robbins who wanted to dominate the entire, all media, they’d buy ads on those three channels and that’s how Tony Robbins became Tony Robbins. Today it’s different, TV got fragmented, and now there’s a thousand cable channels and it’s harder to be successful. Whereas today, our phone is the tv of the 1960’s, the place where people spend 99% of their time is like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

So the question is how do we dominate the conversation so that we are all present in all those channels all the time, so when people open up any of those apps on the phone, all they see is us. So that’s kind of the premise of that presentation. The hook and the story.

And then I go and teach how to do blah. This type of presentation, in your mind, specifically this is not like the perfect webinar where I’m trying to break false beliefs and all that kind of stuff. This one I’m specifically teaching somebody how to do something. So I went through and showed you how to dominate the conversation from each of the different platforms, how they work together, and explained that whole thing. So that was the presentation, I think it was 60 or maybe 90 minutes long.

Now for you guys, again, I want you to do the same thing. You’re giving a Ted Talk, you’re speaking at Funnel Hacking Live, you’re speaking at your event thing. What is your thing? What is a unique title for it, that’s super intriguing? What’s the hook and the story that makes it really interesting? And what’s the how-to to teach people how to get that result you’re promising them?

For all of you guys, you should have that, or should be able to figure that out. If not, that is your homework. Congratulations, stop surfing YouTube and listen to podcasts, it’s time to figure that out. Pretend like you’re giving a presentation, pretend like I just asked you to speak at Funnel Hacking Live and you’ve got to get onstage in a week and give that presentation. It’s got to be sexy, it’s gotta have a good hook, have a good story, and you gotta teach a really cool how-to.

So for me, I’m looking at the six presentations  Ig ave at Funnel Hacking Live, and four of those presentations, maybe three, probably three. Three of those presentations are really good. I could build an entire business off of that presentation.

In fact, Peng Joon who spoke at Funnel Hacking Live, if you guys were there, he gave a presentation called Content Multiplier. That was the title, sexy title, Content Multiplier. His hook was like, how I spend three days per quarter with my camera, it records all the content for all my social media channels at once. And then he showed, I spend three days, hit record and then from this is what we do. He shows you, he chopped up the content, move it around, do all this stuff. Content Multiplier, that was his presentation.

Now he actually since then, went and did what I’m talking about. He went and built an entire business around it. He took his presentation and his slide, and he made a little booklet, made a free plus shipping offer, then he upsells you a video training course going into more depth of exactly how to do it, then he upsells you from there a done for you service, where they give you all the templates that you need to be able to actually do it. So he built a whole entire business off of this one singular presentation.

If I was to do that for Conversation Domination, I could do the same thing. I could take my presentation, make that a, put it on a CD, or a thumb drive, or I could print the slides out and put it into a book, get it transcribed, make it a nice book. There’s a ton of ways I could turn that presentation into a really cool front end offer. It could be free plus shipping, it could be $27, it could be $97, whatever.

Then after someone buys that there could be an in depth training, where instead of me doing an hour long presentation, I’m going through in two days or three days, going in depth in that process and showing people behind the scenes of exactly how I do it. Then number three I could have a done for you service on the back where I just do it for people.

Funnel audibles, same thing. I could take my presentation, make a free plus shipping book out of it, or put the presentation on a DVD or an MP3 player. I could then upsell all of the templates that we use to begin our funnel audibles. When we build funnels, here’s the templates we use. These are our controls. Control is the winning template, I’ll give you all my controls and you can start from there. And then on the backend I could do a high end server for $5000 a month where I do the Funnel audibles for you. You run the traffic, we login and tell you what to change, you come back and make those changes, and we go back and forth and do these audibles, and that could be a service we sell.

What were my other presentations? Anyway, for all my presentations, I could build an entire business easily off of that thing. So for some of you guys who are stuck, “I don’t know what to sell Russell, I don’t know what do. I haven’t found my voice yet. I haven’t blah…” All the different, million excuses I hear all the time. This is where you should start at.

Let’s do something amazing. Make an amazing presentation. Now when I did my presentation, I didn’t have these ugly PowerPoint slides, I hired a designer and said, “This is called Conversation Domination, can you make a really cool design for this new little brand I’m launching?” And they did, they designed a really cool thing. If you saw the presentation, Conversation Domination had this really old tv that had the tv channels on it, it was awesome.

If you look at how I did Funnel Audibles, it was this little clipboard showing lines and arrows and it was like a little funnel football thing, calling audibles. It was a cool design. Then I gave the presentation, so I got the video of the presentation, and I have my slides, I could get it transcribed and then boom, there’s my front end and now I’m ready to rock and roll. I could launch six little mini businesses off my six presentations tomorrow. That’s how fast it is.

So for you guys, do the same thing. This is your homework, you need to make an hour long presentation, teaching the crap out of the thing you do, and figure out exactly what that is. Don’t just be like, “I’m going to teach you how to do Facebook ads.”  “I’m going to teach you how to lose weight.” Because that’s what everybody, that’s the non-sexy version that people won’t give you money for. What’s the sexy version? What’s the hook? What’s the hook that makes yours intriguing or interesting?

If you go back a few episodes to Hook, Story, Offer episode that I did here on the Marketing Secrets podcast, listen to that again and hopefully you can get ideas and get the wheels in your head spinning about hook, story, offer. For this though, you just need a really good title, that’s the hook, and then the story, and then from there you can actually teach the how-to behind it. And I recommend what you guys do is go and get the title, get somebody to design some sweet looking slides, just the title slide that has the name of your thing, and then a little tiny logo you can put on your slides, and then make a presentation that you’re going to give for an hour, and then that’s going to be your first product.

And then you’re going to open up, if you’re on PC you use Camtasia, if you’re on a Mac, you do ScreenFlow, and if both of those technologies are too difficult, which they’re not, they’re super easy, get your iPhone out and record yourself giving that presentation, teaching that thing for an hour. Now you have everything you need to create an amazing little business overnight, like a million dollar a year business done that fast.

The presentation is your front end. Again, free plus shipping, it’s super low ticket, it’s whatever that is. Then your first upsell is “Okay I’m going to deep dive with you for an extended training, where you get a membership that goes through me showing you behind the scenes exactly how we do everything.” And then number three is the done for you service, where you do this process or a piece of the process is done with you maybe, or you do a part of it with them, but really, really expensive.  And that’s it, you could do that on anything.

I have a friend right now, Monica Tanner who interviewed me for her podcast. She’s someone that lives really close to us, I’m going to actually tell her to go listen to this. I don’t think she’s ever listened to a marketing podcast before. But she wrote this little pdf teaching people to have a screen free summer, she should take that pdf, turn it into PowerPoint slides, do a presentation of her teaching it, make that a really low ticket, free plus shipping, or put the video on an MP3 player or something. $7 you get a pdf version, or something really inexpensive, where it’s like, go get this, my presentation on how to get a screen free summer.

Then the upsell now is, now you understand the why’s and how’s and all that kind of stuff, I’m going to go deep and record myself in my own home, showing you how we did this. Then the upsell for $197 or $97 or whatever it is, doing a deep dive course showing it. So you actually show behind the scenes of practical application of how you did that thing you talked about on the front end offer. Video yourself showing, going deep into all the different things. Go into your house and show how you set the things up, how you help your kids, how you get them to cope, here’s the games you do instead, all the things to keep them so they’re not bored  during the summer.

All the cool stuff, as soon as someone’s like, “you’re right, I do need to do a screen free summer, but my kids are going to drive me crazy, therefore I must give them screens.” Do a deep dive course for 10 hours or whatever it is, going through all that stuff and showing that. Then the backend is done for you, where it’s like, “I’ll get on the phone with you and your entire family, we’ll spend two hours on the phone and I’ll help you guys implement this inside your house. Throw Facetime on your phone, I’ll walk around your house with you, help set things up, show you what to do, how to do it, and then boom, for $1000 or $2000, you could do a done for you version where we help you implement this inside your house.

Let’s say you’re doing a food thing and you’re in the weight loss space, industry. It’s like, how has this worked for me? It’s like, figure out a really cool hook. Everyone’s doing keto, everyone’s doing different things, what’s your hook? My hook could be, if I was doing this, how a wrestler who’s cut over 3500 lbs in the last ten years, discovered the one secret that actually does something. I’m not in the weight loss industry, I don’t know how to do it.

The burrito diet. I saw a guy a little while ago had the burrito diet. Here’s how I lost 20 lbs eating nothing but burritos. What? Boom, there’s your free plus shipping, a presentation showing how you do nothing but burrito diets. And then the upsell is like, “I showed you the burrito diet, showed you how to do burritos, but the one thing about burritos is after you do ten of them, you get really bored because it’s the same thing. So I’m going to show you guys my 200 favorite burrito recipes, on top of that I’m going to show you guys how to eat when you go home, and how you do blah.” Whatever it is.

And the done for you service is like, “Look, I’ll get on Skype with you, or I’ll get one Facetime with you for an hour, we’ll go to the grocery store, we’re going to buy all this stuff, I’ll show you how to make it, we’ll actually be cooking with Russell. We’re going to be cooking with you, with your family, that way you can experience it, make sure you cook it right. I’ll show you how much to put in, and it’ll be literally like having me as a chef in your corner, coming through my phone.”

Anyway, those are horrible examples off the top of my head, but conceptually, do you guys get it? One presentation can and should build your entire business. So it’s time to create that one presentation. Stop what you’re doing right now, pause the podcast, stop goofing around on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and let’s make a presentation. Let’s teach something really, really amazing.

The key is though, for starting, again you have to have a really good hook, a really good story, create a presentation, that’s your front end product. Upsell are going to be deep training, how to do it. And then the second upsell is going to be a done for you service where you actually do that thing for them or with them.

Alright, you have your assignment. I expect to not hear back from you until your presentation is done. Thanks so much for listening you guys, and I will talk to you on the next episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Oh, btw, if you’ve got a few minutes, please go to iTunes, rate and review. I’d love to hear back from you guys. Some of you guys know we had to launch a new channel because we got the iTunes slap, so our new channel doesn’t have as many comments, so if you love this podcast, please go and let me and the world know. Some of you guys may be listening to us on our old channel, if so please come over. Go to iTunes, search for Marketing Secrets, resubscibe to the new channel because the old channel will be fading out here in the very near future.

With that said, you guys, thanks for everything, and we’ll talk soon.


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