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How To Reverse Engineer ANY Successful Funnel


One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to Funnel Hacking is just straight up stealing from other people.

They find a successful funnel.

They’ll copy the landing page design.

They’ll grab the copy on the page word for word.

They’ll build their offers the exact same way.

And then they try to duplicate the traffic strategies.

While this may work for a bit.

It’s going to get you VERY insignificant results.

That’s not what Funnel Hacking is about.

It’s not about stealing from people.

It’s about understanding what it is about their funnel that works.

What ideas and strategies went into their offers to make it sell.

And how the entire structure comes together for a successful conversion.

To give you an example of what I mean, when I first started selling plans for potato guns, there were no other potato gun funnels on the internet.

When I started funnel hacking, I had to look at what was working for other funnels.

I wanted to understand why they said this or why they said that.

I wanted to know what they included to make their offer more enticing.

I wanted to learn the psychology behind the problems they were solving.

And I wanted to learn how they took someone from being completely cold to escalating them through a full value ladder.

If I would have just stolen someone else’s funnel, there’s no way I would have been nearly as successful as I have been.

But since I dissected their funnels like an engineer on a mission, I was able to understand the psychology behind it all and what made it work.

When you’re funnel hacking someone, just copying and pasting what they’re doing may generate a small amount of success for you.

But you’re always going to be one or two steps behind them.

You’ll always be waiting for them to update their funnels so you can update yours.

When you take the time to understand the psychology behind what converts people into paying customers, though, you get the opportunity to lead the competition.

You begin creating something that’s completely unique.

Something that solves your audience’s problems on an entirely new level.

And something that will be around for the long haul.

All without feeling like you never actually know what to do -- or, worse, sitting around waiting for someone else to update their funnel so you know what to do next.

Because the key to becoming a great Funnel Hacker isn’t about stealing.

Or directly copying and pasting what someone else came up with.

It’s about understanding the psychology hiding underneath everything you can see on the surface, understanding the problems that are being solved, and understanding what makes people want to buy that offer in the first place.

When you have that level of understanding, you can write your own paychecks for the rest of your life.

And if you’re not at that level yet, I recommend you grab your copy of the Experts Trilogy.

You’ll learn how professional Funnel Hackers look at funnels, how they dissect them piece by piece, and how to replicate the psychology in your own funnels.

Because the life you want isn’t sitting inside of copying and pasting other people’s work.

It’s in knowing how to solve people’s problems -- and then asking if they want help.

- Russell Brunson


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