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So I'm documenting my journey, I'm showing a behind the scenes of what's happening, okay? That's my favorite things about Insta stories, is my ability to show people behind the scenes of what I'm actually doing. So the wall you're getting the best picture of the day, the thing that's going to capture the most emotion, attention. And then the Insta stories up there, we're using to go and kind of show people behind the scenes of what's happening in our day. And so people love that, to be able to see behind the scenes of what's happening, then boom. Of this experience outside today, there's the picture that encapsulate the coolest thing you figured out today, or this week. And so you're kind of using those things side by side, and the book goes into a lot more detail about how to do it, but that's kind how we do my publishing plan.


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Hey, what's up everybody. This is Russell. It's always awkward when you first start these, because nobody's listening for the first 10 seconds. Anything I say no one will know, until later. But right now, all right, everyone's pouring in, okay. What's up everybody? Today, we are going deep into the Gram, the Instagram. Which is kind of fun, because right now I'm actually on Instagram, over here, I'm on Facebook over here. And some of you guys listen to the podcast, Podcast Land. But we're going to be talking today about Instagram, and how to get traffic from there, which is really exciting.

So hopefully you guys have had a chance to start reading these books, and hopefully you had a chance to pre-order it. If you haven't pre-ordered your book yet, again, obviously we're the middle of pre-launch. It's at This is fun because a lot of reasons, but one is you can pre-order right now, we are shipping these out, May 5th is going to start shipping out of the warehouse. We have sold so many of these things, I'm so grateful for you guys getting excited by this. I can't wait to give them to you. If any of you guys are freaking out, because you're like, "I want to listen to this today."

There is the audio book, where I sat in the studio for three days reading this whole thing you can get as well. But today, we're going to be talking, we're going to be diving even deeper. So we've spent the last almost three weeks going through this book, and if you've missed any of the episodes of me telling the stories, and teaching the stuff in the book, we just launched the Traffic Secrets Podcast. Which is crazy, it went live yesterday, and I bribed everybody. I said, if you guys go and listen to the podcast, and then listen to some of the episodes, rate and review it, that I'm going to be giving away the entire signed copy of the box set, to one of our lucky listeners. And I think last night, there were 60 people left reviews. And this morning we were number was it 12, or 13? Hold on. We were number, drum roll, please?

The number 15th podcast in the business director in the world overnight, which is amazing. So thank you guys for listening. It's basically all these episodes that I've been reading with you guys are now all on podcast forum. So all you got to do is go to iTunes, and go to podcast, Apple, directly, however it works. And you go search traffic secrets, and go subscribe, rate it, review it. And if you like it, or excuse me, if I like your review, someone's going to win a signed copy of the box set next week, which is really cool. So thank you guys for bumping up there so fast, I really appreciate it. This will hopefully help a lot more people get a lot more traffic.

So I'm curious, I have a question for you guys. If after I finish going through this entire book and we're done, I've got two options. Number one's, I could just leave the podcast there as is, or two, is I could interview other people on different traffic sources, and get their ideas. What would you guys like me to do? Should I keep it going, or should I just go for the next two more weeks, and then that's the beginning of the end of the podcast? Anyway, let me know your thoughts, because I keep going. And hopefully you're also listening to the Marketing Secrets podcast, because that's my normal podcast that I publish multiple times a day. So anyway, it'll be fun. So today we will be diving deep into the Traffic Secrets book. Again, if you don't have your copy yet, we are prelaunching it right now, go to preorder your copy. And we're almost halfway through the book right now, which is pretty cool.

So we talked about, if I go back to the table of contents here at the beginning, section number one is all about your dream customer, help you identify who's your dream customer, where are they hiding, who's already congregated them, AKA your dream 100. And then now we've found those congregations, how do we throw out hooks, stories and offers to grab their attention, build up the perceived value of the thing we're selling, and then make them an offer. From there we talked about now we have our dream 100, how do we work our way in, how do we buy our way in, and how we turn all that traffic, in a traffic that we own. And then after we own that traffic, we talked about follow up funnels, how that works, and then we talked about a secret to infiltrate dream 100, which is starting your own show, and publishing and things like that.

So that was section number one in the book, which we covered over the first two weeks of quarantine. By the way, you guys all surviving this and doing all right hopefully. Hopefully you're spending time with your family. I know right now it's chaotic, and so many people lost their jobs, some people are freaking out, but now is the time to learn skillset. There's no more valuable skill set that you can learn and you can master than traffic. You can literally use these skills for any business, for your own business, for other people's businesses. The people who can make it rain, the people who understand these traffic secrets, the people who are going to thrive during this craziness, and then beyond.

So it's so important now for you guys to understand it, and to learn it, and even though it's scary, even though there's fear, even though there's all these things, this is the life preserver for your future. You need to understand and master these topics now. So geek out on it, listen to it over and over and over and over again. Get the audio book, pour it into your brain, master, have your kids listen to it, have your spouse listen to it, you listen to it. The more you understand these principles, the more you build to write your own paycheck for the rest of your life. Because traffic is it's the fuel, it's the lifeblood. Imagine your car, or the gas companies, your car couldn't drive, unless you got Tesla, and you can plug it in your wall. But it's the fuel of a car, right? What is the fuel for business? It's traffic. It's the people.

So if you're the one that can provide a fuel to any business, you've plug it in, you've got the skills set you need to be able to survive and thrive for forever. So anyway, all right, section number one is all about your dream customer. Section number two then, which we're going to now is to fill your funnel framework. And first episode we talked about... In secret number eight, talked about the... Or, sorry, the section intro, we talked about the six step framework for how to fill your funnel in any network, any platform. And I talked about how to work your way in, how to buy your way in, and now we're going to be go into the first platform, platform, number one. And we're going to be going through four platforms, the big four.

When you go to Kenya, every year we go to Kenya, and we help build schools out there. In fact, we built like three funnel hacker schools out there. So it's like funnel hacker university, and funnel hacker college, like above the schools. Anyway, there's the big five, which are the big five animals you try to find on safari. So it's like the elephant, the rhino, the... I can't remember. There's five of them, right? So in traffic though, there's the big four. And so I'm going to go deep and show you guys how the framework I showed you works on the big four, and then after that, we're going to show you how it works on other platforms, like podcasting and other stuff like that. But today, we're picking one of the big four, which is in Instagram, also known to the cool kids as the Gram. Just kidding, I don't think any cool kid's ever said that, that's the stupidest thing I've ever said. There's me trying to be cool, all right. So if you've got your book, a secret number 10, we're starting page number 157, so turn to that section here in the book. I wish all of you guys could read along with me right now. Hopefully when you guys get your copy of the books, you go back, subscribe to the podcast, and listen to it while you're going through the book, and hope you just define things.

Okay, so page 157, Instagram traffic secrets, here we go. So again, if you remember, a couple days ago, I talked about the six step framework we apply to any platform, and it's a framework that'll work today, tomorrow, forever. And so as I go through the book, I actually follow that framework. So step number one in the framework is always understand the history of the platform, and the goal of where they're trying to get. And the reason why we do that is because what most marketers do, and I am guilty of this as well, is we try to figure out the platform, and then what's the loophole we can exploit to get traffic, right? That was my life for the first 10 years, what's the loophole, how do we exploit more traffic from Google, from whatever then the thing is? The problem with that is that you get short term gains, but then it never literal really lasts. And so for a decade, I would do that and it would, and we do that, it would shift.

And it was really fun because I enjoy the game, but for most people, it's not the way to do it. In fact, for myself, when we build click funnels, I'm like, "I am not building this on an unsolved foundation." So instead of me trying to find the loophole in the network, let me understand the history of where it came from, the goal of what they're trying to do, and then I want to align my efforts with theirs. I want to create content, and publish things, and post things and run ads in the way that they want me to, because if I can align with them, then it's not a loophole that's going to close and disappear, it's something where I'm helping them with their mission, and then they're going to give me free traffic and leads because of that.

Does that make sense? So that's why it’s important, we're not looking for the loophole, and there are tons of people who teach the loopholes, but loopholes close. Okay, we're talking about long term strategies. Number one is understanding, so here I go deep into the history of Instagram, where it came from. I'm not going to go talk deep about it, other than my favorite story about the history is Zuckerberg actually wanted Snapchat, so he offered the Snapchat dude like a billion bucks, and the guy said, no, which is like, come on.

Zuckerberg's going to give you a billion dollars for Snapchat? Come on now. He said, no. So instead Zuckerberg, he was like, "All right, I'll just beat you then." So he bought Instagram, and then cloned all Snapchat's features, and just crushed Snapchat, its kind of crazy. So I talk about that whole story, because I think that's kind of fascinating. But step number one, understanding history and the goal. Step number two then is to go, and you got to find out who are your dream 100 on this platform, who are the people who've already congregated your dream customers? Okay, on Instagram a lot of times you call them influencers, but it's a dream 100, somebody's already congregated your dream customers, right?

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go into my phone, the first thing I would recommend all you guys do, is you need to go and unsubscribe and unfollow all of your friends from high school and your buddies from college, and the people who you like listening to. Because the problem we do is we get on social media, and we start consuming social media, and we start getting into these arguments, and these things, where every post is about... 800 posts about COVID. And it's like, man, you get depressed, and you just want to kill yourself by the time it's over, right? That's not what we're trying to do here, right? So I would go unsubscribe from friends, family members.

I don't want to get into political debates, I don't want to get into religious debates, I want to get rid of everybody who's going to be a distraction to me. I want you to think that social media is no longer for you, a place for you to consume media, okay? Especially since the media sources are your buddies from high school, come on now, do you really trust them? I don't trust the real media, let alone my buddies who are like, tell me their biggest conspiracy theory of the day. So unsubscribe from all those. And then when I want you to do look through like, who are the dream one, who are your dream 100 on this platform? Who has already figured out Instagram, who's killing it? In your market, who's already congregated your people, who are the influencers in your market? And I want you to go, and want you to actually follow just them, okay? So I start following them, because I want to be able to see what they're actually doing, okay?

Now this is a big thing. Again, most people, when they want a loophole of the network, we try to figure out the thing, and I'm going to try to teach you guys how to think differently. Instead of me teaching you, here's the thing that's working now, I want you to look for what's working now, right? So you follow your dream 100, these are a hundred people or so who are in your market, who are already doing this game. And start watching them. So you wake up in the morning, instead of spending two hours on Instagram consuming social media, I pop up for five minutes, I scroll through my feed, I'm looking what people are doing right now. I'm looking in real time, what are my dream 100 posting, what are the pictures, what are the images, what are the things? What are they doing that are capturing people's attention? I watch them on their stories. What are they doing their engagement? What are they doing right now?

I'm looking, based on what they're doing, which ones get a lot of like, which ones get a lot of comments? What is the network rewarding people with today, okay? A good example of this. I've got my dream 100, and one of the people on my dream 100 is Lisa Bilyeu. And so I'm scrolling through my feed, this is probably a month ago, and I see this picture of her, where she has a yellow post-it note, and she's holding like this to the screen, and it has a quote across it. And I remember as I'm scrolling, that caught my attention. I stopped, and I was like, "Oh, that's interesting." And I made a mental note. Okay, that's a cool hook that grabbed my attention. I looked, and she had... I can't remember, 30,000 likes, and a thousand comments. I was like, okay, for whatever reason, that piece of content, that concept worked. And so I waited a little while, and then like a week ago, I made a post, and I did a something similar.

I didn't copy, but I was like, hey, post it note caught me, I put my own quote there, and I did something like that, and it captured attention, and it worked really, really good. If you notice, if you watch my Instagram now, you'll see we're testing a lot of things. I remember one of the tests that we started doing that I hated was I saw bunch of people posting, it looks like a Twitter post, and they take a picture of it, and post on Instagram. I hate it, but for some reason, they're the highest engaging ones right now. So we're watching, what are people doing, other people trying? Let me try it, oh my gosh, it worked. Let's do more of those. And so you're going through, you're watching what your dream 100 are doing, because it's going to show you in real time what the networks are rewarding right now, okay? That's why it's so important. So every day I'm looking, I'm scanning Instagram, I'm going through my feed, not because I'm trying to go consume media, I'm trying to watch what people are doing to hook people's attention, hook story offer, we talked about earlier. What are the hooks they're throwing out?

I'm getting ideas for hooks I could create, and different ideas and different ways I could do it, different structure, different layouts, different looks, things like that, okay? All right. So I'm following the dream 100, I'm looking at what they're doing. Step number three then, now after we've we've been following our dream 100 is to figure out what is our publishing strategy? So now that we know this, how are we going to actually publish, what's that look like, okay? And again, a big part of it's like looking at how other people are publishing. The people that are doing well, let me watch it, let me figure out what they're doing and how they're doing it, things like that, right? So I'm watching how they're publishing. And one of the things I tell about here, this is the Instagram chapter, I leverage a lot of this from Jenner Kutcher, because Jenna at number one is probably one of the coolest humans on this planet. Number two, she kills on Instagram, number three, when she shared this with me, it like changed my whole mindset.

So she has this structure of how she posts her images, is she calls the JK5, JK stands for Jenner Kutcher. So she named it after herself, which is a lesson for another day. But we talked about frameworks, you need to create your own framework. So this is Jenna's, JK five framework. And I asked her if she'd let me publish it in the book, and luckily for me and for you, she said, yes. And so what she does with her JK5 framework, that's so powerful is she said, "Think about your life, you got to pick five different categories of things that you're interested in, things that you're passionate about." Because right now, how many times do you go to somebody's Instagram profile, let's say they're a fitness person. And every single picture is them flexing in the mirror, 800 pictures of them flexing in the mirror.

You're like, this person is so lopsided and boring. Even if I'm into fitness, this person's a little too much for me. Or you get someone who's like, they're more religious, and you go to their thing, and every single post is a post about God. And you're just like, all right, that's all they care about. Now, what you have to understand is that, when people are coming to you on social media, especially in Instagram, if they see the same thing over and over and over again they're going to get bored, and they're going to lose interest. And so what you got to do is figure out, what are five things in your life that you're passionate about? She calls them the JK five, these are five different categories.

And so I think I have in Jenna's… I’m not going to find hers, I'll find out mine. So my JK five, so example. So the five categories that my life fits into. Number one is family, number two is funnels, number three is faith, number four is entrepreneurship, and number five is personal development, okay? So I have five categories. If you look at my Instagram wall, you'll notice... And I'm not a 100% perfect, but for the most part, my pictures on my wall, they rotate through these. So my first picture's my family, then I talk about funnels, and then I talk about faith. Then I talk about entrepreneurship and then personal development, then start over again. So I'm rotating through these five different categories, as I'm posting on my wall, okay? So what we do is on my phone, in my photo albums, I have five different folders there. I have one for each of my JK five, family, funnels, faith, entrepreneurship, and personal development. When I go out with my kids and my family, I take pictures, I try to document my life when I'm doing cool stuff.

I take all those pictures of my family, I dump them in my family folder. When I'm doing faith things, like church, or reading scriptures or whatever, I take pictures, I put my faith folder. When I'm doing stuff about building funnels, I'm doing cool stuff, I'm taking pictures, I've done my my funnel folder... Funnel who? Tongue twister, funnel folder. When I'm doing things about personal development, entrepreneur, I'm putting all these things in different categories. Then each day when I'm trying to post, I'm like, "Okay, what should I post about today?" I'm like, "Oh, well, today is funnels. Let me go open my funnel image director. There's all the pictures about funnels. That's a quote I never posted before, let me grab that." I post that, and boom, I've got a picture, okay? And that's why I'm rotating through. Now what's interesting about this, this is why it's so powerful. Most people are going to come into your world because they're coming through one of these five things, right?

For example, I go to church every Sunday, and I have a whole bunch of people go to church with me, right. And so they may see Russell, and they see his family, and they're like, "I don't know who he is, but I'm going to follow him on Instagram." So they follow on Instagram, because they want to know about my faith or about my family, right? They see me post that. So they see family picture, "Oh, Russell's cute, his kids, his wife, so awesome. And I see faith, oh cool, he's talking about whatever." And it's like funnels. And they're like, "What is a funnel? I don't understand." They're like, "Entrepreneurship, I don't get it. Personal development." And they're like back to this. But what happens is because they came in these things, eventually they start singing these other things showing up, and eventually they're like, man, this is really cool what Russell’s doing. I didn't realize he did this and did this and did this, and it opens up all these other doors for me.

Every post I've made about funnels, about my work, those people would watch one or two posts, they would leave. But because one out of five is my family, keeps them engaged, and they start caring about the other things I talk about. In fact, last year's Funnel Hacking Live was the weirdest thing. They were like eight people that go to church with me, who I did not tell them to come to Funnel Hacking Live, and they showed up for Funnel Hacking Live, because they follow me for my family, and they learned about what I do, and that's what that got them interested. I go to my daughter's soccer game, and I meet the other parents, and I'm not very social. I knew a bunch of them, they're like, "What's that weird, introvert guy doing over there?" It's Ellie's dad, he sponsored the team, let me follow him. They follow me on Instagram, they see my family, they see Ellie.

But then they start seeing other things over here. As soon they start asking, "What is this funnel thing? I got a business, can this work for me?" I had, one of my son, one of his friend's mom's, she came over to meet us, because it's like, oh, here's new friends, I want to make sure we know each other, came and met us. And then obviously must have added me on Instagram, and then I got like a month later, I get a message like, "Hey, I've been watching you on Instagram for the last little while, ever since I met you at your house. My family runs a blank kind of company, could funnels work for us?" And boom, opens up a conversation. Same thing's true, a lot of people like me, I want to have conversations about other stuff I believe in like religious stuff. I don't want to be super preachy and stuff like that, because it turns a lot of people off. But one of my JK five is my faith, so I post things right about that.

And what's interesting is that people come to me for funnels and for business and entrepreneurship, every once in a while they see a post about faith, and they're like, "I didn't know you believed that Russell, tell me more about that." And it opens up a door, where now I can have those conversations offline as well. So it's a more holistic way to post, and it brings more people into your world. Does that make sense? So JK five have awesome. We use it in Instagram, but we also use it on Facebook and blog posts, and other places as well. I've used this concept that I learned from Jenner we've used over and over and over again. So that's the JK five. So my question for you is, what are your five things, okay? And I would recommend, go to Jenna's Instagram profile, go to mine, go to other people's, the people that are doing it right, see if you can guess, what are the five categories they have that they're rotating through?

And if you kind of do that, it's powerful. Okay. Let's see. Okay. Actually, let me quote Jenner for a second, because she's amazing. She said, "When you adopt this method, you'll not only create a versatile well rounded and connected brand, but you'll also create an interesting feed that urge you the ability to sell. No two categories live next to each other in the grid, giving you extra visual element, but also giving people a way to find and connect with you, even if they currently aren't on the market for what you're selling. Oftentimes someone will follow you for just one of the categories, and while they get to know you, like you, and trust you, priming them to become a paying client in the future." Anyway, that's what she said there. So I hope that makes sense. All right. So that's my publishing strategy for the wall. Okay, there's different parts of of every network.

So Instagram's got the wall, so once a day I post something on the wall, and my goal is to get as much engagement. So engagement is like people liking it and people commenting, okay? And so I watch what happens, some pictures I post and they just bomb, they don't do very good. I get a couple, not very many likes. Other ones I post they'll get 10,000 likes, I'm like, okay, I need to do more of the things that get people engaged, and less of the things that don't right, so we're watching and paying attention. I'm also paying attention to my dream 100, what are they posting, is it getting high engagement, or what are they posting, it's not getting engagement. I'm looking at those things that I'm modeling and getting ideas, okay? Does that make sense to you guys?

All right. The next part about Instagram, which is arguably my favorite part of all social networks is Insta stories, okay. So if you look at Instagram, you got the wall that has all pictures, then you have like little thing at the top that shows the different stories. And so my personal way is throughout my day, I try to document what I'm doing. So each Insta story is 15 second long. So I'm like, "Hey, this is Russ right now, and I'm about to go to webinar, I'm going to talk to so and so, it's going to be awesome. I'll talk to you soon. I'm going to lunch with my kids, I'm going to jump on tramp real quick. Hey, I'm out in the wrestling room with my kids, we're having fun. Hey, we've just got in swimming, and this was something cool we learned." So I'm documenting my journey, I'm showing a behind the scenes of what's happening, okay?

That's my favorite things about Insta stories, is my ability to show people behind the scenes of what I'm actually doing. So the wall you're getting the best picture of the day, the thing that's going to capture the most emotion, attention. And then the Insta stories up there, we're using to go and kind of show people behind the scenes of what's happening in our day. And so people love that, to be able to see behind the scenes of what's happening, then boom. Of this experience outside today, there's the picture that encapsulate the coolest thing you figured out today, or this week. And so you're kind of using those things side by side, and the book goes into a lot more detail about how to do it, but that's kind how we do my publishing plan. I try to publish 10 to 20 in instant stories a day, documenting my journey throughout the day, and then one really good post on my wall every single day as well. And there's so much good stuff in here that we got from Jenner about how to publish, how to post, things you're looking for.

She has her ABCDQ, she has her inspire, educate, entertain, there's so many cool things that you guys will love from here. Okay. And there's other things, Instagram stories, which right now I'm over here on Instagram, Instagram live, Instagram stories. So the book goes through all different places you can publish, and how to do it, and the strategy. And then how do you make it simple at the end? In fact, if you look at the end of each chapter, we create these little things, just show you, if you want to dominate Instagram, here's the process. Here's how long it should take each day, here's the thing you do, and here's the stuff. So it's not like, "I got to spend two hours on Instagram." It's like, "Hey, I got 20 minutes, this is the framework of what I do in the 20 minutes." So inside the book, we have this for every single network, we create a publishing plan. So I know, okay, my publishing plan, I'm going to do 10 posts or so per day. So spend five minutes today doing that. My profile, I'm going to make one or two posts a day on my profile, I got 15 minutes dedicated for that. So kind of walk you through exactly what to do each day, each week, to make it a very simple step by step process.

Oh, so many cool things. Some of you guys asked me, "Russell, how do you actually sell on Instagram, are you allowed to sell stuff?" And the answer is, yes, there's a lot of places you can sell. You can sell really well on the swipe ups, right? After you get, I think it's 10,000 followers, you can do swipe ups. So if you watch a document in my story, and I might be like, "Oh, I just got my new book today, it's awesome. If you want a copy, swipe up right now, it'll take you there." It's going to swipes up, and it takes them to a link. So as I'm creating stuff, I'm showing what I'm creating, and I'm letting people swipe up to go get a free copy, so I can do it in the stories. There's also highlights, highlights are where you save a bunch of stories, and we've been testing this, and having tons of success with it. I learned initially from Brandon and Kaelin Poulin, she's the queen of this. Where the highlights are the save stories you have, where you can go, and she'll pick a day, where she's like, "Today, I'm going to sell Lady Boss Lean."

And she'll make a whole like mini perfect webinar throughout that day, doing the whole thing. In fact, I wrote out the script for how it works right here. In fact, you can see on page 174, you'll see the actual script of how to do these stories. It's like a little mini webinar. She spent a day doing a mini webinar selling on your product, and you save all those as highlight. And then that way, anytime someone comes to your profile in the future, they see all the highlights, they click on a highlight, and boom, they're taken into that story, where then you can go and… or into your mini webinar, where you sell one of your products, or your services. So you'll see in the near future, on my Instagram, I'm building these out for the OFA Challenge, Traffic Secrets, DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, you'll see more and more of these coming out, because they're are really cool.

Anyway, there's some ideas for the publishing strategy. So if you have a publishing plan, and then after that's the first three steps in the fill your final framework, right? Understand the history and the goal. Number two is find your dream 100 and follow them, and watch what they're doing. Number three, figure out your own publishing plan. So again, I give you ideas of all different ways of publish, I create a plan for you that's you can use, if you want something simple to do. Now you move on step four, five and six, which from number four is like, how do I work my way in? Now I know who my dream 100 are, how can I do things to work my way, and to get traffic from those people, okay? For example, the other day, we're selling the traffic secrets book, obviously, and I did an Instagram live with Jason Stone. He's got 5.5 million followers, and then we jumped on, I worked my way in, he jumped it on within like three seconds with 2,500 people on.

We talked about the book, we sold the book, and I worked my way into that relationship to do an Instagram live. I'm getting all the different Instagram things... Anyway, yes, you know what I'm talking about. So I worked my way. Number two is you can buy your way, I can buy ads, I can buy swipe ups, I can buy ads on other people's wall. Like those pictures, I can pay someone and I can post a picture, and then holding my book, and say, "And go and get Russell's book." There's different ways to buy your way in as well. So I'm working my way into my dream 100, I'm buying my way into their audiences as well. And then September 6th, is my whole goal of that is to use all that, to turn that traffic into traffic that I own. Here's an example on page 180, here's example of somebody we paid, PR Boss Babe, and here's her reading my 30 day book.

And she says, "This book's awesome." And she has it here, and the link for them to go buy the book. And we bought our way, we paid her to post this image on her wall, and get people to come in, and to buy the book, and we sold a bunch of them from it. And then step six is that we're using all this traffic to fill our funnel, to grow our list off the platform. So if someday, if the platform dies, we still have the asset, which is our customer list, which we talked about earlier a couple days ago. So that's kind of the Instagram outline. I know that I went kind of fast on it, we could do a three day event just on Instagram alone, but hopefully that kind of gets you to the wheels in your head spinning, and get you even more excited to get your copy of the book. We can dive deep and see all of Jenner's strategies for how to post the content, the right content, different ideas, just different ideas, the posts that are going to get more traction, how to have comments and how to do the hashtags, how to do the post, just all the stuff. We go into a lot more detail that I can't do justice on, on a live right now, but it's all inside the book.

So anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed that chapter, so that's the Instagram chapter. Tomorrow, we're going to go into the Facebook chapter. So the big four, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Google, those are the big four advertising networks that we're going to kind of walk through. But again, the process is the same, you follow that same six steps of framework. And again, it'll work, not just on Instagram or Facebook or Google or you YouTube, it also works on new things in the future, like TikTok or Twitch, or the new thing that's going to be mentioned next week, or next month. Or the thing that you're going to vent someday, because maybe one of you guys here is creating the next social network right now, and this process and this platform will still work for you. So anyway, I hope that helps.

Thank you guys so much for hanging out today, I enjoyed it. If you don't have a copy of your book, now is the time, here comes the call to action section of our show. The book here again, it's free, it's in pre-launch right now, we start shipping these on May 5th, but you can go order your copy right now, the hardbound. Right now we're in pre-launch, we've got insane bonuses, and all sorts of crazy stuff happening. So if you want all the bonuses, you can buy this book in a month from now, but you won't get all the cool stuff you're getting now when you go to traffic Go get the book, there's a bunch of bonus videos and training and stuff you get for free instantly you can start listening to. And then on top of that, if you're interested, I spent three days in the studio reading this entire book, and there's an order form bump, you could upgrade your order and get the audio book, we can dump into this.

I also did a two day event with my two comma club coaching group, teaching these traffic secrets, there's an order form bump for that as well. If you want the entire box set that's in the funnel, just go through the funnel. You guys are funnel hackers, you're my funnel nerds, you can get all this stuff. Go through the funnel, look at the offers, take advantage of the ones that make sense for you. And this funnel is literally the highest converting free plus shipping funnel I've ever done almost two X, the old winter, and so I think if I was you, I'd go through the funnel, slowly buy it, pay attention to what we're doing, and how we're doing it, and then model it for your funnels as well. So that is the place. And also on top of that, if you guys haven't yet, we launched the Traffic Secrets Podcast, which right now, it's all the recordings from these lives I've been doing, so you can go and listen to any of the back ones.

We've gone chapter by chapter through the book so far, so if you missed any of them, just go to iTunes, and eventually we'll get them on all the other podcast directories, but right now it's only in iTunes. And if you go there, Traffic Secrets, go subscribe. And then we're also at contest right now, where I'm going to be giving away a box set, a signed, box it to somebody who rates and leaves a review. So leave a review, and you have a chance to winning a signed copy of the box set, but you got to do it ASAP. So anyway, yes. Someone asked, "Can I get the audios?" Yes, the audios are available today. The books don't ship till May 5th, but the audio book you can download it today, and you can listen to it in three minutes from now, you can start listening to it.

So anyway, hope that helps. Again, thanks you have for hanging out today, I appreciate you guys being here and again, And tomorrow we'll be diving deeper into Facebook, I think tomorrow, yeah. Tomorrow's Friday, so, yup, we'll be tomorrow back. Thanks so much you guys for hanging out, appreciate you all, and we'll talk to you guys all soon. Bye everybody.


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