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147 - How To Use "Kinda Like" Bridges With Your Hook

How To Use "Kinda Like" Bridges With Your Hook

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Episode Recap:

If you want an unfair advantage over all your competitors, use this… On today’s episode Russell talks about what a “Kinda Like Bridge” is and how you can use them in presentations to help people understand a concept. Here are some of the other awesome things in this episode:

-- Find out Russell’s process of testing out new material before taking it to a large audience, like the 10x event.

-- Hear an example of a kinda like bridge, and how Russell could use it.

-- And find out how you can also use a kinda like bridge to encourage excitement during a presentation.

So listen here to find out what a kinda like bridge is and how you can use it in a presentation.

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Best Quote:

So Biff does and becomes hugely famous because he has the unfair advantage. He knows who’s going to win every single game. And when you know who’s going to win, from a betting standpoint, you’re just going to win everything. So that’s kind of how it was for Biff, so there’s a story I’m going to be able to share. “okay, I’m giving you guys an unfair advantage. Think about this….” And I’m going to tell this whole story about Biff and about that, and that’s kind of like what this is. You’re getting this unfair advantage.


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Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today we are streaming from my closet.

Hey everyone, alright, I’m literally in my closet right now trying to pick out clothes for the day and I totally want to wear my nude squirrel shirt, some of you guys don’t know what that shirt is. But when we did the bubble soccer event and we launched the viral video, there’s the whole joke from the gold prospector where he’s like, “I paint nudes. Squirrels that is.” And so we have painted nude squirrels in our office everywhere, it’s like this big funny joke.

So we have these nude squirrel t-shirts, which is like my favorite shirt. But my wife hates it. We were watching a video last night from our trip to San Francisco and I had my nude squirrel shirt on the whole time and she’s like, “Why do you wear that shirt, I hate it.” I’m like, “Ah, it’s my favorite.” Anyway, so I can’t really wear it, because I’m going to be hanging out with her a lot today. So I’ll default to something not as cool.

Anyway, I’m in the closet today because I’m getting ready and I wanted to kill two birds with one stone and share with you something that I’m working on.

So a lot of you guys know last year I spoke at the 10x event and we sold 3 million dollars in 90 minutes. What? Which is crazy. Next year I’m speaking, and sorry this last year there were 9 thousand people at the event. This year, moving forward, there’s supposed to be 35 thousand at this year’s event, which is completely nuts. Yet, it is what it is. It’s going to be insane, I’m so excited.

So we’ve got 35000 people and I’m doing a presentation, actually I get to speak twice. I’m giving two presentations, but I gotta kind of craft it for the audience, and make it different because I don’t want to do the same presentation every year. So I’m trying to think, what’s it going to be? And next weekend I’m speaking at one of my buddy’s events. I don’t speak at many events anymore, but there are super awesome people, inner circle members, they are Justin and Tara Williams, they are some of my favorite people, and so I agreed to speak at their event.

So what I’m doing is I’m rebuilding a presentation because their people are all like real estate investors, so it’s a little different market. It’s very similar though to Grant’s people at the 10x event, so I’m going to be, basically I’m creating this presentation and then I’m going to be testing it out here. Testing my material, if you’ve been paying attention you know what I’m talking about. I’m testing my material, I did a whole podcast episode about that, that’s why I said that.

Anyway, I’m testing my material here for what I’m going to be giving at the 10x event, if it works well. So that’s kind of what I’m doing, so yesterday we were trying to figure out a title for this presentation and literally, it was like, I think I spent 8 hours just to figure out the title. So for those of you guys who are like, “I can’t figure out any of my presentation, Russell, this is really hard.” Just know that even for me, I’ll spend 8 hours just figuring out the title, because I can’t even start building slides until I have a title.

Anyway, yesterday we finally figured out the title. And it was after going through a bunch of Voxers with Justin and he was talking about how real estate investors are kind of in the stone age, he’s like, “This thing you’re going to be showing them is going to give them all an unfair advantage where they can literally come into the future before everyone else.” And I was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s the title. It’s an unfair advantage. This is the unfair advantage. Sales funnels are the unfair advantage.”

So I started thinking through it that way. Sorry there’s an echo in the bathroom as I’m walking back and forth, getting things ready. Anyway, so I start thinking about from an unfair advantage, that’s the direction, that’s the hook, that’s the angle. What this presentation is going to be is like unfair advantage. And I started going deep like, “Okay, what are other things that are unfair advantage? What does that look like? What would that be?” Because I’m trying to find a lot of like analogies, and like kind of like bridges, it’s kind of like this, it’s kind of like this.

So this is how my brain works, I’m sharing this with you guys out loud because I’m hoping this will be helpful for you guys who are trying to create your own presentations, like what’s the process Russell goes through. So now you know, unfair advantage, that’s the big thing. I’m going to be giving you guys an unfair advantage. Sales funnels are the unfair advantage.

I started thinking, what are stories, other stories that we know about unfair advantages? And the first one that popped into my head was Back to the Future. Do you remember Back to the Future where, maybe it was Back to the Future part 2. Yeah, it was part 2. So in part 2 Biff gets the time machine right, and he sees it, and what he does is goes to the store and buys an almanac of all the sports scores of all the things in the future.

So he gets that and goes back in time and gives younger Biff the almanac and says basically, “Here’s all the sports scores for the next 50 years, you can go and bid on all these teams and become the richest man in the world by gambling on them.”

So Biff does and becomes hugely famous because he has the unfair advantage. He knows who’s going to win every single game. And when you know who’s going to win, from a betting standpoint, you’re just going to win everything. So that’s kind of how it was for Biff, so there’s a story I’m going to be able to share. “okay, I’m giving you guys an unfair advantage. Think about this….” And I’m going to tell this whole story about Biff and about that, and that’s kind of like what this is. You’re getting this unfair advantage.

It’s funny, when we were doing the presentation for, we did one called Funnel Builder Secrets and we went through the whole database in Clickfunnels and found all the different, we found what funnels are working the best, how they work, and did a whole presentation. Like, “Here’s the one’s that the funnels are doing the best. If you’re trying to figure out which funnels to build, here they are. This is where almost all the money inside of Clickfunnels is being made with these funnels.”

So I shared that and I was like, okay what’s that like? And I was kind of thinking, “What’s it kind of like? What’s it kind of like?” and then I was like, “Oh, it’s kind of like if Larry and Sergei, the founders of Google were to like open up and be like, “Hey you guys, just so you know, this is the actual algorithm…” and just giving you the algorithm, that’s what this is like. It’s me giving you the algorithm. That’s what this presentation is all about.” Which get’s people excited and kind of hooks them.

So for you, when you’re kind of doing that, first off, spend 8 hours or however long it takes to figure out a really cool hook. And then the first thing is thinking what it’s kind of like, what is this kind of like? This is kind of like Larry and Sergei giving you the source code so you know exactly how to get on page one of Google every single time. That’s what I’m doing today with these funnels. Or this unfair advantage is kind of like, do you remember in Back to the Future part two where Biff went back through time, got the almanac came back, bid on all the sports scores and became the richest man on earth.

That’s what this is kind of like. I’m giving you guys this unfair advantage where you’re able to go, where your competitors will be there soon, like eventually, like maybe the next year or 5 years or 10 years, all of your competitors would be doing this. But you’re here today, and you’re getting this unfair advantage before everyone else. And because of that, think how much you can capitalize on that?

So that’s what this is all about. The first step, figure out the presentation, the title, the hook, the angle. What’s the hook? Then it’s like what’s the kind of like bridges that make it like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is what I’m getting.”

I look at the 10x event last year where I did my Funnel Builder Secrets webinar. I didn’t start out by like, “Let me show you how to build a funnel.” I talked about, I had my hook and went immediately into Roger Bannister and the four minute mile and how the four minute mile was broken by him, and it’s kind of like this. “I’m going to break the four minute mile for you guys today, so you see it’s possible, and you’ll be able to go out there and do inside of your market.” And I shared the whole Roger Bannister story upfront.

So that kind of like bridge that bridges this thing from the very, very beginning, that’s the key.

So for me, this next presentation is the unfair advantage and I’m pumped about it. I’m going to be thinking about a million different kind of likes. It’s kind of like this, it’s kind of like this, it’s kind of like this. And it weaves throughout this entire presentation. So that is what a kind of like bridge is, you guys.

I use kind of like bridges every time I try to teach a complicated concept, or I share the concept and people are like, “What’s he talking about?” “Oh well, it’s kind of like this…” and you make it simple, kind of like something they already know, but I also use kind of like bridges to encourage excitement of the thing they’re about to learn about. “So here’s the overarching hook, boom. It’s kind of like this…” And then people are like, “Oh my gosh, I see the future. I see what’s happening. I see this is why it’s exciting because man, that would be cool if Biff came and gave me the almanac of all the sports scores. That would be amazing. So if this is kind of like that, I’m pumped, I’m excited, I’m ready to race to the future.”

Alright, that’s all I got you guys. I’m going to go finish getting ready for school. My little man, Aiden, he won an award today, or this week. So we’re going to go to an assembly and see him get an award for being a courteous student. So yay for the little man, he’s being very courteous. I love him. But Collette made him wear pants today, instead of his normal sweat pants or whatever, made him wear real pants, and he was super upset. So hopefully he will calm down and be happy because he’s going to be so cute getting his little award onstage. I love him.

Alright, thanks everybody and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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