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How to [EASILY] Turn Subscribers Into Customers 😎


It might surprise you but I’ve known entrepreneurs with big email lists… who make very little money.

Which is so unfortunate!

Every email address is valuable — it represents a person who wants to hear what you have to say.

To not turn your most loyal audience into loyal customers is crazy to me!

But how do you do that?

Create a "Soap Opera Sequence”

The Soap Opera Sequence, as detailed in my book, DotCom Secrets, is a 5-part email sequence that carries a narrative, building anticipation and engagement much like a gripping TV soap opera does.

It's all about turning your business and offerings into a story that compels, relates, and sells!

Why a 'soap opera', you may ask?

Think about it. What makes soap operas so addictive? It's the constant tension, suspense, and emotional investment that keeps viewers coming back for more. That's exactly what you want with your emails. You want your subscribers to anticipate your next email, open it, read it, and take action.

Here are the five emails that every Soap Opera Sequence needs!

Set The Stage 🎭 — Picture the first email like the start of a thrilling soap opera series. Your goal is to grab attention, create a bond, and set the scene for the story you're about to tell. It's about sharing your background, your journey, and even your struggles. You want to hook your readers and leave them eagerly waiting for the next episode.

High Drama 🌩️ — Just like any good soap opera, you need a dose of high drama to keep the audience hooked. In the second email, you dive deeper into the story, particularly the challenges and conflicts you've faced. This helps to build empathy and shows your readers that you understand their struggles. But don't forget to leave them on a cliffhanger, as you want them to eagerly open the next email.

Epiphany 💡 — The third email is all about the "aha" moment or the epiphany. This is where you reveal the solution that helped you overcome the challenges discussed in the previous email. It's your opportunity to introduce your product or service without making a direct pitch. You're simply sharing how this solution changed your life, subtly hinting at how it could do the same for them.

Hidden Benefits 🎁 — Now, in the fourth email, you reveal the hidden benefits - the ones that your readers might not immediately see. These benefits are often related to emotional needs, such as confidence, happiness, freedom, etc. By highlighting these benefits, you're showing the depth of value your solution can provide, going beyond just solving a problem.

Urgency & CTA ⏰ — Finally, the fifth email is where you create a sense of urgency and include a strong Call to Action (CTA). You might introduce a limited-time offer, an exclusive bonus, or a special discount. The goal is to push those who are on the fence to take action. You want to compel them to grab this opportunity before it's gone.

Want to see real-world examples of what this looks like?

Check out this guide!

Talk soon,

Russell Brunson


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