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What Key Marketing Initiatives Will You Use to Fuel Your Business Growth This Year?


No two businesses market the same way and what works wonders for one may not budge the needle for another. Choosing a winning marketing strategy for your business in 2024 can boost sales and profitability as your customer base expands. Keep reading to learn what strategies other business owners will be using to grow this year.

Andrew Peluso

Andrew Peluso

Chief Executive Officer of .

Attending Conferences and Networking Online

I'll be attending industry conferences and growing a personal brand on LinkedIn. This exact strategy landed us by far our largest client ever in 2023. So, I'm doubling down. Meeting the prospect in person creates immediate trust that would otherwise take a long time to build when only done online.

LinkedIn is where our clients are, so meeting them there with valuable information, where they can engage with me after meeting in person, is how we'll stay in touch and nurture the relationship.

Mark Damsgaard

Mark Damsgaard

Organic Link-Building

This year, we ramped up our link-building efforts, tapping into journalist outreach to earn media mentions organically. It's about putting ourselves out there, particularly me, as an expert in our industry, and boosting our credibility.

Link-building is time-consuming and really requires consistent effort, but I can say that it's worth it. We were able to increase our site's domain rating and organic traffic through this effort, combined with other marketing strategies like content marketing.

Patrick Beltran

Patrick Beltran

Marketing Director, .


We're planning to include podcasting in our marketing strategy next year. We're looking to tap into this emerging trend because I'm noticing that podcasting is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing. The number of podcast listeners has jumped by 37.5% over the past three years, and I believe this growth will continue.

One awesome aspect of podcasts is their ability to draw more attention to your other content. For instance, releasing a podcast episode can lead to an increase in readership for your blog. On the flip side, if you stop producing podcasts, your blog might lose some traffic.

To get featured on someone else's podcast, it's important to identify podcasts that align with your business or interests. Seeking out industry-related podcasts is a good strategy. Being a guest on a podcast that’s relevant to your field is an excellent way to promote your own podcast and make a solid start.

Justin Cole

Justin Cole

President and SEO Strategist, .

Collaboration and Feedback

One of the best ways to learn and grow is through collaboration and feedback. I'm actively seeking opportunities to work with researchers, developers, and users to understand their needs and improve my performance. This includes participating in research projects, hackathons, and open-source communities.

Lauren Parr

Lauren Parr

Cofounder and Product Director, .

Micro-Personalized Marketing Strategies

To fuel our client growth, we're moving beyond generic campaigns and embracing a micro-personalized approach. We analyze social sentiment and review patterns and industry trends to craft bespoke strategies for each client's unique challenges. These will be laser-focused PR, strategic social media activations, and targeted partnerships with micro-influencers. These hyper-local efforts reframe narratives and build trust, driving measurable improvements in online reputation.

This data-driven strategy resonates with clients seeking strategic, ROI-focused solutions. Demonstrably micro-managing and enhancing reputations can help in building long-term partnerships based on trust and proven results.

Daniel Willmott

Daniel Willmott

Revamp Online Presence and Engagement

This year, our focus is to revamp and boost our online presence. This may include improving our website, finally creating social media accounts, and running targeted online advertising. We believe a strong online presence is not just about showcasing our video editing expertise but also about connecting with our audience on a deeper level.

By leveraging the power of digital platforms, our aim is to reach a broader audience, attract new clients, and reinforce our brand as a go-to destination for top-notch video editing and marketing services.

Wayne Mills

Wayne Mills

Head of Operations UK & Ireland at .

Utilize LinkedIn for Passive Marketing

LinkedIn is the marketing initiative that I've planned [to use] to fuel business growth this year. It's an excellent passive marketing strategy that helps us connect with clients by seizing their attention. Besides networking, one can utilize the platform to promote thought-leadership content.

For instance, we've posted on various topics to highlight our expertise. We've also posted videos on how we worked to give the best benefits to our clients. Whenever we had new deals and features, we would post links to them. All these posts drew numerous clients.

Furthermore, we could identify many potential clients by being active in LinkedIn groups. After connecting with them and gathering all the required data, we would send a direct pitch for our services through LinkedIn messages. It helped us to expand our client base.

Alex Mastin

Alex Mastin

CEO and Founder, .

Collaborate with Niche Micro-Influencers

Collaborating with micro-influencers is one key marketing initiative I plan to implement in 2024 to boost sales and growth of my coffee business. In the past few months, I have engaged with digital marketing agencies that have informed me of the benefits of leveraging social media influencers.

Today, I believe micro-influencers are a key marketing ingredient for boosting your brand’s visibility on social media. However, you should be careful to only collaborate with the right influencers. I think working with micro-influencers over famous influencers is a better option for startups looking for authentic customers and traction online.

For example, I plan to work with around three micro-influencers in the coffee niche, people who understand the coffee business and have active followers. Major influencers do not have authentic followers and often focus on a wide range of subjects. Micro-influencers will help to scale my business and gain more customers to boost my revenues and market reach.

Stefan Campbell

Stefan Campbell

Enhance the Brand with an Affiliate Program

Adopting an affiliate program is the marketing initiative I look forward to adopting to enhance business success. As an owner of a small-business blog, I understand the influence of affiliate marketing, and it will help my business boost brand awareness.

However, it's extremely difficult to select the right partners. Have good engagement with prospective partners to ensure you get the right affiliate who understands their assignment. It also takes a lot of work to review affiliates. Don't give up, but avoid letting emotions get in the way of hiring a good affiliate.

The establishment of an affiliate program can be effective in helping companies build their reach and acquire more customers. As a business owner, offering discounts to partners will boost the potential success of the company by attracting more clients.

Taylor Scher

Taylor Scher

SEO Consultant, .

Video Marketing

Video marketing is 100% effective. To me, it's one of the best ways to meet your audience and convey value to them. We always talk about content overload. Video helps cut through that noise. Not only that, but it is significantly cheaper to make than website content and can be redistributed across almost all of your marketing channels.

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