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The reason I'm good today is because eight years ago, I started publishing every single day. Okay? So you start publishing to find your voice. And first you're like, "Oh, but no one's listening to me." That's good. Cause you suck right now. So it's okay that no one's listening to you. You shouldn't worry about it. Now's the time for you to find your voice and learn how to actually speak and figure out what people actually want to hear. Number two... So number one is for you to find your voice. Number two is you have to publish long enough for people to find you. Okay? Number one, you're finding your voice. Number two, it's you're publishing long enough for them to find you.


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Hey everybody, this is Russell. Welcome back to our fun hangout time in quarantine, every single day. I am trying to set up, I'm sitting in a different spot, so I can actually sit in a chair today, because the last two weeks I've been sitting on the floor and my legs are burning. So we're hanging out a little differently. Hopefully this still works and you guys can all hear me. And right now, we are live on Facebook and Instagram, and I'm excited to be hanging out with you guys today.

So, it is Friday. We are a couple of weeks into this whole crazy quarantine now. I think I told you guys, Boise officially got locked down a couple of days ago, which is good for you guys. Means we all get to hang out more often here, and we're going to start sharing more things from the books. And I'm curious, how many guys have had a chance to listen to the entire audiobook? I know that the new Traffic Secrets book doesn't actually ship until May fifth, but the audio book is available. I sat in a theater, or studio actually, for seven days. It took me three days to read the Traffic Secrets book, two days to read the DotCom Secrets, and two days read the Expert Secrets book.

I got audiobooks done of all three of the new updated versions, but curious how many guys actually had a chance to listen to the whole thing? I know a bunch of guys were like, "I'm going to buy it. I'm going to get the audio book, and I'm going to listen to the whole thing before tomorrow." So hopefully a bunch of you guys had a chance to listen to it, which would be really fun. So, all right, Chris Baden said, "Me." All right, so, good. If not, it's time to... What are you guys doing? We're sitting around doing nothing anyway. Might as well be listening to sharpen your saw, sharpen your mind, and getting prepared for what's coming next. So, Austin said, "Russell, BJJ or wrestling?"

Come on, now. Wrestling is the greatest sport of all time, but BJJ is number two. So, it is good. All right, are you guys excited for today, I'm going to read some more of the book. In fact, we are finishing up section number one today, here inside Traffic Secrets. I'm going to open this thing up. And this is the box set, this is the trilogy. And it's funny, I sent this to Liz Benny, a picture. I'm like, "This is the trilogy." And she's like, "Russell, there's four books. A trilogy only has three." And I was like, "Crap." Well, I'm like, "This is the trilogy, and this is the workbook that goes with the trilogy. So there's four books in a trilogy." I don't know. "Trilogy" sounds cooler. So, there you go. And check this out, if you see the book... Can you guys see the box set? It's really cool. It says, "The Secrets Trilogy by Russell Brunson."

On the back, it's got the Dotcom Secrets is the framework, Expert Secrets is the fire, Traffic Secrets is the fuel, and then Unlock Secrets is your playbook. And then this side is a quote, I don't know, it might be backwards for you guys. It says "You're just one funnel away," and then a quote from Garrett White says, "The life you want, the marriage you want, and the family want are going to be fueled by the businesses you build." And so that's kind of what's in the box set. All right. Let's open this up. We're going back in Traffic Secrets. We've been doing this every single day now for almost two weeks, which has been a lot of fun for me. And we're almost to the end. Today we're going to finish up talking about the first section of the book, which is going to be cool.

So we've covered a lot of stuff. So section number one in the book is all about... In fact, if you look at the title, section one is called "Your Dream Customer." It's really understanding and mastering your customer. Where are they at? How do we find them? How do we get a hold of them? What are the hooks, the stories, the offers for you to grab their attention, to pull them into your world? Who's already congregated? How do we follow up with those people? All the things we've been talking about. And so, secret number seven is infiltrating the Dream 100. How do you do that? It's going to be really fun. And then next week, we're getting into section number two of the book, which is called "Fill your Funnel." This is now where we started breaking down different networks. We're going to Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, podcasting, and a bunch of other ones. I'll show you guys a pattern of how we dominate all of those.

But when you understand the pattern, what's cool about it is we'll give you the ability to dominate anything. Cause you can use this process to dominate TikToks, Twitch, the new platforms coming out next week. Xavier said, "Throwing my wallet on the screen." That's amazing. I love it. I love it. All right. So we're going to Dream 100. So, infiltrating your Dream 100. How do you get into those people? This is the question a lot of people have, cause I've been talking about Dream 100 pretty consistently now for a decade. I tell people, "Build your Dream 100. Go find those people. Network with them, build relationships, get them to promote you."

Things like that. And it's funny, because some people hear me say that, and they don't do anything about it. That's the majority of people. Some people hear me, they build the Dream 100 and start contacting, but they never get in with them. They never ask them to do anything. They just kind of start the exercise, but they don't actually finish it. And so this is going to help you guys understand how to finish this exercise. How do you take this Dream 100, and how do you infiltrate it? How do you build relationships? How do you get in with them? So secret number seven, we're on page 104.

Those who are following along in your books, which haven't been shipped yet. They ship May fifth though, so you should be getting them about a month from now. You guys should all start getting your books. If you don't have your book yet, or the audiobook, you can go get a free copy at You just got to cover the shipping, which is not that much money. I think it's under 10 bucks in the U.S., And a little more international. If you go to, you can get it. There's a bunch of amazing videos and you get immediately the bonuses. Plus, the order form bump is the audiobook. So if you want to listen to it this weekend, you can go upgrade your order and get the audiobook, and you can listen to me reading this entire book to you. And yeah, so it's kind of fun. All right.

So, infiltrating the Dream 100. So I want to tell you guys a story that I tell in the book. How many of you guys remember the Arsenio Hall Show? How many of you guys are old enough? I turn 40 this year. So, old enough to remember that Arsenio Hall Show. He's the late-night "Who, who." That's Arsenio Hall, right? Now, I remember when I was growing up, my parents would not let me watch the Arsenio Hall Show for whatever reason. I think it was cause it was late-night. But my friend's parents let him watch it all the time. So he'd always talk about it, and he was always doing that thing. And so, I remember he would tell me stories and I always wanted to watch it. I never did, until one night, we had a sleepover at his house and I got to watch the Arsenio Hall Show.

It was so cool, because he would run out, and he does this "Who, who, who," and everyone's excited. He's interviewing people, and they're funny people. And it was just this really cool thing. And what's interesting is, I started doing... Oh, actually, this was really funny. After we saw that, that became our thing. That was Arsenio Hall's thing, but that became our thing. We were playing basketball, we'd dunk on someone. We'd play football, catch a touchdown, and like, "Who, who." It became all of our things, right? Oh, someone said that their aunt worked on the show. How cool is that? All right. So, Arsenio Hall Show, at the peak of it, in fact, in June 1992, Bill Clinton, who was running for president at the time, came on the Arsenio Hall Show, played the saxophone. He played the song Heartbreak Hotel, and many people said that one of the main... Not the main reason, but a big reason why President Clinton won the election is because the people who watched Arsenio Hall Show.

They said it helped build his popularity among minority and younger voters, which is one of the main... Not main, but one of the major reasons why he won the election. Which is very interesting, right? Anyway, so then two years after that, Arsenio Hall Show gets canceled, right? And then how many guys have heard of Arsenio Hall since then? No one has, right? He disappeared off the face of the planet. What happened? Until a couple years ago in 2012... I can't believe it was 2012. That was really 10 years ago? I don't know what year we're in right now. In quarantine time, I don't remember what year we're in. Anyway, 2012, we're watching Celebrity Apprentice, cause that's what we do.

And all of a sudden, Arsenio Hall is one of the contestants on Celebrity Apprentice. Which we're like, "This is amazing," right? So we're watching this whole thing and there was something interesting that happened. So they do different fundraisers on Celebrity Apprentice, things are happening. And then one of the episodes was a fundraiser. And so all the contestants jump on the phone, they're calling all their friends, everyone they know, they're trying to raise money, right? And every single one of the celebrities get on the phone and raise money. Somebody raise 30 grand, some raise hundreds of thousands. Everyone's got different levels of it. A couple of people raised half a million or something. Everybody raised money, except for one contestant. Can you guess which contestant that was?

The only contestant that raised not even a penny was Arsenio Hall. And you see the scene, he's on the phone with his address book, and he's calling person after person after person, nobody will return his call. He's like, "Why is nobody returning my calls?" And then at the very end, they tally up, and he's the only one that doesn't get any money. And they showed us a little clip of him in the boardroom or whatever, talking to the camera. And he's all frustrated. And he just looks at it, and he says, "You know what?" He said, "When I had my own show, everybody returned my call." Boom. Okay? Now, most people missed that. But for me, it rang in my head like a bell. When Arsenio Hall had a show, he had a platform.

He was able to call anyone on earth, including Bill Clinton, who was currently running for president and say, "Do you want to be on my show, man?" And the next day, Bill Clinton's on his show, playing saxophone, right? He loses his show, loses his platform. No one returns his call. People ask me, "Russell, how in the world did you get in with Tony Robbins and Dean Grasiozi, and all these people?" And I would love to think that the reason why I got in with all these guys is because I'm so nice, or charismatic, or maybe think my haircut's cool, or whatever. Right?

And as much as I wish that was the truth, I know, I'm fully aware that the reason why I was able to get into my Dream 100 is because the thing that I have to offer them is my platform. That is what I have to offer people. So when I met Tony, I'm like, "Hey Tony, I've got a whole bunch of entrepreneurs that follow me. Can I interview you? Can I get to know you? Can I..." I met Dean, "Hey Dean, I want to help promote you. Hey Dean, do you want to be on my show? Hey..." And you can name off all the people in my Dream 100, everyone I've tried to get, my platform is the thing that I had to offer my Dream 100. It's the tangible thing that I own, that I control, that provides value to people who are three, or four, or five levels above me. Right?

And so, for you, the question is, you're building this Dream 100, and then how are you going to approach them? Like, "Hey, Dream 100, can you do this thing for me? Can you do this thing?" They're going to say "no," right? They have enough things happening in their lives. The thing you have to offer them is your platform, but you've got to have a platform. Right? And so that's this whole secret number seven is about, is building up your platform. So what does your platform look like? Well, for everyone it's going to be different. Some of you guys... In fact, I'm going to do a poll right here. How many of you guys right now who are listening to this love to write? Like, "I love writing. If I could just write all day, I'd be the happiest person in the world." Okay. If you are someone who loves to write, the platform you need to be building is you need to be starting a blog. You should be writing. How many of you guys are like, "Writing sounds like the worst thing on planet earth. I do not want to write ever, but I love to talk." Right? Okay.

Maybe for you, you should be starting a podcast. That's the platform. You love talking and speaking, that should be your thing. How many of you guys are like, "I like writing, podcasting, but I love being on video. I want people to see my face. I want them to see my excitement. Oh, this is amazing." For those, you guys should be starting a video channel, a vlog, a YouTube channel, or Instagram, or Facebook, or somewhere. You got to find the spot that you're the most comfortable. Okay? Because if you're not comfortable, you're not going to be consistent with it. That's number one, figuring out, where do you want to build your platform at? Right? And then, you've got to start actually growing it. Okay? And I have a whole bunch of stuff here, I wish I could read all of it to you.

Starting on page 112, it's like, how do you find your voice? Because when you first start your own show, it's scary, right? How do you know how to talk? If you listen to the first 40 plus episodes of my podcast, they were really bad. I was shy and awkward, nervous. And people are like, "Russell, you seem like such a natural communicator. How did you become so natural at it?" I became natural because I published 800 episodes of my podcast consistently three to five times a week, every single day for the last eight years. Okay? And I've been on Facebook Live hundreds of times. And I've been on tons of other… I sound natural because I've done it a lot. I found my voice and I continue to try to develop it and make it better. But it's consistency. Okay?

Before any of you guys saw me up here talking to you, it was a decade of me putting in the time and the effort of publishing, and finding my voice, and doing it over and over and over again. And so what I want to recommend for all of you guys is you need to pick a platform, whatever one it is, especially now, especially during times when everyone's stressing out. This is your shot, your chance to step up as the leader that your people are looking for, and start talking. Start sharing. Start giving faith and hope and a brighter future for your people. Now is the time. So I want to challenge you guys to figure out... If you're a writer, you're starting a blog, and I would recommend going to, starting a blog there. If you're a speaker, you're going to start a podcast. If you like video, you can start a video vlog. And I don't care if it's on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, I don't care. Pick a platform and stick with it.

And then, I challenge you to publish every single day for the next year. Starting today. Not mañana, starting today. I want you to publish every single day for an entire year. Okay? And at first you're like, "I don't have stuff to talk about for entire year." I get it. Okay? But what's magic is that you start speaking, more things will come to you. Okay? As you open up your mouth, the Lord will bless you with more ideas, more inspiration, more things. As you share, as you give, as you're helping other people, more stuff will come to you. So it's very important to understand that. Okay? So you got to publish every single day for at least a year. And the reason why we do this is a couple of things. Number one, at first, you are going to be very, very bad. Okay? So you need to start publishing to be able to find your voice, this is the big part of it. If you don't start publishing now, you will never find your voice.

The reason I'm good today is because eight years ago, I started publishing every single day. Okay? So you start publishing to find your voice. And first you're like, "Oh, but no one's listening to me." That's good. Cause you suck right now. So it's okay that no one's listening to you. You shouldn't worry about it. Now's the time for you to find your voice and learn how to actually speak and figure out what people actually want to hear. Number two... So number one is for you to find your voice. Number two is you have to publish long enough for people to find you. Okay? Number one, you're finding your voice. Number two, it's you're publishing long enough for them to find you. And there's a really cool blog post that my buddy, Nathan Barry, wrote on his blog. It's called Endure Long Enough to Get Noticed.

I'm going to read it, cause it's one of the most powerful things I could possibly share for you guys. He said, "How many great TV shows have you discovered in season three or later? I started watching Game of Thrones after they had released five seasons. Pat Flynn had released at least 100 episodes of his podcast before I even knew it existed. I discovered Hardcore History years after Dan Carlin started producing it. This is such a common experience. There's so much content being produced that we can't possibly discover it all. So instead, we wait for the best content to float to the surface after time. If step number one in building an audience is to create great content, step number two is to endure long enough to get it noticed. Seth Godin is very generous with his time and will appear in almost any relevant podcast, but you have to have recorded at least 100 episodes first. His filter is creators who have shown they're willing to show up consistently for a long time." Oh, oh, this is so good. Do you guys get this? All right.

So step number one, you're doing this, publishing everyday for a year on your chosen platform. I don't care what it is. Okay? Number one reason is for you to find your voice. At first, no one is going to be listening and you're going to suck at it, and that's okay. That's the plan. That's the process. Okay? Number two is you're doing it so that your audience can find you. If you just published three episodes, they're never going to find you. You publish 100, they're going to start finding you. You publish every day for a year, you'll have endured long enough that your people will start finding you. Okay, when I launched my first podcast, it was called Marketing in your Car. And I did the same exercise I'm asking you. I was like, "What am I going to be most comfortable with? What can I be most consistent with?" I was like, "If I do an interview show, I have to have microphones and stuff. I'll never do it because it will be too hard."

But I was like, "I'm in my car every day for 10 minutes. I'm just going to record a podcast while I'm driving." So I called it Marketing in your Car podcast. And I knew I'm going to be consistent, and do it at least three times a week, and maybe more. And I had days where I did it every single day. And I did it for years. Now, I was lucky at the beginning. I didn't know how to check my stats. So because of that, I never checked my stats. And so what's amazing is, I think I was three years into publishing my podcast before I learned how to find out if people were actually listening. And I am so grateful I never knew. Cause if I had known that the first 40, 50, 60 episodes had 10 listens each, I probably wouldn't have kept doing it, if I'm completely honest. But now I've done this many. Every episode that I publish gets tens of thousands of downloads. Okay?

But I had to keep doing it consistently for long enough for my people to find me. And I do it consistently long enough to find my voice. And so that's the secret to Dream 100. And then, when you have your own platform, now you can go to these people who are your Dream 100, and be like, "Hey, I've got a podcast. Yu want to be on it? Hey, I got a YouTube show. You want to be on it? Hey..." And now you have something of value to provide to them. That's the thing you have to provide your Dream 100 is your platform. That is the big secret. And some of you guys are like, "Russell, do I have to publish if I'm going to get Traffic Secrets?" You don't have to. There's a lot of ways to drive traffic. But I promise you, this will make a very holistic traffic. It gives you the ability to find your voice. It gives you the ability to infiltrate your Dream 100, to build the relationships with people you didn't have the ability to before. In fact, as you read this, it's...

This is your journey, right? In your podcast, you're documenting your journey of the result you're trying to get for yourself. And here, you're telling your story along the way. I wish I could go on for two days about this alone. But my job is, I'm documenting my journey. Every single podcast, I'm telling my story. I'm talking about what I'm learning today, where I'm going, what I'm trying to figure out, as you're doing this journey to get a certain result for yourself. So don't think, "I'll start my podcast after I figure it out." No, you start today. Figure out what's the result you're trying to get for yourself. Okay? And then document your journey along the way. Every episode is a documentation.

Then, in between here, this is your Dream 100. You're pulling people in and you're interviewing them. You're pulling them in, you're interviewing them, and you're building relationships. You have a chance to interview someone for 30 minutes or an hour on your podcast, on your show, on your video, you build the relationship with your Dream 100 you can't get in any other way. Okay? It opens up so many doors, so many gates, and that is the big secret. So infiltrating your Dream 100, you guys, it all starts with building out your own show. I wish that I could just fly to your house and force you to do it. Most of you won't, but the ones who do are the ones who are going to thrive during this time of economic uncertainty, okay? Your people are waiting for you. They're waiting for your voice.

They're waiting for your guidance, your leadership. And unless you start doing it, they're never going to find you. And so they always say... This is an old Chinese proverb. "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now." So, today. This is the time you guys. You're sitting around and you're in quarantine. You got a whole weekend to figure it out. Figure out, how do we blog? It's easy. You go to, create an account. Boom. You can start blogging today. Okay? "I don't know how to start a podcast." There's an app called, I think. It's free or five bucks on your phone. You download it. Boom. You can be podcasting today. Okay?

A video, I went to Facebook, I put "Go Live." Boom. I'm live. YouTube, same thing. You don't have to wait. Now is the time. Start publishing, start finding your voice, document your journey towards something that you're trying to create, something you're trying to learn, and just share what you're doing. You don't have to make things highly-produced. You're just talking and telling your stories and what you're learning along the way. And as you do that, two things will happen. Number one, you will find your voice. And number two, you endure long enough that your people will be able to find you.

All right, guys, I got to bounce, cause I've got an interview with one of my Dream 100 starting two minutes. Yes, I practice what I preach. So I got to jump off here. If you don't have a copy of your book yet, go to and get it. The hardbounds don't ship till May fifth, but the audiobook is available right now. So go and get it. I highly recommend get the order form bump, which is the audiobook. You can listen, for seven hours, me read this entire book to you. So by this time on Monday, when we're hanging out again, you can have this whole book in your brain and done. All right, I have to go, guys. I start in one minute. Appreciate you all. Thanks for everything, you guys. Start publishing. Now is the time. Your people are waiting for you. Let's go. All right. Thanks, you guys. Talk soon.


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