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Let’s talk about something different…


Today I want to talk to you about something a little different.

Normally in my emails I share some sort of marketing tip or trick with you… but I also think it’s really important to get to the core of success…

…and how we achieve it.

I’ll never forget Tony Robbins once shared 6 needs that every human has. The first 4 are bodily needs… and the last two are of the spirit.

Here’s what they are…

1. Certainty — We want confidence in knowing what tomorrow brings. We want to feel safe and secure.

2. Variety — We want a variety of options and the ability to feel that we can make a choice between what is best. We also want a variety of experiences.

3. Significance — We want to feel significant and we want our life to have meaning.

4. Love & Connection — We want to cultivate friendships and romance and intimacy with other people.

And here’s what’s fascinating — a person will give up on their goals and their values to get those needs met.

This is how affairs happen, drug addiction, gambling addiction… because people want those needs met and so they meet them in an unhealthy way.

The challenge is to continue meeting those needs in healthy ways…

…in your business…

…in your marriage…

…and in all other aspects of your life…

If you do, then you’ll naturally move on to the needs of the spirit…

5. Growth — We want to personally grow and develop and be better than we were yesterday.

6. Contribution — We want to contribute something meaningful to the world and to those around us.

Can I encourage you to do something?

Forget the easy way.

It’s not worth it — whether it’s your marriage or your business or your friendships.

Instead of settling for addictions that don’t serve you, map out how you can meet those 6 needs in every aspect of your life in a healthy way.

Map out how you're currently meeting them…

…and figure out which of those methods drive you forward… and which ones hold you back.

You can get the six human needs framework over here for free.

Put it on your wall or desk as a reminder of what real success looks like 🙂

- Russell Brunson


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