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If you remember anything from my emails…


Everybody wants a raise. Everybody wants success. Everybody wants more money.

But they try to do it by doing the least work possible.

They want extraordinary results… WITHOUT providing extraordinary service.

See how backwards that is?

Here’s how Earl Nightingale put it…

“Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service. If you don’t like your income, you must devise ways and means of increasing your service.”

As marketers it’s easy to get caught up in… sell, sell, sell…

…but as much effort that we put into marketing, we should put double that into our offer.

Always charge 1/10th of the value you bring.

This is how I think about literally everything I put out into the world.

I never want people to attend one of my events or use my software and think, “Ya I got what I paid for.”

I want them to think, “Wow! I got so much more value than I paid for!”

If you can consistently do that with the stuff you put out into the world… you’re going to get rich pretty darn fast 🙂

But it’s not just about the money…

You can apply this to literally everything in your life.

Parenting. Marriage. Fitness. Work…

It’s the cure-all.

When you become the type of person who over-delivers in every aspect of your life… you become someone that others want to follow. You become someone who others respect. And you become someone that others will be happy to give money to.

If you remember anything from my emails… remember this ☝️

- Russell Brunson

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