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124 - Launched: Project Mother Funnel!

Launched: Project Mother Funnel!

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Episode Recap:

It’s finally live! Here is a behind the scenes look of some cool things we did and why we did them. On today’s episode Russell talks about two big projects that are finally both going to be live, the OUR documentary and Project Mother Funnel. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-- How you can share the Operation Underground Railroad documentary and help save children’s lives by doing so.

-- What differences Project Mother Funnel has made inside Clickfunnels and how that is helping with conversion and churn rates.

-- And what changes are still to come as Russell’s team continues to make tweaks and polish up Project Mother Funnel.

So listen here to find out how you can help change the lives of children who are in desperate need, and find out how project mother funnel could change the way people use Clickfunnels.

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Best Quote:

We’re getting between 150-200 more opt ins a day right now, which is huge. And our trial count has gone up, our free trial, by over 100 people a day just by making those shifts on the organic traffic coming through. So that’s exciting. Then some people don’t come for, they don’t come for the industry specific thing, they’re coming in and they’re looking for a funnel. So the next block on mother funnels is like, “What’s your goal? Tell us why you’re hear and we’ll tell you what kind of funnel to use.” And then the goals are like, “I want to generate leads.” “I want to sell a product.” “I want to run an event.” Or “I want to follow up with my customers.” So it’s kind of this graph here and they can pick, “Okay I want to follow up with my customers.” Or “I want to generate leads.” So you click on that and it takes you to a page that’s like, “Cool, there’s two types of funnels that generate leads, one is an opt in funnel.”


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Good morning, good morning everybody. This is Russell Brunson and today we are going to change the world. Alright, so I hope you guys are having an amazing day today. I have so much stuff, amazing things I want to share with you and not enough hours in the day to share them all. First off, as I mentioned in the intro, today we are going to change the world for some people.

Today we are officially launching the OUR documentary, which I’m excited for. It’s not often that you’re working on a project that literally when you push the funnel live, there will be children who will be rescued from sex slavery, children whose lives will be saved, children who are in the deepest, darkest parts of hell here on earth will have a chance to be liberated, and that’s what’s happening today.

So you get to be part of that, how exciting is that? You guys should all be going to and sharing that link and posting on Facebook and social media and telling your friends and family. In fact, my sister for crying out loud who doesn’t have a social media following at all, she saw the trailer and all her friends in her neighborhood, she went and told them, “Go watch this, go watch this. Sign up for it, you can help little kids.”

And all of you guys, all of us can do something, we can all share this message and it’s a really easy way to do it now. Tell people to go and watch the documentary. So we’re finishing up the funnel. We were up there late last night getting it done and it’s almost live and it’s so exciting, and I’m hoping that other charitable organizations look at the model that we’re doing through this funnel and you guys model it because I think a lot of good can be done with this. Anyway, I’m pumped, I’m excited. That’s our biggest thing that’s happening today. So that’s number one.

And kind of what I wanted to share with you guys today, and man I’m already at the office, this drive gets shorter and shorter. The other major project that we’ve been working on that finally went live after 8 or 9 months of work is Project Mother Funnel, which some of you guys have heard of that before. So I wanted to give you guys a bit of an update. If you haven’t seen it yet, go to and you’re not logged in you will see the home page and a couple of things. I want to talk about the strategy behind it because I think it will be beneficial for you guys.

So if you’re taking notes, here’s some big aha’s you should look at from it. And, by the way, the initial conversion rates and metrics from it are crushing it. Killing the old stuff, which is exciting. So that’s a good sign. Alright number one, if you notice the video on the page what we did, when we, the old video we had which was the gold prospector one, it was good, it converted people, but people that converted didn’t stick as long.

We definitely saw conversions go up, but churn rate go down, or churn rate also went up. And I think it’s because what happens in our world, as some of you probably know. If you’re drinking the kool aid, and if you’re listening to this podcast you probably are drinking the kool aid. But someone comes in for the software, and if they come in just for the software it’s like a commodity and they’re feature shopping and price shopping and all sorts of stuff, and if we can keep them long enough that they get introduced to the culture, to the movement, to the mission, all that kind of stuff, then people stick.

So a lot of times, half the people coming off the funny viral video, they sign up for the thing, and they use the software and they don’t use it and they leave and it kind of ends. Whereas when people come in and they come to an event or they come to a webinar or they experience the energy of what we do, then they stick because they’re attracted to it and they stick because of that.

So what we did instead of having that, because right now when you sign up for Clickfunnels, you don’t see that for a couple of weeks in before you start getting videos and messages that kind of introduce you to that part of it. So instead what we do is we introduce that immediately, so that’s the first thing.

So if you watch the video you’ll notice it talks about funnels, explains what it is, but more importantly it’s building that coaching from day one, from the very first second. There’s a line in the video that says, “Clickfunnels is not a software program. It’s more than that, it’s your family.” And I want that message from day number one. So you’ll notice, we flipped that around, day number one cult building, culture building, all that stuff we talked about is front and center, the very first thing.

And it may decrease conversions, but it increases the stick because of the culture. Now the nice thing is that it actually increased conversions too, so double whammy. Yay, we won on both sides. So lead with your culture you guys, don’t hide it behind the scenes like we have been doing for the last 3 ½ years, because it’s what gets people to stick.

So that’s number one. Number two, years ago I went through Ryan Levesque ask method and I always wanted to do it. But I didn’t know how so finally we hired this dude, one of Ryan’s clients, we nicknamed him Survey Steve, he was awesome. He did a huge survey on all our Clickfunnels members and we’ve kind of found out from that, that there were like 10 segments of people who use Clickfunnels. And each segment used it for different reasons and we needed to speak to them differently, but we didn’t know how to do that.

So what we ended up doing is Karen on our team wrote an entire long formed sales letter for each of the individual industries, and Kevin and Brandon found a case study for each industry and they flew to their homes and filmed and captured their story and it’s amazing. So if you go to, you watch the indoctrination video and then again it says, “Tell us what industry you’re in and we’ll tell you what type of funnel works for you.

So what happens then if you click on that, it takes you to a little survey, we find out which one of the ten industries you’re in and it takes you to one of ten different sales letters. So the top of the sales letter is a video of somebody in that exact industry, who is just like them, selling the same type of thing as them, telling their story so you get the emotional connection video. Then down below there’s a long form sales letter showing how people in that industry would actually use funnels. So it’s bridging that gap and connecting it for people.

So writing one sales letter is hard, writing ten is way harder. So you’ll notice there’s ten full sales letters all communicating to different marketing segments, which is awesome. Then Julie Stoian went through and found three case studies in each industry, so there’s 30, is that right 30? 30 case study videos she created of people. So what happens after you go in project mother funnel, you tell us what market you’re in, you’re taken to a long form sales letter, then you’re taken back, the first email in the sequence takes you back to the sales letter, and the next 3 email sequences take you to case studies of people who are in the same market as you are in, telling their case studies.

So you go back, you watch the video of Julie telling the case study of this person, and then it tells them they either get the free trial or it pushes it back to the long form sales letter, and it’s back to their industry, so they go back to that industry. It’s insanely cool. So there’s a whole follow up sequence, a whole page sequence, a whole case study sequence, based on all ten different industries. So just that alone is 40 pages and probably, I don’t know, a couple hundred emails.

And the initial conversion of that, opt ins are insane. We’re getting between 150-200 more opt ins a day right now, which is huge. And our trial count has gone up, our free trial, by over 100 people a day just by making those shifts on the organic traffic coming through. So that’s exciting. Then some people don’t come for, they don’t come for the industry specific thing, they’re coming in and they’re looking for a funnel. So the next block on mother funnels is like, “What’s your goal? Tell us why you’re hear and we’ll tell you what kind of funnel to use.” And then the goals are like, “I want to generate leads.” “I want to sell a product.” “I want to run an event.” Or “I want to follow up with my customers.”

So it’s kind of this graph here and they can pick, “Okay I want to follow up with my customers.” Or “I want to generate leads.” So you click on that and it takes you to a page that’s like, “Cool, there’s two types of funnels that generate leads, one is an opt in funnel.” I explain that. “One is an application funnel.” I explain that and “Let us know which on down below and I’ll give you a case study showing exactly how to use it.

And I’ll give you a whole bunch of those types of funnels.” So you click on that and now it’s a second survey, so it’s like, “What’s your goal?” It’s like a little mini survey. So the first survey , the top block is industry specific, what industry you’re in. The second one is what’s your goal. And it takes you through this little survey to figure out what’s your goal and shows you what funnel you should be using and it teaches you that funnel and gives you 20 templates based on that funnel. So there’s the second layer of survey, it’s so cool. So you should go check that out. And then we built like 90 share funnel templates.

Jake Lesley and a team of like 15 designers and Nick, our team is amazing, they went out and build 90 share funnel templates on all our favorite, best funnels, best practices and they’re all designed amazingly and they’re all in there as well. And then the third block in mother funnel, so you got industry survey block, then you’ve got the goal survey block, which then gives you free templates at the end. And then the third block is now showing you, by the way Clickfunnels replaces all these other things like if you are, like, “Here’s how Clickfunnels replaces your email letter, here’s how it replaces..” oh excuse me, “..your email follow up.”

So all of our core features. So Clickfunnels, the Clickfunnels editor, Backpack, Actionetics, and then Pipeline and Wasabi are coming soon. So it shows a computer monitor with those six things. It’s like basically this does all your digital marketing and if you click on one like Clickfunnels it shows you a long form sales letter teaching you how to use the clickfunnels editor, and it’s two parts. One half is strategy, so here’s the strategy of how to use it. And the second half is a technical doc. Like step one you click here, step two you click here, step three you click here. So not only does it sell you on why you need this feature, but then it shows you how to actually do it.

The problem in the past is usually, there’s a sales letter that sells somebody on something, or there’s a technical doc that shows the technical doc. So the technical doc they see technically how to do it, but they’re not sold on the strategy. Or they’re sold on the strategy, but they don’t know technically how to do it. So we decided to mush those two things together so the first half sells them strategically and then trains them doctrinally how to use the thing.

So you get both of those. So we have one of those long form sales letters for the four core features right now inside of Clickfunnels and then we’ll be adding it for the two other features coming out later, early next year, which is awesome. And then, this block is not on there yet, but all of the smaller features inside of Clickfunnels like FOMO funnels, Autowebinars, all these other sub-features, digital table rush, things like that, we’re going to be making long form mini sales letters for each of those as well, which will also be on the home page as well.

So if you’re looking for feature based things, and you’re like, “Oh I want Fomo Funnel.” Just click on that and boom, here’s a sales letter teaching you the strategy behind it and then showing you the how to set it up, mushed into one sales letter. So that will be the next thing we start adding to the home page, moving forward is all of the sub-features, which is exciting. Then below that we have our community. So it’s like, “Hey if you’re a funnel hacker, here’s info on Funnel Hacking Live.”

And then there’s also our Two Comma Club and Two Comma Club X, so we talk about those in there. And we also have our charities, so I have World Teacher Aid on the home page, which is now Village Impact, they changed their name. And we also have Operation Underground Railroad. So all that is on the home page as well. So if you look at Project Mother Funnel, I think it breaks off to 66 different pages, it’s insane. There’s hundreds of emails in the sequence, but you should go watch it and just look at it and admire it, because it’s art, first off. I’m so proud of it. Second off, I think there’s a lot of lessons you can learn from it.

Look at how we’re segmenting our audiences, look how we’re segmenting based on audience, we’re segmenting based on goals, we’re segmenting based on features, we’re segmenting based on so people can kind of find what they’re looking for and move from there. We’re leading with the culture, which I think is a big deal. We’re doing different follow-up sequences based on who’s coming in and what’s happening and a whole bunch of other amazingness.

Anyway, there you go, Project Mother Funnel is officially live. It’s not finished though. In fact, it’s funny, now that Mother Funnel, and we have all these code names, there’s project mother funnel, and then there was the spawn of mother funnel, which was all the 90 templates that Jake and his team built.

So now it’s live but it’s not finished. Where like, now after you birth a baby there’s all this slime on it, so in Trello we changed the name from “Not Started” that column that says “Not Started” we changed it to “The baby slime board”. Now it’s like, here’s all the baby slime things we gotta do to clean it off and get this thing completely done and live. So there’s still things that are happening and changes and tweaks you’ll see over the next couple of weeks.

We’re changing the sign up flow, we’re changing the new onboarding, we’re changing a bunch of cool stuff. But as of right now I just wanted to show you guys that because that’s the first phase. Anyway, it’s exciting. I’m pumped, I hope you guys are as well. With that said, I’m going to go inside and we are going to launch the, the video is going live. Tony Robbins promoted it yesterday, he’s got like 110 thousand views on the trailer which is excited. I’m excited you guys. We’re going to save some kids today and change their lives and hopefully make this world a little bit better place.

So appreciate your help and support in this. We love you guys, I hope you can feel that through the service we try to continually give. We are here for you and we are trying to make your jobs as entrepreneurs easier so you can change the world in your own little way. Thanks so much for everything and we’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody.


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