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How To OWN Your Traffic (AKA Build Your Own List!)


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When you own traffic, you own your own destiny, right? If Facebook shutdown tomorrow, I'd be okay because I have an email list of, I don't know, one and a half to almost 2,000,000 people. So I own that traffic. Any day I can wake up like, "I want to send traffic to this." I can send an email and, boom, traffic goes there.


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What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to our chance every day where we get to hangout and talk about traffic and funnels and all of the fun things. Excited to be with you guys here today. It's actually kind of cool be in this whole quarantine thing. Where outside everything looks normal and it's this weird, eerie feeling.

But then inside we can hangout and be with our family, our friends, we can go live, we can share thoughts, ideas. I think this has been a really cool time for so many people to start sharpening their saw, and starting to get smarter and better about what they're doing and why their doing it and how they're doing it and all kind of stuff. So I'm excited to be here with you guys today. We're going to be talking more about traffic secrets. Today we're going to be covering the third type of traffic. Yesterday we talked about the first two types of traffic. Traffic that you control, traffic that you earned and then today we're talking about the third type, which is traffic that you... you guys know what it is? Traffic that you own.

That's the best kind of traffic. So we're going to be going to that in here a few seconds. But while we're waiting for everybody to jump on and get here, I want to make sure you guys know that we're in the middle of the traffic series book launch, which is kind of fun. We've been selling books like crazy. This is the highest numbering funnel we've done so far. So for my funnel hackers, if you're going through the funnel make sure to buy slowly and watch the process and see what's happening and why it's happening because it's doing really, really well. You can go to This is it right here. There's the video.

In fact, you watch the video, I'm very proud of the video, hopefully you'll learn some stuff just from watching that. You can see the offers, you can buy the book for free, just cover shipping and handling, it's 9.95 shipping in the U.S., a little bit more internationally, but you can go get that there. Scroll down you can see the sales pitch. This is a chance, look at what I'm doing, you guys. I spent two years writing the book and about the same amount of time brainstorming this funnel and getting it live and ready. It is over 20,000 books sold and it's kept a $63 average cart value, which is insane. Especially knowing that a lot of you guys are my funnel hackers. You're like, "I bough the book six times. I want to get everybody's bonuses."

With that said, to be able to keep the average cart value that high I would say the real average cart value, if I were to pull out all the duplicates, the average is probably 80 plus dollars, which is insane. Most book funnels are 20 to 30 bucks max. The funnels are awesome, so make sure to go watch it, buy slowly, learn some stuff while you're doing it. You just go to For those of you that are extra bored, especially if you're bored with your kids, right here is And if you go to, you can get a free premiere week. Which basically you go in there, and you get a bunch of video for free. Including the very first one, which is from, I don't know if you can see it right there, that is Frank Kern... this is Frank Kern right here. He spoke at Funnel Hacking Live.

Nobody knew he was coming, we kept it a surprise and he came out and people lost their mind. Frank is one of the original OGs. When I was learning internet marketing, Frank was one of the dudes teaching it. You can actually go and literally go watch his presentation online for free, bunch of other ones as well. Julius, I hear he's got 5,000,000 followers on Instagram. He walks you how he does it, how he did it. You get that one for free. You get one from me for free. Anyway if you go to you get Funnel Flix premiere week for free. Then if you go over here to, you get Traffic Secrets for free. So anyway, that's what's happening. All right with that said, you guys, we got a full audience between Instagram we're about 160 people, Facebook we're at 155-ish, so we've got 300 people here.

We can start this party and get started and it should be fun. Lionel said, "I think I found my ADD community." Yes, welcome to the ADD-nis. All right. Okay, so today we're talking again about Traffic Secrets. If you don't have your free copy of the book, go to And this is the box set with all the books. If you don't know anything about me, these are the books I've written. Dotcom Secrets is the first book. This is the new updated hardbound version. This is Expert Secrets is the second book. And Traffic Seekers is the third and final book in the trilogy. And Unlock the Secrets is this amazing workbook that goes with all of these books here. It's kind of fun. Anyhoo, let me pull out book number one. All right, the Traffic Secrets book.

So here we go, Traffic Secrets. Today we're going to be going into one of the secrets. Brian saying, "How do you get the box set?" The box set is not for sale right now unless after you get the Traffic Secrets book the upsale may or may not be the box set. This is all pre-order, these aren't shipped till May 5th. But the audio books are available today. I spent three days in the studio reading the Traffic Secrets book. It's a seven hour audio, you can go and get that. It's for the order form bump. You can grab that, plug it in and start listening, which is kind of cool. Also, we've got the audio books of the Dotcom Expert Secrets new update as well as part of the sales funnel. If you go through the funnel, you'll see all the cool stuff.

So you just got to go to and slowly today go through the funnel and have some fun with it. Reesio said, "How is my quarantine?" It's been good. We're having a good time. I think I'm driving my kids crazy sometimes, they're driving me crazy sometimes, but as a whole, we're doing really good. Thank you for asking. All right, hope you guys are all doing as well, good as well. My job for the next 25 minutes or so is to entertain you, get you excited, inspire you, open your mind to how to get traffic. What you do with traffic, how it all works. I've been doing these live on Instagram and Facebook every day for the last two weeks, so if you missed any of them feel free to go back there. We may or may not also be launching a Traffic Secrets podcast that'll have the recordings of these too.

That may be live in the next day or so, I'll let you guys know and then you can start listening in there as well, which will be kind of cool. All right, here we go, Traffic Secrets. So what we covered so far. Section number one is all about your dream customer. Secret One we figure out who's your dream customer. We talked about figuring out and understanding them at a deep level. Figuring out are they moving towards pleasure or away from pain? What's interesting in this market today, I think two weeks ago a majority of customers were moving towards pleasure. Which meant your ads, your advertising is all focused on grabbing people or trying to move towards pleasure. Over the last two weeks, people are in pain and they're now in a state where they're moving away from pain.

Looking at that lens, most of our advertising and marketing should be shifting from speaking to them moving towards pleasure to speaking to them moving away from pain. So there's a little hint from Section number one. We also talked about the difference between a searcher and a scroller. What advertising networks people are searching, which ones they're scrolling and how you differentiate your ads and your landing pages and everything based on if they're a searcher or a scroller, the pros and the cons. That was all secret number one. Number two we talked about now you know who they are. Where are they hiding? Where are they congregating? We've got to find those pockets of our dream customers so we can go and target them. We also talked about then who's already congregated and who are our dream 100? And we built the list of our dream 100.

After that, secret number three, we talked about hook story offer. How do we throw our hooks in the water to grab their attention and we tell the story to increase perceived value of what it is we're selling them and then how we make them an offer. And secret number four. Yesterday we talked about with your dream 100 how do you work your way in and how do you buy your way in? And that's what brings us today. Today we're talking about secret number five, which is traffic that you own. So I'm going to jump right there, we're going to go through that. This is the best type of traffic of all the types of traffic that are out there.

So many things I have to gloss through because this book is super huge and I can't just cover every... make sure you still get the book and read it because there's so many things, like in here, just in the last chapter, I walk through five of our front end funnels. I'll show you the stats, numbers, every single funnel, how it works. I talk about how much you spend on traffic, how much on ads. I give you very detailed numbers. It's like six pages of the numbers of the funnel that you can get inside the book and look at and say, okay, here's the product. How much is it sold for? Here's the order form bump. Here's the commissions, the percentages, here's how it all worked. I breakdown every funnel in great detail.

Those are all things I can't do on a live like this that you get inside the book. Okay. Secret number five, traffic that you own. So if you look at the image here, you can see here is the dream 100, right. If you've done this exercise with me over the last couple days, here's Facebook, here's all the people that have already congregated my dream customers on Facebook. Here's Instagram, here's a lot of people that have already congregated in my dream customers Instagram. On Facebook, on YouTube, on Google, we find those people, we have our dream 100 list. Now we're trying to figure out from yesterday how do I work my way in and how do I buy my way into these audiences, okay?

Because that's where are traffic's already at, we're just trying to work out way and buy our way in into the audiences. And then from there, this is what this whole secret's about: Traffic v. Yield. So all the time we're getting traffic, our goal's not to get traffic to sell products, our goal is to get traffic where we're either getting traffic that we've earned or traffic we control and we're converting it into traffic that we own. That's the big secret, okay. So, for example, traffic that I earn. If I'm earning traffic, it means I'm going out and I'm working for it, right. I'm getting on podcast interviews, I'm doing Facebook lives with people. I'm getting somebody to promote my product for me. This is stuff I'm not paying for, but I'm earning it, I'm putting in the time and the energy and the effort, okay. Traffic I control is I go to Facebook, right.

And I don't own Facebook ads, right? Mark Zuckerberg, he owns all that traffic on Facebook, but he allows me and you to go to him and say, "Hey, I want to control some of that traffic. I will pay you if you let me divert some of that traffic from Facebook over into my funnel," okay? It's the traffic you control. There's traffic that I earn, I'm working my way in. There's traffic that I control, where I'm buying my way in. Now the goal of both those traffic sources is not just to sell a product. This is where most people get it wrong. This is the very shortsightedness of almost all entrepreneurs. They're like, "Oh, cool, I bought traffic from Facebook. I'm going to sell my product." Yes, that's part of the goal, but the bigger goal, the overarching strategy is to convert traffic that you earn and traffic that you control into traffic that you own.

When you own traffic, you own your own destiny, right? If Facebook shutdown tomorrow, I'd be okay because I have an email list of, I don't know, one and a half to almost 2,000,000 people. So I own that traffic. Any day I can wake up like, "I want to send traffic to this." I can send an email and, boom, traffic goes there. I launch a new book, I want to send traffic here. Because I own that traffic, I own this ball of traffic, I can send it to this page or this page or that page. I can send it wherever I want because I own that traffic, okay? So all the other things I'm doing, all the other exercises of buying ads and working my way into doing podcast interviews and all those things, the only goal of those things is to convert the traffic that I'm controlling and then buying, or that I'm earning and controlling, into traffic that I own, because then I control my own destiny.

For me, for the last few years, I've been working on that. For the last decade and a half I've been building my list, building my following, it's traffic that I own now. Even if Facebook disappears, if Google goes away tomorrow, I'm still going to be in business because I own traffic, okay? And that's the mindset shift of what you guys are all having, that you need to understand that you want to be able to own that traffic, okay? So that's what this whole secret's about, owning traffic. When I first kind of started understanding this, let's see... When I first started understanding this, it was back early in my journey. One of my first mentors was a guy named Mark Joiner. Some of you guys know Mark, he's amazing. He's the one who kept telling me, "Russ, we have to focus on building a list, building a list, that's the secret to internet marketing. Building a list, building a list."

And I remember at the time there were all these people that were doing different ways to make money. And I was so grateful that my first mentor told me, "You have to build lists, you have to build lists," because that thing has saved me now for a decade and a half. During the ups and downs of the trials of my business and the safe parts of my business. Having a list has helped me to endure. The people who have email lists right now, are the ones who are going to thrive during this whole crazy recession and depression, whatever ends up happening. I don't even know what's going to happen. But those people are surviving because they're prepared for that, right? It's very important to understand that. Let's see. There's so many things I could share with you guys. Just get the book and read it, it's so good! Anyway. Okay.

Oh, there's a story in here, but the story's four pages long. Part of me wants to read it, and part of me is like if I read that I'd lose half of you guys. I'll tell you the gist of the story and I'll read one part of it. So this was the day that I learned about list-building, the day it really got sunk in my head. I was like, "Oh my gosh, I need an email list," right? In fact, I told this story yesterday on an interview with Jim Edwards, it was kind of fun. All right, when I first started learning about this whole game of internet marketing, I started hearing people talk about email list. I remember reading and article online and it was about... sometimes you hear about the gurus and they make $30,000 in a weekend and you think it's scam, right?

And the guy's like, "No, it's not a scam. Let me explain how this whole thing works." And he explained, he said, "The gurus, whatever you want to call them, they have an email list of maybe 10,000 people, or 30, or a 100,000 people." He said, "All they do is an email out to a 100,000 people and if they send an email to a 100,000 people and they get 10,000 people who actually go and sign up for the thing," right. "Say you send an email to 100,000 people, 10,000 people open the email, 5,000 click through to the thing, and then 500 of those people actually buy the product and let's say it's a $20 product, you just made 10 grand or 30 grand, whatever the math is," right. And he's just like, "It's just a numbers game." He said, "The reason why these gurus make a ton of money is because they spent the last X amount of time building up these huge email lists, right, traffic that they own."

And when I read that I was like, "Oh my gosh," it was the epiphany and all of a sudden I understood." I was like, "I need my own email list." I didn't know how to get an email list. So the first thing I did was I jumped on Mr. Google. I said, "How do you get an email list?" And I started searching around and within a few minutes I found this website. I can't remember the domain exactly, I think it was spam for I was like, "Sweet, that's what I need, spam for email addresses." So I went and there was some DVDs where you could buy a DVD with a 100,000 email addresses, one with 500,000, one with a 1,000,000. I'm like, "Well, if I'm going to get an email list, I want a 1,000,000." So I spent 70 bucks and bought a DVD with a million email addresses on it. I waited for it to get sent to me, I get this thing with 70,000,000 email addresses. I'm like, "I'm going to be rich." I'm doing the math in my head. Send an email to a 1,000,000 people, if I get a 100,000 to open, 10,000 to click, 5,000 to buy the thing times $20.

If I could send an email every single day, I'm going to be rich. I'm doing the math in my head, I'm trying to explain to my wife, we'd just gotten married at the time. "You can literally quit your job tomorrow. We are going to be rich. I figured out the secret of internet marketing. This is going to be so easy." So I took this DVD, and back then the way we sent emails was different. It wasn't through an email auto responder, you had to buy desktop software. So I bought the software, I put it on my desktop and I uploaded the DVD with a 100,000,000 people's email addresses. I wrote an email and I remember that night, about to go to bed. And you have to remember this was almost 15 years ago. It was, no, probably 16-17 years ago. Anyway, it was before we have high speed internet, before we had cell phones, things like that. If you remember the internet back then, usually you had one phone line and it was your phone or your modem.

So I had to crawl under my desk, unplug the phone and plug in my modem, get online. I remember that night writing an email, clicking send and then telling my wife I was like, "We'll be rich by morning. You can literally quit your job tomorrow." And I remember sitting there watching the email software, boom, one email sent, two emails sent, three, four. I'm like, "Oh, this is amazing!" I go to bed that night and I'm like a kid at Christmas time, laying there in bed thinking about it. Every couple of hours I get out of bed and run in, move the mouse to get my screensaver off and 600 sent, 800 sent, 2000 sent. I'm just freaking out, right?

So finally the next morning I wake up, my wife's getting ready for work, I'm getting ready for school. And I sneak back in the room where the computer's at, I look at it. And overnight we'd sent, I think we'd sent 6500 emails or something like that during the night. And I was like, "Dang it, I thought I was going to send a million overnight. It's going way slower than I thought." Then Colette was like, "I need to use the phone." I'm like, "You have to use the phone? You don't understand, we're printing cash right now, we cannot use the phone." She's like, "I have to use the phone. I have to call someone at work." So I crawl under the desk, I go and unplug the modem, I plug back in the phone and as soon as I plug it in, I'm still under the desk, I hear the phone ring, brrg. I get out, I pick up the phone and on the other end was my internet service provider yelling at me and screaming at me and cursing me out.

Telling me how many spam complaints that they got in the last four or five hours. They're shutting me down and they're going to potentially file a lawsuit and all this stuff. I just like, oh, crap, and I totally freaked out. Finally, the guy hangs up on me, shuts off my internet. I hang up the phone and Colette's like, "Who's that on the phone?" I'm like, "Uh, nobody. Oh, and by the way, please don't quit today. Just wait it out a couple days." She kind of laughs at me. Anyway, she goes to work and that day I'm kind of bummed out. I'm licking my wounds and I go and I put my backpack on and I'm walking to school. I get to school and I'm super bummed out because I lost internet. I can't even check my email, I've no internet right now.

I go into the computer lab at school and I check my emails. I said I felt like, "I wonder if anybody bought anything?" So I logged into my PayPal account like I did many times prior, and every time I logged into PayPal in the past, there's always a big zero on top. How much money did you make? Zero dollars. I'm like, "Ah." And I logged in this time and guess what? It didn't say zero. First time ever, it said 70. I was like, "What?" I was like, "I made 70 bucks." The way I did it apparently was illegal, but I did it, I made 70 bucks. This actually works! And it was the proof I needed. This whole thing actually works. This whole idea of having a list works. I did it the wrong way, but there's got to be a right way to do this. So it started me on this journey of I have to figure out the legitimate way to build the email list because other people are doing it. I got a little taste of it, I made 70 bucks the wrong way so I got to figure out the right way.

So I started this journey of I have to learn how to build a list, have to learn how to build the list. That became my obsession for the next decade of my life and it's still an obsession today, which is why I have a big email list, because I focus on it. In fact, every single day we have a company-wide meeting. We call it the Click Funnels Pulse Meeting. And one of the stats we share every single day is how many people joined our list yesterday? That's the number we're looking at. It's a metric, it's a KPI in our company. How many people today joined your list? It was interesting for all of you guys who are watching this, if you're not looking at that metric daily, your list probably isn't growing. I've seen some people who have a business, they'll grow a list and they get 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people on the list and then they stop and go, "Oh, I got a list."

And they send emails to the list and they're making money so their fine. But what happens is that list will start to atrophy over time, get smaller, smaller and eventually your business just disappears and dies. Your focus point is you need to consistently, continually always be building your list. That should be the number one metric. You wake up every morning, how many people joined my list yesterday? How many joined yesterday? I remember the first time I got that, one of my friends, Dagen Smith, he told me that. He asked me, "How many people a day join your email list?" I'm like, "I don't know." He's like, "You don't know that number?" "I mean people are joining, but I don't look at that." He's like, "Dude, what you watch, what you measure grows." And so I was like, "Okay. I'm going to start looking it." I started looking at it.

I remember at the time there's probably 60-70 people a day joining my list, and so I started watching it. And what's crazy is I started looking at the numbers every single day, it started making me upset in my head. "Ah, only 70 people." Then your subconscious mind starts looking for ways. "Well, how do I make this bigger? How do I make it bigger?" As I'm sitting there thinking how to make it bigger, new ideas pop in my head. Then I morph from 70 a day to 100 a day to a 150 a day, and 500 a day to a 1,000 a day, to 2,000 a day. And it became the focal point of my business. For all you guys, when you start getting this book, that's what I talk about.

All the things you're doing, from traffic you control, the traffic you're buying, the traffic that you're earning, the goal of all that traffic is just to convert into traffic that you own, which is your list. Your list is the key. If you look at, "What's the biggest secret of the Russ Brunson's internet marketing?" Your list is the key. You need to be building your list. That's the big aha, okay? You have to understand that. All the things I'm doing, from Facebook live to videos, to podcast interviews, to buying ads, the goal of all the thing is to build my list. And the key metric, the KPI I look at every single day, the most important one of my business for me, is how many people today joined my list? Okay. So all you guys need to be focusing on that. That's the big thing. Someone said, "What software do you use?" I use this weird software called Click Funnels. Click Funnels builds my list, it does everything. All right. That's the big thing to understand. Okay.

So there's my little tangent, the way to understand, it's the traffic that you own, okay? And I told you that story already. When I'm doing all this stuff, when I'm buying ads, when I'm earning traffic, the goal of both of those is to get into traffic that I own, right? So when I'm on a podcast interview, I'm doing a podcast and I'm earning traffic while I'm there and being interviewed. At the end of it what do I say? At the end of it I'm like, "Hey, by the way, I got this cool new book called Traffic Secrets. Go to to get a free copy." People go to, they click on the button, they put in their what? Email address. Then what happens? They join my list. Oh. That's the goal. If I do the podcast interviews, not just do an interview.

I do an interview the interview's not like that's okay. Yeah, I want to sell copies of the book, but the only reason I'm trying to sell copies of the book is I want you on my email list because that's the game, okay? Hopefully, that helps you understand that. So all the traffic you're buying, all the traffic your earning is all going into one spot where you can build an email list because that's the secret of internet marketing. If you look at these, some of you guys have already seen this. This is one of my squeeze pages, okay. If you go to, this is one. This lead page alone has generated over 300,000 leads for me. 300,000 leads, okay, boom. This is where my book funnels. The goal of it is to get somebody to join the email list. I'm sending people from all these places to spots.

You notice that every page I send somebody to, like right now I sent you to When you go there, guess what happens if you click on the button? You join my list. I send you to, you go there you get this free stuff or I give you this bait to go watch Frank Kern's presentation, Julius', and mine, right. It's four hours of free video, but what happens if you watch those videos? You give me your email address. Now you join my list. I'm working my way right now to you guys, right. We'll then buy ads to this video, which I'll be buying my way in, but the goal of all of them is to get you on my email list, right? I've been telling you you got two email lists today. That's my goal. I'm trying to convert all this traffic that I'm earning, right, I'm earning it, right. We've still got 160 viewers on Instagram, we got 185 in Facebook. We'll push these things live over the next two or three weeks. We'll probably get, I don't know, 50 to 100,000 people to watch this video.

From that, hopefully, I'll get, I don't know, 20-30,000 people to join my list from it. That's why I'm doing these exercises, okay. That's why we do all this stuff. So I hope you guys understand that. Okay, one more thing I'll talk about list-building, just to give you guys some metrics to make this really tangible for you and then we'll wrap it for today. When I got started, I had one of my friends, who's actually Mike Filsaime, I love Mike. Mike told me, he said, "You should average, on average you should make at least one dollar per month, per name on your email list." And I didn't know if that was high or low. It's actually really low. You should make more than that, but this is a really good baseline, right? So what that means, let's say you got a 100 people on your email list. You should average one dollar per month, per name on your email list.

So I got a 100 people on my email list, I should make at least a 100 bucks a month from those people. I got a 1,000 people on my email list, I should be making a 1,000 bucks a month. If I've got 50,000 people on my email list, I should make 50,000 a month and so on and so forth, right? And for you guys who are starting your business, you're growing your company, you're like, "How do I grow my company?" That's the big secret. How many people are on your email list right now? If I ask you and you're I don't know, then you don't have a business. You're goofing around, okay. Engagement on Instagram does not count as an email list, right?

The goal of engagement on Instagram is to get people to go to your email list and join your list, right? That's the tangible business that we're in. I remember he told me that, I was like okay. So I started at that point, it was my very first product called Zip Brander and I had it top of my list. I started driving traffic to it. I remember the very first month I got 217 people. Isn't funny you remember some random numbers like that? 217 people joined my email list that very first month. In that month, I think I made $300 in sales. I was like, okay, that's a little more than a one dollar per name. I'm going to keep focusing. I took that money that I made, I reinvested it back into more traffic. I got more people in and in month number two I had 600 people on my list. That month I made like 800 bucks. I was like, uh.

So I reinvested that 800 bucks back into ads, I kept doing it, and soon I got to 2,000 people on my list and 1500 people, then 2,000 people on my list. And that number stayed pretty sync. When I had 2,000 people on my list I was making a little over a two grand a month. When I had 5,000 people on my list, I made five grand a month. When I had a 100,000 people on my list I was making a 100 grand. Now I'm at over 1.7, 1.8 million people on my email list, we make more than that per month, right? So those numbers sync. And what's interesting is you get better at this game, you get better communicating with your audience, better making offers, better telling stories. All this I'm teaching you through these books that number will go up.

You shouldn't just make a one dollar per name on your email list. You can make five dollars or $10. Sometimes I see local businesses where the list is small, they only have 800 people on their list, 500 people on their list. It's usually because of the relationship, because they're local they're able to make 10, 20, 30 bucks per name per email on their email list, okay? I want to give you that number as a metric. Because if some of you guys are like, "I need to retire." "I want to work from home," I want to do whatever, right? That's the number you should be looking at, right? If you're thinking I need to make six figures a year. Okay, if you had 10,000 people on your email list, you're averaging one dollar per month per name, that's 10 grand a month times 12 months, that's 120,000 a year.

If you can focus, and get 10,000 people on your email list, based on the math, you should be making 120,000 bucks a year, your six figures a year. If you're like, I need to make five grand a month to survive, cool, you should be focusing on building a list of 5,000 people. You get a list of 5,000 people, you should, based on the math, if you do it okay, you should be making 5,000 grand a month. If you're I want to make a 1,000,000 bucks. I want to hit two comma club, cool. It's just a math game, right? That means if you want two comma club, you need to focus on getting a 100,000 people on your list, 100,000 people times 12 months is 1.2 million bucks a year. That's the game, you guys. That's what you've got to start to understand.

The list is the secret. That's the metric, that's the thing we're all focusing on. So all this traffic stuff we're doing, as much fun as it is, like how do you Facebook ads, and Google ads, and do integration marketing? And how do you do growth hacking? All the things we're talking... as exciting as those things are, and they are, they're pretty amazing. The real secret, the real big aha, is that all the focus point of that is to turn it into traffic that you actually own. And I think tomorrow we're actually going to talk about followup funnels. I'm pretty sure. So tomorrow, we're going to talk about followup funnels. So followup funnels is like now someone's on my list, now what do I do with it? How do you make a dollar per name per month, Russell? Well, you do it by the followup funnel.

This is the sequences and tomorrow we're going to go deep into that. But I'll give you guys a hint, just so you know. I was doing a... and I'll show this tomorrow, we'll go deep into this. I was looking at my front end funnels and we did a 30 day snapshot in a window. And in a 30 day window, for every dollar we made on one of our front end funnels, those are the funnels that buy ads too where I push stuff through like this. I'm buying my way, working my way, for every dollar I make in that front end funnel, we made $16.49 in the next 30 days through the followup funnels. These are the emails and messages that are sent to them over the next 30 days. So that's the big secret, you guys. So, again, I will share that with you guys tomorrow.

If I can do nothing else, to drill into your brain, say the traffic secret to drill in your brain today, the most important thing you'll be focusing on is traffic that you own. How do you convert all the traffic you're earning, all the traffic you're buying into traffic that own? Because then when the storms come, and they're coming, you're feeling it right now. When the recession hits, when the depressions hit, when Facebook is shutdown by the government, when whatever. The platform you're on, the people are huge on buying and then buying got destroyed and then people have podcasts. Let's say the podcasts disappear. Who knows what it's going to be? But as long as you're focusing all your efforts on one thing, traffic that you own, you'll survive the hard times, okay?

I've survived two collapses of the economy, excuse me, one big collapse of the economy, two collapses of my business. I've survived all these things because of one thing, and one thing alone: I have my email list. That's the big secret. You guys got that? That's the big secret. So always have to think about that today. In fact, that should be your goal right now, as you get off this thing, start thinking, okay, how big is my email list today? That's number one. If it's zero people, now's the time to start, okay. But look at it, how big is your email list, that's number one. Then number two, how many people per day are joining it, okay? Again, if that's zero, then that's the next thing, how do I get people every day to do it? Then number three, okay, how do I make that number bigger? What you measure grows.

So if you start measuring it, it'll grow, or shrink if you're in weight loss, right? If you're measuring your waist every day, you don't want it to grow, but it'll shrink. But in business you want it to grow. So whatever you measure will grow. So every single day the number you should be looking for is how much did my list grow today? How many leads have I got today? That's what you got to start focusing on, okay. Help you guys to survive the storms or the craziness, that's just as important. So there you guys go. That is the Traffic Secret for today I'm going to share. We had a good turnout today. You guys must be bored out of your minds at home during the quarantine. So if you are, what I recommend doing right now... by the time we hangout tomorrow, you guys could listen to this entire book. Go to, you can pre-order a hardbound copy of this book for free.

They don't ship until May 5th though, but the order form bump is the audio book of this. If you get the audio book you can plug it into your ears and you could listen to it. It's seven hours of me reading the entire book, word-for-word. By this time tomorrow, you can have it done, we can get back to work. That's your challenge. While you're sitting around, go do it. Let's go., get the hardbound book. There's also a whole bunch of amazing video bonuses you get. You get a presentation from Prince Ea who has over three billion views on Facebook. He does a presentation you get for free in there. Payne June talks about how he does his social media, presentation for me about traffic. A bunch of cool stuff you get for free in there. You just got to go get the book for free and then get the audio book you can start listening to today, if you want. Those who have been asking about how do you get the whole box set.

The upsale flow you can get the box set in the upsale flow, so that's there as well. And then, you guys, after you've done that and you're like, "I need more stuff, Russ. I want to keep geeking out. I want to sharpen myself, want my brain to get bigger." Then just go to right here, Click Funnels has entered the streaming wars, we are trying to destroy Disney+ and Netflix and all the others. No, I'm just kidding. This is way better. But you guys get a free week at, it's called Free Premiere Week. You can go there. You put your email address in, click submit and you can get the first four presentations for free. First one's from my man Frank Kern. One of the original OGs in internet marketing. He's one of the dudes I was learning from when I got started.

He did a secret presentation at Funnel Hacking Live. Nobody knew he was coming and when he came out on stage, they flipped out. Anyway, his presentation is there for free. You have, put your email address in here, and then what happens? Oh, you joined my list! "What? Russ practices what he preaches! Oh, this is so crazy." You joined my email list, right? Boom, you watch Frank's presentation. Then, number two, you go right here, and you watch the presentation of Julius, who built an Instagram following of I think 5 or 6,000,000 people. He's a magician, his presentation was insane. His magic is awesome.

Then over here you've got a presentation from me on your value ladder which is awesome. Anyway. So, so get your book. go geek out, you've got free premiere week over here, bunch of cool stuff. With that said, you guys, I appreciate you all hanging out. Tomorrow we'll be back. Tomorrow we're going to go into followup funnels, which will be a lot of fun. Yeah, it's going to be fun.

Anyway, appreciate you guys. Thanks for hanging out today. If you got any value from this, please call me down below and let me know. If you're on Facebook watching this, please share it. That'd be awesome too. I don't know, can you share this on Instagram live? I don't really know how that works. But feel free to share this if you got any value, it'd mean the world to me. Thank you guys for hanging out, appreciate you all. And we'll see you guys all again tomorrow. Bye.


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