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120 - I Just Spoke At Tony Robbins Event!! (The UNUSUAL Insight I Wasn’t Expecting...)

I Just Spoke At Tony Robbins Event!! (The UNUSUAL Insight I Wasn’t Expecting...)

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Episode Recap:

Anne Frank house… Operation Underground Railroad… and what YOU can do NOW to help save children from slavery. This IS our problem, we can help. On today’s episode Russell talks about going to a Tony Robbins event in Amsterdam and being able to speak there.

He also speaks about the emotional reaction he had while visiting the Anne Frank house and how it relates to another project he is currently involved in. Here are some of the insightful things you will hear in this episode:

-- What Russell’s real motivation was when he said he would speak at Tony Robbins Business Mastery event.

-- Why visiting the Anne Frank house had such an emotional impact on Russell.

-- And how you can save someone in similar circumstances to Anne Frank in the present day.

So listen here to find out how sharing the message of Operation Underground Railroad, you can help save a life.

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Best Quote:

Anne Frank lived through this slavery. It wasn’t the same type of slavery that these kids are going through, right. It wasn’t sex slavery and it wasn’t some of these other horrible things that are happening to these other kids, but she was in slavery. And God preserved her and preserved this record that she created so that we could read it and understand what it feels like to be in the depths of hell like she was, in hopes that we will feel that and understand it and be humans, be compassionate.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I just got back from speaking at a Tony Robbins event and got back from the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, and I got some really cool stuff to share with you guys. Hey real quick, before I start this episode I just wanted to let you know that for some reason the recording went kind of strange on it, but I thought the content was really good and impactful and important.

So instead of just deleting it and not posting it, I thought I would share it with you anyway. For some reason it happened on this episode as well as the next episode. Just letting you know that. I apologize for the bad audio, but I promise you it’s worth it if you listen and get through some of the little audio issues.

Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy this episode. Alright, so the last 20-25 however many hours, I have been flying home from an amazing trip, and I was planning on doing a whole bunch of podcasts on the trip but between jet lag and speaking and slides and then traveling and then more jet lag, and then more exciting things, I just never had a chance to sit there on my phone and check in with you guys and share some cool stuff.

So I’m home now, I just got back and I’ve been out working out and it’s a beautiful day and I wanted to walk around my track for a little bit and thought, you know what, what better time than now to kind of jump on and kind of share some of my cool thoughts from this trip. So first off, the trip started with me speaking at Tony Robbins’ business mastery event, which is pretty cool. It’s actually, everyone there kept saying, “Is this the first time you’ve spoken at Tony’s event?”

And actually no, it’s the second time. The first time I spoke was actually Business Mastery in Fiji probably 7, 8, almost 9 years ago now, dang. I can’t believe it was 9 years ago. It was before Aiden was born, and he’s turning 8 in a couple of weeks. So anyway, we’re out there and spoke at that event and then since then, Tony and I have done some things kind of on and off, but never really connected, he never had me speak at one of his events again.

And then the last two Funnel Hacking Live’s Tony spoke at, and actually after the last one he messaged me and asked if I wanted to come and speak at Business Mastery, but the dates didn’t work out, so I had to say no last year. But luckily they offered it to me again this year. And I thought it would be kind of fun to come out there and see these people. And to be completely honest, my real motivation is I just wanted to show off to Tony Robbins.

They asked me what I charge to come in and speak, and I think they were shocked to know that my fees were about the same as Tony’s fees, which makes me feel good. I told them basically for me it was $250 grand a day. So we got two days of travel in between so about $750 or so. But I was like, “Or, instead of paying me, I would come and let me sell and I would do it for free. You just gotta cover my flights out there.” and luckily they took door number two, because that’s all I really wanted to do anyway.

So I went out there and had a chance to speak and offer Clickfunnels to his audience. He wanted me to speak more on digital marketing, so I had to kind of change the presentation up a little bit, but for the most part, it was similar because it’s the same message people need to know to understand our world, funnel building, funnel hacking, driving traffic, all that kind of stuff. So I customized it for them, but at the end made a very similar offer to what most of you guys have got and invested in the past.

Hopefully it’s not too windy out here, I’m going to step out so it doesn’t effect this podcast. Anyway, that was kind of what we did, which was awesome. And sales went great. I think we closed 23% of the room, which typically speaking, in European markets, it’s way harder just because of the culture. People aren’t used to jumping up and running to the back. But I was proud to say that I did get a table rush, which is the first time I’ve ever gotten a table rush in Europe, which was really cool.

And I sold 23% of the room. When all was said and done it was somewhere between 750-800 thousand dollars in sales, which was awesome. So that was a good, and again my whole goal was to show off to Tony so that he’ll be like, “Man, you should speak at all our events.” In fact my goal, I’m going to set this out there into the world, my goal is to actually do Funnel Hacks presentation at UPW with 10,000 people in the room because I think that’d be way cooler. But I needed to start here.

So that’s kind of what happened and it was fun. I got to see Tony speak, got to see him sell his stuff, and then my thing. And then after that we’re like, let’s go see the Netherlands, see what’s here. So the next morning we went down to Amsterdam, the event was in Rotterdam, that’s where we spoke at, then we went to Amsterdam because we wanted to see that. It’s funny because most people go to Amsterdam for totally different reasons than we do.

In fact, I had Julie Stoian and a couple of other people who were just like, “You know, everyone else goes to Amsterdam for the red light district and to get the legal stuff. And you guys go and didn’t do any of that stuff. You guys are such nerds.” I’m like, “I know, it’s the coolest.” So a bunch of Mormon guys down there in Amsterdam trying to experience the city as well as we could. We had a great time, we rented bikes, if you’ve ever been there, it’s insane. A million bikes going crazy, it was nuts. We had such a good time. Anyway, I digress.

The coolest part, and this is what I wanted to share with you, we wanted to go to Anne Frank house. Last time I was in Amsterdam I didn’t even, so dumb, I didn’t even realize it was there. And we went on a boat tour, my wife and I and we saw it and we tried to get in and it was sold out. And so this trip, same thing, a month ago we tried to book tickets and apparently we were too late. So they sell out like a month in advance.

So we thought maybe we’ll go down there and just bribe someone to let us come in. So we went down there the first day and like, “Hey, we will give you any amount of money to let us come in.” and they’re like, “No.” We’re like, “Come on, there’s got to be some entrepreneur here who wants my money, let me in.” and they’re like, “No, but tonight at 7-9 if there are any open tickets they go online. So go there and you might be able to get some.”

So I had Melanie, my assistant here in Boise, we messaged her so she went on. She’s refreshing every 5 seconds trying to get the tickets, and luckily for us she got four tickets. So the next morning we woke up and went to the Anne Frank memorial. And man, there’s just something about places like that. I know the first thing for me, that blew my mind, how it wasn’t that long ago. It was like 70, 80 years ago, something like that this whole experience happened. It was not that long ago. And that was just the first thing.

And then as you go into the home and you go into the place where they had the bookshelf you pulled out and it’s a stairway up into the attack and you see this place that she’s imprisoned for two years. And they made it almost to the end, I think like 3 or 4 months before the war ended they got caught and she ended up dying, I believe of Typhoid fever, in one of the concentration camps. But for two years the Lord preserved her in this spot. And during that time inspired her to write her thoughts down.

So she’s keeping this journal and writing these things. And as I’m going through this I’m like, “Why…” because I don’ tknow about you, but I don’t believe that God just does random things and it’s like, oh that was weird. I think things are planned and calculated and figured out and I think that he protected her so she could leave this message in this journal, and even protected the journal, the diary in a way that when her father came back later was able to still find it and publish it. You look at just her little story and her little piece.

She was 15 years old when she passed away, she wasn’t even, she was 15 or less and this diary has become such a powerful thing for so many people. I looked at a month before we couldn’t even get in because so many want to come and just experience in just a little way what she went through. And what’s crazy, I hadn’t even connected these two things together until I was in the room. The night before we had just launched our new, the new prelaunch for Operation Underground Railroad documentary that we showed at Funnel Hacking Live, so we do this big launch, getting everybody to come register and just share the message, which is just kind of a cool special thing anyway.

So we’re doing that the night before, and the next day we’re in the Anne Frank home, and I’m sitting there, and I had this impression while I’m sitting there. I’m like, Anne Frank lived through this slavery. It wasn’t the same type of slavery that these kids are going through, right. It wasn’t sex slavery and it wasn’t some of these other horrible things that are happening to these other kids, but she was in slavery. And God preserved her and preserved this record that she created so that we could read it and understand what it feels like to be in the depths of hell like she was, in hopes that we will feel that and understand it and be humans, be compassionate.

And as I’m sitting there, I was like, she was a prisoner, she was in slavery. And as I’m sitting in this room experiencing it and feeling her spirit. I don’t know about you, but I could feel her spirit in this room and you’re just like, realizing that there’s nothing we could do for Anne Frank, but because she went through this thing, because we’re able to feel her spirit, because we’re able to feel what she felt in just a little piece because of her and her diary and these things. It should give us motivation, how do we first off, make sure this doesn’t happen.

And second off, how do we relieve other people of this pain? There are other people going through this slavery. And all the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks and I don’t know why it hadn’t, the two things hadn’t crossed my mind before but it was like, oh my gosh. That’s what’s happening at Operation Underground Railroad. There are these kids in slavery and I think, especially here in America, I think most of us think that slavery ended when Lincoln was president and it was over. But the reality is it didn’t, it hasn’t ended.

Tim Ballard and his organization, Operation Underground Railroad they believe there’s 2-3 million children in some type of slavery right now. Either sex slavery, working slaveries for their organs, it’s crazy. Anne Frank was one person. Imagine what you would have done if you could have went and saved Anne Frank. Imagine that feeling, just for a second. You save Anne Frank, what happens to her and her life and her soul?

Can you imagine what that would have felt like? What’s crazy now with Operation Underground Railroad, I’m looking, it’s the same thing. We are literally saving these children. We’re saving someone like Anne Frank who doesn’t have a voice, who doesn’t have the ability to fight and do anything. We have this ability where we can with hardly any money at all, liberate these amazing children. And man, just got super emotional for me when I was there.

So afterwards we went outside and did a Facebook live. I jumped on and said, “I want everyone to understand this connection between Anne Frank and the slavery she was in, and Operation Underground Railroad and the slavery that millions of children are in and realizing that you have a voice, you have the ability to share this message. Share with other people. Talk about it, share the documentary. Donate money if you’re able to. If not, share this message because you have the ability to save someone, to save a human beings life. Just like an Anne Frank. “If that doesn’t touch you, just go and read her diary.

Read it, read her words, read what a little 14, 15 year person who’s experiencing this, what she felt and what she had a chance to go through and realize that you can liberate a captive person just like that.” So that was my big takeaway, the whole weekend was amazing. But I really think that God wanted me there in Amsterdam to feel that, and to experience that because it makes what we’re doing so much more real.

So for all of you guys who are listening who haven’t yet, go to, go and watch the trailer or the documentary so you can understand a little bit about what’s happening. Get on the prelaunch list and then share this message with as many people as you can. If you have a podcast, podcast about it. If you are big on twitter, tweet it. If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, if you have an email. Any means you have to get this message out there, share it.

If you knew there was a little girl in Amsterdam hiding in a closet, and you were to share the message you could save her, would you do it? That’s literally what this is. About $2500 saves a child from slavery. So if you’re able to donate $2500 do it. If not share this. Man, you share it with 10, 20 ,30, 50 and each of those people share $10 or $20, that’s enough money to liberate someone who’s in captivity. Your voice does matter. We’re in a day and an age where we have the ability to get messages out, and people, we always think if I lived then, I would have done this and this, and I would have helped them and done all these things. The reality is you are living in that time and you can do something.

So the question now is, are you going to? So for all you guys, and I’ve gotten so many messages from so many of you ever since Funnel Hacking Live, “What can I do to help? What can I do to help?” This is what you can do to help. You share the trailer. Not just with social media, yes do it on social media, but contact your friends and family members, tell them to go watch this thing. Text everyone in your cell phone, say go register for this, watch this. Them watching it.

One person watching it could donate a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand dollars. We had, and I’m not allowed to disclose names, we had one person at Funnel Hacking Live who watched the documentary and donated a hundred thousand dollars. Who knew that person would have done that? Who knows what person you share it with might donate $2500, or $5000 or $10 or $20 and save one, two, five, ten, fifty children, and your connection was what made that possible.

I just hope this becomes a thing that all you guys see and feel and can be part of. I would put it on the thank you pages of all your funnels. I would put it in your email sequences. Plug it in everywhere because one person seeing this documentary can and will save children’s lives. And if you’re the one that connected them, imagine someday when we’re all dead and this whole story of this earth life wraps up to an end and we’re up in heaven or wherever we’re at, and you’re able to see that child and they’re able to come to you and say, “Man, because you shared this message, my life was better.” That’s what I want you guys to feel. That’s what’s possible.

You could have been the one to save Anne Frank. You’re the one who could be saving the next person, but only if you share it. So just because you don’t have money don’t be like, “I can’t help.” No, you can help. You connecting and you sharing and being willing to get this out there, and one person hears the message, who knows how far that could go. And that one person, it’s funny, back in the day if you remember the Rippln project, if you listen to the podcast episode one, you’ll hear me talk about this Rippln thing.

But we had Rippln and we launched it and I remember we got 1.5 million people to join this movement in a six week period of time. And what’s crazy, I remember looking at the big trees and the down lines and the ripples and how it all worked, and it was crazy because the people who had the biggest ripples didn’t necessarily recruit the most people, but they recruited the right people into the program. Some people that had these huge followings of 200 thousand people, they only invited ten people, but one of the people they invited, invited somebody else and that person invited 30 thousand people.

So you don’t know within your layers of separation, when it’s going to hit the right person who then takes that message and boom, blows it up. So share it with 5, 10, 20 people you know and invite them to share, and invite them to share it and who knows where in this little ripple that you create, who’s going to be the one that hits it and it somehow goes to out to 20 thousand, 30 thousand, 100 thousand people.

From your efforts, a hundred thousand dollars is raised, from a hundred thousand dollars being raised, you save 40 children’s lives. That’s the stuff I’m talking about right now. This is something that we can all be part of and we can literally change the course of history. We can change the world for these children. Funnel Hacking Live alone raised a million dollars, that’s 400+ children we were able to save from the captivities of these evil, evil people.

So I just wanted to encourage you guys to do that. So if you haven’t yet, go to, go watch it. If you want to help us promote it, go to, we also have a page there that has more information how you can share this message. We’ve got banner ads you can use, a whole bunch of other stuff, sample blog posts, sample emails to send out, a bunch of things you can use to help get this message out as well.

So this is something worth doing, it doesn’t cost you anything, just a few minutes of your time to share this message, and hopefully you’ll feel the same feelings that I felt when I was in the Anne Frank home, and hopefully you’ll get the spirit of this and be willing to share it with those around you. With that said, thank you guys so much for everything. I appreciate you all, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you soon.


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