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How to get OTHER PEOPLE to sell your stuff! 🤩


What if you could get OTHER PEOPLE — influencers, for instance, who are already in front of your target market — to talk about, share, and sell your products?

Better yet, what if you only had to pay those people AFTER they sold your stuff?

I call this “building an affiliate army”!

And it’s been one of the most game-changing strategies for my businesses.

In fact, now every time I build a business I make a list of the movers and shakers in that niche who I could partner with in an affiliate capacity. So I only pay them XX% percent commission when they sell my products to their audience.

Cool, right?

Here are some tips for making it happen!

Find Your Dream Affiliates

Just like identifying your dream customers, you need to identify your dream affiliates. Who are the influencers, thought leaders, or successful entrepreneurs in your niche who can help you reach a wider audience?

Create a Win-Win

The key to recruiting a powerful affiliate army is creating a win-win situation. Offer them an irresistible commission structure (recurring revenue is particularly appealing!), provide promotional materials, and ensure that your product or service is of top-notch quality.

Keep Them Engaged

Communication is key. Regularly update your affiliates with any changes, give them sneak peeks of upcoming products, provide them with free samples, and treat them like VIP.

Provide Resources

Your affiliates are just like. They want to do as little work as possible and get as many results as possible. Make selling your product as easy as possible for your affiliates. This might include creating swipe files, banner ads, email copy, social media posts, and anything else they can use to quickly and easily promote your product to their audiences.

Create Special Offers

For your biggest affiliates, it’s a good idea to put together special offers or discounts for their audiences. That will make them feel better about promoting your offer and it’ll convert better, too!

I hope these tips help you to leverage the power of affiliates and scale your business to new heights.

If you want more, snag my book, Traffic Secrets!

Talk soon,

Russell Brunson


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