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How to Make a Successful Explainer Video Script That Converts

How to Make a Successful Explainer Video Script That Converts

I’d like to say that I’m the best “explainer video” script writer in the world. I’m not sure who’s responsible for giving out that title, but until I know….I will own it.

The Rippln videos generated 1.5 million leads in six weeks. The Pruvit company that I did explainer videos for have generated over half a billion dollars in the last three years.

You can see one of the Rippln explainer videos below (I’ll be writing a post deep diving into this video and a few others I did…later)…

I did a series of them, and I had to explain complicated subjects in a way that the everyday person would understand.

Then of course, the 2 dozen explainer videos for Clickfunnels – they’ve helped our company get to $100 million in sales in the last three years. This explainer video is for Actionetics….our follow up funnel system.

The hook for Actionetics took a LONG time. In fact, you can hear the whole story of my own aha! moment with explaining Actionetics, right before Funnelhacking Live last year.

Explainer videos are a different type of writing then copy because you have to write in a way that it’d be fun and exciting to animate.

The first thing I do with an explainer video script is figure out…

  • What’s the hook?
  • What’s the big idea?

It’s honestly a really difficult thing to talk about and teach on.

Everything else I teach, I’m looking for patterns.

But with the hook, it’s like…the least pattern-y thing there is.

The other night, I started writing a new explainer video for some cool new updates inside Clickfunnels.

And the cursor…it just blinked at me for two or three hours.

It was maddening. I wanted to delete it, but I couldn’t because there was nothing there! It mocked me.

After three hours I finally got it. I had the hook, but it took forever.

When I look back on all the webinars I’ve done, the hook is always the hardest part.

It can take DAYS.

But it’s really everything. And once I have it…everything else just flows.

As for where I get explainer videos, here are two sites you can check out:

I know a lot of people want to know how much a good explainer video costs…

It really depends on a lot of factors.

It’s not unreasonable to pay upwards of $25,000 for a 1000-2000 word script.

And if you’re going to do a full on production – Harmon Brothers style, well that can cost $500,000 or more!

Our Harmon Brother’s video script was much different than our typical process, since we hired comedy writers and had the intention of making it go viral so we could reach the masses.

By the way, if you missed our journey with the Harmon Brothers, check out a few podcast episodes where I go behind the scenes of our own viral video launch.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable options on Fiverr or Upwork, but when it comes to scripts, they are THE most important part of your funnel, so don’t go looking for the cheapest.

When you look at the difference between any product’s sales….whether it’s sold through an explainer video, VSL, or webinar…

The difference between those that do $1 million and those that do $10 million and more, most of the time – the difference is just the HOOK and the BIG idea.

I wish I could teach it, but I haven’t figured it out totally yet. Because there is no pattern.

Here’s another explainer video from Dollar Shave Club (warning, language)….

Then again, maybe that’s it! Look at what everyone is doing and saying, and think of something that interrupts it.

Like Bulletproof Coffee for example.

It wasn’t anything new. It was the same foundational principle as Atkins and the Ketogenic diet.

But he made the ONE big idea different. It was butter in your coffee.

And their business blew up!

I did a podcast the other day and talked about listening to Stephen Larsen teach on your “blue ocean”. Finding your blue ocean is really connected to finding your hook. How can you differentiate yourself in a really crowded space?

You should go listen to the podcast, but the gist of it is this:

When you’re trying to sell something, you want a hot market (things like health, wealth, relationships, etc.), but the problem is…most hot markets are REALLY competitive. What we call Bloody Red Oceans.

So as you’re establishing your sub-market (in health, let’s say it’s low-carb dieting), usually that’s still a red ocean.

Stephen suggests you stand outside the red ocean submarket, and figure out a way to throw rocks at it. How can you become the person who says, “They are doing it all wrong. The way to do it right is…..” and then fill in your idea.

What is that BIG IDEA that’s new, different, and revolutionary (but not crazy)?

I’ve talked about big dominos and hooks in a lot of places, including in Expert Secrets (go check out the chapter on Opportunity Switching), but I thought I’d also link up those resources so you can work on your hook.

Finding your hook and idea is the difference between being a blip on the screen and a 9-figure earner.

That is the key to a high converting explainer video script.

Talk soon!



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