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163 - How Would You Clone Yourself... If You Had To?

How Would You Clone Yourself... If You Had To?

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Episode Recap:

All of us have a unique ability that seems impossible to clone, but what if you could clone it? Let me show you what I’m doing. On today’s episode Russell talks about how he is attempting to clone himself, and how that is going to give him more freedom. Here are some of the outstanding insights in this episode:

-- Find out why Russell is finally building out his speaker team, after a year since the idea originally surfaced.

-- Russell asks the question how you would clone yourself to get more freedom, while still scaling your company.

-- And see how many speakers it will take to replace Russell, and why he should have done this from the beginning of Clickfunnels.

So listen here to find out how Russell is cloning himself, and why you should consider doing something similar.

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Best Quote:

So that’s what I’m working on tonight, to get that in place. The reason I’m sharing this is I think all of us, me included, we think that what we have is a super power and we’re the only ones who can do it. So every time you try to think about scaling you’re like, “Oh I can’t because it’s me and I can’t scale me because I am a rock star.”


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Hey what’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, it’s late night and I’m headed to the office and I got another episode of Marketing Secrets podcast for you.

Alright everyone, so you may be wondering, “Russell, why are you going in the office again late tonight?” This is an exciting one. There’s just not enough hours in the day and I love my kids and so because of that I leave everyday at 3:00 for wrestling practice, which means I cut my day off by like two hours, which means I gotta squeeze it in somewhere. Especially right now while we’re trying to change the world. It’s insane.

But I’m pumped because what I’m doing tonight is literally going to free me. It’s interesting, I was hanging out at Tai Lopez’s house and we were talking about Clickfunnels, this is shortly after we’d passed our first 100 million in sales. I was talking to him and Alex Mayer, who is one of his business partners, and they were like, they asked how many sales people worked at Clickfunnels. I smiled and I was like, “It’s just me right now.” And they’re like, “What? How did you do that? How is it just you?” and we kind of laughed.

And if you want to know how I did that, obviously go to the, we’re in the middle of our product launch right now,, or depending when you get this maybe the launch will be over and the product will be gone. But if it still is available go to But that’s how, really good presentations, spoke in front of masses, and did that for the last four years.

But eventually one becomes tired and one tries to figure out how am I going to scale this without me, is it even possible? It’s funny, last year about this time, we decided we were going to build out a speaker team, so we found who I thought was going to be the right person to be the first test person and to grow it. And it turned out really, really bad, and that’s as far as I’m going to go into that. But it kind of made me just walk away from it last year and not want to do it, thinking it wasn’t going to be possible and there’s no way I can replace myself, Russell, because of the bad experience and the bad person we tried to do this project with.

So I kind of gave up on it, and then this summer we were in Kenya and I met my friend, Pete Vargus, and Pete told me about a project he worked back a few years ago. It was one of the survivors, or one of the people that passed away in Columbine or, I can’t remember the exact story, I’ll probably mess it up. But that person went and gave a presentation and it was super inspiring and changed a bunch of people’s lives and Pete heard it and it changed his life.

So he went to the person and he was like, “I want to take this presentation on the road.” And the guy’s like, “I can’t, I need to be home with my family. What if I build a speaker team of people and went out there and the speaker team goes out and does all the selling for you?” and then Pete went behind the scenes and did that and built a huge speaker team and they went out and ended up having, I can’t remember, a couple hundred speakers traveling all around the world doing presentations everyday somewhere in the country, giving this presentation. He was able to get this message out to more people, which is exciting.

So it kind of re got me excited about the project we started a year ago and walked away from, which was building out a speaker team. So some of you guys probably saw on Facebook live, in Kenya we did a Facebook live with Pete, talking about the concept of building a speaker team and had people apply. We ended up getting 250 deep applications that came in, which were insane.

From that we had all those people take my slide deck and go and make their own version and pitch it and do the webinar and send it back to us to see how they did. From that we had 50 or so people that submitted the thing back. So right there, what’s that, 4 out of 5 gave up that fast when we asked them to do some work. And then from the 50 that came back, we went through all of them and we picked the top 20. And tomorrow the top 20 are going to be here in Boise. And we’re a two-day speaker training with them to teach them all my pitch.

So I’m in tonight just cleaning up the slides and getting ready for tomorrow. Because tomorrow morning I’m going to basically give the presentation as if I’m one of them. So I’m doing the funnel hacks presentation without being Russell. I have to be one of them so they can see what it sounds like and how you do it when you pull yourself out. So I have to tweak the slides a little bit and we’re adding some stuff in.

During the 10x launch, it was kind of fascinating. We did the upsell and I interviewed a whole bunch of people, like Armin Morin who invented the stack, and there’s some things I do in my stack that he doesn’t do that I like. But there’s some things that he did and I didn’t do that I love. So I’m going back in and weaving some of those things into this as well. Just some super, super cool things.

So that’s what I’m working on tonight, to get that in place. The reason I’m sharing this is I think all of us, me included, we think that what we have is a super power and we’re the only ones who can do it. So every time you try to think about scaling you’re like, “Oh I can’t because it’s me and I can’t scale me because I am a rock star.”

And what this is, if you look at all the things I’ve done in this business, there’s things that I, I don’t know how to code. Todd and Ryan and all the geniuses they do all the coding for Clickfunnels. I don’t know how to do customer support, I can’t do most things. But the one thing that’s my unique ability is creating a presentation and then delivering that presentation. And up to this point it’s been me doing that, and it’s at the point now where it’s exhausting. I can’t keep doing it.

I did a webinar a week every single week for years. And then I spoke around the country, around the world doing this for a long time. And I just can’t physically do it anymore. Man, what if we had 20 people who were on the road every single month? It’d be 20 or 30 presentations happening around the country every single month, which is really exciting. So that’s what we’re working towards and what we’re trying to do, but it’s me literally replacing myself, cloning myself, and training and teaching them my pitch and my script and how it works, and building out this entire speaker team. So it’s really exciting.

So for any of you guys who have ever thought the same thought that I have, if I could just clone myself, if I could just whatever. Realize that you actually can. But it takes a little work. It’s not just clicking a button and having the cloned sheep pop out the other side of the machine; you have to actually do something. But if you do it, it can free yourself.

So that’s why I’m coming in late tonight, to put in this extra effort. Because I told my wife and kids, “Look, this is my retirement.” Right now I speak a couple of times a year. Next year I’m speaking at Grant Cardone’s 10x event because there will be 35,000 people, so I can’t say no to that. But that’s it. I’m not speaking anywhere else next year.

So because of that, we’re plugging in these speakers and it’s going to be amazing. So that’s the goal now, to train them on my presentation, and my pitch and to get them learning it, and understanding it, and mastering it, and presenting it. And sure, they may not close the same percentage that I do, but if they can close 75% as well as I do, and we’ve got 20 of them and I don’t have to leave my house, that’s the best clone I’ve ever seen.

So that’s the game plan. So with you, my question for you is what is your unique super power, and could you clone yourself? If you had to, if you had to listen to Russell saying, “Look, four years from now you’re going to be in a spot where you try to clone yourself.” What would you do now?

I wish I would have done this speaker team thing the first year. Can you imagine as soon as Clickfunnels first came out , if I would have stopped for a month and built out the speaker team and then sent 20 people out on the road instead of just me? I mean, we might not be at 100 million; we might be at, who knows, a billion, by now? 

So for you, because you maybe think, “Oh, in four years from now I may start trying to figure out how to clone myself.” What if you did it today? What would you have to create? What would you have to put together? What would you have to figure out? Who would you have to find? What would their skill set need to be to be able to replace your skill set?

What’s cool about this is I don’t have to get them to write their own webinars, they’re just taking mine. They just have to be good at presenting, and standing onstage, and following the script and doing it with enthusiasm and energy and excitement. And if they can do that, they’ll crush it right.

Anyway, I’m excited; we’ll see how it all goes. But that’s the plan. So for you guys, that is my question for you. How could you clone yourself if you had to? Think about that and ponder on it because that’s going to be the question you have to ask and the answer you have to figure out if you want to get true freedom.

Alright you guys, appreciate you all. Thank you so much for listening and we’ll talk to you all soon.


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