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I spent 18 months building my first-ever funnel…


I spent 18 months building my first-ever funnel…

And it made about $67.

18 months of hard work. I launched. And I was making about a penny an hour…

Most people would have given up…

But I was obsessed.

I knew if I could master this ONE skill set… that it’d change my life forever.

And I was learning.

The biggest lesson?

*Don’t take 18 months to launch a funnel and see if it works…*

My next funnel was finished in a month. The next was done in 3 weeks. And the next was finished in just 5-6 days.

I was determined to make it work — to fail fast.

And then, FINALLY, I had my first $1,000 day.

When you’re trying to do something new, it’s always going to be hard. You might have “perfection syndrome” and think if your first funnel fails…

…you’re never going to succeed.

But that’s not true… AT ALL.

In fact, the faster you can fail…

The faster you can figure it out.

Perfection takes too much time

You need momentum.

Your first product is probably going to fail.

But once it’s done, you can do the next one much faster.

And here’s the thing…

No one remembers all the products in the ‘cemetery of Russell’s ideas’...

But they remember ClickFunnels 🙂

Had I never failed for years and decades to get momentum…none of this would have happened.

Makes me wonder… what is waiting on the other side of YOUR failed attempts??

- Russell Brunson

P.S. If you want to get virtually everything I learned from my failed funnels (and the successes!), check out my Secrets Trilogy… it’ll make your path to success a whole lot quicker than mine!


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