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30 - How To Ascend Your Customers

How To Ascend Your Customers

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Russell maps out how he has structured his coaching programs to automatically ascend his customers to the next level of coaching!

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When we create our packages, our first coaching package that we have is about $5,500. It’s really like a fast-start 30-day coaching program where they get 30 days working with me directly and with one of our coaches to get their business launched. I don’t think it takes more than 30 days to launch most businesses if you have some sort of product already. It’s just marketing and that kind of stuff.


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This is Russell Brunson and this is the Marketing in your car Podcast. Hey, everyone. I am driving to the office now this Monday morning. I am very excited for this week for a couple reasons. First off, I’ve got some fun projects I’m working on. Second off, I am actually this week flying to Vegas to go pick up a Ferrari I won. I won it in a sales contest for Pure Leverage, a new auto-responder company that was launching. We sold 1,100-1,200 people to it within a month, which was enough to win a Ferrari.

I’m going to go pick it up and we’re going to drive it all the way from Vegas back to Boise, which is going to be pretty fun. In fact, I bought a Go-Pro camera and I’m going to mount it on the dashboard of the Ferrari looking out and record the entire drive home. Then I’m going to time lapse that drive and have it as the background of a sales video. I’m pretty excited. It’s going to be fun.

What I want to talk to you guys today is I want to give you guys an idea and it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot as we’ve been rebuilding our coaching programs. One of the last podcasts talked about how we have been dabbling with starting back up some of our coaching programs, selling high-ticket stuff but doing it much differently.

Instead of having 60 sales guys like I did back in an earlier version of Russell, we’ll do it pretty small where we pre-qualify and basically only call a few people who make the cut to work with us.

So far, it’s been really good. We’ve been learning a lot along the way and it’s exciting. One concept I wanted to talk to you guys about, since it’s something I’m implementing and anyone can implement it, is really focusing on your value ladder. You’re bringing someone through some sort of chain of offers.

Someone comes in initially at a smaller price and then you upgrade them to a higher price and you’re trying to get them up to your high-ticket things. If you’re looking at the Dan Kennedy world, where I used to spend a lot of time with Dan Glazier and stuff, he calls it the ascension model, how to get your customers to ascend naturally. As we’ve been building this whole program out, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that ascension strategy, how we get them to move from one to the next to the next.

When we create our packages, our first coaching package that we have is about $5,500. It’s really like a fast-start 30-day coaching program where they get 30 days working with me directly and with one of our coaches to get their business launched. I don’t think it takes more than 30 days to launch most businesses if you have some sort of product already. It’s just marketing and that kind of stuff.

That’s our initial offer. After that happens, my goal is to put people through a program called Decade in a Day. I you look at Tony Robbins, at his events he talks about how you can compress decades into days. For example, you have someone who spent the last decade learning about the stock market or whatever their passion is, and they spent a decade learning that stuff and they wrote a book. You take that book and you can compress what they learned in a decade down into a few days.

I thought it was a cool concept, so we launched our second tier, which is called Decade in a Day. It’s not as expensive. We’re only charging $3,500 for it. Basically it’s a one-day program with me virtually, where you and the five or six or ten other people who signed up for Decade in a Day get on a virtual webinar with me. For an entire day, I sit down and I rebuild your business, and then the next person’s business, then the next person’s business. You have a chance to have your own business re-tweaked and rebuilt on top of going and watching me critique and rebuild nine or ten others’ during that day.

The whole goal is to compress a decade of learning into a day. Basically, to kind of take you on whatever path you’re going, lift you up and shift in the right direction or make the tweaks or whatever it is. That’s our second program: a Decade in a Day.

The goal at the end of Decade in a Day is to upgrade people to our $25,000 a year mastermind group. That’s the progression we’re taking people down. What’s cool about it, if you look at what we’re doing, each program is designed to sell the next program.

It goes from quick-start, and after that 30 days their business should be done. The next offer is, “Now you need our Decade in a Day so Russell can go and critique your business. Now that we’ve built this thing, let’s put it on autopilot.”

We give them a voucher toward that so they get a discount on the second if they bought the first. Then after Decade in a Day it’s like, “Now that we’ve done this, let’s go over to this yearly program so we can do this more frequently with me meeting you in person, etc. etc.”

That’s the direction we’re going in. The takeaway I want you guys to have is positioning and creating your program so that each thing sells the next thing.

The first time I really saw this was with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes’ business, the Business Breakthroughs. Basically they sell you into a webinar, and on that webinar they sell you into their coaching. In their coaching, they sell you into their high-ticket coaching.

Each one is created and structured to ascend you to the next one. I don’t think many of us think of our business that way. I know even when we had our call center of 60 people and we were doing crazy numbers, we were never trying to ascend anybody. That was the end of the value ladder. It ended there.

I think it’s important to look at something and say, “How can I help someone? How can I take them to the next step?” and really focus on how to ascend up and providing enough value that they want to and are able to. Especially if you’re in a how to make money business, they should be able to make enough money during the first program to afford the second one and so on. If not, there’s probably something wrong.

That’s what I’m working on in my business. I think it’s interesting and I hope you guys found it interesting as well. Just think about how you can create your product line so that each offer makes someone want to ascend up to the next offer.

That’s about it for today. I’m at the office, ready to go have some fun. I’m actually going to be working with the first set of people who signed up for our quick-start 30-day coaching. If you’re listening to this, I will talk to you later today.

If not, you guys should get into the program. It’s really fun and exciting. It’s actually closed down right now, but we’ll probably open it up in a month or so now that we’ve taken this first test group through.

I appreciate you guys listening. If you enjoyed this podcast, please go to iTunes and search for Marketing In Your Car and give us a thumbs up, because it’s fun when people rate us. It gets me excited. It makes me want to keep on doing this. I appreciate you guys and I’ll talk to you all again soon.


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