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87 - If I Was Running For President (Or Any Political Office)…

87 - If I Was Running For President (Or Any Political Office)...

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Episode Recap:

I had a huge shift in my thinking about email marketing this weekend… let me show you how it works. On today's episode Russell talks about how he plans to use email as an amplifier in the future for Facebook Live videos in order to get more clicks. Here are some of the awesome things he talks about in this episode:

-- What he has learned from watching Gary Vaynerchuk and how he's implementing it into his own stuff.

-- Why it's important to master all the social media platforms available.

-- And how he plans to use email and Facebook Messenger as an amplifier to be able to get more views and clicks per video he puts up on Facebook. 

So listen to this episode to find out what Russell thinks is in the future for email, that will make having a large list even better.

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Best Quote:

Because I don’t care if you’re selling politics, or you’re selling books, if you’re selling courses, if you’re selling software, you’re selling ebooks, you’re selling food at the grocery store, all these principles are the same. If I hear one person like, “Oh Expert Secrets, that doesn’t work for my business.” Or “I’m not selling information products.” This has nothing to do with selling information products. If you think that that’s what it means, it means you missed the entire point. Read the book again, it has to do with selling everything and anything.


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What’s up everybody? My name is Russell Brunson. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about political marketing, what’s driving me crazy and what I would do if I were running for president, or Congress, or whatever it is.

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are doing awesome. I hope you enjoyed the last few podcasts, I think the last one people have been going nuts for. We got tons of downloads from it which has been really, really fun. Talked about how we basically did $3 million dollars in 90 minutes and I walk you guys through the whole process. So I hope you guys enjoyed that.

It’s been a couple days since I did a podcast because I’m kind of recovering and recouping from the craziness that consumed last week. Today I was driving into the office and it’s political season here in Idaho, it probably is everywhere. I’m not a big politic guy, I don’t really care about voting too much. Anyway, I’ll leave that. I just don’t care. I care more about entrepreneurship and stuff like that.

But I know there’s a big political thing because I keep seeing all these signs and I met one of the dudes who is running for, I don’t know what it is, congress, senate, something here in Idaho. And then I drove by and saw his sign, a big old sign it’s got his name on it really, really big, and like the logo of the party. Then I saw another guy and it’s got his name really, really big and the logo of the party. It drives me nuts. I just cringe when I know how much money is being wasted.

They keep asking me to donate to so and so’s campaign and this and that and I’m just like, politicians’ are the worst marketers in the history of all time, outside of  a few people.

I’m sure there’s a lot of you guys who watched the last elections. And the person who won was actually a great marketer. I’m sure he had his name really big all over the signs, but what was better, he had a benefit. What is the benefit for our people?

So instead of saying, “Russell Brunson” on a big sign on the side of the road, I’d be like, what do people here actually care about? And have something like, “Hey do you want to make Idaho great again?” or “Hey, do you want to pay less taxes?” or some benefit to the actual human being. Not just my name. Nobody cares about my name. So all of you politicians who have a big old sign with your name on it and a logo, you are literally just flushing money down the toilet.

I’m sure there’s the hyper-actives who know who you are, every time they see your sign they’re like, “Yay!” They were going to vote for you anyway. All the rest of us, people who don’t care about politics or aren’t going out to vote, we look at that and see a name and just keep driving. It does zero for memory. I don’t know what the benefits are to me, I don’t know why I’d vote for you over everyone else. It does nothing whatsoever, yet we keep doing it. I don’t know how much money the sign companies make from this, it’s ridiculous.

Then I got invited today to a get together party thing at somebody’s house where they were doing a, I don’t know, fundraiser, a big get together. Everybody is going to be at somebody’s house and I don’t even know if the politicians are going to be there, but there’s a big party and they’re going to talk about it and share it. And they invited me to it.

I just kind of smiled and like, first off, why am I going to this thing? Is a person going to be there that nobody told me? What’s the benefit? My thoughts are people are going to go once again, to something like this, are people who are predisposed to vote for that person anyway and then get together and be all excited about that person and it’s going to be awesome. But it doesn’t get a single extra vote created.

So if I was running for politics, people asked me, I did a rant on this about a month ago about if I were ever to run for politics. First off, I will never run. Mark my word. Second off, someday I do want to be a puppet master for some politician, so if and when I ever end this part of my career, I’m totally going to find a politician and just be a puppet master, just in the marketing, just to prove that this stuff works.

So if I was a politician, first off, my big old sign on the side of the road would have the benefit for the person, huge headline and my name would be underneath it in much smaller font. But the benefit of why they would want to vote for me would be number one.

Number two, I wouldn’t be trying to throw rally’s for people who are already going to vote for me. Do you want to know why? Because it doesn’t create new votes. So what I would be doing instead is I would be going to my local area, my geographical area that can vote for me. I’d be going to Facebook, I’d be doing Facebook Live’s every single day for the entire year and a half leading up to my campaign.

What would I talk about on those things? I don’t know. I’d find out what people actually care about. Not people necessarily that are already voting for me, but I’d be finding topics and be doing one Facebook Live per day, per topic and I would target my local…I would want it so that every single person who could possibly vote for me, when they open up Facebook or Instagram, all they see every single day is my face talking about the new topic.

I haven’t seen a single Facebook Live from a single politician ever, which blows my mind. Guess how we’re all making all this money online guys. Facebook Lives. I haven’t seen a single swipe up ad for any of my politicians, guess where I’m making money online guys? Swipe up ads.

Why in the world aren’t these people using things? They’re doing all these old school methods, they’re doing horrible branding, horrible messaging, they’re not doing any kind of future based cause, they’re doing rallies to get their existing warm audience excited about them, although it creates no new votes. I’d be focusing how to create new votes. What’s my future based cause? All this crap we talked about on Expert Secrets, I’m going to get a new cover for this, and call it political secrets, and then we’ll wrap it and sell it to the politicians, teach them how to actually sell themselves and market.

I would totally be doing a perfect webinar. I would literally do all these Facebook Lives, pushing people to, “hey I’m going to be doing this….” I wouldn’t call it a webinar, I’d call it a something…”a town hall meeting where I’m going to reveal to you the three biggest things we are going to do to destroy (not destroy) to fix our economy locally and to blah, blah, blah…” Whatever it is.

I would figure out their false believes of my core audience, I would do a perfect webinar and I would try to at the end of the perfect webinar I would totally sell them something. Some kind of packet, because as soon as somebody has paid with their wallet, now they’re emotionally invested, they’re more likely to spend time with you and give you more money and vote for you and tell other people to vote for you, because they’ve given you money.

I wouldn’t go ask people for campaign donations, “Hey can you donate to so and so’s campaign. This is the platform he’s on.” Because nobody cares about the platform that they’re on. What do people want? They want something. They want an ROI, they want to get something in return.

So I would figure out cool stuff. What would I make? I’d make a box of stuff like this and put cool things in there that people would actually want locally. I’d have like coupons from the local area, where they support me as a cause and you get $5000 in coupons if you donate $50, or something. I would find, I don’t know. I would just do good marketing.

We just need to get one politician to understand good DR, direct response marketing, and we could change the world. James, you in on that?

James: I’ll be the politician, you be my puppet master.

Russell: Oh my gosh you guys heard it right here on Marketing Secrets. The puppet master.

James: The puppet master,

Russell: And the puppet.

James: And the politician.

Russell: the politician.

James: We’ll call it politician.

Russell: Aka, the politician. Okay, so you’re going to do it.

James: I’m going to do it.

Russell: Can you do it in Idaho, or do you have to be an Idaho citizen?

James: I think I’m pretty sure to being a…

Russell: Are you an American citizen?

James: I’m an American citizen, even though I’m wearing my Italian shirt.

Russell: Yeah, should we do it for…anyway. We’re going to do it and document it.

James: Yes, that would be amazing.

Russell: That would actually be really cool. Alright, so there you go guys. If you’re running for political office, take the Expert Secrets book, rip the cover off, handwrite in Political Secrets or Politician Secrets or something and then when you campaign, I hope this helps.

Because I don’t care if you’re selling politics, or you’re selling books, if you’re selling courses, if you’re selling software, you’re selling ebooks, you’re selling food at the grocery store, all these principles are the same. If I hear one person like, “Oh Expert Secrets, that doesn’t work for my business.” Or “I’m not selling information products.” This has nothing to do with selling information products. If you think that that’s what it means, it means you missed the entire point. Read the book again, it has to do with selling everything and anything.

It’s human emotion, psychology. I would have called this book, Russell’s copywriting secrets book, but that would have been boring and nobody would have bought it. This is teaching you as the presenter, as the attractive character in your audience, whatever business you are selling, I promise you 10x in sales as soon as you attach an attractive character to it. What is the guide book for how that attractive character communicates with your audience, with you, with other people, this book is the book.

So there’s the pitch for my book, you probably already bought it and you probably read it. So if you have read it, go read it again. If you haven’t read it, now is the time. It’s going to help you sell whatever it is you’re selling, way more efficiently, and way better. It is the key. So once again, if you’re selling politics or anything else, that’s the process and the path.

Alright, so you heard it first. What are you going to run for, man?

James: Let’s take it as high as we can go.

Russell: We can go for president?

James: Yeah, why not?

Russell: Are you political? What party are you for? I want to know what you actually stand for before I put you in there.

James: Before you endorse me?

Russell: Because we’ve got.


Russell: We’ve got a conservative and a liberal both in this office. James where do you fall in the middle?

James: I’m conservative.

Russell: Uh oh, okay. Well, Melanie, you’re running the campaign here, you gotta….anyway, I’m ending the podcast now you guys. Look for James coming soon to a ballot near you. Vote for him, Mr. James P. Friel and Associates will be running and the puppet master will be doing the marketing behind the scenes. Going to be a lot of fun.

Anyway, appreciate you guys, thanks so much for everything and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.


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