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How to Tell One Story a Minute!


A couple years ago I had just finished giving a presentation when my friend came up to me.

“Russell, do you know how many stories you told in that presentation?”

“I don’t know…maybe 10?” I replied.

The answer was over 50 – almost a story per minute!

I know a lot of people think storytelling is one of those skills you’re ‘born with’ or need years of mastering.

But in this email, I’m gonna share the marketing secret so you can tell a story a minute too.

It’s to do with false beliefs.

The biggest obstacle you have to making a sale is a false belief your customer holds.

Imagine you’re selling a weight loss program…

Your prospect might want to lose weight, there’s a false belief going through his or her mind:

  • “If I have to diet, I’ll have to give up things that make me happy”
  • “If I take on another program, I won’t have enough time and will get stressed out”
  • ​​“If I try to lose weight again, I’ll fail and feel miserable”

Your job is to recognize the false belief, and tell a story that breaks it.

This is literally everything to selling.

For example, let’s take the false belief about ‘giving up things that make me happy’.

You could tell your prospect something like:

“I also thought I’d have to give up things that make me happy. But then I learned about ketosis and how I can lose weight by drinking ketones instead of cutting carbs.”

See how the story doesn’t need to be anything special?

It just needs to connect to a false belief.

In my book Expert Secrets there’s a four-step process for finding and breaking false belief patterns through storytelling:

✍️ Listing False Beliefs

List all the false beliefs your customers might have. If you struggle, think about the false beliefs you had before you had some kind of transformation. Get at least 10 false beliefs.

🕵️ Locating Experiences

For each false belief, think of what experience might have caused it. For example, if someone is worried about giving up things that made them happy it’s likely they tried a diet in the past and this exact situation happened. Link each false belief to a specific experience.

🙅 The False Story

What stories are your customers telling themselves because of these experiences? What’s the unhappy result they are imagining in their mind? For example, they might be telling themself: “If I want to lose weight, I have to give up things that make me happy.”

🌉 The Epiphany Bridge

This is a concept I share in DotCom Secrets. Basically, you just need to find a story that shatters the false belief. It can be a belief you held or someone else, or some famous person in the news.

And that’s the secret to telling stories that sell. 🙂

It’s way less difficult than you think it is.

Now start listing out those false beliefs!

Talk soon,

Russell ‘One Story Per Minute’ Brunson


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