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65 - Is A Funnel Even Right For My Business?

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Episode Recap:

Here are five things to do to make sure that a funnel will even work for what it is you’re trying to sell. On this episode Russell talks about putting the right people on your team to be able to best market your product or service. Here are some awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-- Find out why you should have your entire team take the disc profile test to find out where they best fit in.

-- And Why it’s important to have the right people in the right positions for your business.

So listen here to find out why it’s so important to use the disc profile system to put team members in the right position for your business to grow and be successful.

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Best Quote:

My dad, he didn’t want to bug me, so he went and hired someone to build funnels. The person building the funnel, built a webinar funnel and my dad showed me, “Our funnel’s done.” And I look and I’m like, “okay, do you have a webinar?” and he’s like, “No.” And I’m like, “Then why did he build you a webinar funnel?” He’s like, “I don’t know, he told us we needed a funnel and this is the funnel he built.” I’m like, “Who builds my dad a funnel and doesn’t even talk strategy.”


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast.

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been a little while since you probably heard from me in any channel. I have been suffering my first sickness in probably 3 or almost 4 years, as long back as I can remember actually. So it’s been a long time. But I actually just drove my parents to the airport and dropped them off and had some thoughts I wanted to share with you guys about is your business ready for a funnel.

The reason why this is kind of top of my mind right now is my dad was in town and he’s got a really cool accounting business, which some of you guys use him, which I appreciate that. I get nothing for recommending him, but he’s awesome. It’s and they do business structuring, so they help get you protected by the way you structure your business. They do accounting, they do bookkeeping. If you haven’t paid taxes in like 5 years, like most entrepreneurs seem to not do when they get started, they do all that stuff to catch you up. It’s a really cool business.

I talked about it before on this podcast, I told everyone that it’s like the cheapest thing ever and I keep trying to get them to raise their prices and it’s funny as they’re trying to turn this into an actual business, business…it’s a good business, they’ve gotten a few hundred clients, a lot of Clickfunnels members, inner circle members, stuff like that, that they do stuff for and they’re trying to grow. I keep telling my dad, these are things that need to happen for you to be able to grow.

So I want to share them because I think it’s true for a lot of businesses who make this leap. They’re trying to transition from whatever they’re doing now into using funnels. I know my dad, he didn’t want to bug me, so he went and hired someone to build funnels. The person building the funnel, built a webinar funnel and my dad showed me, “Our funnel’s done.” And I look and I’m like, “okay, do you have a webinar?” and he’s like, “No.” And I’m like, “Then why did he build you a webinar funnel?” He’s like, “I don’t know, he told us we needed a funnel and this is the funnel he built.” I’m like, “Who builds my dad a funnel and doesn’t even talk strategy.”

So that’s what today’s lesson is going to be about. Kind of going off the top of my head, but these are the things that are necessary if you want your company to be successful with funnels.

Alright number one, you need to have somebody on your team, in charge of marketing, who is a high D. The reason why I say high D, this is if you take the Disc profile, d-i-s-c, if you take the disc profile, you have someone who is a high D, or is a driver. There’s so many companies I know that do not have a high D that’s running stuff and because of that nothing actually ever gets done. So number one, you need to have a high D. If you do not have a high D on your team yet, you are not going to grow.

I have bad news for you you’re not going to become a high D if you are not one already. It’s not something I believe you can develop, nor should you try to develop it, you should find the right person to do that. Now I’m a big believer that the only thing in your business that actually matters is the marketing, therefore I think that for most of you guys, your CMO and your CEO should be the same person, because that is business in marketing.

I know that some of the product people out there will disagree with me, but I think that I’m right, and I’ve got the bank account to prove it. So there you go. Just kidding, I don’t want to be the annoying guy, I’m not that annoying. I just want to make a point that you need to have somebody that’s driving the marketing and hopefully it’s the CEO or the owner or whatever. And that person needs to be a super high D.

So if you’re not a high D and you wonder why your company’s not growing, it’s because you don’t have that person yet. So take the disc profile, it’s free online. In fact, I think if you go to, scroll to the very bottom, the little link says disc profile, take that and find out if you’re a high D. If you’re not find out who on your team is a high D, and if you don’t have one on your team, if there are no high D’s on your team, you’re not going to drive this thing to where you want it to go. You’ll have visions and you’ll think about how nice it’d be if you could have a bigger company, but you are not going to be able to do it. It’s just not possible without a high D on your team.

So get a high D, make that person in charge of the marketing of your business. That’s number one. Because number two is going to be, become obsessed with the marketing of your business. And we’ve talked about this a lot before, in the past. But there needs to be somebody who’s obsessed. If there’s not somebody on your team who’s read both my books at least twice, then there’s not an obsessive marketing person on your team.

And I’m just saying my book because my book’s a compilation of all grid marketing books put together into strategic, chronological order. These are not my thoughts, my books are, here’s Russell reading 800 books and then putting them in chronological order after testing everything and telling you what actually works and the order it works.

So if someone in your team, in this day and age, who’s building a funnel and in charge of marketing is not obsessed with my books, not out of ego, but just out of the fact that they’re not going to be successful. They need to read it and understand it, and read it, and read it, and read it. Because if this person says, “hey, we should build a webinar funnel.” And they start building a webinar funnel and put all of your time and your money and your expertise into building a webinar funnel and then you come back, “But we don’t actually have a webinar yet.” They should be fired. Just make sure you are fully aware of that.

Because they need to understand the strategy, they need to understand the selling, they need to understand all those kind of things. All those things are very, very important. So that’s number two.

Number three, you have to create an offer that can sustain paid traffic. We are in a world right now, and it shifts all the time, today, the world we live in right now, the majority of your guy’s traffic, and I know this because we get billions of visitors a year coming through Clickfunnels. The majority of your traffic right now is coming through Facebook. The majority.

Good old Mark Zuckerburg is going to charge you, on the low end, the very, very low end, one dollar per opt in, per register, per whatever it is, per lead. On the high end you’ll give him 8-10 bucks per lead. So if you’re selling something that can’t sustain where you gotta spend…I’d say on average you’ll get $3-5 a lead. Between $3 and $5 a lead.

So if you’re selling something, let’s say you’re selling a $50/week payment, let’s say you’re a chiropractor, a $50 a week payment or whatever, I don’t know. My brain’s kind of tired, so that’s probably a bad example, but whatever it is you’re selling. And you’re saying, look for me, I’m going to need 100 leads to close one person or three people or whatever, it’s costing me $5 per lead, so I gotta pay whatever the cost of being there. If those numbers don’t work for you, you have to shift your pricing strategy.

That’s my biggest problem for my dad right now. Is that they’re, they have really inexpensive accounting services, which is great for his clients, the ones who know about him, and nobody else will ever know about him because he can’t sustain growth right now. So that’s why you guys should go use them quick before they jack their prices up like I keep telling them to. You need to have money to be able to spend on advertising to acquire customers and bring them in. And probably incentivize a sales person at high D. Because most high D’s, they’re rainmakers, right. They want to pay a lot for the work that they do

Unless you are the high D who is going to be doing that, you need that person there to be able to afford them. So you’ve gotta be able to have those things in place. You’ve gotta change your offer.

I keep telling my dad, “People need to pay you at least $2000 to begin the interaction with your company. That gives you at least $1000 you can spend to get that customer, which is going to be necessary in the business model you’re in.” So you gotta be able to figure out, do I have an offer I can sell right now? That first off is sexy, that people want. And second off, I can charge enough money that it’ll make me money and it’ll cover all of my advertising expenses. If not, you’re not going to be able to grow your business, no matter how great your product or your service is. Unfortunately, this is true. So you gotta make sure it’s going to be able to sustain the growth of it

So what do we got? We got driver, number one, someone obsessed who can drive this thing. Number two is the obsessed with marketing and sales, just going to geek out and just go crazy to understand the strategy behind your specific business. Number three, you gotta make sure you have an offer that will absorb all the costs of advertising. So you can go out there and you can advertise. And then number four, you gotta have somebody who can sell the thing.

There’s different ways that we sell stuff online. There’s sales letters, like long form sales letters. So if you’re going to be selling through sales letters, you need a copywriter who is good. Copywriters aren’t cheap. Or if you’re going to do sales over the phone you need someone on the phone who can sell.

My guess is that most of your sales people are also going to be high D’s. not all the time though. Sometimes copywriters are and things like that, but if you’re going to be doing webinars, either you need to do the presentation, or somebody needs to do the presentation, and that person is typically going to be a high D. They’re going to be doing stage/event presentations, webinar presentations. You need somebody to sell the thing that you’ve got.

There’s a lot of ways to sell. You can sell through the written form, sales letters. Verbally through phone sales, audio, video, webinars, there’s different ways you gotta figure out what’s the sales mechanism that’s going to sell that offer that you created. So that’s the next piece of the pie.

And the last piece of the pie is who’s going to be getting the traffic, those people to show up so the person can actually sell them with marketing. So you got the marketing that drives the traffic that brings the people in, then the sales person can sell to the person your amazing, irresistible offer that will cover all the costs of all your advertising, plus cover the cost of all the people involved to make this amazing thing happen. And that’s how this whole game is played.

So I just wanted to kind of put those things out there for those who are, the funnel’s not working for them yet, you’re not quite figuring it out, you’ve been trying this thing, you’ve been dabbling, you’ve been struggling, all those kind of things. I know those things are all true and are all real and if I was building a business from scratch, if you had hired me as a consultant, this is exactly what I’d do, I’d be like, “Okay, who on your team is a driver? Take the disc profile, you got no drivers on your team, you need to hire a driver. Let’s go find one quick.”

Or it’s like, “Hey, that dude right there who is doing nothing, that’s your driver. Put him in the spot.” Then number two is, alright this person needs to become obsessed with the marketing and the sales, they need to be awesome at the strategy and the driving of this thing. Because sometimes you might have to create 10, 20,30 funnels before you get the one that pops for you. So the person gets bored after attempting the first funnel is not the right person. You need a driver who’s obsessed, who’s going to keep going and going and going until this thing works.

Then I’m going to be figuring out, okay what’s the actual offer we’re going to be selling because it needs to be something that’s big enough to sustain the growth so we can grow this as a company. And I’ll make a really sexy, irresistible offer that’s expensive enough to cover all the costs.

And then from there be like, how are we selling this thing? Are we selling through webinar, through whatever. Either I’d be doing the webinar or hiring a webinar person, or hiring a copywriter or whatever. Figuring out who would be selling this thing, that’s the next key.

And then the last is who’s the person that’s going to be driving the traffic? Who’s going to be getting the eyeballs to show up so we can actually sell them? Those are the pieces, and if you don’t have those pieces, it’s probably why you’re struggling right now. It’s time to start building your Avenger team, we talked about this last podcast episode I think. Find the people around you, start building a team. Look at this like a real business.

There’s two ways to build a business. One is to try to learn all the stuff yourself and it’ll take a long time and take a lot of effort and work. Number two is to go hire a bunch of people to do it. Which that costs a lot of money, it can be done, but it’s way more expensive and typically you’re not going to be able hire the best. And number three is start networking, start building an Avengers team. Find people who all believe in the vision, the mission.

One of my first mentors, he passed away a couple of years ago, his name was Chet Holmes. I remember I was talking to him initially, he told me about his company he built. He built his entire company with a single person on payroll. Everyone was paid based on a percentage of what they sold. I was like, what?  He said, “Yeah basically the way it works, our company’s big months we all get big checks, small months we all get small checks.” That’s the way a company should be run. If I were to start over everything from day one, once again, I would definitely be doing it from that vantage point.

Find people bring them in together, sell them on your idea. Don’t just bring in people because you know, your friends and family members though. Find the right people, take the disc profile, surround yourself with what you aren’t. If you’re a high D and a high I, find people who are a high S and high C and visa versa.

In inner circle Mandy Keene is one of the inner circle coaches. She did a training on disc profile, and she did a really cool thing when she showed my disc profile and showed all the people around me, my core team, my management team, who are my partners, my assistant and all these people. It was interesting how we looked at me versus all the people around me, how they all compliment me in this really cool way that based on that we have this one super human.

Because unfortunately, we’re not all super humans. I wish I was. I wish I was a high D-I-S-C, but I’m not. So I gotta surround myself with those other people. Anyway, I hope that helps you guys. I am almost back to the office. I’m going to bounce because I’m going to start having a coughing attack and I want to do that off camera. So thanks everybody, I hope you have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.


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